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    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: July 2019


    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: July 2019

    TOPIC: Teaching the importance of kindness to your child.
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    Jasmine Bose Jul 28 2019


    Kids imitate whatever parents do knowingly or unknowingly. If I do something good, my kids are likely to do the same. To teach my children the importance of kindness, first I have to be kind to others. I should be kind, not only to humans but animals also. A kind person always creates a happy environment. I help old people and feed birds. My children follow me. We keep water for birds in summer and in return, get immense happiness. It acts as a stress buster too. And without saying anything, I teach kids the importance of kindness.

    Jasmine Bose Aug 23 2019

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    Jasmine Bose Aug 26 2019

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    Dhannya N H Jul 9 2019

    Kindness cannot be taught, it can only be imbibed. Kids are like blotting papers, watching, observing, copying and learning. If parents are rude to the restaurant waiter or to the beggar knocking on the car door you cannot expect the child to be any different. As they say the apple does not fall far from the apple tree. Kindness towards less fortunate is one thing but kids should see that being good to their peers,differently abled and everyone around them is also important. Animals too deserve to be treated with kindness. Even if parents are not animal lovers they can always treat the occasional strays with compassion and show the kids that they too are rightful descendants of this planet.

    Dhannya N H Aug 23 2019

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    Aishwarya Sezhian Aug 23 2019

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    Urvashi Mahato Jul 28 2019

    As they say- " Charity begins from home", Little Children learn from adults, whatever we do, they try to imitate us.
    So, in order to teach our children the act of kindness, we should first be kind ourselves..

    -We should try to highlight people's emotions living around us.
    -We should always Teach our children the joys of helping others.
    -Keep smiling " is another key word to make them understand the act of kindness and never be rude..
    - Making them learn to appreciate others effort.
    - Most importantly ,we should always make sure that they know how their behavior affects those around them.

    samriddhi's Shadow Jul 27 2019

    My princess, she will be 3year's old by this month.
    I taught her:
    1. How to respect others, while greeting. With respect she'll call everyone.
    2. How to eat food without wasting or spilling.
    3. How to keep everything tidy, the very next moment she stops playing with her toys, she'll collect all those and put it in the basket.
    4. I have taught her to save money, now she don't know what's the use of saving money but later she'll. When ever she saw some coins she'll ask for her piggy bank, to save those in her bank.
    5. I would proudly say, I taught her sharing habit. When ever she gets a biscuit or chocolate from me. She will ask for others to. So that she will share it with others.

    Shloka Jul 27 2019

    l have imparted few life lessons and values to my children .So that they could cope with the challenges of the real world with grace and confidence while growing up. The most valuable lesson that I taught them is to be happy and remain positive. Life may not always be a bed of roses neither should it be dark and gloomy. It is a mix of ups and downs which paves the way for rich learning experiences. So, I encourage my children to focus on the positives, count their blessings and find joy in the little things that bring happiness. There is no need to fret over mistakes, or if their demand is not fulfilled.This makes my kids happier with less frustrations and display of temper tantrums.

    Jyotsna Pandey Jul 27 2019

    Those that are not able to forgive can grow up to be bitter. Whether or not it is intentional, people can act badly from time to time and it is important to forgive these individuals and show them compassion rather than holding a grudge that will only hurt you.
    Responsible children grow into responsible adults. It is important to teach children to take responsibility for both the good and bad actions they do. This helps to prevent your children from growing into whiny individuals who are always trying to blame others for things they have done wrong.

    Smitha.R.P Jul 18 2019

    Kindness is to have a friendly, helpful and caring attitude towards others .
    We can teach kindness to the children by imbibing them with moral values . Every religion teaches kindness. Kindness in words creates confidence and kindness in giving creates love. All the moral values must be inculcated with the children from beginning. So it is necessary that we as elders must be imbibed with moral values.
    Being mother of two daughters I say them ...first you have to help yourself , so that you try to do your best in every task you take up. Helping others who are weak in studies and also by sharing things with friends,Obeying and respecting teachers is also act of kindness. At home helping grandparents and parents in doing some house hold chores will teach lesson of kindness.
    Children should also be taught to value the gifts of nature. I along with my children sow the seeds and watch them growing to plants at home. Feeding pet animals and birds make them feel power of kindness .
    Moreover children should be made to feel that act of kindness will fill their heart with joy .

