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  3. Virtual Learning during COVID-19 outbreak | Share what you feel as a parent!

Online Learning

Virtual Learning during COVID-19 outbreak | Share what you feel as a parent!

Online Learning

Virtual Learning during COVID-19 outbreak | Share what you feel as a parent!

With schools going virtual, all the learning and assignments have become online! How do you feel about this? Share with us! ... more

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  • May 25, 2020


Dimple Tahilramani Jun 2, 2020

Virtual learning has come a long way. As regards school students are concerned, I feel it's going to be for a short while considering the covid scenario.

I am sure the teachers and schools are and will try their level best to make it fun and interactive as well. Children can be moulded very easily and will accept this change more willingly than we think.

So let's hope for the best and offer our support to our children and their schools till things get back to usual:)

Jyoti Gupta Jun 1, 2020

I think virtual learning has advantages as well as disadvantages.

1) Safety is more important for kids upto 10 - 12 years of age, so sending the kids to school, once the schools repen, will remain risky. So, virtual or online learning will be the only option left to continue the studies of the students.

2) In Online mode, kids will have less physical activity compare, less interaction among classmates, thereby less overall growth compare to school BUT if they will attend the school, the exposure to infection will be higher for kids(upto class 6th)

3) A single teacher can cover all 2/3 sections of class via online mode,till primary levels of education, so it can be feasible for both the parents and the teacher.

4)Parents will have more involvement during online sessions as pre primary and primary students are not technically versed.

5) Parents can't afford kids to be in front of screen for continuous 5-6 hours, we will have to understand class hours, more frequent breaks, teaching method and regular assessment and parent's feedback.

Kanisha May 25, 2020

As a mom of toddler, virtual learning is sometimes healthy, sometimes not. Its difficult for a parent like me to make their toddler be seated near mobile for virtual classes. Every coin has its two sides likewise, virtual learning is a new change to adopt and change is not easy at first. However, children learning at home with an active parent can boost the childs confidence by engaging them in one or other activity through practical learning. Moreover, virtual learning prevents the children from bully amongst their peers. According to my perspective, Virtual Learning is good Only if parent actively participate and engage with their child and their learning.