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    Joy of Celebration!

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: March 2019 - Women's Day Special

    Joy of Celebration!

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: March 2019 - Women's Day Special

    TOPIC: The One Woman who has inspired you the most

    Share with us in 100 words about the one woman in your life who has inspired you the most and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers! SUBMIT ORIGINAL ENTRIES ONLY! ... more


    Sayoni Mondal Mar 29 2019

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    samriddhi's Shadow Mar 27 2019

    My Mom Saroj Tiwari.. is an extraordinary woman for me. She is my ideal. She is ideal of everybody who personlly know her. She beared too much hardships but always gave relief to me and my whole family. She is a kind lady. She cannot see anybody in trouble and tried to resolve everybody's trouble immediately. She always taught us to "love every one and help others'' & "living for others is better than living for yourself.
    "Mothers are the sweetest gift from Gods to us. There is no way we can ever really thank our mother for all she does for us. Nevertheless we must make it a habit to keep reminding ourselves of the various sacrifices she made while raising us. I love my mom. Because she is the best mom in the world..she is the one who taught us the difference between right and wrong .A mother is the only pesonality which cannot be described by words. Motherhood is tough 24 hour job, no pay, no day off, sometimes it is unappreciated, but yet resignation is impossible. I have realised how fortunate I am to have a mom like you who is always there for me. I am the luckiest child on this earth because i have u in my life" I love u Maa

    Kinjal Mota Mar 19 2019

    The woman who inspires is my MOM.. Even at age of 66 she is as young as a teenager.. She has been my pillar since i have started tonunderstand the things around me.. I have seen her since my chilhood how competent she is in all fields whether its finance, my studies, handling tough situation, supporting my father.. She is the strongest pillar of my life.. Its her wittiness to handle any situation with pure calmness.. Her way if dealing and nurting all the relatikns with love.. Her efficiancy and skills to tie the whole family togather.. I wish i can too raise my daughter the way she has done.. Today i salute my mom n feel lucky that i still can count upon her..

    Jyotsna Pandey Mar 18 2019

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    mishraaadya4 Mar 18 2019

    I have one Woman Army who empowers ,supports ,paints the canvas of my life with colours of love and positivity.She fought against all conservative people around who never wanted a girl child to go out of station for higher studies and helped to fulfill my dreams.
    She has a Heart of Gold, she teaches under privileged children and give training of stitching +handicrafts to slum dwellers ladies so that they can earn not only money but self respect too.
    I wrote a poem and made this purse for my super hero to express my gratitude and love towards her on this womens day .
    I feel blessed to have two Moms who shower their unconditional love on me .One is who gave me birth and other is sent by God itself after I got married means my Mother In Law. She has been my strong support, mentor ,cookery teacher as I used to be pampered princess before getting married so was very fussy eater and did not know cooking at all .My Mother In Law made me perfect in cooking now with her utmost patience +support.
    She is my shopping pal and great advisor . Above all she is my honest critic as well in order to bring best out of me. She has never been partial between me and her own daughter . She proved all that so called Saas Bahu sagas myth for me.
    One special quality of my Mother In Law is -Never Give Up and never bear injustice as she believes- No obstacle can be bigger than your courage and self confidence to overcome it". This quality makes her my role model .

    Roopa M Mar 18 2019

    My mother is my inspiration, strength, and source of unconditional love. There are many women who have influenced me like my grandmothers, aunt, sister, friends, and some teachers who have left a lasting impact that I still carry with me in my heart, but there is one particular woman who stands out in my mind -Oprah.

    There was a time when I was terribly homesick, and one day suddenly I chanced upon Oprah show and started watching it as it was different and more than just entertainment. It brought positivity and joy into my daily life. I felt she was very real with the way she spoke, the stories she shared, and an hour would fly by with the wonderful guests she invited and all the valuable information. It was an enriching experience to read her website too. I also discovered that this woman with her simplicity, compassion, charity work, her schools, and the help she gives people around the globe, is making a difference in many lives in different ways.

