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    3. #YOUR100WORDSTORY - March 2021 | Women's Day - How would you help in creating a gender equal world?

    Joy of Celebration!

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY - March 2021 | Women's Day - How would you help in creating a gender equal world?

    Joy of Celebration!

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY - March 2021 | Women's Day - How would you help in creating a gender equal world?

    A world that is challenged is an alert world and from challenge comes change! #ChooseToChallenge is this year's theme for International Women's Day 2021. How will you help forge a gender-equal world? Share with us! Top entries win exciting gift vouchers. The contest closes on March 31, 2021.
    TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1) Please adhere to the word limit of 100 words. 2) Original entries only 3) Only one entry per person allowed 4) ParentCircle may use the entries for publishing purposes in the future at its discretion with due credits 5) The decision of judges stand final. #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021 ... more


    Dharani saravanan Apr 1 2021

    Creating a gender equal world starts from home... Educating the future generation on gender equality is the important thing in creating a gender equal world and the first step for it us being like that and they learn watching us...
    It's always ' US ' in parenting and dad has a major role in it... Being a parent can be great fun, with lots of opportunities for love and excitement. From when he was born , we started sharing our work. When I feed him , he puts him to sleep. When I bath him , he gets him ready. When he poops I clean it up and he changes the diaper. When we take him for play , we both get engaged. When I am busy in kitchen he feeds him , he teaches him stories and keeps him engaged. They even cook and clean breaking all the gender stereotypes. We both use baby carriers to carry him when we go out for a trip...From them till now it always sharing. On seeing his dad ( his super hero ) He also learns about gender equality and how to build a healthy relationship.

    Team ParentCircle Apr 1 2021

    This contest is closed. Watch out this space to know about the winners!

    Vidya. Shah. Mar 30 2021

    Time keeps changing & so we too need to change the upbringing of our children! Right from the time of childhood its our duty to follow equality between both genders without any discrimination! Today one educated girl will cater to all the needs of her entire family by spreading education. The same way if a son goes abroad or moves away from home for studies, career or job then whatever he is taught at home will come to his rescue & he will never starve or depend on others for his meals or household works! Living becomes easier, challenging,enjoyable without any bad feelings towards the parents for the differences! Life is itself full of challenges so they must be taught to face it! Both the genders are human beings,its we as parents have to expose them as free birds,teach them to fly,motivate,inspire,encourage & support them with lifes lessons from our experiences & surely the sky will be the limit to face as challenges!
    If we as parents do our homework dedicatedly then even the sour fruits will taste sweet! Our children these days are very watchful so our every footsteps are important to them. Thus follow before preaching!

    Prabha Mar 25 2021

    Gender equality ka first chapter Maine apne papa se pdha Tha,ham theen bhae -bahno se papa saare kaam krwate the jaise bhae se bhindi katwana aur ham bahno se bijli ka kaam krana,bajar ja kr saare bill jma krna,gender equality ka main role yhi h ki ye btata hai ki hmara samaj females ko kitna aage bdha rha hai,aur female ka sabhi kaamon m aage hona hi gender equality ka positive approach hai, agr boy and girl dono same kaam ko same treeke se socially handle krte hai to y gender equality ko darshata hai,Mera khud ka Mana hai ki gender equality aapko Bina bhed bhav k saman avsar k sath kaam krne ka mauka de tabhi vo samaj ko aage bdha skta hai,
    Gender equality me Mera yogdaan ye rhega ki main apne male nd female dono child ko har kaam krna sikhaungi maslan boy ko jhadu ,ppcha ,kapde dhona se lekar Khana bnana,Ur bacche sambhalna,aur beti ko bank k kaam see lekar maa- papa ko apne kharche pr paalna.mera gender equality ka positive approach yhi hai ki dono ko smaan avasar aur saman samay mile duniya m apna dam dikhane k liye, dono sikke ke ek hi pahlu bne.

    SUPTA SARKAR Mar 23 2021

    There are no tasks around the house that the male cannot do. Whether it is picking up their plate after a meal or helping out to lay the table.We should empower the boys to develop a sense of empathy and compassion. From early age we should not discriminate any house chores on based of gender. Boys and girls should be treated equally. We should empower and educate our kids about womens rights and gender equality.We should teach them both the life skills to survive when alone such as, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and mending clothes, small repair work in and around the house. Let them give equal inheritors of the parental property.

