Home Management and Improvement

Home Management and Improvement


In the noise of 'being busy' life isn't easy. It takes conscious effort, daily commitment and improvement for a better home management. Home is our heavenly mansion of family, our emotional universe, where everyone matters, where we learn, experience, appreciate each other and, working together is incredibly helpful. 

Everyday CHOOSE to live elegantly and patiently, cultivate your strength no matter however difficulty. 

Everyday PRIORITIZE your works and embrace the situations as a keen learner. 

Simplify with PREPAREDNESS and spread your magic. 

It always starts from the self and SELF-IMPROVEMENT is the key to a great home management. 

What's your idea of home management? Share your home improvement ideas. 

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  • Preeti Agrawal
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  • Sep 9, 2022


R.Kalaivani Sep 11, 2022

continuous improvement(KAIZEN AT HOME)


Set in order




Preeti Agrawal Sep 11, 2022


Superb 👏

Anu Sep 12, 2022


What is KAIZEN?

R.Kalaivani Sep 12, 2022


Kaizen is a Japanese term which means “good change”, “change for the better”, or “improvement.” As a philosophy, kaizen promotes a mindset where small incremental changes create an impact over time.

Roopa M Sep 18, 2022


Oh wow ! Nice to learn 👍🏻

R.Kalaivani Sep 19, 2022

@Roopa M

Thanks a bunch.

Anu Sep 20, 2022


Thanks, Kalaivani. Sounds interesting. You seem to like philosophy?