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    Preteens and Teens

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: January 2019

    Preteens and Teens

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: January 2019

    TOPIC: What is the defining moment that made you realize that your teen is no longer a child?

    Share with us your experiences in 100 words and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers!

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    • Jan 10 2019


    Jyotsna Pandey May 17 2019

    @Jyotsna Pandey How cute ..God bless

    Team ParentCircle May 17 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Congratulations to all !!

    Shyamala Jan 12 2019

    Even though every parent know that one day their little fledgling would spread their wings,when the moment came I had mixed feelings.My daughter is 16 now and had been in my shadow all the time..she would hold my hand while walk on the streets ,now she walks ahead of me at a faster pace than me,she decides what to wear and how to dress up.Her food choices too have changed.Too many changes in the past one year so in order to let her do things her way I stepped back and watch with pride .When her classmates wanted to go to a latenight New year party,my little one put her feet down and said Ma,I want to enjoy life but at the same time don't want to be foolish.I need to be with you and Dada too.That moment I realised that my little girl has not only grown up but also grown up into a sensible young girl

    Shyamala May 17 2019

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    Priya Feb 7 2019

    I was in hospital that day, when doctor decided to put me on glucose as fever has made me weak and exhaust. I was worried about kids, Aadi won't eat anything without me and Riya just turned 13 last week, help me in kitchen sometimes but never prepared anything before. We don't have anyone in the city, other than few friends. When Rishab came to take me home I asked him about kids, he said not to stress he will manage everything . When we reached home, I was in tears to see my teen girl feeding her baby brother the kichadi, she prepared with the help of her dad.
    #My little girl is now a responsible teen

    Tushar Kamboj Jan 24 2019

    The day it felt awkward while asking for pocket money from my dad.
    The day I forgot to watch shinchan.
    The day I travelled on bus all alone.
    The day I went to buy vegetables for dinner.
    The day I stopped having dreams.
    The day I started taking my responsibilities.
    That time I realised that I am not a child anymore.

    Falguni Trivedi Jan 13 2019

    Couldn't post the whole writing, after clicking "post" whole story wasn't getting posted, so attached an image of the write up.

    Smita Saksena Jan 12 2019

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    Roopa M Jan 12 2019

    Once I went on an emergency trip out of the country and my kids aged almost 12 and 6 were away from me for the first time. We exchanged hugs while I was leaving, but my daughter was busy with her younger brother playing, cracking jokes, and making him laugh. It felt like I was being ignored..On the way I shed a tear realizing that she was trying to distract him and felt like she had grown a lot. Another instance:I overheard my 10 yr old son whispering to another child,If you say that word, my mom wont let me play(with you). Please dont speak like that. Felt like he did the right thing and was not a little kid.

    Jayanthy Asokan Jan 12 2019

    Every Amma watches their children grow day by day. I'm a mother of a boy child who is now 26 years old. When my son was 9 yrs
    I had taught him everything regarding female male genital parts and it's function etc.

    The reason for me to explain above information is, during his 13th yr one incident happened .... when I had my monthly periods and informed my son about my inconvenience ....he immediately understood and asked me to take rest and said his Appa to buy food from outside and not to disturb myself for three day's.
    There, I felt my boy is no longer a child.

    Bhavna Jan 12 2019

    Once out shopping his dad insists he buys a watch for himself, the kind bigger boys wear. He ventures into the store and on seeing the cost of such wrist watches, he turns to me and says ,MA I cannot take such an expensive gift from papa, it too much money . Thats when I was left spellbound and overwhelmed with My teenage buchcha!!

    Simi Ramesh Jan 11 2019

    How time flies when you have a daughter! My little girl who is now a teen just grew up overnight. There was a time when I used to dress her up but now I go to her for suggestions , fashion trends etc. She doesn't approve my dressing sense, colour coordination and taste in music! And I wonder when did she grow up all smart and sensible ,just when yesterday she trailed behind me for each and everything! I miss my little girl but have found a friend for life! I find my butterfly girl ready to face the world all beautiful and fly to reach her goals.

    Varsha Gandhi Jan 11 2019

    My daughter Ishita , a bubbly ,pretty young girl , just 16yrs...she sat with me through the dark night while her father swerved between life and death ! She, who had been a laughing , cheerful teenager just a few hours prior was now a serious girl holding me and her brother tight and not shedding a tear. When her father lost the fight the next morning she was there right beside her ten year old brother, holding him close,feeding him ,bathing him and looking after him in the months that followed. I had no clue of my whereabouts so steeped in sorrow was I .My teenager had become a mother to her brother!

    Rohini Jan 11 2019

    I am very close to my niece. She is just like my daughter who I have seen growing from the age of 2 years. One day I had to go out for an important work but couldnot take my daughter along with me. I was getting worried as to how to handle. Just that moment my niece came home with some work. Upon seeing me worried she asked me the reason and immediately said 'Masi why are you worried? I shall take care of Fifi, after all I am 14 years old. You go and complete your work.' I washave so happy to hear her and then we realised that she is now a grown up teen and not a child.

    Nandini aggarwal Jan 11 2019

    When my son is not going watching movies with me and prefer friends then i realise my son is not a child .he want to do himself and want his opinion on any issue. He also do his so many work himself not be depend on me.this indicate my son is not child .he is mature.