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    Preschool and Primary

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: February 2021 | YES, I did it!

    Preschool and Primary

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: February 2021 | YES, I did it!

    Just as you impart values such as honesty, respect, and compassion to your children, do you also impart the importance of gender equality to them? Share your stories about the times when you steered clear from making any gender-specific choices, and let your child do what they like. For example, it could be about how you enrolled your boy in a ballet class or bought him a pink school bag or just cherished every moment of your tomboy girl and so on. Please start your stories with the opening line YES, I did it! We await to hear your stories. We bet, they will inspire many other fellow parents :) ... more


    Team ParentCircle Mar 1 2021

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    Please watch out this space for Results! ALL the very BEST to EVERYONE :)

    Sayoni Mondal Feb 27 2021

    Yes I did it. I made my son to go for cookery and baking class which he hated it in the beginning, but then later merged into it. People think only woman have to take care of kitchen. As a mother its my responsibility to make him understand that women are not confined to cooking always. My husband also sets an example like washing dishes. I want to break the biased society by bringing up a small change from my side. A tiny feeling of joy will peep out to say that I did it.

    Aarthi Prabhakaran Feb 17 2021

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    Aarthi Prabhakaran Feb 18 2021

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    Aarthi Prabhakaran Feb 25 2021

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    Aarthi Prabhakaran Feb 26 2021

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    V.Poorna Kameswari Feb 25 2021

    Gender equality begins at home, and families are at the front lines of change. I have been exemplary in dividing all household chores from an early age.
    As a mother of boys, my responsibility is multifold. Hence, I ensured to speak all subjects including sex to my boys. Gender is not about biological differences between the sexes, rather, its a social construct.
    I made it a family value that everyone they meet are worthy of dignity and courtesy, whatever their sexual identity. Having opportunity to interact with girls from childhood taught them not to think of girls as romantic or sexual partners.
    They were taught and learnt to manage themselves. As grown-up adults, today them manage well including keeping home, washing clothes, cooking and other household chores.
    Many a time I ponder, if I have succeeded? I dont know yet. But, I certainly I do know they are a work in progress and they will go out there into the world with empathy, compassion and the confidence. Yes, I did it I raised Rationalist, rather Humanist sons. That, to me, is the first step.

    Sayoni Mondal Feb 20 2021

    Yes I did it. I gifted my daughter a pulsar bike which she wished so badly. All our relatives and neighbours blamed me for buying. But I know that she deserved it just like any other boy. I never wanted to be a barrier for her way of living. Whenever she takes me out in her bike I feel proud to hold my collar up amidst others feeling that I did it.

    Saju Johnson Feb 16 2021

    Yes I did it!My sister definitely a tomb boy had very adamant choices when it came to situations,especially when gender biased.When it was time for her to choose a career,she wanted to get into main stream iron bar production,which probably no girl would be comfortable setting her feet into.Thats a man's job ,so does the society say.But though there was only one person to support her,thats me ,she chose her path and now she is on a right career track,inspiring other ladies also to join the stream.I feel proud I could support her thoughts.

    Mansi Chaturvedi Feb 12 2021

    Being a mother of two daughters I have always tried and I do believe that they are no less capable than boys. I have always let them choose colours , clothes, and even made them participate in all adventurous activities which are normally considered suitable for boys. I believe they are strong and confident to face any challenges even though society feels its a man's world. The change is noticeable already and this is only due to the awareness and acceptance that there cannot be differentiation between the genders.

    Smitha.R.P Feb 9 2021

    Yes I did it .One day I along with my daughters aged 7 years and 10 years were walking to a nearby park .We happened to see a procession., a festive celebration . There were band groups , tableaus , Garudi Gombe (Dancers adorn themselves with giant dolls), clowns , puppet dancers. There were some people most of them small boys dancing along with procession . Seeing this my daughters were more excited .Even they wanted to dance . I allowed my daughters to dance thinking "Why boys should always have fun " , When my daughters were dancing to band ...soon other girls who were watching joined and enjoyed . My daughters were happy .And now when I am writing this I feel that we must change our attitude of gender stereotypes and impart the values of gender equality in young minds.

    Jisha Varghese Feb 7 2021

    Yes I did it.I was at my cousin sister's house last summer and her 10 year old son and me became good friends.One day while I was cleaning utensils ,he came running to me saying "Aunty ,I want to do it for you." I said why not,I would be happy if you could help me and your mother in the kitchen.He whispered"but my grandma says boys shouldn't enter the kitchen ! ".I was shocked to get to know that such attitudes still existed but was happy that the new gen was ready for the change.I tactfully handled the situation teaching my cousin's in laws saying "You must be proud grandparents who own a grandson with futuristic idea of a modern family with great values.He is very much excited to help mommy in the kitchen.He will turn out to be a good human for sure and that gave a green signal for him to enter his own kitchen and do things of his interest.I am still updated about his new dishes.

    Sayoni Mondal Feb 6 2021

    Yes I did it!One day my 10 yr old girl returned home from school and she seemed little confused and sad,after a little push she opened up and said in recess time her friends were playing football and she really wished to join them.I asked her what the problem was in joining and she burst out at my ignorance and said 'Ma they are all boys,girls don't play footballs,that's the problem,l feel awkward, I shall be the only girl to join them,what if I ask to play and they let me in and I perform ridiculously, then they shall redicule at me'...and after hearing everything I felt her problem, and told her that she knows all that boys from nursery, that means at least for the past six years they are friends so it wouldn't be much of a thing if she casually called one of them and said that she liked to join them for a change and she should try football if she wanted I that much and after all not all boys are good at playing football, how do we know what we are good at if we never give it a try?But I warned her to be casual when asking to play so that if she messed it up she could leave the field without any embarrassment.The next day my daughter came home gleefully jumping and said everything was amazing she asked if she could join to play football with them they agreed and she played very well, her friends(boys) were also very happy.She was the only girl in the team and nobody noticed that, that was very comforting to her, she was afraid to be noticed as odd one.But things happened just as she wanted...She Played Football and I am happy that I was able to help her.