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    Joy of Celebration!

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: March 2020 | Women's Day Special

    Joy of Celebration!

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: March 2020 | Women's Day Special

    TOPIC: What is your definition of a confident, independent woman? Share with us your thoughts in 100 words and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers! SUBMIT ORIGINAL ENTRIES ONLY!!! Contest Closes on 31st March 2020. ... more


    Team ParentCircle May 29 2020

    @Team ParentCircle Heartily Congratulations to the Winners!

    Eklavya Kumar Mar 31 2020

    For me confident, independent woman is one who has the guts to walk all alone. Who has the confidence to stand with the truth and justice. Who doesn't depend on anyone for support but supports other when needed.

    Nancy Shadap Mar 31 2020

    The very description of the words 'confident' and 'independent' convey the strong expression of a person's character. Generally when we talk about a confident woman or an independent woman the ideas that come to our mind mostly is; that woman that stays single/ unmarried, a boss of her own business or enterprise, someone who does things and get things done on her own etc...
    Yet when we look around not only successful female are the ones who should be crowned independent or confident. And from my understanding, apart from the well known and successful females, I define a female who had gone through thick or thin, broken and shattered while having nobody's motivation she is able to get back up, that girl whose dream has not been fulfilled and the failure does not stop her, a single mother who lived for her children, that woman who had faced rejection a lot of times but still try on. And most of all an independent woman is a woman who is blessed with virtue to stand up for what it is right and for the well being of a community and who can sail along with her man without an iota of fake feminism. A confident woman is a woman who has the emotional maturity in all prevailing times of hardship and happiness. A woman who would never lose her self identity and dignity and who is a living example of the noble cause of a woman's right and pride ...

    Sneha Pant Mar 29 2020

    When I envisioned what an independent and confident woman must be like, my kaleidoscopic thoughts became unbounded. The silhouette that strike my mind was not of a corporate lady all alone, who writes her own cheque. Instead I discern my homemaker mother, caught a glimpse of my friend's working mother and all those inspiration around me. Their struggles may vary, but both the ladies are indistinguishable when I perceive them oozing out confidence.

    For me, every single women is independent whether she chose to prioritise her career or not, whether she chose to marry or not and whether she chose to love herself more or love those around her most. For an independent women, her own will be of significance. She won't allow herself to be Misandry on the name of feminism. She won't look down on other women for their choices. She won't misunderstood her confidence with haughtiness. She'll be anabashed for accepting her flaws and most of all she won't consider herself a gem among stones. She'll be sure that she's a gem but among a vast treasure without being insecure.

    Jasmine Bose Mar 28 2020

    In my opinion, an independent and confident woman is one who can stand up for herself, no matter what. She is not apologetic for asserting herself or for wearing what she wants; any dress is not a yes, after all. She uses I statements. She says no before others take her for granted. This woman is proud of the way nature has made her. The world cannot force her into perfection. She is neither a Goddess, nor an angel just a strong woman who is ready to make mistakes and still walk into the world with her chin held up.

    Chris Tomsy Mar 26 2020

    When you see a woman the first thing which strikes you is her motherly nature.Whether she be your best friend ,your sister ,your mother that doesnt matter actually all show you why a woman is called Gods own incarnation. The fact that an independent women doesnt need feminism to hide her weaknesses or something which she feels that would safeguard her . An independent and confident woman will always showcase her talent in front of the world by acknowledging everyone she has come across. PV Sindhu, Kiran Bedi, Savitribai Phule and many others have proven over the years why women empowerment is going throughout and wont stop ever . We need to support these invaluable people and also aspire to be one of them ourselves. Lastly I would say To be soft and hard from the inside is a quality very few have mastered .I hope all would learn lessons and become a powerful ,supreme and independent woman one day. The world is watching , would you be the next change?

    Chris Tomsy Mar 28 2020

    @Chris Tomsy Very well written

    Tushita Basak Mar 27 2020

    She is the living embodiment of all the goddesses the heavens have ever conjured. She breathes fire, juggles ten different tasks at the same time. She lives her choices. She is not afraid to look society in the eye and shatter the many limitations they set for her. She is sensitive to emotions. She has faith in herself, in her strengths and beliefs, in her philosophy and philanthropy. She stands by others in need, becomes the voice of the dumb, the strength of the weak. She carries her bag of foibles with as much integrity as she embraces her femininity.

    Medhavi Mar 27 2020

    An independent and confident woman is the one who sees dreams with open eyes and has the power to achieve them.She has the courage to fight for her goals in this male -dominating society and if needed with her family too. She is independent in her thoughts, her vision, her decision making and analytical thinking and what not. Even she tries to not to depend on others for her financial needs. One such lady is my mother, who is a single parent, separated from her husband after 10 long years of marriage because of domestic issues, then she rebuild her career, raised me and my younger brother very well. She has done a very beautiful job and because of her I am so strong today, She gives me all the power I need to take my decisions on my own, to be independent, and in short to do everything which i ever desire.