    Abhishek chauhan Mar 22 2021

    For me gender equality is a subset of fundamentals right of the individual. and that can only come from the individual themselves as in it can be imposed of forced upon people, so it has to come from within.

    Education is the key, as it a way to challenged traditional values and get a critical mass behind the gender equality. Now education is a luxury when your main concern is dodging bullet or struggling to find 3 meals a day.

    Jisha Varghese Mar 21 2021

    Get into action,exemplify your own family life to forge a gender equal world not just for you but for the legacy to see and learn.Being a woman,I get involved in decision making,extend financial support,share my husband's office stress talk,plan for future investments,share kitchen and household chores with all my family members and definitely find ME time like any one else.Create an atmosphere at home showcasing the fact that each one has their own duties & responsibilities and work shared well is less burden and collective effort.Appreciate one another based on quality of work and not basing on gender.

    Saju Johnson Mar 21 2021

    To forge a gender equal world,I being an Indian male,I strictly say no to DOWRY system.I didn't accept this common system during my wedding.So I didnt take a bribe to bring my bride home!And passing this on to next generation,I am not saving for my daughter's wedding expenses but for her better higher education.Why should father of a daughter feel inferior to someone with sons,when his daughter is equally efficient being on earth.Break the age old rules.Get practical .Challenge the nonsense around !!

    Prabha Mar 20 2021

    Though I enjoyed the privilege of being given the first priority in all matters at family and workplace, I never knew that pride of just being a MALE is a curse to society until I saw my daughter struggling to survive in such male dominant society. I opposed everyone who discouraged her to become a cricketer. Rather than thoughts, change should be put in action . If every parent support their childs dream, irrespective of gender based career, then every person can make a gender equal world for better living.

    Prabha Mar 20 2021

    Gender Equality is obtained by:
    Ask your partner to take on a greater share of domestic chores and childcare responsibilities.
    Buying dolls for girls and cars for boys may seem harmless, but gendered toys can limit childrens worldview and affect their career choices.
    Talk about feminism and expose them to powerful women in politics, business and sports to show as epitome.
    Voting for women candidates will help to break stereotypes against inequality.

    Prabha Mar 19 2021

    I completely reject the phrase that man and woman are equal. This is because if we accept as equal, then it means there was inequality before and it might be carried to future generation. In God's creation, all are human beings only. This is the basis for social change. We will carry this idea from today to the growing generation. Only for identification sake, gender discrimination is needed. Otherwise everyone is human. Let all the people of the world come together as fellow human beings and restore our humanity.

    Prabha Mar 19 2021

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    Prabha Mar 18 2021

    A gender equal world will be a revolutionized society where its duty of every individual to respect other gender and give equal rights to live their own lives. As a doctor, i oppose people asking for sex determination during pregnancy and thereby prevent female infanticide. By gods creation, no gender is considered superior or inferior. It will be a better community if all people accept transgenders as another gender and treat them with humanity. Change is the only constant and let us believe in it.

    Laxmi Todiwan Mar 18 2021

    There is discrimination on the basis of race, religious beliefs, gender or economic conditions. Nature follows equality in all its forms for instance; for every male species there is an equal female but only when it comes to humans we have managed to skew everything. Be it the gender ratio or opportunities for growth on the personal or the professional fronts. We have stereotyped often leading to denying the basic rights to women.
    We need to challenge these stereotypes, inequality, digressive policies, lack of mentorship or succession planning and growth opportunities for women.
    #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021 #YOUR100WORDSTORY

    Smitha.R.P Mar 17 2021

    A stereorype I would like to challenge and change parents attitude feeling awkward talking about periods especially with preteen girls who can easily get embrassed .In some villages when girls get the periods they are treated as untouchables. They are made to sit in dark room and not allowed to enter the kitchen , worshipping areas , cattles and not allowed to touch anyone . Dozens of women die every year in the name of tradition , treating them badly .as if mensturating women does not have human rights .When girls get their first period not allowed to go to school for 2 weeks . They get embrassed of this tradition . If girls are made to follow these tradition even preteen boys must be made to sit at home when they get first moustache and taught and trained the culture of respecting girls , so that they become good humans to the society ...most of the rape crimes can be stopped .
    It is the time to ensure the world where WOMEN live with dignity and respect
    #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021

    Meghna Mishra Mar 16 2021

    Women are paid 22.6% less than men with similar education and experience.

