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    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: January 2020


    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: January 2020

    TOPIC: Are New Year Resolutions meant to be broken? Share with us your thoughts in 100 words and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers! SUBMIT ORIGINAL ENTRIES ONLY!!! Contest Closes on 31st January 2020. ... more

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    • Jan 13 2020


    Navolina Jan 31 2020

    No, New Year Resolutions are not meant to be broken.Many people these days are unable to continue with their new year resolutions because of feeling unmotivated, aimless, and directionless, as they are unable to find their passion with their resolutions. When we set goals to impress others with our achievements rather than to feel happy and fulfilled, it distracts us quite often from our path. I always align my new year resolutions with my purpose in life, to keep myself positive, focused, and motivated. Every year on 31st December, I write a gratitude post to the Universe for all the good things that has happened to me that year. For the next year, I consciously create a detailed plan of action to close the gap between where I am and where I want to be. I also make a list of all the self sabotaging patterns and beliefs I need to let go. I am kind towards myself by accepting my imperfections. In the new year, although I give ample room for my mistakes, still whenever I falter in my journey, I do a self forgiveness exercise. I regularly inculcate new positive habits and empowering beliefs that boost me in taking baby steps towards mygoals. Whenever I face roadblocks on my path, rather than complaining about them, I look for solutions.

    Here are a few practices to propel you towards fulfilling your new year resolutions :-
    a) Always be grateful for all the goodness in your life which you have taken for granted.
    b) Maintain a gratitude journal and note down one or more things you are grateful for on a daily basis.
    c) When you find yourself stuck in a situation then ask - What can I learn from this?
    d) Notice the minute shifts and acknowledge them.
    e) Visualize productive thoughts that will help you in staying focussed on your goals by reprogramming your mind.
    f) Draw from your own life experiences and set goals that are achievable.
    g) Acknowledge and celebrate the small shifts which you experience.

    With self care and self love, I connect within to persuade myself to reach my fullest potential. I look forward to everyday with zest and fervour.

    meenakshi singh Jan 31 2020

    I think making the resolution should not to be broken, either it be new year or monthly resolution. If we make resolutions for ourself then of course it will good for us,so why don't we follow them? Resolutions agitate us to achieve our goals which led our life into happier . It may be many reasons to making resolutions ,but breaking them too are lots of reason.Our chaotic life and unconsciousness degrade us to follow them. We should endeavours to follow the rules we make, strong determination and penance led us make our resolutions success.if we try it to make some easier way then it will work good,it may take some time but it will be better than failed resolution.

    barghavi Jan 30 2020

    Not at all. New year resolutions are never meant to be broken. I mean you never take a new year resolution to eventually break it. You take it with a hope of betterment in future. I remember as a child my mom used to hand me a diary every new year to write my resolution for the year and update it everyday with how much progress I made. I never went more than 5 pages, still she did it like a ritual every year. It was never about accomplishing the goal but thinking about improvement in your lifestyle. I started as a kid with funny resolutions like I will make less stubborn demands and now these resolutions reflect the changes that are important for my emotional and mental hygiene like I will care less about others or I will take out time for meditation. It is like a system. Every year you look back at your life, jot down things you wish were different and try and bring that to the next year. Thats how I think one grows as a human. Even if you dont necessarily accomplish it. But the mere idea of getting better and believing in yourself is what counts.

    Tanushka Jan 30 2020

    Resolutions are meant to be broken, no matter it's new year's or new day's resolution...
    When we talk about resolutions, it is really hard to made them and that is the theory of life... It's just we don't believe ourselves. Once we start believing ourselves, there will be no need to break any resolutions but we would love and would definitely make efforts to complete them.
    Remember that new notebook, new books, which we used to decorated and maintain and used to feel excited to have 'EXCELLENT' by the teacher on handwriting.. But after few days, we just forget how we started, and we don't remember of our resolution.
    Eventually, we should always have something that really motivates us and ultimately we would not need to break our resolutions...