    Sreelakshmi A Mar 26 2020

    The most confident women I have ever met in my life is my mother. She is neither an entrepreneur nor an earning person. She is not a very social person but not at all shy to face a crowd. I have always wondered how this immense confidence came to her. Thinking about this for a long time I came up to a conclusion. A confident homemaker who manages everything for her family on right time, in the best way possible and this position can't be handled by any other person. Eventhough she is not an earning person she is independent in her own ways except financial independence. So, 'confidence of a women is created within herself which pave the way for her independence' .

    Prerna Mar 26 2020

    Strong women is a woman who is not only economically free but she is liberated at the level of mind. She knows that she is extraordinary but still consciously choose to be ordinary. She is the one who has plenty of strength in her mind and tons of love in her heart. Strength of anyone is totally based on being true to oneself. Strong women truly know the self value and embrace them as they are.

    DIKSHA SINHA Mar 25 2020

    As being a young woman in her 20s, my defination of a confident & independent woman is simply when she starts believing in herself and realises her own potential. She becomes confident in making her own life decisions and doesn't need any approval or judgement from anyone. She is a true picture of herself. She is a truly independent when she can manage her life on her own terms without being dependent on anyone and can treat herself the way she wants.

    Anjum Mar 25 2020

    Yessssss I am a woman
    A mother, daughter,wife,sister, administrator,teacher,creator,and a queen of my family..I am a person.courageous,strong, emotional and understand my children and teach them how to live life to the fullest,be there for them when they need me.etc.
    I have hope,inner beauty and several super powers.If I fall I will rise up even stronger because I am a survivor not a victim
    With every challenge I grow mentally and emotionally.
    When I look in the mirror I see a face that I recognise as my own,my inner belief,the confidence I feel inside,shining spirit,my strength and the result of my own choices.
    I have brain and know how to use it.
    I give love and I am a natural caretaker.I eat,get enough rest,exercise daily and remain true to myself and I play the role in the sociology economic development of the society.

    Nazia Mar 23 2020

    Theres no doubt that women have come a long way, and are more powerful and independent today than ever before. But that doesnt mean we dont still doubt ourselves, or have the occasional setback that causes us to lose our mojo for a few days.

    Fortunately, there are things we can do to build ourselves up and keep our self-esteem going strong. I recommend a regular confidence practice, as it tends to help you be more resilient to the ups and downs in life, so you can respond from your best self even when the chips are down.I enjoy traveling, the occasional spa retreat, running, yoga, and time with friends. Each of us has activities that restore our energy and positivity. Maybe for you its gardening, or time with a pet, or participation in a favorite hobby like playing an instrument, canoeing, or taking part in a sport you love.

    Whatever it is, dont think of it as a hobby that you do only when you have time, because thats the best way to push it straight out of your life. Instead, pencil it into your weekly schedule and then enjoy the confidence-boosting benefits

    Right to write Mar 23 2020

    The creature of God who has a beautiful soul, instead of a fake pretty face, thinking like a queen and has shinning like sun leads to a confident and independent woman. A confident woman confine herself to infinity and is limitless.
    We all have heard about "NARI SHAKTI" but when a woman wears this ornament of freedom, spirit, fearlessness then she drives herself on the path of independence. They learn from past, think about future but live only in present like a nightingale who lights everyone's life with her beautiful voice or can make someone's life worst then hell if she has took her "DURGA ROOP" of indian history.
    An independent woman do what her heart wants to do instead of thinking about so called "LOG KYA KAHENGE" and fly in the sky with her utmost power.

    Manjushree Mar 23 2020

    A women is a wonderful worship of God. She is very strong insight. She can fight with almost everything in this world. A confident women is that who can speak without fear in front of anyone. She is the real hero when she want to stand out for her family. An independent women can do everything that man can do. She doesn't care whether someone saying bad things behind her. She continue to do the work Unless she want and think it's right thing that am doing. I think each and every women is independent and confident because she can fight with every struggle that came in front of her in day to day life. She will be a very strong personality when she knows that am right. Besides of this a women is loving and caring also. She can do the job by handling all the responsibilities she have for her family. She can do the job not only because she want to but also because she care for her son/ daughters future. Women can do the job to help her family's financial in need with confidence. She can be a great business woman wearing normal sari. You can't judge her by her attire. So am an confident and independent women. What about you?

    Dhruv Bhargava Mar 22 2020

    A woman just like the goddess that we worship can be powerful, strong and have the character to kill the entire evil single handily can look and be in any form. The confident and independent woman maybe that co-worker of yours who is lashed by your boss daily yet she tucks her hair behind and continue the work. That independent woman can also be the one who left her high paying job to be at home, not because her husband wanted to but because that is what she chose. The most confident woman can also get nervous because she is a human at the end. If there are 3.5 billion of strong women out there, there are 3.5 billion definitions too. Each day every woman fights her own struggle and grow to be much more confident and independent.

    Arpita Shah Mar 22 2020

    Being an independent woman means you speak your mind. You call people out when they start treating you like shit, even if that means youll risk being called crazy or psycho or bitchy. When someone disrespects you, you dont let them get away with it, because you know what you deserve.
    Being an independent woman means you support other women. You dont view them as your competition. You dont judge them based on what they are wearing or what career they are pursuing. You hand them tampons in bathrooms. You compliment their hair. You help them get home safely. You treat other women as your teammates.

