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    Preschool and Primary

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: June 2020 | Funny Parenting Moments

    Preschool and Primary

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: June 2020 | Funny Parenting Moments

    TOPIC: Funny parenting moments that you will always remember! Pen down your thoughts in 100 words and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers! SUBMIT ORIGINAL ENTRIES ONLY!!! Entries accepted until 30th June 2020. ... more


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    Arathi Vishwanath Jul 1 2020

    The innocence of children is what makes them standout as a shining example to the rest of
    the mankind Kurt Chambers

    Kids are born innocent and they think everything is true whatever they observe in their surroundings. I have experienced few moments that we grownups feel funny but according to a kid it is not.
    My daughter was watching more mythological stories in TV when she was going to Kindergarten.
    During that time we travelled to Delhi in flight when she was observing the sky seriously throughout the journey curiously, and when the flight landed I got a question from her I could see everything in the sky but didnt find any one of the god there.
    Then I made her realize that it our imagination that god can be seen in sky and you can see him everywhere around you.
    The same type of experience I faced with my younger daughter too once when we visited the hill station. We were in the ranges of Himalaya where we were viewing the Himalayan mountain and I told her that it is Himalayan mountain. At that moment she showed one of the house near by and told me that this is the house of lord Shiva and Parvathi, as she heard many times that Shiva Parvathi lives at Himalayan mountain.
    Language also gave many funny moments with my kids. As we are from Karnataka but stayed at North India, first day of my daughter at school was funny.
    We say Nayi for Dog in Kannada and she heard children telling Nahi to her , she came and told me that she dont want to go to school as all call her as dog. Then I made her realize about the word Nahi in hindi and sent her to school next day.
    Similarly in Kannada we say Bandaru for arrived and once my daughter told to me in front of my friend as English madam bandaru, which created confusion in my friends mind as my daughter calling her teacher Bandaru which means monkey in Hindi. Then I explained my friend the meaning of word in our language.

    So kids give us lot more entertainment while growing that we may remember for long time can be listed for many pages.

    Rashmi Navada Jun 29 2020

    I had taken my twin girls to the temple for a pooja on occasion of their third year birthday. When the purohit asked the names of the girls for the pooja, I encouraged the girls to tell it themselves. After a few seconds of coaxing, the elder of the two blurted out that, her name is Raavana, bringing a huge laughter from the other people gathered there. Seeing that my younger one very confidently announced that her name is Shurpanakha, bringing an even louder laughter including from the purohit. So the man asked so what is your mothers name? I was hoping for my actual name or in the worst case, it would be Ram, Sita or Hanuman since the sisters were clearly in the 'Ramayan' mode. However, I had underestimated my kids and overestimated my ability as a good mother. Pat came the reply from my younger one. She is Putana eliciting loud laughter from the others. There burst the bubble of my being a character of good heart.

    Kanisha Jun 24 2020

    Let my creative pen cap on for this wonderful topic. Post pregnancy depression is all about our focus on negatives and sad moments, by this topic our constructive focus may go on something funny, hilarious moments with our child. As children are excellent observer, they use to imitate us immediately. By this, One of the funniest parenting moment that is done by my toddler till now is with his sharp observation he perceives that We use mobile frequently and then after we put it in charging. With his intelligence, from his toy bag he picks his small calculator and made it as a mobile. He use to charge his mobile(calculator) by placing on our mobile charger pin. He even pretend to call and start talking and laugh out loud. This funny moment teaches us a valuable lesson from a toddler that from available resources we can create something unique and happiness is an inside job, be happy and make others happy.

    Sayoni Mondal Jun 23 2020

    My 7 year old daughter questioned me one day, "Do you know Maa, our country India has a lot of snakes everywhere?" I replied saying yes to her intriguing fact. She then asked, "And do you know which one is the most dangerous of all?" I replied no as I really wanted to know the answer. She declared, "It's the Mogra Snake!" I burst out in laughter as it was not Mogra-a flower name, it was actually Cobra-the snake that she meant. Then I had to tell her that it's not Mogra, it's Cobra. She also started laughing on her mistake then. Kids always make us laugh and keep us happy.