    Chasmitha Jan 30 2020

    Yes! New year resolutions are always meant to be broken, I'm 20 years old student, we always keep a resolution that we should not commit same mistake which we have done in last year,but we always broke that resolution. We always wanted to be independent but we broke our resolution and become puppets in hands. We always wanted to be the change but we end up being normal student. We want to execute lot of ideas to improve society but some are successful but some are always restricted inside four walls....

    Nidhi agrawal Jan 28 2020

    Due to our busy work schedule me and my family hardly get to spend time together..
    So our resolution for the year is to maintain a perfect balance between professional and personal life so that our "TOGETHER FAMILY TIME" is not hampered..
    If not at least having dinner together and spending the special days of the year together keeping aside our phones, laptops and work discussions..

    Jasmine Bose Jan 27 2020

    Yes, New Year Resolutions are often meant to be broken. But we do it unknowingly. All of us dream of something or the other. Some dream of doing great things; some dream of good health or riches. As new year approaches, the guilt feeling about the wasted time grips us. To overcome that feeling, we make new year resolutions. But only that does not help. If our attitude remains unchanged, we start lagging behind after few days. That starts the cycle of feeling guilty again. And the basis for resolutions for next year!

    Nandini aggarwal Jan 27 2020

    #Arenewyearresolutions meanttobebroken? Yes because every year we make resolution and focus on it .some I full fill but some I cannot fullfill and next year make another better resolution

    Hridhima Tyagi Jan 26 2020

    It's 1st January. We're all pumped up and refreshed, ready to leave all our troubles behind, start anew, probably try and redeem ourselves. In all the glitter and frenzy, we make some resolutions supposed to make us a better person. Fast forward - it's 1st July. Half of the year has passed. Work's piling. We've already received some applause, earned some glory and made a few mistakes maybe? To err is human, afterall. Are we the same person we were six months ago? definitely not. Do we even remember our new year resolutions? i think you know the answer to that. Because new year resolutions ARE meant to be broken, not because of our incapabilities to uphold them throughout the year, but because we change everyday, little by little. By the end of the year we are an entirely different human being, with a requirement of a different set of resolutions. But that doesn't mean we should stop making these new year resolutions. Because as it is said, an addiction to constant and never ending self - improvement is the best kind

    Prakhar Jain Jan 26 2020

    Are new year resolutions meant to be broken
    New year resolution is actually a promise by you to yourself. It may be some kind of your bad habit that you want to get rid off or it may be your desire about any goal that you want to accomplish this year but, it's not too easy to maintain your new year resolution.We are always enthusiastic at the start of the Year but lose this enthusiasm gradually as we move towards the end of the year.One with very punctual mind and with great dedication can achieve his or her new year resolution to be done. They are not actually meant to be broken but our laziness indiscipline and non focusing attitude makes this task impossible for us to be accomplished. We need to focus towards what we have made a resolution about.

    Kratika mundra Jan 25 2020

    Are new year resolution meant to be broken?
    Ofcourse not because if anyone has decided something or taking resolution that means he or she really mean it, as noone will ever want to think or decide something which he/she can't do. As noone will like to be called as a loser.
    Now you all will think that if there is something like that then why people don't stick to their resolution, right?
    So just take a minute and think resolution is called what? Its called a new year resolution, it is not a week or a day resolution.....it is a new year resolution which means you have a whole year to complete this resolution.
    According to me new year resolution is basically means, you have to work hard to make the resolution successful and when the next new year comes, in that year you will follow your resolution regularly....and if you are not able to follow it in next year also then you are not serious about your decisions, your thoughts, and your resolution.
    This is all from my point of view.

    Ranmeet Singh Jan 24 2020

    Resolutions, itself proclaims, to resolve something. Now the point is when do we resolve things? When certain things aren't going correct, Right. These certain things don't go correct when you're at work and not at ease.
    So the most wrong decison we take is to take a resolution at ease. At ease, are the last and first week around a new year. Everyone is at some ease around this time of year and we take resolutions on the basis of our current situation, which is the ease-time. We have plenty of time during this period of the year and thus we take a resolution.
    When it happens to work, a lot hectic, i.e. from the second week of the new year. We give priorities to our work and compromise for our resolutions, because work is worship.
    Thus we break our resolutions.
    What should we be doing then to abide on resolutions?
    We have to take resolutions from the second week of the new year. The time we do have work and still plan to resolve something. At this time, we'll be managing our work and resolutions both at the same time. Because we are on the ground reality during this week and hence we'll have more clear vision of things and to manage those things, work and resolutions.