    Khushboo Mutha Mar 22 2020

    A confident, independent woman is a lady with class, she is an enigma for outsiders but the most sorted individual, internally. She is the epitome of excellence and someone who continued to thrive despite of the roadblocks she encountered, the person who fought for her rights and strived to achieve equality among her counterparts. She is the entity who focussed on the bigger picture of life and neglected the potholes that life offered to her, she put consistent efforts in striking a balance between her personal and professional life and succeeded in contributing to both, with full rigour and enthusiasm.

    Prabha Mar 21 2020

    The day a girl is born right from her first breath..Oh! it's a baby girl. Although we talk a lot about women empowerment and feminism nowadays... the exclamation of Oh! at her birth still persists.
    From the day she is born till she grows up she is ingrained daily in bits and pieces about her journey from a girl to womanhood and what is being expected from her. Directly or indirectly she is told to observe her limits and freedom and in doing so she grows up to be an educated and intellectual human being nurturing all the qualities gifted to her by the Almighty.
    In this journey and within that invisible circle of limitations and restrictions she sets her benchmark of being an independent and confident woman, where she has management skills of a perfect homemaker, an innovative entrepreneur, and a career-oriented ambitious person playing all the society set roles for her, thereby becoming pillar to her family in terms of office going woman or a house maker.
    One who achieves independence confidently within a measured niche is truly a strong and independent woman as per my definition.

    Shubhi Mar 21 2020

    I don't believe that there exists an idyllic definition of a confident, independent woman. Every woman is phenomenally confident and independent in her own little ways. However, if I were to describe my understanding of a confident woman, it is she who refuses to accept the platter of misogynistic thoughts served to her while growing up, it is she who refuses to follow the trails of a patriarchal society, it is she who climbs to the top of a male dominated building breaking the barriers of societal norms. The roles played by a woman in her entire life and the hardships that come with it are unmatched and go unrecognized by this very society. I think it's about time we start appreciating the women around us because you know what?
    They deserve it!

    Ophira Mar 20 2020

    My definition of a confident, independent woman is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, is self-sufficient and self-reliant, and also someone who doesn't need anybody else's validation to feel worthy or good. She is someone who has overcome the need of comparing herself to others, be it in the department of looks, talents, accomplishments, intelligence, wealth, happiness etc. She recognises her own worth and also knows that there is nobody else like her in the whole wide world, and that is something that makes her special, like everybody else. The sky is the limit for her.

    Koyena Sarkar Mar 20 2020

    A confident independent woman is someone who is stable to achieve success by her own, fighting like a warrior against the impossibilities that are loaded on as a female by the society. The emotional stubbornness to convert desires into actions proves her to be self motivated. Nowadays a huge proportion of women are stimulating the essence of confident independence, making the society to thrive of the thoughts about feminism. Yet some women are bad reputable to talk about. But there are still thousands of housewives who restlessly work without any pride and gifting gems to our society. A confident independent woman listens to her intuitions and has the afford to change the mentality ranging from a nuclear family to one day throughout the world.

    Fathima Dilna Mar 20 2020

    Independent isn't easy as we see. But being independent is the most thing that everyone want in this world. And it seems difficult for a women due to ethical issues. Freedom is denied for some sections of the society. Whatever a women must fight against her aristocrities and prove herself that she is the best. A confident, independent women never fails and step out of her dreams. She has planned all it well. She will dare the difference. It's true that too much limitations exist for women. But a strong, confident, independent women will fight within her own limits and prove that she is strong than a man in this world. Women must dare the difference. They must have strong faith in God and their dreams must be rock solid.

    Prabha Mar 19 2020

    Independence means control over ideology and resources.achieving confidence is a multidimensional process.only through political participation,eduction,economic participation,right over resource,and decision making capacity we can attain confidence.women empowerment only possible if the attitude of soceity regarding women's is changed.government have an active role to play in this situation they must introduce new and innovative educational,self employment program for independence and confidence of women

    Dharani saravanan Mar 19 2020

    A confident, independent woman is the one who has the ability to self-sustain without outside help both emotionally and financially... she has a passion and makes her dream come true... she has an control over herself , know what she does understand the reality and has a plan for her future... she can take her own decision , even if the decisions are misled she can be able to cross the hurdle with ease and power...she never hurts others feelings and never take advantage of them... she faces anything and everyone with a smiling face... the thought that she can do anything makes her a confident, independent woman in this world...

    Tanishka Mar 19 2020

    A woman is truly confident and independent if she is comfortable in her own skin, colour, size, she is someone who isn't afraid to express herself. She is ambitious who balances work life and family life. She believes in reaching great heights on the basis of her merit and not with the ladder of feminism. She knows that when virtue and modesty enlightens her charm the lustre of her is brighter than everything else and the influence of her power is irresistible. She knows the difference between fake feminism and women empowerment. She knows that being a woman she holds great power and she uses that power to make a change in a better way, to revive humanity. In the mirror she can always meet eyes with herself because she knows that she never did any wrong, never tolerated any wrong. Only then she is truly confident, educated, independent. Otherwise she will always be trapped in the web of fake feminism, self consciousness, finding it difficult to achieve excellence her field and to be a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and importantly the soul of home at the same time, wondering if she should have voiced her opinions against the evil.

