5 Fun Educational Apps For Kids

Is your child addicted to playing on your mobile? Why not take this opportunity to get him to learn new words and spellings while having fun! Here are some cool learning apps for children.

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5 Fun Educational Apps For Kids

Worrying about the time your child spends playing on your mobile or tablet? Turn her 'game time' into a great way to introduce words, language and spelling in her life. 

Here are some fun educational apps that you can safely install on your smartphone or device, for your child. And then watch as she clicks and swipes her way into an interactive and fully engaging world of learning.  

Our 5 picks are: 

1. Elmo loves ABCs

5 Fun Educational Apps For Kids

Ages: 3+
Availability: Android (`316) and iOS (`334)
Give your little one a head start in English learning, all in the company of the furry red muppet, Elmo. This beautifully designed app is full of games, activities and videos that will excite your child. Interactive activities such as letter recognition, alphabet association, letter tracing, colouring and singing the alphabet song, will make language learning an engaging exercise for your child. The app also promotes creativity and music appreciation. Get it now for your phone and let your little one have a wonderful ABC time.

2. Wonster words

5 Fun Educational Apps For Kids

Ages: 4+
Availability: Android (`500) and iOS (`1005)
Phonetics teaches children the fundamentals of the relationship between letters and sounds, to spell words correctly. What better way to teach it, than through fun and play? In Wonster Words, cute little characters called ‘Wonsters’ keep your child engaged while teaching spelling, word families, phonics, vocabulary and more. The audio track helps your child to correctly spell out the words. This app also has fun mini-games to entertain, and hence, makes for a compelling download. 

3. Spelling city
Ages: 7+

Availability: Android (Free) and iOS (Free)
5 Fun Educational Apps For Kids

Learning to spell and improving vocabulary can be a challenge for any child. The Spelling City app provides engaging learning games to make this process enjoyable. Teachers and parents will also love this app as they can create customised word lists to assess the child. Activities such as Spelling TeachMe, Spelling TestMe, Alphabetize and Sentence Unscramble make this app highly intriguing. A must-have in your smartphone!

4. Phrasalstein  

5 Fun Educational Apps For Kids
Ages: 10+
Availability: Andriod (Free) and iOS(Free)

Ever heard of Frankenstein helping children learn English? Well, here he is, albeit in a different avatar. The central character of the app Dr Phrasalstein teaches 100 phrasal verbs (a combination of a verb and an adverb or prepositions, eg, ‘look down on’) with the help of animations, in a horror movie set-up. But, don’t worry. It’s not terrifying at all. Instead, the app, developed by Cambridge University Press, has fun and humour sprinkled throughout to make learning effortlessly simple. Download it and get your child talking phrasal verbs.

5. Scrabble

5 Fun Educational Apps For Kids
Availability: Android (Free) and iOS (535)

Well, this one’s not just an app — it’s actually a game! One of the best board games that has been a great source of language learning for years just got better thanks to its digital format. Your child can play solo against the computer or challenge friends via Facebook or, instantly connect with others. It also includes a chat feature, so your child should take care not to share any personal information with others. The built-in dictionary and various other elements like the ‘teacher’ feature make the gaming experience more exciting. A worthy download, for sure!

So, instead of fretting about how much time your child spends with a mobile phone, you can now pique his interest in learning through these interesting apps. However, it is a good idea to supervise your child from time to time, for a truly h'appy' experience! 

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