    Aarti mahala Jan 24 2020

    New year resolutions are just a way to achieve our promises which we made to ourselves. Breaking resolution is another thing but if a person makes resolution it means he have felt the mistake and the thing he must to improve i.e a great thing.but everyone is making new year resolutions but few of them grab them .for example - a person take resolution not to be angry but when the situation arises he have no control over it. people around them must support them. Resolution are not Bollywood movie record that should be broken. if the resolution are achieved it means a person have attend control over his actions and he have lot of patience . Resolution must tried not to be broken because they not change but they improve ....

    Mitanshi Maheshwari Jan 24 2020

    Taking resolutions and then breaking them has become a trend today. Nowadays we can see everyone in our vicinity Talking about their resolutions but are they really know the meaning of resolution or just because of this resolution trend they are taking resolutions posting them on social media and then breaking them. I have seen people taking resolutions like I will not sleep more than 5hrs a day but if we practically think about it is it possible for a person who is physically working for a whole day and then sleeps only for 5 hrs and then also remain fit .so definitely this resolution will break .If we chose our resolution wisely and only if we have the zeal and determination to follow it then resolutions are not meant to be broken otherwise they are meant to be broken just because of people don't want to come out of their comfort zone.

    Pranjal Maheshwari Jan 23 2020

    We have embraced the phenomenon of imperfection a little too much. We are always dissatisfied with who we are and resolve to change ourselves, often in impractical ways. We are more considerate of our image in public than our actual selves. Some of us make resolutions in order to share them on social media. Amidst all these, we lose the sight of that which is actually important, what we really want. Losing weight, waking up early, partying lessis that what you really want to do?

    New Year Resolutions arent meant to be broken. They are meant to be chosen, with care.

    Swati Sarangi Jan 23 2020

    Resolutions made in New year open up possibilities for improvement or altering old patterns. It provides an opportunity to introspect and challenge ourselves to be better versions than yesterday.

    When we resolve to do something, on accomplishing them provide a huge boost in our confidence. In my opinion, best way to keep our resolutions alive is to follow 21-day pattern(which becomes a life time habit) and reward ourselves after every 21 days of completion of that task.

    So, resolutions should not be broken even though they can be altered anytime to bring out maximum efficiency.


    Kavita Jan 21 2020

    Very thought provoking question

    I feel that New Year Resolutions are not intended to be broken. However, most often we end up breaking them within a few days or months of taking a resolve to follow them.

    My analysis of why this happens, is that we all are humans, with unlimited wants and desires.
    When we have a particular desire dominant in our mind, we try to make a resolution to fulfil it. The resolution helps as a reminder to follow our goals and work towards achieving or fulfilling it.

    However our unlimited wants and goals, keep distracting us from this particular desire or resolution.

    We might follow our resolution sincerely for few days, but our hectic lifestyle with a long TO DO list, keeps diverting us from our resolution and eventually we end up forgetting about it totally.

    Hence next time we take a resolution, we will need to have an equally strong determination to achieve it and stick to the promise we make to ourselves.
    We will need to have the mental strength to keep all distractions at bay.
    These strategies might enable us keep our resolution intact for few months atleast.

    Even if we can't keep our resolution for long, it's absolutely fine. As we all know that CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT in life. Everything changes and the resolution which seemed our priority on 31st night, may not be as important as the days and weeks of the new year roll by.

    Why just 31st december? We can start making short and sweet resolutions to last just a month. And begin every new month with another new resolution.
    That way we can have a variety and yet be able to fulfil our goals on a monthly basis. This is just another way of looking at the question from a different angle. Shared my views here, may or.may not be agreeable to all though.