    Vidya. Shah. Mar 19 2020

    A confident woman is the one who believes in educating herself to achieve her goals in life,is focused,alert,hardworking, meticulous,bold & sincerely works towards her aim in life! She believes & lives on her principles to do what is right,is all set to face all challenges,surpasses all hurdles,ups & downs of life to shine brightly in a society! Her main aim is to stand on her own feet & to settle in life with the right person of her choice whom she looks upon worth for her life. She changes with the change in time! She is the one whom we can see as a woman of substance!

    V.Poorna Kameswari Mar 19 2020

    A confident woman, according to me, is the one who loves and respects oneself first; thereby spreads love and buoyancy. A confident woman knows what she wants and is driven by her passion; takes care of herself and believes that she is worth it. She looks beautiful, feels she has self worth, understands and accepts she is not perfect and remains herself always. An independent woman doesnt get enraged by the opinions and conclusions drawn by others and accepts compliments and criticisms alike, rather more graciously. An independent woman stands up not only for herself but for one and all. Confident woman do not play victim, make oneself pitiful or point out others, but deals situations boldly and fights out. A confident woman is strong yet gentle, educated yet humble, fierce yet compassionate, passionate yet rational, free yet disciplined.

    Neha Dubey Mar 18 2020

    A Confident, Independent woman is one who stands up for herself and her fellow beings, irrespective of who they are. She realizes the value of Strength and Freedom because she admits her vulnerabilities. She follows her Heart and never complies with the boundaries imposed on her by Society. The trait that makes her Dynamic is the Desire and Passion for her Beliefs and Aspirations. She does not need to tell the world about herself, it radiates in her Aura. She propagates Positivity, Motivate, is Adventurous, Appreciative of what she has, works hard to acheive and Never Quits.

    Mahima w Mar 18 2020

    Being herself , being what she want , wearing whatever she like , hanging out wherever she like, instead of thinking about the society..
    A strong women is raised from enduring alot of storms , From being nothing to everything she proves nobody can come across her way . She will be alone but will be as stronger as an army , she is an army in herself .
    A strong women is someone who once was a girl with alot of dreams but nobody to support , where she build her own ladder to reach her dreams in any condition .
    Inspite of all the stroms she would fall and again stand like a warrior with the courage as her armour and her believe in herself as a shield , she would fight the world alone and would be as if nothing happend.
    A strong independent women is someone who is built on her own

    Priyadharsini Mar 18 2020

    A strong, independent woman has the courage to be the best version of herself. Yes, it takes courage and strength, but it is worthwhile. Until you start trying to become the best you can be, you never really know the true potential that is within you. But if you have the courage to embrace your potential you will be able to make an important contribution to the advancement of this planet.I'll go across the country, I'll race to the Moon. I'll never look back. If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman. I wanted to be an independent woman, a woman who could pay for her bills, a woman who could run her own life - and I became that woman.The day will come when men will recognize woman as his peer, not only at the fireside, but in councils of the nation. Then, and not until then, will there be the perfect comradeship, the ideal union between the sexes that shall result in the highest development of the race.She knows what she wants in her life. She goes after it. She's not waiting for a man. She's not standing by the phone waiting for me to call her. She's actively creating. She's doing her thing. She has her own life.

    Prabha Mar 18 2020

    Vasudha Sharma Mar 18 2020

    Well if a woman is talking frequently to everyone it will not right to say that she is confident and independent but if a woman is raising her voice against wrong and raising her voice for her rights then she is absolutely independent.
    Now, the question arises that how modern time women will become independent?? The answer is a bit crucial. Like by awaring them about the so-called "women issues" is not sufficient.
    The awareness that women need to be in their life is started from education, education is a little step of the journey of an independent woman if education is allotted to him, then she will absolutely become aware, independent, confident and the one who can fight against the wrong.

    This is the real meaning of becoming independent, according to me.

    Pooja jayswal Mar 17 2020

    Woman herself is the definition of strength and confidence. An independent woman and her strength cant be described in few words.
    I firmly believe that the immense strength a woman possess in her is beyond everything.
    When a woman desires to do anything she rises with all her might and accomplishes it.
    A confident woman never leaves any stone unturned. Whatever the society tags her as" Abla Nari" but she is the creator of the universe. God has given her immense power to fight all odds and come out always with colours.A woman who carries her child for months in her womb is definitely born to create wonders in her life.She will live her dreams and make them all possible with all her might, be it for herself, her children or any of her loved once.I believe that sometimes we fail to know the tremendous power and potential we have within us.A confident and an independent woman of today has shine and sparkle in her eyes ,and she leaves her touch wherever she goes.From her house to her work place a confident woman leaves her Sparkle forever.
    I salute feminist attitude and strength in all the independent and confident women of today

    Shilpa Menon Mar 16 2020

    A woman at a power position in a well known firm, who manages work- life balance, who is the breadwinner of her family was the definition of strong and independent woman I have heard while growing up. Well, parenthood and some maturity with the age certainly changes my perspective on this definition.
    A little girl who walks miles to reach her school everyday, a young lady who relocates to a different city for her job away from her parents for the first time, a young mother who knew nothing about motherhood yet raises and cares for her child with all her heart, a grandmother who longed to spend time with her grandkids but had to be living away from them with a pleasing smile on her face all the time are all strong and independent women. If we look at the women around us, everyone is strong and independent in one way or the other. A woman becomes strong and independent when she starts believing in herself.

