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    3. #YOUR100WORDSTORY - JANUARY 2021 | What are your Family Fitness Goals for the New Year?

    Together at Home | COVID-19

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY - JANUARY 2021 | What are your Family Fitness Goals for the New Year?

    Together at Home | COVID-19

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY - JANUARY 2021 | What are your Family Fitness Goals for the New Year?

    Working-out together as a family towards achieving your fitness goals not only increases family bonding but is a lot of fun.
    So, why not begin this New Year with a fitness plan for the whole family because - A family that works-out together, stays together
    So, share your New Year Fitness-Story with us in not more than 100 words.

    Top entries win exciting gift vouchers.
    The contest closes on January 31, 2021. Please adhere to the word limit. Original entries only. ... more

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    Team ParentCircle Feb 19 2021

    @Team ParentCircle Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 1 2021

    Thank you everyone for your sharing thoughts and routines :)
    The contest stands CLOSED now.

    Please await this space for results.
    All the best everyone :)

    Shannon Almeida Jan 28 2021

    I strongly believe that the family that eats, prays and works out together, stays together. Being so busy from doing a job I loved around my family made me so happy. We didnt have a lot of time to snack, so we tried to make the most of every meal and we noticed after about three months we had lost weight and felt more energetic. This was so encouraging for us as a family and that was the first time we realized small workout changes could make a big difference over time if we stick with them forever & ever

    Arathi Vishwanath Jan 23 2021

    We are a family of four. Fitness has always been of prime importance and never a matter of concern. As a responsible caretaker of my family, I believe in serving my family a balanced diet to everyone which includes one-two kinds of fruit, 500ml milk, a handful of cereals and 2-3kinds of vegetables, raw or boiled every day. I do not prefer outside food. Instead, I cook dishes of different cuisine at home. Rather than dieting, I prefer having enough quantity of all kinds of food either fast food or junk food or traditional food that we like, but also give priority to exercising in an equal proportion to maintain fitness. Minimum 30-minutes yoga every day and zero dependencies on maid helps us stay fit too. I also do prefer to have a peaceful sleep of a minimum of 6 hours. Since these practices have already been consistent in my family, my family fitness goal for the new year is to continue the same practice but with added goals, such as increasing the water consumption and regulating consistency in sleep pattern.

    Dharani saravanan Jan 21 2021

    We all wish to be fit and healthy... At some point Probably we all would have planned to workout everyday but stopped doing it in a few days... In order to continue it everyday and make it a success we should set goals that motivates us and help us keep on continuing... Doing it with family is a added bonus.. This year we just started with a simple way to exercise... we promised not to use the lift and climb up to the 5th floor using stairs... it may look simple but it is one of the hardest thing to do... we also give each other funny tasks if anyone miss to use the stairs... reducing the two wheeler ride to near by places has proven to be a good way to stay fit... holding my kids hands and walking with him to nearby stores is really fun , I get to know him a bit more... this really helps us bond and never fail to make us laugh.. and on the healthier side , we take one fruit and vegetable everyday... we each take turns in deciding the fruit and veggie of the day... simple things makes a great way to stay fit and healthy...

    Saju Johnson Jan 17 2021

    My family's collective fitness goal this year is to tone muscles and control breath .For this we have cleaned our pond in our backyard and started taking swimming classes from our uncle who is an expert swimmer.Not only is it family fun time but also burns calories real quick.Once done we are real hungry and munch on steamed food and salads.We ensure whole fruits are part of our daily diet.We switch on music and practice Zomba.Non veg is welcomed only once in a week and detoxifying neem and turmeric drink is common once in a week. Fermented food items are relished quite often.Swimming is definitely our best pick.

    Prabha Jan 10 2021

    I believe fitness along with proper nutrition is the way for a healthy life, i exercise and encourage my family members to exercise , my 8 year old does cycling, we go for evening stroll to the garden whenever possible, we take care of salt and oil content in our food, we have been aerobic exercises watching on YouTube or other channels , we try avoid outside food, I have enrolled in step set go app which is fitness app, getting proper amount of sleep, sleeping and getting at proper time

    Dyuthi Jan 9 2021

    Fitness is not a destination it's a way of life.
    When we step towards achieving a healthy and fit lifestyle we feel content but sometimes we might get distracted. When we take an oath to be fit as a family we get motivated and enjoy the efforts because of our company.
    In 2020 lockdown I realised the importance of home cooked food and i know that all delicious food can be prepared in an healthy and hygienic manner at home.
    Our family has decided to take following steps-
    1. We avoid eating outside food
    2. We have been using olive oil for almost all
    3. We avoid deep fried food and maida.
    4. We have started going for walks after dinner
    5. We spend time playing games on terrace which is a fun and fit routine
    6. We do Surya namaskara every morning and evening
    7. Me and my brother compete in skipping to know who does it more number of times.
    8. We play badminton and go for jogging.
    9. We avoid using vehicle and go by walk to get things from shop.

    Mansi Chaturvedi Jan 7 2021

    Almost a year being inside homes has taken major toll both mentally and physically on our bodies. We as a family have decided to stay active, doing workouts at home and walks early morning. We also engage in family games and activities giving us a break from our gadgets to freshen up our minds from school and office work. We have also started sharing the load of work in the house so that work eases off for one person and also importance to homecooked food with less from outside.