    This #WomensDay, I strongly believe that women in every sphere of society should #ChooseToChallenge
    EQUAL PAY FOR ALL GENDERS as we women are as equal to men in work, are equally dedicated and sincere than why we should be paid less.

    Olivia Fernandes Mar 13 2021

    Racism and prejudice at work often affect people from historically marginalized groups in the form of microaggressions.

    Rhianna Fernandes Mar 13 2021

    1. Encourage women and girls
    2. Let girls use mobile phones
    The majority of girls in India dont have access to phones and computers.
    3. Stop child marriage and sexual harassment
    4. Make education gender sensitive
    This is critically important for girls to come out of schools as citizens who can shape a more equal society.
    5. Raise aspirations of girls and their parents
    6. Empower mothers
    When mothers are educated and empowered to make choices in their lives, they enable their daughters to go to school
    8. Get women into power
    9. Encourage women into non-traditional vocations

    Prabha Mar 12 2021

    Prabha Mar 12 2021

    #Choosetochallenge #IWD2021@Gender equality in work, whether household chores or work. Financial freedom and awareness is also a must for woman. When they can manage house hold finances, they can manage investments too.

    Sapna Udaywal Mar 11 2021

    #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021

    In today's world we emphasize on Gender Equality, gone were the days when household chores were meant to be done by female member of family only.
    I believe Work is gender neutral ,whether is household chores or any other work .
    I am Blessed to have such helpful ,broad minded and supportive men in my life whether it's my brother,spouse or son. They all contribute in every task . That is how we enjoy "Harmony At Home" I am doing my bit for the positive change in society and get rid of stereo type mindset by instilling great values and equality in boys and men in my family.

    Aarthi Prabhakaran Mar 11 2021

    #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021
    Gender equal world starts with a mindset shift within the smallest unit of the world - self and immediate family. As a parent, I am extremely happy that I and my husband have instilled courage, decisiveness, and money literacy in our daughter, sensitivity, sensibilities, and compassion in our son. We have taught them the importance of setting boundaries & healthy expectations, standing-up against discrimination. Everyone shares the home chores equally and gender does not decide who does what. I also share my personal stories through my writing, hoping to create a larger impact.

    Mamta Gupta Mar 11 2021

    Subhashree Ravichandran Mar 8 2021

    As a parent, I have always ensured that my daughter is treated as an equal in every possible way. Her aspirations and interests have been nurtured,encouraged and supported. If she has lost any chances, they have purely been due to other reasons and never due to gender inequality. This is how it will be forever.
    I have been fortunate to play a larger role in ensuring gender equality as a second parent,that is,as a *Teacher*. As I have been dealing with the impressionable adolescent age, I try to bring about this awareness by giving my students/children an assignment on reversal of role. I ask boys to do a SWOT analysis for girls and girls to do SWOT analysis for boys. This to be done after they talk to atleast 5 members of the opposite sex from different backgrounds. When they analyse the
    For the opposite sex, they tend to treat the opposite sex with respect, understanding and support. I believe that once this happens, the gender inequality will gradually disappear and men& women will be respected for their own strengths and uniqueness.
    I have observed a healthy respect in my students after they complete their assignment. I shall continue to sensitise my children in different ways about gender equality.

    Shannon Almeida Mar 5 2021

    . #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021 Gender Equality begins at home and as a Woman, I will definitely talk to my kids about gender equality and womens rights. By talking to my kids about equality between the sexes and what needs to be done for us to reach a gender-equal world, I know I am setting them up to lead the way for a better future. If my daughter is sweeping the house, I expect my son too to share the responsibility of running errands for the family. In my home, both are given the same respect, my son and daughter can dress as they like.

    Mansi Chaturvedi Mar 5 2021

    Every child that is born is born equal and sadly its we who create this inequality. Today the first thing to change is to welcome the baby irrespective of gender and for this I would spread awareness through my writing. Through the people I interact be it friends, family or even domestic help I would make them aware that every boy and girl has equal strength and knowledge its we who need to support and encourage. Our focus should be not division but equal distribution of responsibilities without discrimination. Be it home or work we can bring the change.