    Kanisha Mar 16 2020

    No child is born with confidence and independence. Its that child environment, education, experiences and insight to give him/her a unique path. Adulthood is the age where person past, present and future affects more. A woman strength is tested at her adulthood and motherhood level. As per historical figures strong, independent, confident woman were not given an easy life. They fought every single day to prove their worth inspite of innumerable challenges. Hence my definition on confident, independent woman is, A woman with never give-up attitude, who observe people and things at wider Angel, who patiently deals with problems having a solution oriented mindset, who is focused in present with awareness, who have insights and SMART Goal to achieve with determination and willpower.

    Prabha Mar 15 2020

    Born as a princess
    Cared like that until age to marry
    But the road shifts to career
    The power of her knowledge convinces her mom
    Her loves for growth convinces her dad
    Her character attracts men,but she accepts none
    Fell in love with career and the man of his life
    Works smartly with hardly to balance it
    Every decision changed her life,
    Only cause she persisted because of confidence
    Balanced her career and love life
    Only to have a independent life,where
    She wants to care her both the families and her own
    Make her family dependent and
    live a ever lasting interdependent life with her man
    The dream she dreamt all through life.

    Nidhi Khandelwal Mar 14 2020

    She is Mom, daughter, Wife,
    With all the responsibility, she is very wise.
    Multitasking is her forte,
    But not as easy as she potrays.
    As she experiences new things,
    She becomes more powerful with her own wings.
    Noone can stop her to achieve her dreams,
    But It's never easy as it seems.
    She is fighter and fought her own battles till the end,
    In the hearts of the people she will always remain.

    Keerthana Mar 13 2020

    Dressed up or messed up , may it be anything
    She will always feel glorious...
    Struggling or giggling , may it be anything
    She will always feel compassionate...
    Spicy or deity , may it be anything
    She will always be the rockstar...
    Each of these women , who live in their own ways , making this world a better place to smile at , are THE CONFIDENT AND INDEPENDENT WOMAN!

    Rajani Mar 13 2020

    Fraility thy name is woman
    Only a man could have said these words - who else William Shakespeare.
    Of all the words he chose fraility - dictionary meaning "the condition of being weak and delicate".
    Had Shakespeare been alive now I would have loved to understand from him as to how he could call his own mother frail who gave birth to such a literary genius? I would asked him how he could call his own characters frail - Cordelia from King Lear who loved her dad and was his only support when his own elder daughter were against him? All his women characters are strong, carry there heart on their sleeves, head held high, even when doing wrong they do it with conviction. How much stronger do you expect a human being to be? Enduring childbirth pain and loving the very pain giver - her child, bearing being ignored by family and own kids still loving the kids, being raped and killed still longing to live. It's time to change the saying to:

    Strength thy name is WOMAN.

    cshall Mar 13 2020

    A woman with confidence and complete independence is not just a mere woman , she is in reality THE WOMAN . The woman who act on her first thought and who never has a second thought beneath her first one.

    She never let any of her fears and weaknesses shrink her strength. She might not be the strongest and most intelligent but she is never afraid of taking her first step .

    Now a days a job with an average salary helps a lot but it's not the money that makes you independent and confiedent. Sometimes you let yourself bounded by vague limits set up by your own self . When you win over that self of yours which keeps giving you an inferior feeling , stopping you from expressing your self to one hundred percent only then you are said to be a confiedent and independent woman.

    Prabha Mar 13 2020

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    Happy women's day to all the greatest Moms

    Nazreen Firoz Mar 13 2020

    Wearing multiple hats and balancing them requires dedication, hardwork, practice and above all love and passion towards your roles. Spending quality time with family and maintaining an organised home can be achieved through proper planning and timely execution. Financial stability is of prime importance to women to retain self respect and mental well being. Being social animals, women also need friends, social gatherings and activities to cherish her inner self.

    In conclusion, I think, an independent women will build her empire on love and will have a priority list. A successful multitasker will keep ego at bay.

    Shubham Jain Mar 13 2020


    Chintal Mar 12 2020

    Now a days confidence and independence is reflected through woman. Might think how? Then, as a woman what I wear representing me and that make me feel confident rather seeing the fashion from anothers eyeballs. Working for MNCs far away from my native for is what one of the indicators of independence. She can pursue anything which is difficult, but her confidence helps her to Grow. Gloria Arieira or Padmavathy Bandhopadhyay or Damayanti Beshra or Indira P. P. Bora or Usha Chaumarm and many more, they are Padma Shri award Recipients of 2020 for their own fields. Thats represent what confidently Independent is.