    Once I read her biography and found out that she faced unimaginable difficulties during her childhood days unlike normal children, which were enough to dissuade her from leading a normal life, let alone achieve bigger goals. She overcame all that. She was successful academically, reached great heights in her career as an African American woman, and also succeeded in her charity work; and most importantly she grew up to be a kind-hearted strong person in spite of all that she had faced.

    She is an excellent example of a human being, who has shown that there is always hope and anybody can build a bright future, find their purpose, be giving, and be happy if they are determined.

    Sumathi Anand Mar 12 2019

    Im still being blessed with having my mom, in my life. I have often felt a deep need for her counsel in my marriage and parenting. When I was a girl, my father was away from home about two-thirds of every year. What I learned in those days was that my mother was competent. She handled the finances, paying all the bills and dealing with the bank and creditors. Its hard for me to think about how tough it must be being a single mother of three children. Her hard work and devotion to putting us first makes me proud to have a mom that cares so much for me. I honestly dont think I could ever show her the appreciation she deserves. She is a very loving person has always put her family and others before herself. I have often said that I am all I am because of her, and I am only half the woman she is.
    I will always be grateful to my mother for many things. The most beautiful gift my mother has ever given to me, besides the precious gift of life, is the gift of forgiveness. I am a grown woman now with two children of my own. However, when I was a teenager, I was a very self-centered girl who never thought of other peoples feelings.
    One morning, I was getting ready for school and became outraged when I found out that one of my siblings had finished off my favorite cereal. I was about sixteen years old and I threw a huge tantrum, throwing things and slamming cupboards.
    Instead of yelling at me, (which I deserved) she grabbed her purse to go to the store to buy me my cereal. Just as my mom pulled out of the driveway, a large van happened to be passing by. My mom did not see the vehicle, and backed right into it.
    My mother received injuries to her neck and to her back. To this very day my sweet mother suffers chronic pain triggered by that accident. I have a hard time forgiving myself for being the cause of my mothers injuries, which occurred all because I wanted my favorite cereal. My mom has forgiven me, and I know that. I love her with all of my heart, and I hope through her example I can one day forgive myself. I just wish I could take away all of the pain, too.My mother, who I seem to have failed to thank for doing such a wonderful job raising me into the person I have become, deserves more than just a thank you. I would like to do something really nice for my mom to show her how much I love her on her special day. So, after carefully selecting, I purchased a white pearl necklace as a gift for her. My mom was absolutely thrilled with the pearl necklace. It looks gorgeous on her and she told me she already got tons of compliments when she wore it. My beloved mother, you are wonderful mother! I am proud to have you as my mother!

    Aishwariya Laxmi Mar 12 2019

    This might sound clichd, but the woman who has inspired me the most is my mom. Ive learned from her strength in the face of adversity, from her ability to get along with people belonging to all walks of life, from her absence of attitude despite being well-read and even from her mistakes. She is truly the wind beneath my wings, and I wouldnt be the person I am today, had it not been for her. Heck, without her, I wouldnt even be alive! She is beautiful inside out - and I cant imagine my life without her. She rocks!

    Mathi Vivek Mar 11 2019

    Nidhi agrawal Mar 9 2019

    My mother-in-law #Radharani (she is not in fb) is my Super Women. She is My true inspiration. she is my source of strength and my motivation. she always says that, we should be positive thinkers. she says Happiness always comes after sorrow. She becomes my best friend . I use to share my feelings and dreams with her. she inspires me to achieve them. She is the best cook in this world. Even if i take her guidance, while cooking, still it lacks her hand taste. Even if the food which I made is delicious, I can't beat her swaadh. It's so yummy.. I use to lick my fingers. I think she mixes her love and affection in it....
    she is our protector. Our bond is very strong .. My father in law died when my hubby and my brother-in-law was very small.. She only taken care of them.. educated them ..And made to stand on their own feet.. She even use to do business.. kept a small shop. she use to get up early and do all her household work and go to shop. she made her children's self confident, whatever we are is just because of her. she is really true inspiration.. I follow all her advice in my life.. Thank u so much ..if my family members are beads she is the silk thread which keeps us together. She is the one who takes care of everyone. She is kind hearted.. she sings bhajans. She is more than a mother to me.. I love her so much..
    She treats me and my sister-in-law like her own daughter's.. we are very lucky to have her as our mother-in-law ??SHE IS THE BEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD??

