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    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: March 2019


    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: March 2019

    TOPIC: Story of a Parent raising a Child with Autism. Share with us your experiences in 100 words, get gift vouchers for sharing your story and be a part of our... ... more

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    • Mar 6 2019


    Kshama Pandey Mar 31 2019

    It was not at all easy to answer his innocent questions. After being bullied and left out by his fellow mates, he used to come to me and in stammering and sobbing voice, ask me, Why...why am I..I not like them?, I was trying to pacify him but he broke into tears saying that they call him disabled. At this, I smiled and told him, They are pronouncing it wrong, you are not disabled, you are differently abled. This new word gave him a ray of happiness. Now he had an answer to defeat his bullies. Being different from others, he also became introvert. He didnot have any close friends. So I turned out to be his BFF. I used to sit with him and listen to his stories, his experiences. I also learned about his poetic thoughts. He used to express himself in poems, of couse not correctly spelt but filled with a lot of emotions. So I became his auto correct and used to correct his writings without his knowledge. Once I sent his writing to a weekly paper, the title of which was suggested by the poet himself. It was titled, BY A DIFFERENTLY ABLED SON. No, he didnt get any Sahitya Academy Puraskar for that, but just one call from the editor appreciating his efforts and asking him to write more such contents turned out to be the evidence of his different ability.

    Jyotsna Pandey Mar 18 2019

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    Pooja sharda Mar 9 2019

    Autism .... a simple word but certainly lack awareness among general people.... We can only come to know about it when someone who is dear to us is suffering from it.... I know its been difficult to go through it but with a strong mindset and positivity one can definitely win over it.... My niece has a son who is five year old suffering from Autism .... when he was three we realised he wasnt the same as other kids... and when interrogated further his medical condition came to realise the fact that he is an Autism patient. My niece she took the things very positively and have started working towards his improvement. Taking him for speech therapy, eye and hand co-ordination , having patience with him is the only routine she follows. For his treatment she has shifted to a different city without her husband and managing things ... her husband being pillar of strength for her.... Seeing her have realised however adverse the conditions may be.... we shouldnt loose hope and keep on working towards the goal....She has enforced the trust even in us that he will be normal and her efforts are showing up... He has considerably improved and we all are looking forward to see him in a better condition as soon as possible.... I would end by just saying we all need to be little kind and humble to such kids and give our all love and affection .

    Sayoni Mondal Mar 8 2019

    Honestly Speaking, word Autism Synonymous I found from Google Seach. It says ,"a broad range of conditions characterised by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviour, speeches & non verbal communication. To my surprise, I come under Autism but with my independent, strong mindset, self-awareness living I am stable and normal. I still avoid social interactions. I am joyful with my own thoughts, singing with routine work, reading books/articles, writing. I have learned important lessons of life through experiences and somewhat through education. My son gave me true life meaning where I am focused, keen observer, thinker in proper direction. All in all, I am grateful to GOD for every ups and downs, for meeting good and toxic persons in my life. I found hidden treasure of living: Trust, Believe, Faith in God & Yourself.

    Simi Ramesh Mar 7 2019

    I am sharing a true story of my neighbour Priya who had her younger daughter born with autism. I was not only inspired by Priya's grit but also the way it taught me some of the life's important lessons! Her family had moved to Chennai from the US and it was an uphill task to adjust to the new surroundings not to say the least the prying eyes of society! But Priya being the epitome of patience handled it with elan .To all the curious people who had noticed her younger one behave abnormally , Priya was always there to defend her. She would take the child our to the nearby park and let her mingle and play with other kids. Sometimes when the younger one is restless I have seen her elder sister immediately offering her solace along with the constant supervision of Priya.
    She enrolled the child in an open school and also put her up for drawing classes , skating classes etc.
    Never ever have I heard a single abuse coming from Priya's mouth and I wonder how we as parents keep on scolding our kids when we lose our cool. Hats off to her for I have learnt the virtue of parenting in a positive way. I just hope that our society could be more accommodating in their behaviour towards autistic kids and their parents. We actually have a lot to learn from them. The parents of such kids already have a tough life , let us not make it more so for them. Let us be compassionate fellow beings for they are also creation of the same God!

    Sarika Kumar Mar 7 2019

    My friend Nikita has one daughter who is suffering from Autism.When she was diagnosed about the Autism she was only one and half years old My friend shattered that day . It is not easy for parents to handle the situation . Her husband was a nice personality . He took this situation very bravely.Now They are a Happy family.They were both working but know mother left the job and gave her full time to her daughter. She works from home know because she lives in nuclear family . Noone is there to support them and they can't leave the child alone in the maid's hand. My friend is working from home know and she is facing this situation with broad minded .

    Shabnam Desai Mar 6 2019

    A lady with a strong will power, patience, understanding, loving, caring and always having a smile on her face. My friend, hats off to her as she has taken care of her daughter for almost 20years now. But the courage that she holds and the power of positivity she has made her daughter each day The most beautiful one till date. She started her catering business from home for her daughter sake and now has a full-time and full fledged catering business and she manages both her daughter and the business so gracefully. She had to face some difficult situations when her husband recently passed away and it was very difficult for her especially when it came to her daughter. As her daughter was very attached to the father . She was in a fix to whether even to take his body home. Nobody should face days like this. That's the only time I seen tears in her eyes. But at that moment as she was thinking about her daughter and what would be the reactions as she could not leave the door open as she would run of the house.
    I always tell her, I admire her courage and God will always bless her for the trouble she has been taking till date.