    Vinay kumar Mar 12 2020

    Arpita Mar 12 2020

    Well the words only speak the confident and independent women but its not to end where women are alone working for their life in this whole world.Where they starts their struggle from being a girl who works for sake of happiness of her parents, than later on being married to someone may be sometimes going to unknown family and accepting them as their family looking after household works and passing days in satisfying their needs.This just not stop her after a time she gets a name of mother where her duties increases.And she becomes more strong and if she is working women living alone long distance from laws their she proves herself being independent where forgets herself and just fulfils her family need in the search of happiness which gives her too.Though despite of being such work and load strughle doesnot stops.Even she has to leave confident with her thoughts in this modern world which doesnot allow them to live.

    Pragati Jha Mar 10 2020

    Confident and Independent women is someone who has that courage to face the world even if standing alone without having a second thought that I will be judged. She is someone who is brave enough to put her thoughts in front of everyone irrespective of the fact that every person has different perspective. In today's world being a confident and independent women means struggling through alot to make her worth count. She is someone who inspires our young generation break all the norms. She can be a working women or even a house maker also but the only thing is she should have that capability to find happiness in herself rather than defining herself as per socities norms.

    Aayush Mar 10 2020

    Women have dared to challenge the mediaeval mindset of men. They have opened men to accept women as not someone who are beneath them but as partners who deserve the same perquisites as men do and also someone who have equal duty to lend a shoulder to humankind's problems as men do. An independent and confident woman is not someone who can do anything or be anything without the responsibility of being accountable. A truly independent and confident woman is someone who is truly responsible and brave enough to dare to stand for the humankind shoulder to shoulder with men equally.

    Preethi.G Mar 10 2020

    Confident and independent women is one who can stand alone without depending on others and also giving light to others life too. In simple words a women should be like a sun which stands alone , always burning and giving lights to the world. She should be brave enough to solve all her problems by herself and she should voice out bravely against the wrong things in the society and should make our country as a proud nation by exposing her talent gracefully..

    Nandhitha B Mar 10 2020

    The rain water can either choose to join the timid river or the mammoth ocean. It adds value to its destination and not the other way around. Its natural form makes it a boon and not where it chooses to join or stay. Similarly, a woman can choose what, where and who she wants to be. Her power gleams from within and it cannot be altered by where she comes or where she goes. A woman who doesnt heed to what the society expects of her and only listen to what her heart wants is confident and independent.

    Sharfaa ahmed Mar 10 2020

    Confident and independent woman is the one who doesnt believe in being someone elses picture perfect .She is different and she accepts herself, the idea of self love is something that she preaches .This kind of woman does not care about the harsh judgements made by the society. The barriers were broken and the odds were defied by her .An new era of encouragement was born where people were taught to believe in themselves.She is self sufficient and doesnt need anyone else yet she is there for everyone else .Her presence act as the light which kills the darkness that is around .

    Aishwarya Pateria Mar 9 2020

    Confident and Independent Woman :-)
    Every woman is a rainbow with various shades of life filled with emotions which she acknowledges and learns to deal with as she grows from being a tiny little baby to a grown-up woman. A confident woman learns her lessons of life from mistakes she does, she knows her mistakes are not the definition of her identity or her scars which circumstances or people give her, she is that pure dewdrop which forms when everything around her is dark and gloomy and patiently waits for sunlight to show up so that she can shine despite darkness which life gives her.
    Independence is not just financially, but independence is knowing you can follow your thoughts, knowing your actions are not dictated by societal norms but they are dependent on your happiness' quotient, it is accepting that we are all designed differently we are not bounded by bodily sizes or skin color or any other parameter.
    Be that confident and independent woman you wanna be irrespective of your age and leave your trail behind like a sassy yet wild perfume for other women to trace your path and get inspired.

    Somya tiwari Mar 9 2020

    Silent as the storm
    Black as the nights sky
    You never know when its coming
    Temperature ranging from hot to cold
    Moon swings come and they go
    She can make you feel like the lowest **** on earth
    Or make you feel like a King

    We are in a league of our own
    The take no mess take charge kind of woman
    Sweet as honey beautiful as the sunset
    Shell drain you and leave you begging for more
    With her smooth complexion hair just right
    Dress to impress and the legs smooth as silk
    Her take charge attitude with sophistication
    Can work the room in any situation
    Wither in the boardroom, fancy restaurant
    or at home with family and friends

    She can cut you down without missing a beat
    Leave you standing there wondering what happen
    A work of art in her own right
    A independent women but can make you feel
    Like you are needed always treating you like you the man
    A way with words that will leave no room argument
    Will cut so deep leave you grasping for breath
    But you can never want to hurt this woman
    Cuz she can turn on you like Cain turn on Abel

    We are devious creatures and with a devious mind
    And a women who is scorn is a dangerous combination
    A woman with so much confidence
    It will make you sit up and take notice
    But at the same time she knows her place
    As a women by your side
    While all the while bringing home the bacon, cook it and serve it to you like royalty

    Watch out cause shes on the rise
    As a strong independent black woman
    Never fearing of the two strikes against her
    In this mans world that we live in
    So watch out, take notice and pay attention because she is unstopable

    Jyoti Rathi Mar 9 2020

    A confident, independent woman. She is no damsel in distress. She does not need to kiss a frog or lock herself up in a castle. She needs no prince charming to come and rescue her, but she sure as hell can fight those dragons. She writes her own story. Resilience is her middle name. She is beautiful from inside out because she knows her confidence comes from experiences, she knows she can fall but she surely can pick herself up too. She is vulnerable. She lets her tear flow as abundantly as her laughter. She gives out love, but only after she has loved herself first!

