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    Parent MeetUps

    #Your100WordStory : I CONFESS...  Share your candid parenting confessions | JULY 2021

    Parent MeetUps

    #Your100WordStory : I CONFESS... Share your candid parenting confessions | JULY 2021

    Hey parents! Let’s admit it. There are days when we laugh at the silly things we do with our kids. There are days when we cry and hope their childhood never ends. And there are days when there are parenting disasters. After all, we parents are a work in progress. Let’s tell the world how imperfect we are, with no regrets. Sharing our truths is just another way to connect and walk beside each other. Isn’t it amazing?

    This Parent’s Day let’s take a bold step and confess our truths about parenting.

    Send us your true parent confessions. All you have to do is start your story with the phrase “I confess…" We can’t wait to hear from you. ... more

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    Kavita 333 days ago

    Once I got my hair chopped off really short. My 8 year old daughter did not approve of my new hairstyle. Next day was her OPEN DAY in school where we parents were supposed to accompany the kids to school and meet their teachers. My little daughter told me she would feel shy if I went to her school with the funny hairstyle.
    I confess that I got very offended with the comment. I wanted her to understand that a mother should be respected for who she is and kids should not feel awkward or shy due to their mom's external appearance So I decided to absent myself from visiting her teachers. To let my decision remain firm and not allow me to change my mind, I sat with henna on my hair all day. So my daughter was left with no option but to go alone with her dad.
    Till date I feel so sorry for my baby for being so mean to her that day. it's just that I wanted to teach her a lesson to respect her mom. However, I should have probably acted in more mature way using some other parenting method to teach her to value and respect all humans. I confess that i went a bit too far and ended up hurting / punishing her for a small comment by an innocent child

    Preeti Agrawal 347 days ago

    I confess that I feel so privileged to have my two wonderful children. I really love to learn from them. Their wonderful creations are the real jewels of my home. Of course, there are tiring times as well being a mother, but, I am thankful for those times which worked as a nourishment period in my motherhood. And today it's beautiful to see our growth. I confess that my children are different from me and which is like a miracle for me. Yes, that's what makes my everyday look new and fresh. We all are different and this is the beauty of life. I confess that the quality of my life is enhancing by their high enthusiasm.

    Smitha.R.P 349 days ago

    "I confess " for being overprotective, impatient ,overhelping, comparative mother on some situations .
    I was sometimes tough, strict on my children when they behave childish ,throwing tantrums in their toddler age .I used to say " when will these kids grow up ". As age advances they have out grown all these behaviours . Now when I look back I feel it was normal for their age .Yes I am a mother work in progress .
    . I also confess for comparing my children with others when they get low marks,bad handwriting or slow in work
    .I also confess for overhelping in subject so that they get highest marks in online exam sessions .
    Yes true , I know Marks is just a number ,nothing to do with their personality development , Overhelping hinders them to be independent .Being mother I should not be too emotional I need to put some break ,.
    Instead I need to engage in their activities, encouraging ,motivating them to overcome their difficulties .Thank you Parentcircle giving this opportunity .After all, we parents are work in progress .

    Subhashree Ravichandran 349 days ago

    I was a teacher when my daughter was in her Primary school. Even though I knew that different children blossom at different times, I still became very panicky when my daughter had some difficulties in spelling words. I started worrying that there was something wrong with her abilities and had created stress to myself and to her. I forced her ,made it unpleasant for her and she started disliking the learning process. On introspection, I realised my folly I started getting her a number of colourful story books and slowly created in her, love for reading.Once she got hooked to reading, all my worries vanished. She became very coherent,fluent and flawless in expression, both in speaking and writing.
    This was a major fumbling of mine in spite of being a teacher.

    Udhvita.G 's Mom 350 days ago

    I confess that, when my kids (twins) were crossing the age of 2 an incident that happened that shook and made me to be more alert and careful as a mother. It was during one fine afternoon when they both were playing after lunch. All of a sudden I fell asleep, after which I woke up to see the most terrific sight. Both had excreted and been playing with it on whole body. Then I immediately took to the bathroom to clean them. Luckily, they dint put anything in mouth. Later I realized that I shouldn't have taken a nap. But all I could say was on that day I got up within few minutes of this incident. Else I couldn't have imagined even worse than this. Sigh!!!!

    Shannon Almeida 350 days ago

    I confess that I was an impatient Mother, always in a hurry as I wanted things to happen in a jiffy.
    I remember how I was once sweeping the floor, just outside my door and seeing my neighbour at the door, we started chatting and forgetting about my son who was inside. He ran & shut the door and locked me out. I was in jitters, scared knowing the fact, that he is alone. That’s how a Mothers heart pumps for her child. Now when I see him grown up, I wish he would be my small and innocent pumpkin.