    Durga Nair Mar 9 2019

    The person who inspired me the most is my 10th standard Social Science teacher Mrs. Maria Shanthi. Apart from her teaching style I loved her speaking style. In those days(1997-1998), myself and she together moved to the bus stop from the school at evening everyday. We used to walk for 20 minutes to reach the bus stand and that were the precious minutes in my life. We talked to each other and by the same time step forward ghastly to catch our bus. So, we were mutually tied on our views, this made us to avoid adding company while walking. She made me to develop my language skills. She often induced me to search for new things, create innovatively and her monotonous advice was, not to be set inside a bounded region. She gave ideas on how to come up with good initiatives, how to tackle the strange situations and how to be an eminent personality. After that year, I was transferred to another school. All her advices always made me to thing about something different from others. Finally I moved towards with a goal of being a teacher. Now at present, with her inspirational words I'm working as a teacher; but it is sad to say that still I'm on searching of my teacher through social medias. I pray to God that I would find her one day to share my life story and her memories. May God bless her with all the goodness!

    Simi Ramesh Mar 9 2019

    I dont have to go far for my inspiration .She is my elder sister in law. She would be an inspiration to who ever comes into contact with her. Being the elder daughter of the family she takes it upon her to look after her parents and younger siblings along with her in laws and kid.She was very young when she was married off but still managed to complete her graduation after marriage.Before her exams she had a premature delivery and had to write her exams a year later. She has a abusive husband but then she took up a job as she cleared the public exam and now that her husband has lost his job she manages everything single handedly. To add to her sufferings her son died accidently at the age of 13. But inspite of the societies abuses towards her she once again gave birth to a son and now lives a contented life .If not for her courage our familyand hers would have been shattered. Today she stands tall and is a woman of inspiration to us all.

    Sayoni Mondal Mar 8 2019

    Hi friends,my inspiration is my mom.Even though she has crossed all her lifepaths with struggles,she always thinks about her children.Whatever problem she faces in office or home,she always smile upon us and ask us and hear us our school,college stories.Even though,we ourselves do know our time scheduleShe guesses rightly where I will be when I will reach home.When we ask any eatables she never bothers about losing her sleep.She wake up fast and pack up every lunchwhich does we want.....Finally she wants us to be good..So that she sacrifices anything for us .May God bless her with happy and free mind so that she may relax and stressless.I hadn't yet seen her like that.

    Sayoni Mondal Mar 8 2019

    Hi friends .Everyone is inspired from their mothers .This is biggest truth .but I also inspired from my sis .she has great tolerance power .If possible I borrow some kind nature from her.I also inspired by my maid how can she do work like machines.most of us cant do over own house work without any body help.and our maid do it at least 6to 7 house per day .great salute.