    Swathi Mar 8 2020

    My idea of Independent & Confident woman is not (only) the one who earns her own money and doesn't take any help from others but the one who despite of many obstacles in life never takes a back step and stands for herself even if every step of her is opposed.
    The one who believes in herself and is self-motivated.
    The one who offers a helping shoulder for the one who need her.
    The one who inspires and encourages another woman without beign jelaous.
    The one who believes that she is the best and could give the best and does the best not only to herself and her family but also the one needed

    Swarnima sharma Mar 8 2020

    A confident and independent women are those who are industrious, broke all the norms and society's curbs and made theseleves strong enough in every aspect of their life. Much reverence to those women who know her work and rights very well. The one who not only support other women but to the whole mankind. There are three types of women exist in our society. The first one are those who truely need rights and support as they are truely sufferers yet living their life by much toil. I salute to those women, who have-not yet living by hook or crook and they now their real value. Another are those who made themselves able and strong enough to handle their life properly. And the other are those who are taking wrong advantages of everything or the law made in women' support. How? I think we all are aquainted with this question.

    So, All the degnified women who know their worth and understand their rights proplerly and use it when needed only without harming anyone. Those who say yes to the right living and doing, they become aligned with the power and intelligence of life itself. Only then they become an agent for positive change, confidence and intelligency. Say yes to right living and right doing.

    Riya Jha Mar 8 2020

    Being a confident, independent woman means that I am able to find happiness on my own.I have self-confidence without having to rely on another person or society for validation. It means emotional independence and being able to have healthy relationships with others without falling into co-dependent patterns. It means learning to express who I am at my core, whether I am shy and soft-spoken or loud and assertive. I dont need to try fitting a certain mold.If I hear somebody making a sexist, racist, or otherwise disrespectful comment, don't let it slide. This doesn't necessarily mean engaging in an argument. Calmly tell the person that what he or she said is not appreciated.

    Anil jaswal Mar 8 2020

    The women is the approximately fifty percent of the humanity on this planet. They have as important role to play as men. Therefore to make any justified contribution, they need to be independent and confident. The women to be independent and confident needs to be educated. If they are educated than their chances of becoming financially independent are much more. And once they become financially independent means they are not dependent on anyone for their upkeep. Tomorrow if any problem arises they can defend their turf well. They are not under the dominance of anyone. They can take their decisions and got them implemented.

    Amrita Mallik Mar 6 2020

    A confident and independent woman rises from the ashes of daily tortures. The battle is half won the moment she accepts herself. Trusting her Saviour she carves out her own path tactfully. Sometimes patience is her strength. And, then again, she becomes the ruthless Kali. She cries, yells, howls and screams. However, she fearlessly crushes the devilish pains every day. Every morning she gets up, dresses and slays the world. When her deeds become her success stories she not only supports other women but also becomes an inspiration. This inner light, then, lightens up the entire world, wrecked by negativity.

    Olivia Fernandes Mar 6 2020

    My definition of a confident strong women is one who :
    1. Stands up for herself.
    She learns how to stand up for herself at school, at work, and in her social life. She isn't ashamed or apologetic about asserting herself. She puts her own needs first instead of always trying to accommodate other people first.
    2. She isn't a jealous woman.
    She is careful that she doesn't fall into jealousy. The first step to overcoming jealousy is when she recognizes when she is experiencing it. Women who are victims of jealousy, and yes I did say victims, are more likely to suffer from loneliness and self-esteem issues.
    3. Addresses disrespectful and offensive comments.
    If she hears somebody making a sexist, racist, or otherwise disrespectful comment, she does not let it slide. She calmly tells the person that what he or she said is not appreciated.
    4. Honours her sexuality.
    She isn't ashamed of wanting to have a sexual side. She Empowers herself to embrace her own sexuality in whatever form it takes, and chooses partners accordingly.
    4. Studies what she wants to study.
    She does not let societal norms influence which subject(s) she chooses to study. Often society pushes women into certain fields (English, the fine arts, teaching, nursing and other helping subjects), while men are pushed into other fields such as science, math, and technology.
    6. Supports other women.
    Too often, women are shamed, judged, and put down by other women. She uplifts others and empowers every woman to be exactly who she is without judgement or comment.
    7. Educates other women and girls about being strong and independent.
    She teaches them about being assertive, building leadership skills, loving themselves, and standing up for themselves and others.