    barghavi Jul 17 2019

    I personally always believe that kids don't learn, they follow us, try to copy us. So there is no way of teaching kindness, show them. They observe each and every minute things what we elders do.First we need to be polite and kind to each and every one, irrespective of their job and position. I always address sir/madam to everyone and wish everyone, or at least smile when we come face to face, who ever it is, watchman, milk person, auto driver, why not garbage cleaner also. Told my son it's dignity of labour, give respect for what they are doing, even they are helping us directly, indirectly every day. He follows the same. He is 7 yrs old, what I observed is he learned more just by observing us. Karthik sometimes reminds me saying on that day... In that incident u did like this na amma. This always makes me alert the way I move and speak with others.very often I tell him before deciding what u want to become, just remember you should be a good human being first, and that will always show you the correct way. Story telling and showing small incidents itself is enough they can understand things. I never told him to do so but he daily keeps water outside, keeps some rice in a bowl says those are for birds and ants. Children they just observe and grow. It's in our hands how we mould them.

    Sayantani Ray Jul 15 2019

    Teaching kindness is an art... You can't force someone to learn it. It comes straight from the heart... Starts from little gestures or actions at home.
    This I noticed lately when I saw my 4 year old son giving water to us when returned home exhausted from a meeting. We are based in Kolkata a very hot and humid place. The water which my son offers, mixing little cold and normal water- learnt from our family members- quenched our thirst. Thank you for you kindness and understanding others dear!
    Love you!

    Smita Toppo Jul 14 2019

    In a world that is growing fiercely competitive and ruthless in every sphere of life. I chose to teach my children kindness by teaching compassion, complacence and confidence. There would be many more ways to arrive at kindness. However, I feel a child who is sensitive to be compassionate and is complacent not lazy will be confident and tolerant. And the moment children are tolerant of their surroundings, automatically they will learn to be kind. Compassion will make them sacrifice complacency will help them not to be over ambitious and selfish and confidence will help them go out to help even when no one does. This is how I taught my children kindness.

    Sonal Saraf Jul 13 2019

    Kids are simply like a modeling clay. They learn what they see in home or in their srounding. Being a parents its our duty to teach them how to behave and act kindly. we have to teach them to say thank you to our elder one for every effort they doing for us. We have to make them understand that sharing is a joy and its our part of duty. Helping each other is the motto of our life. The more we help each-other the more we succeed in our life. we have to realize them that what they getting is involve lot of effort of their parents and grandparents. so thye should be kind to them.

    Neha Mishra Jul 12 2019

    Of all that I do to inculcate kindness and empathy in my toddler, I am sharing just a few points due to word constraint.
    Be their emotions coach. Kids in the toddler year hardly understand their emotions, let alone kindness.
    Be an example to your kid. Kids follow more what they see than they hear.
    Make meal time as story time. Read or narrate stories of kindness.
    Point out the brunt of unkind behavior. Tell the kid how his/her uncaring behavior has impacted someone and how is it unacceptable.
    Make kindness a family thing. Give back to the community and tag your child along to let him experience the joy in giving others.

    Ashwini P Jul 11 2019

    Acts of kindness has been passed on from generations to generations in various ways.Grandparents telling their young lads stories about Lord Krishna's noble deeds towards folks and animals in dwarka is one such act.
    Each infant is born pure,loves everything unconditionally but ,as time passes by,their mind gets polluted with thoughts of cruelty,selfishness etc.
    We as parents ,need to act kindly and spread goodness and peace,for our children learn by observing our actions,not by what we teach them verbally.
    Be attentive about your thoughts,words and actions in front of your children.

    Dr. Tripat Jul 11 2019

    I think there is no way of teaching anything to kids. Kids of this generation are smart. To enculcate the habbit of kindness in kids, we as a parents, must adapt kindness in our actions and words. Kids are smart enough to emulate their parent's behaviour, because we are their role models. So if we want a change , then let's be the change. Our one act of kindness , be it towards our family, unknown people or animals; leaves a lifetime mark in their brains. So my idea of teaching kindness to kids is to be kind to every thing.

    Olivia Fernandes Jul 11 2019

    I'll tell my child be good to others. How would she feel if she found out that someone was making fun of her dress?

