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10 newborn essentials to include in your shopping list

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At The Mom Store, we have everything that a newborn needs. If you are preparing a list of things to buy, don’t forget to include these 10 baby must-haves in your shopping list

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10 newborn essentials to include in your shopping list

Are you approaching your due date and waiting to welcome your bundle of joy? Then, you would be busy preparing lists of newborn essentials. But, making a list can be overwhelming, figuring out how much there is to plan, prepare and purchase.

However, thankfully, we now live in a world where shopping online is the norm. So, if you have missed an item or two in your list, or you have the budget and are tempted to go overboard with shopping, just go online and order from The Mom Store. It’s easy and reliable, and your order will be with you within the week.

Newborn essentials list

Here is a list of newborn baby essentials that we think you must include in your shopping list.

1. Cloth diapers

Even if you have already stocked up disposable diapers, we recommend that you also keep a few cloth diapers in store for various reasons. The first being, disposable diapers cause rashes and prevent airflow. So, you can switch between disposable and cloth diapers depending on how often you can wash them. Also, cloth diapers are pocket-friendly without a question and are a sustainable choice.

2. Diaper bag

Investing in a good diaper bag is always the best choice, as there will be a lot to carry for your newborn — diapers, wipes, bottles, and, of course, a few extra clothes and a toy or two. A good diaper bag with multiple pockets will be perfect to store everything your baby needs when you are out and about.

3. Swaddles

A swaddle blanket is a must have for a newborn. Swaddling is a method of wrapping babies with a blanket to protect them from sudden reflexes and help them sleep better. It will also help your little one to adjust easily with the world outside by re-creating the feeling of being inside the womb.

4. Muslin blanket

Muslin blankets serve multiple purposes and therefore are a must-have newborn essential. Whether you need a cover for your little one on a sunny day, a cover for breastfeeding or a soft towel, a muslin blanket is all you will need. They get softer with every wash and are the best to cover and wrap your baby in all temperatures.

5. Hooded towels

Buying a separate towel for your baby is not a necessity but if you choose to purchase a baby towel, go for one with a hood. Babies have difficulty maintaining a normal temperature after a bath and wrapping in a hooded towel helps them regain normal temperature quickly. Other reasons why you should consider getting a baby towel are that babies have sensitive skin and baby towels are made keeping that in mind. Also wrapping them in a smaller towel is easier once they start wiggling.

6. Baby nest

A compact baby nest is the perfect and the coziest place for your baby to sleep for the first few months. The best part is that it is light and portable, so you can take along your baby’s comfy spot wherever you go. The raised edges make the baby nest a comfortable resting place for your baby when you are not carrying her in your arms.

7. Grooming kit

Keep a kit of baby grooming items, including nail cutters, nail scissors, nose cleaners, gentle hairbrush, dropper and gum cleaner, ready to ensure you can take care of the hygiene of your little one.

8. 100% Cotton rompers and onesies

Rompers and onesies are a must-have piece of clothing in your baby’s wardrobe. They can be used for layering in colder temperatures. Being made from a single piece of cloth covering from top to bottom keeps them from riding up like shirts and keeps the diaper in place too. The 100% cotton fabric keeps the cloth breathable and soft. For the most premium infant wear and accessories, visit The Mom Store.

9. Feeding bibs

Feeding bibs are important even though your baby would not be eating solids anytime soon. However, all the drools, dribbles and spitting of milk at times can create quite a mess and lead to a lot of changing of clothes. Feeding bibs help keep the clothes clean and save a lot of work and time.

10. Baby sleeping gear

Baby rockers and swings provide a rocking movement that helps keep your baby calm and soothe him to sleep. For babies who do not sleep without being swayed in the arms of the parents, rockers and swings can be a good alternative. So, investing in a sleeping gear or even getting pre-owned ones will be a plus point.

This is a new beginning for you as a couple, one that will be full of cuddles and laughter, sleepless nights and poopy days. So, keep the basics ready and enjoy every moment with your baby without worrying about shopping!

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