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This is a big shout-out to all the wonderful HOMEPRENEURS.

You’re enterprising. You’re creative. You’ve got the passion.

So, what’s next?

Here’s your big chance to STEP UP. We’re here to help you showcase your products.

And inspire others with the story behind your product.

How to Participate:

  • Step 1: Click a picture of your best product

  • Step 2: Upload the picture below in the comment section

  • Step 3: In the comment section, tell us the story behind your product (up to 300-350 words). In your story, also tell us:

    • What inspired you to develop this product?

    • Describe one challenge you have overcome or still trying to overcome while developing the product. 

    • How did you feel when you made your first sale?

So, hurry up! Show and Tell us your exciting homepreneur stories   

Rules for the contest:

  • One entry per person

  • Participants are responsible for the content they post

  • The contest entries will become the sole property of ParentCircle. The content may be used for publication in the company’s online and print media

  • The decision of the judges stands final

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Ciby Mathew Sep 27, 2022

Being in Chennai, I was on the lookout for something my son can be involved in and help to get a small income of his own. Making candles were something we were involved in from the school time of my son. It was part of the arts and crafts activities which he enjoyed doing. As my son had mobility issues, he preferred to stay at home. Making candles can be done at the comforts of our kitchen ....and that's how we started making our 'Pure Glow Candles'.

We thought making candles was easy. We had the candle making kits earlier which gave us the correct measurements. We made a bulk of candles, only to realise that many won't burn properly. That's when we learnt that a lot of maths and chemistry goes into the process of candle making.  And we as starters wanted to make the best environment friendly candles. That turned out to be pretty costly and i had the market study revealing that there is no market for environmental friendly candles. And most just wanted to light a candle when there's no power.

That got me thinking on how to take it forward.  By the grace of God, we found beautiful people in the enterprise, Twin Twigs' who was ready to help us by exhibiting our candles, and my son to get a part of the returns.

We started with making Diwali candles, and then tried to make different candles for different occasions. We could only make limited amount of candles with the space and time available, but it was done with a lot of love and commitment.

The first income that came into my son's  bank account gave us immense joy and pleasure. Though it was small, it was the fruit of his labour and it meant so much. We can be reached at www.stevinmathew.com

Team ParentCircle 7 days ago

@Ciby Mathew

Thanks for sharing!

Shreya Suraj 3 days ago

@Ciby Mathew

Great job Stevin. Keep it up 

Emma 7 days ago

Plants have always been a part of my life. I remember spending most of my childhood learning about plants and gardening. My favourite place to visit was a plant nursery (it still is). I used to save my pocket money and buy a variety of plants for my garden. As a teen, I started to learn about plant propagation (producing new plants from an existing one). Through this technique, I had more plants in my garden and I started giving plant sampling as a gift to friends and family. Twelve years ago, one of my best friends suggested selling some of my plants at a harvest festival. That was the beginning of my small business 'Pots and Plants'. Initially, I did not have many customers and I thought of giving up. But thankfully, I did not give up and slowly through word of mouth, I started to have regular customers. One of my best sales to date - I had an opportunity to set up a garden at one of my client's places. We planted colourful ornamental plants and also created a vegetable patch from scratch.

Team ParentCircle 7 days ago


Thanks for sharing your story!

Swati Sep 13, 2022

We teach our children to play games, while we work on our laptops and phones;

We tell them to learn Indian history, while we watch a Hollywood movie;

Ironies happening at your place too??? You too need to engage your children with the best products which are non-digital ??? We are here to help you. Our first and most loved strategic board game INDIA@75 tells the story of India from 1857 to 2021. Is it possible to learn while playing, yes it is possible now with Keenkey's INDIA@75.  So what are you waiting for???

Swati Naruka Gharat,

Founder- Keenkey LLP

Team ParentCircle Sep 14, 2022


Hi Swati,

Thanks for sharing the board game that serves as a tool for learning and play....but do share the product image plus the story of inspiration in creating the game to be eligible as a contest entry.