    Ekta Singh Jan 21 2020

    Create many but followed none my 2019 resolution break like a heartbroke. I understand the difference now, the resolution are not made to break. Why to create those with whose you can't connect.
    Created just like an email with no emotion no passion. When you totally need something can you let it go? Switch from materialistic to worklistic then you know. When you want to fullfil you your goal even when you don't know how. The resolution will always become reality when you and your goal are become inseparable. This resolution are not meant to broke.
    This resolution are not meant to broke...

    Pallavi Goel Jan 19 2020

    New year bring new hope and enlightenment in everyone's life. It's the time when our energy is channelised in right direction by our efforts. We come up with promising resolutions to face the society boldly. According to me trying constantly and never giving up strategy will definitely help us in keeping up our resolutions. The moment negative energy enters in our body we become dull, unenthusiastic and thereby the resolutions are broken by us.My friends our determination are not meant to be broken , they can be exemplary and who knows one can become iconic in maintaining the dignity of resolutions. The stronger your resolution the more confident you are. Keep up the magnificence and majesty of your resolution.
    Pallavi Goel

    Ishita Gupta Jan 19 2020

    Rohini Jan 17 2020

    New Year marks the beginning of new cycle and provides a chance for self analysis. By nature Human beings are lazy it is our evolutionary trait and need to make resolutions to overcome their inherent weaknesses of reluctance to move physically, lack of enthusiasm and determination, routines, inconsistency etc,. These resolutions could be anything from quitting bad habits to including new habits, and goal setting for professional and personal accomplishments. People who lack the will and efforts to pursue their resolutions fail. With proper reward and strategy, any resolution could be completed. Hence, resolutions are not meant to be broken.

    Anil jaswal Jan 17 2020

    Every one makes new year resolutions. But most of them break them. Because they are not realistic while making resolutions. So they find difficult to keep these resolutions. I think one must assess one's capabilities before making new year resolutions. They should determine whether he or she can make any sacrifice to keep to his words in a resolution. Sometimes you make resolutions with a casual approach and later on find very hard to stick to it. And than you get little upset for not keeping resolutions. And also sometime has to face humiliation. if you can't keep resolutions, don't make it.

    Komal Phulwani Jan 16 2020

    Are New Year Resolutions meant to be broken?

    "New Year", according to the people, brings new life to them which is full of happiness and success. The new year resolutions are just the unique way of getting the life much better and for attaining the dreams/ desires. The non-breaking up of new year resolutions completely depends upon the level of passion and the deepness of love for something for which the resolutions have been made. As long as the love and passion among the people will be strong, the new year resolutions will never get broken. Hence, it only depends on the person that he wants to make the resolutions for changing his life or for breaking it.

    Shannon Almeida Jan 16 2020

    Definitely Yes. Resolutions dissolve as quickly as they are developed. We live in a time where options are unlimited, which makes quitting easier than ever. When I decide to eat healthy, only to be lured in by any one of the two dozen fast food joints on my way to work. when Ive not worked out as often as I said I was going to or eaten something that I promised I wouldnt or not accomplished nearly as much on my new schedule as Id planned, that sense of failure makes me lose motivation for pursuing my goal. Resolutions break

    Anju Yadav Jan 16 2020

    Are new year resolution are meant to be broken?
    Of couse not.

    New year resolution is meant to be successful...like as your life.
    Every year soo many people take soo many resolutions, but why only few of them are only able to complete it?

    The answer is very simple.
    First thing is that we take the resolution without thinking that will i able to complete it or not ? And second is we take many resolution on 1st january and forget in 1-2 weeks even that what are the resolution i have taken.

    So the solution is that think properly what is your potential & then accordingly take the resolution. And remind yourself daily that "I have taken resolution and i have to follow it".

    Dont take many resolution if your not sure.
    Take one or two and focus on them.

    If you want to learn something, develop good habits, and to remove bad ones than every day is new year you are free to take resolution any day any time.
    Every day is a new day dont take it for granted.

    If your new year resolution has got broken dont worry take a "new day resolution" and start, make a plan and be serious.

