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    Infant and Newborn Care

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: May 2020

    Infant and Newborn Care

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: May 2020

    TOPIC: Share with us the challenges that you have faced in parenting an infant! Pen down your thoughts in 100 words and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers! SUBMIT ORIGINAL ENTRIES ONLY!!! Entries accepted until 31st May 2020. ... more

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    Arathi Vishwanath May 31 2020

    It is a smile of a baby that makes life worth living.
    Bringing up an infant is really a big task for every mother. A baby cries, smiles and show its feelings which can be understood only for mother. She can understand when it feels hungry, what to feed and how much quantity for her baby.
    I also faced many problems while bringing up my infants. I have two daughters, one is now 15 years old and the other is 10 years.
    While bringing up my elder one I had lack of experience being alone with baby without any elders, it was difficult for me to understand the baby all the time when she was crying. Timely understanding of health problems was difficult as she used to get cold regularly.
    I could still remember the days when she was crawling, feared to walk running all around the house in baby walker. One day when I took her to a doctor for vaccination, she realised it was a clinic and cried a lot so that doctor himself sent me back to home and asked to come on some other day.
    I had experience while bringing up my younger one but it was difficult in other way as I was to send my elder one to school. She was so naughty and whole day she was playing but during night crying a lot so that I was not getting proper sleep. She was not eating without TV advertisements.
    Those were the days I could remember them learning small rhymes. How much ever the problems may be now it is just a memory and feel happy sometimes to see grownup kids who are now teaching me if I am wrong somewhere while speaking.

    Jasmine Bose May 31 2020

    Parenting an infant! Not a joke at all. I am mother of two children. From teaching them to eat properly to toilet training all came as a new challenge. I was born in a single family to a working mother. So didn't get any proper training from her. And as my mother in law was also from a single family who was also a working woman too, didn't get much help. I can say that I learnt from experience. But, yes my mother in law and husband were too supportive. And gradually I somehow succeeded to look after them.

    Sayantani Ray May 20 2020

    Living life with challenges: Not a joke!

    It is always a thrilling experience to become a parent, but there are always challenges which comes along with it. Starting from taking care of baby, feeding, changing diapers, breastfeeding, vaccinations etc etc. Above that you need to take care of yourself when you have undergone a c-section.
    The next challenge is taking care of your career and managing work life balance. In my case I left my fulltime job and took up home based assignments. Believe me this was not an easy transition.

    Another tough time we as a parent faced when we wanted to put my toddler into the school. Luckily my lil one had cleared the interview where we wanted him to get admited.But till the interview results were out we were agitated.

    Last but not the least now during this two months lockdown period , my husband is stucked in our native place with my in-laws and I am in Kolkata city, taking care of my parents with my munchkin. The 1st phase of lockdown was not that difficult but day by day situation is worsening. My son cries for his father every night before going to sleep. Bubu ( my son's nickname) misses Daddy time! I feel it is the worst feeling a parent could have imagined. Anywaz we need to deal with it. Every day I entertain my kiddo with stories, games, his favorite food! What else a helpless parent can do! Let's pray strongly that "India phir se mushkurayega"!
    After all significance of life is living it!

    Best wishes,

    Anamika May 15 2020

    Parenting in nuclear family with study was a biggest challenge for me. She was half an year old only when I took admission in PhD. To complete my course work had to attend classes but before attending the class I never think about subject but discussed with myself where I can leave her,what will she eat what if she needs me, what if someone get annoyed with her tantrums..but after all this had to leave her for few hours with some promises few promises i make with her and few with myself. When I saw neighbours kids with their mom, i always thought Are those kids more lucky cz their mother is housewife but Sania Mirza statement always motivated me that being mother should not be our excuse but as strength.

    Sayoni Mondal May 15 2020

    Motherhood is just a blessing n I became a mother in this big pendamic n very harsh lock down.. But after a. Miscarriage when I saw my little innocent baby girl it was a tremendous joy. She is six weeks old now and we need to shopping for her just want to go out for her essential things but currently we can't go so somehow we are managing, but we both are giving her our full time and even in this lock down we fully enjoing our parenthood.

    Varsha May 14 2020

    Parul Sharan May 13 2020

    Amrita Mallik May 13 2020

    Perhaps the worst challenge was going to the washroom. When the husband was on tour it was all the more dangerous. Then came cooking and cleaning. All required full attention and dissecting myself equally was taxing. Besides, people criticise me with their mindless and insensible comparisons and judgements. At times I have howled, cried and even thought of leaving the home and the world itself.
    Then, patience have its virtues. Despite the constant gibes, monotony and inner turmoil, I have persisted. The Leo in me has refused to bow down to such pettiness. Hence, I am still in this journey.

    Lopamudra May 12 2020

    Parenting to new born. When my baby was born for me feeding him was a challenge. He was not latching properly and I have struggled a lot for that. I was confused, scared and no idea what to do. I just followed my instinct and my mother's advice. But I tell u it's a tough task to feed a new born. During this 1 to 2 days he got jaundice and doctor told me to put him under the light. The pathetic part was he did not tell us how to prevent it. Infants can't latch properly. Even to start producing milk it takes at least 24hrs post delivery. Baby needs milk and if they dnt they get dehydrated and so this jaundice happen. If u dnt produce enough milk then you can go for the powdered baby milk. There is nothing wrong in it. But our doctors now a days dnt tells us all these. I really had a tough time to get a hold on baby feeding part. Even though it's difficult, mother's milk is best for a baby. And I learned it with patience. Motherhood or parenthood never comes with a manual. Just believe in you. We moms can do it.

    Poonam May 12 2020

    Kanisha May 12 2020

    Parenting an infant itself is a challenging task. I ask to myself why Motherhood dont come in manuals? My baby was growing on in his own pace with beautiful memories but my biggest challenge was Anxiety and Relationship. For overcoming Anxiety, I was working according to the clock. I believe Relationship is where we feel secure, build trust, be respected, support each other at every phase. My expectation was to get respect from my parents and in-laws but it got ruin as they pinpoint at mistakes, unnecessary advices, excessive ego, envious nature that made me doubt myself. I was under post-pregnancy depression. My energy got drain day in and day out. No one was there to understand me and my point of view. I overcome this challenge by journalising and organising my thoughts. I build myself strong. I gone with the flow. I let go and move on with people and things instead I fixed my focus on my little one.