    Rashmi Jun 23 2020

    LEENA WALAWALKAR Jun 21 2020

    My daughter was in Jr.Kg. and I went to take her. I was tensed as I could not see her with teacher. There are two teachers for each class. One teacher and Shraddha was missing. The other teacher asked ground staff to see in class. Then they all came. The teacher told Shraddha was insisting to play music as she wanted to dance. The teacher said sorry. We all then just laughed and said we are sorry as we were tensed.
    They have not forgot this incidence and even today they call her Dancing Shraddha with big smile.

    Sushma Chaturvedi Jun 16 2020

    Parenting of a child is the toughest job that almost every mother accomplish with smile over her face. It has all types of moments to cherish. My only daughter ananya was a chatter box since her learning of few words. Asbwe lived in a joint family at the age of three I got her admitted in a highly reputed school in kota where my sister in law used to teach. It was an incident of her nursery class that left our family in a situation where we would ' not know how to react and afterwards her teachers her badi mummy and the entire house burst out laughing and we were put in a very comical situation.
    As it happened my daughter got admitted in nursery class andbher teacher one day asked the whole class to give introduction of their family members orally. When her turn came she started with the introduction of her grandparents afterwards came to mother and very innocently started with the words, ???? ?? ?? ???????? ??? ?and the teacher was shocked. She further asked how? Then she clarified that, ?? ?? ???? ????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ???? ????? ????" The teacher was rolling out laughing and in the recess she told the whole incident to my sister in law. After school she shared the whole story to the family and we all were laughing. Now my sister in law is no more and my daughter has also grown up but this funny incident makes us laugh till the date.

    Vinopriya Jun 15 2020

    After my son born parenting plays a important role .my son was too small 1.56kg. He was so small. I was very frightened because he is very small.i unable to carry . Then my husband carry and keep in my hand. Then after three months he started to put weight.i was very happy. Seventh month i started to give fruits and vegetables smashed and put with rice i given to eat. Always my hubby shows what are the healthy food has to give to put weight .parenting is major role for all the parents.we love parenting.always we spend more time to our son . We play with him.parenting is full of love care hope everything.parenting always put smile to us.parenting full of joy happiness

    Jasmine Bose Jun 14 2020

    I am a lucky mother of two fun-loving adolescents. So, of course, there have been many unforgattable moments in my parenting life. But with my daughter, whose love for mangoes is legendary, my funniest memory is of the time when she was one and a half years old. Since we were a small family with two children, I would get tired by afternoon and sleep for a while. It was summer 2006. When I woke up, I could not see my daughter anywhere. I was frightened. After searching frantically for ten minutes, I found her beside the rubbish bin in the kitchen. And guess what?? She was taking out and eating rotten mangoes from the garbage.
    With my son, a very funny thing happened when he was about 7 or 8. At that time, I dragged my kids out for morning walks each day. Sometimes, my son would be very sleepy and irritable. On one such, I noticed his socks the moment we set out. "Oh God! You are only wearing one sock!"
    He answered with a beautiful idiom in our mother tongue "You told me 'nai mama theke kana mama bhalo'" In English it means -it is better to have a partially blind maternal uncle instead of none at all!!
    I wished I had told him that the idiom did not apply on clothings.

    sanjay Jun 10 2020

    Hii guys I am not a parent , but i saw the.. smile of child, sometimes we can't afford something for our child than we feel bad yes it realized us why we can't full-fill the wishes of our children's but i think we have also learned our child manage our self, live the life which you have, teach them to fight her /his dreams because every children's should not have good time, good food, good life as you can saw in lockdown.

    sanjay Jun 13 2020

    @sanjay Very true.. more than elders hats off to the kids whose managing the current situation..

    Nafisa Parvin Jun 11 2020

    My daughter is very much moody . One cannot force her to do anything. She was then 4 years old. Oneday, she was very upset as I tried to teach her a poetry . She said ," I will leave the house I don't want to be here ." I said .. " Ok, but how will you buy foods and your toys?" She promptly answered, " I have 10 rupee note." I said, " Good, but when your 10 rupee will be finished, then??" She became silent for sometime and answered, "I will Xerox my 10 rupee note then I will have many 10 rupee notes ." I burst into laughter then .

    Nafisa Parvin Jun 13 2020

    @Nafisa Parvin Awesome answer..

    Sudha Jun 13 2020


    Here i post the story of a cool dude who is a Father of Joy...