    Manasa Mar 8 2019

    Anandita Banerjee Mar 8 2019

    On this Woman's Day I would love to Tag My Mother #Krishna Banerjee,She started working at the age of 19 Years ,She is so Talented that At that age she passed Government Test and Recruited in highly prestigious Organisation called CBI ,She was Posted in Lucknow,She is elder in the family so the marriage pressure is always there on her head,but she not give up her dreams just for marriage ,She let her younger sisters to marry and settled,Meanwhile she got ready to marry and she selected my Father ,He is partial Blind Man,at the time of marriage,but at those times if a man working in Government Jobs,no one says no to him,So my Mother agree to marry partial Blind Man and taken hardships of Life.But she never give up her Job,She taken a transfer to Ahmedabad and continue working in CBI,Managing partial Blind Man and two girls kid is not a easy job.It tough even if we think in dreams ,She Sticked to her Job ,with all.ups a downs,She made us too independent, because of her I learned to be strong and independent and never give up things in any circumstances, just fight one day it will resolve.I am really proud because she was working in Government sector she is getting pension, Railway pass ,CGHs facility, At the age of 64 Years she is not dependent on us.She made her future so strong that she doesn't has to rely on any of us..I am too looking myself like this that not to be dependent on anyone ,be so strong and firm that nothing can hit you back.I am now blessed with twins Daughters and I wish I make my Girls Strong a.d firm like her grandmother. WISHING YOU HAPPY WOMANS DAY #100wordsstory

    Sayoni Mondal Mar 8 2019

    Everyday women's are particular in their lives but Today 8th March, 2019 is marked as special and joyful day for every women. On this juncture, let me take this opportunity to describe inspiring delight legend in my life. Her name is Rupal K. Patel. I shared her photo in #wesalute# contest. She is 15 years elder than me. She is my neighbour at my parental home. This Feminist is not only homemaker but also Chef and effective home manager. As, Inspiration comes from within self that leads to growth learning zone, I got inspired by her effective utilisation of each day, each hour used cheerfully with tremendous confidence. I firmly believe everyone's life journey is different. We receive motivation from variety of sources ,apart from that ,inspiration is from within to change ourselves for better. I learnt through observation tremendous lessons from her out of which I would like to pen down few.
    Happiness as a choice of living life to the fullest. Her way of expressing her humours talks don't hurt other humans. Though she is from executive family background she treats every individual with polite, humble, respectful manner. Moreover, her observation and awareness skills are truely sharp. With excellent patience she deals life situations with Never Give Up Attitude.
    Last but not the least, I am grateful to God for her special appearance and gave a spark in my life.

    Prapti Mar 8 2019

    Happy women's day to all beautiful lovely girls playing multiple roles as a sister, friend, wife, mother etc. My inspirations are my mother and mother in law both. Mother who has been my support system since my birth, teaching me all the values and being always strong and supportive. She has been a working mother who always had a time for me and my younger brother and would talk about the events of our day!!! I don't remember her screaming or shouting on us, she had lots of patience then me, yes I am a mother of 2 kids and now I know how difficult it is!! Love you ma

    Aayushi Mutha Mar 8 2019

    As a daughter you are bubbly and cute
    As a wife, you are strong and loving
    As a mother you always care
    As a grand mom, you are always there
    As a woman you make life worth living
    So there is just a single word for you
    That you are the best in everything you do
    On this special day I want to salute you
    Happy womens day to you
    You are special and know that its true! My strength my mom Kalpana Munot Kathariya My mom is the most amazing women in this world

    Deepika Sharma Mar 7 2019

    The woman who inspires me the most is my mom.At the age of 65 ,she is still Keen to learn new things,when children have left the nest she has found a new way to keep herself busy with stray animals, feeding them medicating them selflessly. The craving in her to attain knowledge and skills at this age ,inspire me a lot .I would like to be like my mom who could retain"Herself" being a mom, wife ,mother -in- law,granny with positivity.

    Smitha.R.P Mar 7 2019

    Nandini aggarwal Mar 7 2019

    #your100wordsstory one woman in my life who inspire me alot is my mom.she loves and cares me unconditional.she is selfless nAture and so kind hearted.in my childhood she is my best playmate after teenage she is my best friend after marriage she is my best advisor.some time i do not make proper food .she helps ,supports me and i become heart of core of my family by my mom's help.my mom discipline for time management and positive thinking give in my kids also.i am thankful for my mom sleepless night and learn my homework.love u mom.

