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    Infant and Newborn Care

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: February 2019

    Infant and Newborn Care

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: February 2019

    TOPIC: Describe your feeling when you became a parent for the first time.

    Share with us your experiences in 100 words and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers!

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    Shloka Feb 28 2019

    The moment you see those two pink lines your journey starts.Lots of advises from the experienced people would start flooding in. You need it or no they would share the gyan. Some would scare the hell out of you and some would be kind enough to make you understand that its not that tough to bring a life into this world.And the most important role is of your gynae. And mine was a "male". People used to put so many silly n stupid questions regarding me choosing a male gynae.
    But he was the one who made my pregnancy go all well.I travelled to jim corbett and did the safari in the 8th month of pregnancy.N it was real fun.
    Being a first time momma may be tough but i believe people around you can make it easy.
    I remember when my pains started i went to the hospital along with my husband and walked in to the maternity ward. Before the dr. Came i was telling my husband to click my pictures as my baby bump would soon go.
    Yes it was paining but i choose not to think about it.
    The moment they took me in the labor room and i delivered. It was me who made the calls to my parents and in laws.
    The moment they put my bundle of joy on my chest.
    I had my second birth.
    I was now a mother
    Wow !!My journey from pregnancy to motherhood was just too awesome..

    samriddhi's Shadow Feb 27 2019

    2years into marriage, settled into our lives, we both decided to take the plunge of becoming parents.
    The moment pregnancy test kit displayed those 2 lines, i couldn't contain my excitement and jumped with joy. From that day itself motherly instinct arose in me. I changed my lifestyle and started eating healthy for my child which was growing inside me. I was conscious in each and every thng i i was doing since it was my first pregnancy.Life got a new definition. Until now, i was not really serious about life but now i was. Listening to my child's heartbeat became the most enjoyable moments. The feeling of a life growing inside me and to be able to give birth to another human being was unexplainable. It just felt like a miracle.
    As i was nearing the due date, all sort of thoughts started crossing my mind. How would i be as a parent, how would i inculcate good habits in my child, how my child would turn out. I used to just keep thinking about all sort of stuff that i would do with my child. Sometimes i was scared whether I would be able to give good upbringing to my child and sometimes just the thought of holding him would fill me with happiness.4 days away from the due date, our 2nd wedding anniversary. I went for a routine check-up with my husband. To our surprise, my doctor said that my baby would be in my arms that day itself and in a matter of few hours, my bundle of joy arrived. My beautiful anniversary gift given to me by GOD. I couldn't have asked for more.Tears came rolling down my cheeks on seeing him. I felt like I was reborn. I couldn't believe i was a mother now and my body had created this beautiful being. That day, i embarked on motherhood journey. Advices and opinions about parenting beseiged me. The moment i holded him in my arms, it gave me confidence and i felt empowered.

    Reena Andavarapu Feb 16 2019

    Defining moment which made me realize my teen is no longer a child

    The gradual growth and changes of her teen son in a busy life of a home maker is nothing less than a sudden jerk everytime she notices an unexpected reply and gesture from her son. These denial behaviours are not big but not insignificant as well,they are noticeable in the daily routine life. A son who would as a child be so used to his parents protective behaviour and choices made by them now demands to take on the role. It may be choice of friends,selecting clothes according to the in style ,attracted more to junk and fizzy foodstuff,driving a bike without dads help,hanging out with friends after private classes,addicted to playing games on net are few to add. And thus above all he makes me realize that I notice his choice and be supportive.

    N. B. Mudassir Feb 15 2019

    my son Shoaib was 12 years old. He was brat & very loving, caring. He was very close to his mother. My wife said that last month that one of his friend who is girl had came to our to play & spend time with him. When she was returning home after having dinner with my son & wife. He said to his mom that he is going with her to leave her home. When his mom asked why he wanted to go with her now? He said it was late now & i want to make sure that she reaches her home safely. The moment i heard what he said in his answer, i realized that my teen son is no longer a child. #Your100WordStory

    Mamta Gupta Feb 15 2019

    Ankita Naidu Feb 15 2019

    Defining moment when child enters into a teenage :???? ???? ??????? 6 ??? ?? ?? ????? ?? ?? ???? ????? ??? ???? ??. ?? ???? ????? ???? ?? ????-???? ???? ?? ??? ??. ???? ??? ??? ??? ?? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ??? ???? ??. ??? ??? ???? ??? ???? ??? ????? ?? ??????? ???? ?? ?? ??? ?? ???? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ??, ?????? ?? ?? ???? ????? ?? ???? ???? ?? ???? ?? ?? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?? . ???? ?? ?? ????? ???? ?? ???? ??????, ???? ???? ????? ??? ?? ?? ??? ???? ???? ??.??????? ??? ???? ???? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ????? ???? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?? ??? ?? ??? ????? ???? ????? ???? ??????? ?? ?????? ??.