    Somdatta Mitra Jun 12 2020

    The reminiscences of my son's early childhood is still very vivid. It was his first day at the Montessori School , Kidzee. There were myriad questions in his mind as we followed the long queue. The environment with its own charm and elegance seemed to enchant him. He had an amazing ability to overcome all odds and find a single comfort despite hundred discomforts. I was much confident about his deameanour. He was self - possessed. As his turn approached to enter the classroom , another girl of his age collided with my son in a hurry and they both fell on each other . The girl was extensively reluctant to enter and was holding his mother's arms tightly. The effervescence of the children emanated from the classrooms as their noises sprouted higher and the much expected cheerful faces seemed to trigger apprehensions. Suddenly , my son began to shout out loud and started sobbing. He followed that girl inside the class with his class teacher. I peeped from the window in astonishment. It was absolutely unexpected that my child was crying for no reason. One who is always so prepared and confident in situations is following his peer group for a trifling issue. It was painful to see him cry. But gradually , the day passed well. He settled there well. It was unbelievable and yet quite funny. I was enduring the situation as the whole class was in panic with their new environment. Gradually , their class teacher , took them into confidence and they all concentrated as their class proceeded.

    Sumana Sarkar Jun 11 2020

    @Sumana Sarkar Nice one dear . It's really very tough to satisfy their taste buds .

    Naheed Imran Jun 11 2020

    My son then 5 years old. Once there was a parent teacher meeting in my son's school, he was in class K.G. My husband was out of station, so my son and I went to attend the meeting along with my brother in law. The class teacher who knows me and my husband well, asked to my son "who is he?" My little son who don't know to speak English properly then, answered immediately "ma'am he is my small father." The class teacher and everyone standing there burst in laughter. I told the whole story to my husband and in laws, they also laughed so much. We still remember this and laughs.

    Sayoni Mondal Jun 10 2020

    My daughter, then 3+, was hospitalized for a week following a bad throat infection and fever, and at home for one more week before she joined school. I thought of meeting her Class Teacher at the end of school hours, so that she can take care of her missed lessons accordingly. When I met her, she was surprised to know about the hospitalization. She said my daughter told her she went on a holiday in a forest, and even showed her the marks on her palm where a cheetah has scratched. Offcourse the teacher didn't believe the cheetah part, however she was annoyed that we took a vacation right in the middle of the term. She thought the customary medical certificate to be fake, as children are believed to be always speaking the truth.Only after meeting me she understood the real scenario. My daughter thought it was too uncool to say she was hospitalized and presented an adventure story instead! The scratch marks were actually the marks from the channels made for IV doses in her palm.

    Seema Rai Chhetri Jun 10 2020

    @Seema Rai Chhetri After hearing his funny demand, I & his Dad burst into great laughter.
    But we knew that he never meant it!
    I am lucky to have a smart son who always helps me to accomplish my works related to my virtual teaching!!

    Sonia B Jun 10 2020

    Every minute every second he is always up to some mischief.The whole house is upside down filled with fun, cry, shout and so on just like a train running on the rails.

    My 4 years old champ loves dinosaurs and he is crazy about them. Looking at the dinosaur toy, recently he asked us one question mom and dad why doesn't the dinosaur close his eyes while sleeping in the night just like we do. The same question he asked to his grandparents on the phone.They bursted out laughing.That was the best funny moment and still many more to go.

    Vinopriya Jun 10 2020

    Juhi Jun 10 2020

    Mansi Chaturvedi Jun 9 2020

    We as parents always try to teach our kids and at times it does make us think. This is about the time when Modiji had introduced Swach Bharat campaign. My daughter was five years old and I was driving her back from school. She was holding a empty chips and chocolate wrapper in her hand. I asked her why are you holding these packets? All of a sudden she replied"Mumma Modiji has cameras all over the road. He is watching me. If I throw it outside he will catch me and make me stand in the corner in his office". This reply really got me into splits but yes it did show how aware a five year old was.

    Dimple Tahilramani Jun 9 2020

    This was when we were based in Dubai, a couple of years ago. My daughter , a sixth grader then, had to leave home for school pretty early. Being new to the country and it's ways, we were still settling down.

    That morning, we happened to oversleep and I was tense that my daughter would end up missing her school bus. She would have salted oats and a cup of warm milk for breakfast before she left for school. In a state of chaos, I added salt to her milk instead of sugar and she being aware of my condition, drank it quietly. Normally, she was quite fussy but that day was surely my 'Lucky,' day!

    Later, when she returned home she told me about it and we both had a hearty laugh and till date still do.