    Prabha Jan 6 2021

    Olivia Fernandes Jan 6 2021

    Take a 20-minute walk after dinner three nights a week.
    Take a physical activity break during TV commercials by jogging in place, dancing, etc
    Limit screen time to two hours each day.
    Each weekend pick one outdoor project that gets everyone moving for one hour, like cleaning the car, or cleaning the house with family.
    Go on a bike ride on Saturday mornings with family instead of watching cartoons.
    Track my familys progress in a log or on a calendar. At the end of the week, look at what I was able to accomplish.

    Rhianna Fernandes Jan 6 2021

    1. Take a walk.
    I'll build a walk into my daily schedule by sitting down as a family and decide how many miles we're going to walk each week.
    2. Create a challenge.
    Each week, challenge my family with a new activity like push-ups etc.
    3. Sign up for an event.
    Team up with my family and participate in a charity run.
    4. Start a weekly sports night with other families.
    5. Consider active video games.Keeping screen time to a minimum and screens to pursue a healthy activitysomething that gets kids off the couch.

    Smitha.R.P Jan 6 2021

    As a responsible Home maker....I make sure that I keep continuing with all good activities we were continuing from years like getting up early in morning, Cleaning my house , meditating and going out fresh morning walk. In the corona lockdown time we started singing devotional songs along with children every evening , so I will continue with the same to keep ourselves mentally and spiritually fit . For the new year ...I have brought new books "You can win" and "The compound effect " ...to read it so that I will be fully motivated and give my motivational spirit to my family. I will also continue with my gardening that gives relaxation to my mind and body .This new year I along with my famy planted onion and garlic sprouts in pot .....feeling happy to see lot springs coming out of it. As a family we all together have our breakfast and dinner .This pandemic situation made my children give more importance to cleanliness and I will make sure they will continue with the same habit .I take my children out for park by walking ..I will make them go rounds , cycling and skipping ...
    The most important thing I forgot to say ....We as a family travel a lot to different nature beauty places ,trekking to mountains, historical temples ...this makes us to know more about the places and explore ourselves ....As a family our fitness mantra. " Not to stress .. take things lightly .....Eat healthy ..sleep healthy .....Work healthy .....Travel healthy "

    Subhashree Ravichandran Jan 5 2021

    As a family, we have been following certain practices to ensure our health. We have been successful without any major health issues. In continuation, we will be following these:
    *Waking up early in the morning and working out every day for half an hour minimum. Going to bed on time, ensuring at least 7 hours sleep every day.
    * Going on walks together.
    * Playing some board games at least twice a week . This puts us all in a relaxed mood and we enjoy & bond well.
    * Reading for joy for a minimum of half hour every day.
    * Ensuring that only healthy and balanced nutritious meals are eaten. I personally ensure the nutritive value, hygiene and taste of the food as I prepare it. We all will continue to have our breakfast and dinner together and no tv viewing/ mobiles during that time. I shall also make sure that dinner is eaten 2 hours before we go to bed.

    * Spending time together as a family without distraction.
    * Whenever we have disagreements, we will sit together and discuss to solve amicably.
    Theses are the Family Fitness Goals we have set for ourselves.

    Sarika kumar Jan 4 2021

    My Family Fitness Goals for the New year -
    1) I am Homechef so I will try my best to serve Healthy food .
    2) I will assure that all my family Members do physical Exercise for their good Health.
    3) Mental Health is very Important so After dinner we all sit together, will watch Entertaining tv programmes and discuss the problems as well as all the good things together . It will help for the good bonding between all of us.
    4.) we will all do some meditation and good sleep is very important so we will take care of all the little things together .
    5) United we stand divided we fall this will be the mantra of My Healthy family

    Shannon Almeida Jan 4 2021

    The best way to achieve fitness goals for my family is to do them together. As a kid, Mum used to wake me up before school, so she and I could work out together. I would take long walks after church. This is what inspired me to get active with my family. I first committed to one time of day that worked best for all of us after dinner. My Son loves to do jumping jacks & daughter loves practicing yoga. I love walking. Doing it together inspires me to keep up, when I see them smiling and enjoying it.

    Abhishek chauhan Jan 4 2021

    There are many reasons to start a family fitness challenge and even more fitness goals to pursue. Some families seek to do a fitness challenge together for the sheer fun of it or out of competitiveness. Possible goals might be to work up to running a set distance at a set pace or to prepare for a fitness-related trip or event.
    Alternatively, stick with your original plan, but set the bar higher. If you successfully reduced your family screen time by a few hours a week, you could continue cutting back. Or if you completed a 5K, sign up for another one. Maybe you'd like to finish faster, but that's not necessary. Simply maintaining your new fitness habit is much more importantand rewarding.

    Sachin Dnyandeo Hagare Jan 4 2021

    My Family Fitness goals for the new year
    1) Maintaining Daily Exercise with my all family members
    2) Daily Running with my all family members
    3) Serve Healthy food to my all family members
    4) Join Yoga Classes with my all family members
    5) Join Jim with my all family members
    6) Giving important message about Health related to my all family members
    7) Giving Healthy supplement to my all family members
    8) Regular Family doctor checkup about Health
    These important fitness goals in new year for my family