    Rhianna Fernandes Mar 6 2020

    Strong independent woman is:
    1. Being an independent and strong woman means she never keeps toxic people in her world for long. Shecuts them outas soon as possible, because she knows she is strong enough to survive without them. She doesn't need their negativity weighing her down. She does not need to make living more stressful than it already is.
    2. Being an independent woman means she is comfortable doing things on her own. She is able to sleep alone, Eat alone, Live alone. She can protect yourself.
    3. Being an independent strong woman means she works her hard. She cleans the house, makes dinners, makes money. She follows her passions. She does not care what anyone else has to say about her, because she is proud of herself for chasing after her wildest dreams.

    Samreen Mar 6 2020

    A confident independent woman never gives up in any situation. How tough may be the time and how much she is exposed to social and societal pressure she never gives up ,"never ever".
    How hard may be her financial condition, she strives to bring out the best from it.
    A confident woman nurtures her child in such a way that if he /she faces any failure they never regret, inspite they learn from their failures and move ahead ,never gives up. They stand for themselves.
    Here independent woman according to me is the one who can take decision for herself and express her choice without any hesitation. The one who can fulfill her desires without depending on the economy of her spouse/father.
    The one who can stand beside her husband/father/brother/son at times of financial needs and help them come out of any financial or emotional crisis,and making them feel proud and fortunate to have her as a wonderful gift by god to them.
    A confident woman brings up her children with fruitfull manners and good values who always know their goals of life who never let their parents down.

    Kavita Mar 6 2020

    A woman is someone who has god gifted qualities of love, care, compassion , immense strength to go through pain, ability to.forgive , sacrificing nature and many more such virtues inbuilt in her system. However she often goes overboard with her selfless nature to such an extent that it becomes detrimental to her own existence.

    In my view, a confident and independent woman is one who knows to take care of herself too, while she handles the multiple roles of her personal and professional life. She knows how to keep everybody happy and satisified, including herself. She has the ability to balance her multi tasking roles and knows when and where to draw a line on the compromises she makes with herself for fulfilling her duties. She does.not allow herself to be treated aa a door mat or be taken for granted.
    She knows how to tackle her own emotions alongwith those of others and make it a WIN-WIN situation for all concerned.
    As soft as silk and as fierce as a tigres, that's how an independent women alters her behaviour to suit her circumstances. She remains confident irrespective of her financial independence as a working woman or a homemaker. She takes independent decisions about her life and career, by prioritizing the needs of her family and kids.
    An independent woman is a shakti / strength and a bond that binds together not just her family, but the entire universe.

    Monika panchal Mar 6 2020

    An independent woman ...i think a woman who knows all her freedom....and also uses all her fereedom in real life is an independent woman without hurting anyone else from her independence....she should know family values but also her own values....she cares ...she loves....each and everyone...but her independency ..is....the respect given by each and everyone..

    Isha Agrawal Mar 5 2020

    Confident,Independent woman......
    For me I think somehow and somewhere each and every woman is confident and independent .Confident woman is the one who doesnot only have her individual thought process and believes but is always there to listen others perspective too,a woman who has the power of acceptance.Independent woman is the one who completely understands that it is not she who is dependent on some but there are lot of people around her who are dependent on her. An Independent woman is an individual who knows that respect is for all be it other women ,men.A confident and independent woman is that powerful person who always love and take care of each and everyone around her but without forgetting her own happiness,carrer ,beautiful smile and self respect.

    Alveera Hafeez Mar 5 2020

    A confident and independent woman is the one who can be herself without any restrictions. She can do whatever she feels and whatever she does is not judged for her character. She can be home late because of her work. She can earn for a living. She can also party on weekends. She can also make her parents feel proud. She can be a hero and nobody could put her down. Independent woman does not want everyone to be on their side. She can do everything on her own, she doesn't require a staff to stand on!


    Ameeta Sharma Mar 5 2020

    To me an Confident Independent Woman is my Maa after being widowed at the age of 33 and 2 minor kids to look after... she crossed thre threshold of her house with the entire family againt her working shecwas adament she will fend for her ow kids not let them be dependent
    on anyone else....found happiness on herr own. Her self-confidence and being adamant wto not to on another person or society for validation or support. She found emotional independence and maintained healthy relationships with others without falling into co-dependent patterns. She learnt express who she was to core. She just refused to just fit into certain mold.

    Prabha Mar 5 2020

    Hello friends I am a dentist and pursuing MSC in dietetics and food service management. Besides this I am not a full time working women and not fully independent becoz I have a 7 years kid for whom I am totally dedicated to raise him as an independent guy who respect and help all women around him. Sometimes I feel that I have neglected myself since after marriage becoz If I had not devoted to my family I must have reached my dreams and leading my life accordingly. My independent and confident thoughts helped me in selecting my duties first becoz I know that one day I will fulfill my dreams.

    Shilpa sharma Mar 5 2020

    I too have one such inspiring person : My Mom.My mom has been a greatest inspector of my life...!!!
    The simple reason behind it is What I am today is because of her.....
    She had to deal with a number of things like cooking food for us,washing our cloths etc.. without caring about herself....with no demands.....
    Mother is our first friend,she is our first guru.....My Mom has taught me to strive for my aspirations..