    Poonam Jan 16 2020

    barghavi Jan 15 2020

    Free Tuition to poor students
    I have made a resolution to teach the poor and needy students but i am not able to teach them.
    They are not regularly attending the classes. So i can't continue to teach them. They are not understanding the value of studies. I have taught them the study is the only way to overcome the poverty.
    Education removes the darkness.
    Education is not only study but also
    Other activities are also related to education.

    barghavi Jan 15 2020

    Why we take resolutions in only new year time? Why not at the time we actually should.?
    As new year 's first day means a starting point of a year of journey. So we all have set of mind that if we start a year with some useful and important resolution that would be nice. But do we keep all those resolution entire year or after that year for ever ? I think no . Most of us can not keep resolution for ever . We make it just for fun. Because if we are serious about something than we will never wait for new year. It has become a gane only. Resolution game. I also take resolution every year but it goes out of my box after a month only and so still I am having junk foods and unorganized routine. So if I say resolution meant for broken I think no it is not but most of us like 99% do resolution every day and break it next day again and repeat. Best example are the drunkers..
    There should be way of living a good and perfeCt life only. You should find or chose only that particular way of living a fantastic life. Forget about any resolution.

    Kanisha Jan 15 2020

    The New Year 2020 resolution is the year to plan, organise, manage, give promise to ourself to unlock 366 levels. According to behavioural psychologist, most individual fail to keep resolution by half way of initial Month. The reason are inconsistency, lack of determination, unable to make growth mindset, lack of inspiration from within and so on. As per my perspective, resolution is easy to prepare but difficult to follow. If one succeed in following, they glow from within. Every new year brings challenges, obstacles, problems that are to be re-solved with calm, peaceful mind. For instance, Scrapbook is a resolution that requires consistency, patience, focus, determination, time management. On the other hand, resolution if prepared for our fitness, control on our diet that I believe is focus on thyself and later on we become conscious of our looks, weight and so on. Instead, if we give kindness towards our kids/family that gives zeal from within. All in all, resolutions for thyself won't last long whereas resolutions prepared for our family or society prepares us to be determined, consistent. Furthermore, our examination on kindness and being mentally as well as physically strong is tested at the end of the year.

    Sujata Gond Jan 15 2020

    Hyy.. There
    As the new yr is arrived and everyone is just pretending like this year will be different from last yr..
    But in Terms of what..
    What is the actual resolution which should be broken ,
    the truth to be spoken And realization of the matter of facts apart from situationship..
    Here with all due respect I would like to broke the resolution of being a audience of the crucial crime like rape and only supposed to pitch in such situations.. But I will try to a human being... Like A real human Being apart from gender , class etc..
    I will pitch my voice till the date when a new law passed for such inhuman crimes..
    I will stand alone everyday,
    evertime... Without waiting for any crime to took place..
    The Resoulation of a perfect human who actually cares after crime is should be broked.
    And without any resolution...but as a responsible Human being everyone should demand for strict law before such case happen again..
    Pitch for it...not only when it happened.. Stand all along all together always.

    Richa Aggarwal Jan 14 2020

    For me, resolution means simply to resolve something which is important at a particular point of time. New year resolutions are definitely not meant to be broken but yes it is also true that it needs strong determination and dedication to fulfill them.Till last year my new year resolution used to be 'To loose weight' like every second Delhite.But this year I am trying to follow 'The self-esteem creed' rigorously. My new year mantra is 'I am somebody special, unique, definitely one of a kind and I love me, that is essential so that I might love you too'.
    This year I am trying to connect with my inner self as I want to experience a holy silence inside and a calm mind.
    Secondly I am trying my best to be empathetic and cultivating cheerfulness and hope(especially among old age home people).I think today's world needs it the most.

    Abhishek chauhan Jan 14 2020

    Lets face it. Resolutions often dissolve as quickly as they are developed. Research has shown that for many of us, nothing really changes after New Years Day. According to Forbes Magazine, only 8% of people actually keep their resolutions. This uncomfortable truth begs the question: Why do so many of us fail at our New Years resolutions?

    The answer may be rooted in ineffective goal-setting.