    Teach my child to get into the habit of saying only positive things, that will make someone feel good

    Ill teach my kid to get the habit of being friendly and finding something nice to say to someone

    Teaching good manners, respectful to others, greeting people properly, speaking to people in a polite way

    When I encourage kindness in my child, she will feel better not only about the world he lives in but about herself.

    barghavi Jul 11 2019

    We should teach kindness to our children,in a manner that it doesn't feel like its been taught,yes,as a parent we are always under a cctv surveillance of our child,they would always look up to us for everything,what we do,how we do,how we behave with others everything.so keeping that in mind we should too be kind to everyone ,we should show respect to everyone...showing respect to others is a great way to start.also actions act more than words so showing kindness towards pets give more impact on children as we communicate through body language.happy parenting to all

    Dr. Stuti Das Jul 10 2019

    Love, compassion, kindness etc are those characteristics that are not learnt, they are the outcome of who or what kind of person you are. We cannot make a child to love, to show kindness until and unless they have the heart of compassion. If we teach them or tell them to be kind and loving , it will be a mere lesson to them, but if we as parents live what we say or walk the talk then it will have a better impact on the child , because kids learn by observing their parents. Whether We agree with this or not children learn more from what they see rather than what they hear. Moreover if the parents show love and respect to the child then they will also get the same from the kids. So be patient, loving and kind to your kid and he will inherit those characteristics and will grow up to be a better and responsible person. Happy parenting

    Dr. Stuti Das Jul 10 2019

    @Dr. Stuti Das Lovely piece of writing, Dr. Stuti. Kids truly learn from parents and it is us who have to be the right role models for our children to emulate.

    Priyanka Nair Jul 9 2019

    Kindness is the language which a deaf can hear and a blind can see - Mark Twain.
    For our kids to follow something valuable, we as a parent must practise it first. The more they find us compassionate and humble with the people around us the more they adapt it.
    Kids usually imitate our behaviour and response, and unknowingly we set a example in front of them. We can start by ourselves and they are sure to follow.

    Papia Datta Jul 9 2019

    One of the most important steps in teaching kindness is making sure kids know what kindness means,I might say,"kindness means you are concerned about other people,teach my child to get into the habit of saying only positive things-the kind of things that will make someone feel good rather than sad.Kids are hard-wired to have empathy for others&want to help.Parents,caregivers&encourage kids ti practice kindness in their everyday lives.

    Rashmi Jul 8 2019

    Once, a king's army was going back after a battle. Their food supplies got finished so they met a farmer and asked him to lead them to largest field of the village.
    He took them to a large field.The soldiers were ordered to Cut ,collect all the grains At this, the farmer got scared, He said, "Sir, come and I'll show you another field."
    They went along to a small field then collected the grains .The commander asked the farmer why he led them here. The farmer replied, "That field is someone else's . How could I let you destroy it? This is my field and here I can allow you.
    The king learnt of the farmer's kind concern for others and paid him handsomely for his grains.
    Narrating such moral stories will help children transform into a better individual daybyday. Kindness is free to give but priceless to receive. It may or maynot return materialistic present to us but it will surely give us immense internal happiness.
    Kindness is a golden quality which only few people posses. As a parent it is our duty to cultivate kindness in our children from their birth. Every creature has to be treated kindly. Children should know that even plants have a life and we should'nt cut them ,or kill small insects for fun. Child should be taught not to laugh when someone falls instead be a helping hand, help old people cross road, feed dogs,cows ,birds etc and not harm them for fun.

    Jyoti Kharayat Jul 7 2019

    Kindness is to accept them for who they are and not who we want them to be. It means to welcome in the broadest sense. It means to receive wholeheartedly, to warmly welcome to yourself, to grant admission into your heart, to look beyond anything superficial and to be willing and open to build relationships. Acceptance means to welcome someone who is different from you. I want to reap kindness from the seeds of acceptance sown in peoples hearts. When you accept others, you make a life meaningful.
    Acceptance is not putting up with the differences, its reveling them. Think of a beautiful world without judgments and the only driving forces of our existence being love, compassion, Acceptance.
    No matter how different we are, we humans still bear a heart and soul searching for true kindness.