    Ravi Kumar Feb 15 2019

    When My Dad Daily Doing Hard work but not Satisfying with Salary, then I Realise than I'm realised that I am Adult now and ready to help for my family

    Ankita Naidu Feb 15 2019

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    Nikitha Feb 12 2019

    It was in the month of January 2015 i had a gut feeling that my life is going to take a leap into something very beautiful. And later when in September i was into the operation theatre i just prayed to god all nervous and anxious that i just want to see that lil life i was carrying in for 9 months. Finally out from the theatre, when shifted in the room i was introduced to my lil human, though was not in complete conscious i could roughly see his face and tears rolled down my cheeks in joy. Thank you my dear son for letting me enjoy my motherhood.

    Sayoni Mondal Feb 12 2019

    100 words story
    When first time i become a parent of baby girl in 2012.it is an incredible.. I am very happy to see my daughter,n i call my daughter nanney....This word is so amazing for me...Everytime i feel my daughter is mine..when i scold in my arms,i felt jannat is here....i remember her moment...kb chlna shuru kiya,kb usne muje maa kh ke bulaya...everything...Love u so much my princrsses

    Simi Ramesh Feb 12 2019

    Ir is quite overwhelming to even think back to those moments when I became a parent for the first time ! A whole world of mixed feelings which fluctuated between happiness, anxiety , nervousness, thrill , fatigued , and what not. But now I truly feel that it is the best feeling in the world which is priceless and undescribable at its best. A young parent with a tiny little squiggly babe and the wonder in our hands that life has gifted us, is probably magical and at the same time makes us believe in the miracles of this world. Life was never same after that. Our whole purpose revolved around our baby and nothing else mattered ! The whole household was adjusting to the newest little member and I just can't describe the feeling when that little smile had the power to banish all the sorrows of this world!

    Naandinni Feb 12 2019

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY 1stTimeMom parenting Experience is a Woman s Crowning Experience .Till that moment I even don't know the value of birth mainly a Girl Child . After my Daughter born my entire Lifetime Joy began& every moment it's like a festival at my home .little things matters more their 1st smile 1st call 1st footsteps every action gives us a complete happiness and showing meaning of life .what is real love how the relation bonds in between it's shows a great experience. Before kids I was like I don't care anything let it be ... Now everything I started planning myself for tomorrow and future .for the 1st time when i am sick my baby soothed my head with her little hands and showing more care , I was emotional and I got to know how much being loved ...she is just 2 years how she can learn all this I just surprised and felt more happy .finally I can tell that .every woman should have kids and mainly A GIRL CHILD .because it's a different life like sea journey .A Real Happiness to the entire life.

    Jyoti Gupta Feb 12 2019

    When my elder daughter Divyanshi was born in 2010, we were overwhelmed with joy and happiness. We thanked wholeheartedly to the Almighty to give us the opportunity to be parents. This feeling had already sinked in since we got the news that I was expecting after a brief period of treatment for PCOS. With Divyanshi in my arms for the first time, I was in tears, thanking Krishna for His grace and giving me a beautiful daughter. Soon, I realised what the word 'Mother' means. I realised the importance of my mother, who had brought up three of us. Being a mother is most amazing and it instantly instir the feeling of responsibility in a lady.

    Sayoni Mondal Feb 11 2019

    Defining moment when a child enters into teenage: My child will turn 1 year old soon. I want to take this opportunity by defining my childhood and teenage where I learned lessons which I want to implement in my child. 1. Which age was consider as teenage I was not aware, so when my child will enter into that age I will observe him and guide him wherever required with full of awareness 2. I was dumb, shy, introvert, lack of understanding what's going on in my life, so in my child I don't want to repeat that mistake which I did for that I have to be strong, firm, communicate with my child and listen to him patiently.

    Sayoni Mondal Feb 11 2019

    Parenthood: Transforming Journey of Life
    Motherhood : Second Birth
    Expressing the feelings of being a parent in few words: After carrying a child for 8 n half month, I was admitted and Doctor announced its a baby boy. Tears sheded with happiness. First few months were new and challenging as I & baby were getting use to with each other. Fear was tremendous at the back of my mind. Slowly & Gradually each month I observed minutely. Process was not that hard which I thought. I learnt that with lot of Patience, Practice, Persistence, Dedication, Determination, Time Management, being Strong, Kind, Humble this stage of life can be cracked by balancing mental and physical health awareness. As Happiness is the state of mind, this journey I have taken it as everyday new opportunities with satisfaction.