    Anita Dubey Mar 7 2019

    My inspiration is my sister Sarojini Pundir
    I would like to share my real life story. My father died when we are very young... we are 4 sisters and one brother. My sister started working support the family with my mother she helps us get educated. She whole day in her job and study in night .
    Slowly slowly she start own boutique centre. And boutique centre growing very well to her hard work .
    She so many sacrificed to her life for the well being of us, she loves us unconditionally and support, guide.she always support me any difficulties of my life. Now she has two boutique centre.
    She always say to us never give up.
    I love you my dear sister always.

    Deepa hs Mar 7 2019

    Hi team,
    The word "WOMAN" itself is such an inspiring and motivating theme that made me pen down my inspiration too.

    I completed my graduation, secured good job in a software industry.Tied a knot with my supportive partner and life was full of happiness. Later we had kid , for which I had to quit job and got an opportunity to move to Australia with my family. Though I was a happy mother, somewhere I had that desponding feel of quitting job and was preplexed. That's when I met a friend Jenny who was an Aussie. She was peaches and helped me in everyway as we were new to Sydney. One day we got a chance to share our feelings and was so inspired by her thoughts.It made an unremarkable change in my life too ,as I was in guilt of quitting job.
    She too quit job to take care of her 2daughters. Being a single parent, bringing up kids is such an excruciating task. She started her own business and was hoping for 'pie in the sky' and business got clicked.I have never seen her in stew. Always wearing a big smile and hand to help others and enthusiasm was till sun and moon and she was with full of positive thoughts. She always used to say me "Everything happens for good" and used to make me feel at zenith as a work at home Mumma.
    From that day onwards,I am in no more guilt and didn't join job even after returning India, as my child is my world and everything to me.Love you all Mummas out there. U are really doing great job. Enjoy every second with Ur kiddos.

    Eram Khan Mar 7 2019

    Vishnu Kant agrawal Mar 6 2019

    Only one who is there with me in my all good and bad days is only my mom. She is not only my best friend but also my inspiration. She always stand with me in my good and bad days. She helped me in every moment of life.

    Ayesha Mar 6 2019

    The women who inspired me the mostttt... That women is everything for me... The women who has no wishes other than satisfying my wishes... the women makes my world colourful.The women who bears all my fault and make the things perfect..the women to whom I always depend.. the women strains to the core to make me complete.. Mom , single answer for infinite questions.. once I enter home I immediately ask whoever infront of me ,where is my mom.. due to many family reason , I was given to my aunty when I was 40days baby.. almost 13 years I didn't know that the angel holding me now is my mother.. after my annual exams again due to many problems in family I was thrown into a new home atmosphere.. where I hardly sleep search for my aunty who I was calling amma.. my mother used to convince me explaining all the problems. But still suddenly I couldn't change my mind and be flexible to call my mother , amma, mom ,ma or anything. She used to open her feelings to everyone that I don't mean her anything. Soon the days changed , I got married.. my pregnancy days made me feel how much a mother will love a child.. the pain of delivery made call 1000000000000000 infinite ma ma ma... Now for everything I call ma ma.. Two letter word my entire world.. she will hold before I break. I call from anywhere any place to throw my pains to my mom and take a deep breath... There is no decision without my mom... THE WOMEN WHO I INSPIREEEE EVERY MIN. I leave my two little kids to my mom and move out for job.. She take complete care of little tots , many days she forgets her food. In this age I cannot do multitasking to run family relaxed but mom runs behind my kids to give me a relaxed sleep...this entry is not for winning contest or nothing.. let this post say everyone that no mother can be selfish. Mother is the only one who lovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee you without expecting anything...

    tasneem johar Mar 6 2019

    A woman who inspires me most..definitely my mother.coming from a village in gujrat with only gujrati medium as language..married in city..like chennai..she raised me in finest school..n taught me never to give up..my mother is truly an inspiration for me..but i salute all mothers ..they make hard jobs look easy..thank you motherhood