    Sambhav Jain Jul 7 2019

    Yes , kindness is about the values we give & the environment we raise our children in but sometimes we tend to undermine the importance of sowing the seed of empathy & compassion in our child's heart, which will make them kind even if no one is checking on them. The process is simple yet complicated as we have to teach them the lessons of kindness but trust me the teaching is not that simple as usually children are not aware of the emotions they experience and they just react how they feel which makes it difficult for parents to relate their emotions with the learning in the simplest of terms to make them understand the importance of kindness.
    It's true that its easily said than done ,but no one said that parenting is an easy job.
    Happy Parenting Everyone

    Neha mahor Jul 6 2019

    The word kindness, is all about the internal beauty of every person. In our daily life we fight more difficult situation which made ourselves more kinder. We can not teach anyone or child to be kind to others. We only inspire others by doing kindfull work. Beacause words are affect only externaly but random kindful act trigger the feelings of the heart, which have more impact on the child than words. If we treat our child camly in their failure or difficult situation their impact are always more powerful on the child. So don't tell to the child to be kind instead doing random kindly act around the child, obviously child notice it then copy it or to try to arise this quality with him/her self. Like child always notice that how we behave with our grandfather or grandmother. And how we treat our animals or birds. It is the human nature that we learn the things by seeing others.

    Radha Jul 6 2019

    Children learn from their surroundings. They develop cognitive, social and emotional skills through experiences. Feelings cannot be taught, it has to be felt. Parents play a key role in this. We are our kids' role models. It's easy to impart the value of kindness, empathy, sympathy to our kids, if we practice the same. Education starts from home. Creating situations like helping their grandparents and elder ones; extending help towards the needy makes them understand what is it to be kind. The value of sharing and sacrifices, if understood at a very young age, they surely grow up to be empathetic. Kindness is a language which all can understand. Let the kids learn to smile at others, which is the starting point of being kind to others.

    Simi Ramesh Jul 5 2019

    An act of kindness is contagious for truly kindness begets kindness. I had this personal experience ,when a few summers ago, a stray dog in my locality was hit by a passing vehicle. It was limp and bleeding. My daughter had this urge to somehow console it. She called the immediate neighbours who were not quite friendly initially but sensing my little girls sorrow volunteered to help. They rang up blue cross service and even helped out to pick the dog and lay in the ambulance . A few week later the dog was returned all fit and healthy . This kind act not only saved the dog but also made my neighbours a little more friendly and empathetic. The small deeds of kindness sowed in the hearts of kids can create a big world of happiness around humanity! Let's do our bit and see it flourish.

    Simi Ramesh Jul 6 2019

    @Simi Ramesh Nicely expressed

    Anil jaswal Jul 6 2019

    The kindness is a character mostly found among humans. If you are kind than obviously you will be non violent. By being non violent means no disputes etc. The society will become peaceful. Than the spread of love and affection. It will also lead to the end of greed and rivalries. Therefore if you teach kindness to your child he or she will be almost perfect human being. He will be best to live in coexistence with others. He will be accommodative towards others. Rather I would say he will be asset to society. The world will turn into compassionate and helpful to one another. There would no weapons needed to protect one another or go to war. The resources saved could be used for the welfare of downtrodden.

    Trupti Dharmadhikari Jul 5 2019

    Every child at some point of time tried to hold the bees and butterflies in their tiny hands.Once my daughter had a small butterfly after her play time in her hand as it was not flying that was bothering her..she literally had tears in her eyes and I was completely surprised to see her kindness towards the little creature.
    Kids have a habit of plucking flowers and no doubt the beautiful flowers in the nature easily gets them attracted.But we as a parents need to tell them that they are living things and it should not be harmed.
    Taking care of nature does not only mean planting trees but it also means respecting them and being kind towards the natureits important to save nature ,animals, and the planet from pollution.We see people spitting on roads and throwing garbage around.its our responsibility to ask kids to follow the simple basic rules by avoiding harmful things.

    Kids in the nature are always refreshed because they feel so delighted happy in the park on the beaches because it's the nature and fresh air which gives them positive energy to enjoy the nature.
    So let's practise it and follow it at large being kind to the beautiful creation of the God- Nature!!!
    Trupti Dharmadhikari
    Ashoka Universal School

    Mousumi Biswas Jul 5 2019

    @Mousumi Biswas Beautiful piece of writing dear!