    Sarika Kumar Feb 9 2019

    The defining moment I realize that my daughter is entering into teenage is when she started to make her own decisicions. she wanted to fly like a bird. Teenage is the age when lot of harmones releases from thebody so that time they need more attention. They also want space for themselves. My daughter started arguing in every moment.when she was a kid she followed my instructions but now she wants to take her own decisions.

    Rimjhim agarwal Feb 9 2019

    The moment when I realised my 8 yrs old is no longer a kid was indeed a great feeling.those days were very tough for us as my husband's boss asked him to search for new job within 2 months and 1 month already passed.i was very much stressed and I shouted on my son and cried.He came and hugged me tightly and said mumma i know you are very much stressed due to daddy's job but don't worry everything will be alright you have trust on dad na?he will search a better job then previous one.

    Nandini aggarwal Feb 8 2019

    The moment is so grateful when I feel that my child is not a kid .he is mature .ist I notice he think before speaking.interst showing his father'work.as well as cutesy of knowing how is about.he want to know every thing telling his interest showing independence learning bike and some gossip to close his friend circle.happy to enjoy his circle .these things tell me that he become independent .

    Sayoni Mondal Feb 8 2019

    The feeling to become a parent for first time is just incredible that cannot be expressed in Words ,when you hold your little one in your hand you feel like you are granted by bundle of joy from God and you will do anything for her Smile. Doing little things for her makes you happy forgetting anything Else your world revolve around her not even self counts ....
    I personally feel that parenting makes you complete in each and every manner .

    Jayanthy Asokan Feb 7 2019

    I was married at the age of 22 (immediately after my College). Myself being the youngest child and only dotty to my parents,was pampered like a doll before my marriage. I didn't had the chance of being independent during my school day's (always guarded by my two loving brother's).
    In college,I was in hostel and enjoyed the freedom (missed pampering and learnt what's decision making)...This snippet of my pre marriage introduction has a reason for this topic.
    Mine was a normal delivery,I had gone through labour pain for almost a day.. Honestly, during those hours was a nightmare to all ladies....at 11.06 pm January 6th 1993 ,my Kutty born with a pinky cheeks and a bright bold eye's...I felt my life is going to spin around this doll ....just felt he has to live his life of what I missed in my early day's. What I decided on that day is still followed by myself. Happy Me

    Sayoni Mondal Feb 2 2019

    Motherhood is such a sweet Journey that starts with a cry of a Baby but gifts smiles forever to the entire family and specially the mother. As soon as a Woman gives birth to a Baby actually two Births takes place simultaneously one of a Baby and other of the Mother as that Women now turns into a Mother that is why Someone has said "a child gives birth to a mother" The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children. All love begins and ends here. Motherhood has most definitely changed me and my life. It's so crazy how drastic even the small details change - in such an amazing way. Even silly things, like the fact that all of my pictures on my cell phone used to be of me but now every single picture on my phone is of my daughter!! Motherhood has taught me the meaning of living in the moment and being at peace. Children don't think about yesterday, and they don't think about tomorrow. They just exist in the moment and that is the new way I have learned to live through my child. Motherhood is a dream. It really is absolutely amazing and Motherhood is the greatest thing I've ever done in my life.

    Roopa M Feb 1 2019

    I fell in love with the baby the moment I discovered that theres a life inside. The journey until birth felt great; I started weaving all kind of dreams already for the baby and what kind of mom I would be. I recorded everything in my journal starting from hearing that precious heartbeat to feeling the movements. When I finally held her in my arms, it felt like I was never this attached, nor so much in love before with any soul.. The journey from the hospital to home was an emotional one! At home we were welcomed with Aarti done by elders and couldnt wait to start the journey of parenting her.

    Yamini Feb 1 2019

    It's a girl!! the pediatrician announced. Becoming a mother for the first time is a divine feeling. remember looking at the divine baby in my lap, sleeping blissfully, warmly in my cuddle. I felt, this is it...this is heaven...and eternity...and everything in between! Hormones surging through me, I felt so complete, so fulfilled in that moment, I needed nothing else. Thanked God for such a divine and a beautiful Gift

    Rashi Goel Jan 31 2019

    First time mommy is a bit scary. My case was no different. The labour pain itself sounded scary until I experienced it. I did remember each and every moment. The moment I was there, I was screaming like anything and all I wanted was it to end. But my husband and my mom kept asking me again and again to relax. The moment I heard his first cry and his fade figure is still fresh in my eyes. Every time I think about the day my eyes fill up with joy and pride.