    We live in a time where options are unlimited, which makes quitting easier than ever. Did you decide to eat healthy, only to be lured in by any one of the two dozen fast food joints on your way to work? Had you made up your mind to watch less television only to see a commercial for a new show that already has you hooked? Often, by the second week of January, when Ive not worked out as often as I said I was going to or eaten something that I promised I wouldnt or not accomplished nearly as much on my new schedule as Id planned, that sense of failure makes me lose motivation for pursuing my goal. Mentally, Ive already blown it and the calendar doesnt say February yet

    ANURADHA SINGH Jan 14 2020

    Resolutions are just like psychological therapies used for qualitative improvements in our life. We can use them constructively to bring the desired changes. As a strong human I donot believe in forgetting resolution. But I also decide a corrective measure for following my resolution, like this year I decided to spend time on my plants daily.For ensuring it I have special alarm in my mobile to remind me.'DETERMINATION, DEDICATION AND DISCIPLINE LEADS TO SUCCESS'. So, set resolution and reach destination and improve future vision.

    ANURADHA SINGH Jan 14 2020

    @ANURADHA SINGH You deem to be a determined lady. I wish we all could be like that . It was good to know about the resolution and the ways you plan to implement them. More power to you.

    Roopa M Jan 14 2020

    Resolutions- another word for promises or goals. Promises made, whether to others or yourself, are never meant or supposed to be broken, but sometimes it so happens that we cannot follow through on them. Its human nature to set goals at the beginning of a new time period or schedule (Ex: Mondays or New Years) and expect them to show the expected results instantaneously; and when this inevitably doesnt happen, we can lose motivation, and gradually falter. As they say, Rome wasnt built in a day; and without discipline, nothing can be achieved. Personally, there are resolutions that Ive followed through and there are some Ive broken. They are attainable if you make smaller checkpoint goals, and once you attain them, set higher or more difficult goals.

    Roopa M Jan 14 2020

    @Roopa M I loved the way you have written this write up. Resolutions are made to be followed by invariably on the way get stranded and lose path. But that doesn't mean that we never tried. I agree with you that we should set up realistic goals , smaller ones and then move on to bigger ones.

    Sumana Sarkar Jan 14 2020

    Yes, it is true that new year resolutions are meant to be broken.Nothing can be truer than this fact,at least for me.For the last twenty years of my life,I have been making resolutions in every New Year's Eve,mainly health related issues,like quitting eating red meat or drinking plenty of water or going to gym etc.This year it is walking half an hour every day and after thirteen rotations of dear earth since 1st January 2020,I have kept my promise only one day!But the story does not end here,though I have failed to keep my resolutions,deep inside I have realised that those broken wishes are the elixir which charge me to move forward and take a new resolution every year.I couldn't quit meat but gradually have marginalised the intake.I
    have become a little more health conscious about food and water and exercise may be not in gym but some asanas and pranayamas in home.So the bottom line is though new year resolutions are meant to be broken,through that breakage,we human beings are meant to be in that place where we want to reach.

    Sumana Sarkar Jan 14 2020

    @Sumana Sarkar A great thought ! Atleast you make resolutions and try to follow it , even though not fully successful . Trying is itself a big step towards the goal. You become more conscious and aware of your needs and atleast partially make an investment towards achieving it.

    Arun Go Jan 13 2020

    I feel new year resolutions are more of a trend which are probably broken in the first month itself. For any resolution we actually don't need the calendar to change. It's our determination which matters. I am open to any resolution which is something you really want to do and are passionate about it.. just don't make it because everyone else is doing so :) .

    Arun Go Jan 14 2020

    @Arun Go What an insightful thought! A profound view on the fact of life. Determination is the key to any achievement. And you should do it for yourself and not for others.keep writing and sharing your views!

    Shilpa sharma Jan 13 2020

    Yes, of course,
    Resolutions are meant to be broken.I took a vow that I would give up junk food completely. I manage to keep to that for the first week. But eventually I had to ditch my resolution while attending family picnics. I am part of a big family and we had some picnics in which my in-laws too participated. I had to give in to the demands of the members of the family. Frankly speaking, I didn't know about this day earlier, but I have already broken my resolution before the arrival of the day."

    Shilpa sharma Jan 14 2020

    @Shilpa sharma Your article bought s smile on my face. It usually happens to most of us. But the some rules are to be broken right!!!