    Mousumi Biswas Jul 5 2019

    @Mousumi Biswas Thank you

    Shabnam Desai Jul 5 2019

    Kindness - the quality to be generous, considerate and empathize with people around you. Maybe it be family, friends, neighbours or at times even at some moment to the person who we don't even know. Today's world we need to inculcate the habit of being kind to our children as somewhere there is rather less interaction with family, friends etc. My parents have taught us to be kind to others so I see to it that I still follow the same so my son can follow and practice by looking at me and my husband. By telling our kids to be kind it not going to help so as parents we need to practice as we our role models to our kids. They observe and act. For eg to be helpful towards if someone is sick, share food to the poor, even for that matter be kind to the helpers in school, they play such an important role or be kind and considerate towards the neighbours. Each one of us needs a little kindness some time or the other. I also tell him to be kind towards our environment. Save water, save trees, save papers and electricity. I always tell my son being generous, affectionate, loving. caring and helpful these all are qualities of kindness and they have to be part of our lives to live happily and make others happy.

    barghavi Jul 5 2019

    Today's world sometimes feel like a lonely place, with the burden of responsibility of both work and home as well as overdependency on social networks. Take a moment on 13th November "World Kindness Day" to look up from your phone or computer to do something positive for someone else.
    Why to wait for 13th November? Let's break a chain, by celebrating everyday as Kindness Day. Kindness is an act of being considerate, compassionate and empathetic towards other people and living beings. As per my observation, Newborn, Infants, Toddlers raised by happy and kind home environment has been seen positive behaviour in their actions. Once child grows become selfish, rude, angry by understanding home and external environment. Here it is the duty of parents to give the proper treatment towards their children by being a role model. A role model is a person who is kind, who understands himself/herself well and listens to other's empathetically and gives proper direction without controlling others. To teach the importance of kindness to child, it is vital for parents to learn positive aspects of life so that child can never regret for their original nature. All in all, education plus positive home environment grooms a child's personality and behaviour into adulthood and that is carried forward to their next generation.

    barghavi Jul 5 2019

    @barghavi Oh really! Good to know that there is a day for kindness. Actually there need not be one I feel. It is something to be inbuilt in our fabric and inculcated in kids.

    barghavi Jul 4 2019

    The era in which we survive today.. The kind of generation we are bringing up needs to be looked upon. Today's generation lacks resilience, empathy. It's alarming.. Children are like soft clay.. Which can be moulded. Values can be rooted and instilled very easily at the tender age.. But how ??? Children tend to imitate elders. They kneely notice our moves, our actions and even at times our words are stored deep in their mind. I have even noticed that kids even notice the approach of parents in various relationship and their encounter with all E. G.. If a father is receiving a phone call and if he doesn't want to receive he may ask his wife to answer that he is not available or he is out. Listening and observing these kind of scenarios the child learns to speak lie. So eventually his mind is processed to speak lies and to speak lie is a normal thing. Parents even spank and hit kids...By this they even learn violence and believe that.. hitting a person tends to prove self right and get things done. These acts are repeated by children when they are with their peer group.
    One more example I like to share.. When walking or passing through a crowded area.. Adults push each other at times even lead to fights on roads.. Kids do observe this and have negative impact on them.. So this generation has become aggressive and understand negative acts for each and every thing.
    We need to bring up kids who are kind, humble and responsible citizens we really need to implant values, from childhood.. Major role can be taken up by parents and the teachers.Explaining various incidence through story telling .The best way to gear up kids mind. Children should be even made understand importance of being kind to nature and surroundings where they live in. Schools can held many activities like drama, role plays and teach them essence of being kind and caring.

    barghavi Jul 5 2019

    @barghavi Such a lovely write up. We need kind citizens in future and so kindness should be turned as a habit.

    Ameeta Sharma Jul 4 2019

    I think the best way to teach your kid to be kind is by starting to be kind to them... make sure you don't spoil them in the process be kind them so they learn to be kind. When my kids tease a friend who is fat. I always make it a point to pamper that kid and explain to my kid how it hurts by teasing him on some his trait of being lazy... which taught him to stop teasing

    Ameeta Sharma Jul 5 2019

    @Ameeta Sharma You are right , it is us who have to set an example to kids . Good way to inculcate kindness .

    Ameeta Sharma Jul 4 2019

    Some times a story with a moral to be kind will have a life long impact on the kids mind the story of the wood cutter & the axe has always made kids inclined to being kind for the simple reason that they learn that to get something in life you need to be kind.