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    #YOUR100WORDSTORY:- December - Year End Special

    Preschool and Primary

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY:- December - Year End Special

    TOPIC:- Share how 2019 was for you! Share with us your experiences in 100 words and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers! SUBMIT ORIGINAL ENTRIES ONLY!!! ... more


    Loud_thoughts. Dec 13 2019

    Well, if we are talking about the whole year, then it was usual; good and bad; fun and boring and a lot of colourful experience. I finally qualified the Preliminary Test of the judicial services and the mains examination and also, I was qualified for the interview.
    My relationship was going usual, with it's ups and downs. And we were talking about getting into long distance and all when I will be selected as a civil judge in my home town. I was in Delhi and things were going fine.
    Then December came and messed up the year for me. What could go wrong in a month, you would think but a lot went to hell in a moment. I wasn't selected in the interview, so I failed there and then a few days later, guess what? I got dumped without much explanation.
    I know this is all sad and heartbreaking but trust me this story gets better. My parents offered me to come on a trip with them to South. And I have decided to not give up on my dream to become a judge. I didn't get a chance to have a long distance relationship but then I realized that I have people here who love me more than anything, unconditionally and irrevocably. So I will get back from my trip and then I will start preparing again for my next exam; also, the next year.

    Loud_thoughts. Feb 14 2020

    @Loud_thoughts. Congratulations Anamika Kumari!

    Kanisha Feb 14 2020

    Where is Anamika Kumari post?

    Kanisha Feb 14 2020

    @Kanisha Her Username is Loud_thoughts

    Janani Selvaraj Dec 11 2019

    The year 2019, an unforgettable one, a journey of mishaps and surprises. I lost my father in law, that was an unexpected event and put my family in shock. We are yet to recover from the tragedy since all events remind his presence to us and he left us questioned about our existence. My husband and sister -in -law were deeply attached to him and he left a big hole of sorrow. I feel sad for my 3 year old daughter who is unlucky to not enjoy the pleasures of her grandfather. Yet, life has to go on and we remember him in our prayers.
    My daughter reached an important milestone. She turned 3 and I see her growing up in front of me and becoming more aware of things happening around her. She was not sociable at school that kept me worried. But now she has become more chirpy and the teachers find difficult to keep her quite!!!
    Also this year kept me going to hospital frequently and felt my immunity both physically and mentally has gone down. But I am fighting myself to come out of the pressures that I am going through and show that I can be a better person for my family.

    Janani Selvaraj Feb 14 2020

    @Janani Selvaraj Congratulations Janani Selvaraj!

    Deeksha Banerjee Dec 12 2019

    Oh great...I got an opportunity to share my outlook for 2019. Well, yeah 2019 had so much which cannot be explained in words and that too in only 100 words! But let me give it a try.
    I was all set to get divorced, so I was here with my parents. I was all shattered and became a very underconfident person. I used to start fumbling while talking to people. All of a sudden, my bestie turned up to me and motivated me a lot to start working and get myself a job. He pushed me a lot and finally I gave a start to myself. Initially, I was nervous but anyhow completed all rounds of interviews and got an appointment letter.
    Yayyyyyyyy...I got a job now. I was a beginner in this field as I was appointed as a copy editor, hence made a lot of mistakes but yes learned too much.
    After working for about a year now I look at myself as a confident lady who can stand in the public and give a speech. I made some brand new friends who have become like soul sisters. I joined some social circles and organizations and started expanding my circle. About six months ago I joined a diploma course in Journalism and Mass Communication which has enhanced me as a person and boosted my hidden skills which I was unacquainted with. Today, when I look myself into a mirror I find myself much more confident and outgoing.
    Another miracle came into my way, my husband is back with me and doesn't want to get divorced. This has added a cherry on a pie.
    Well, this whole year was with lots of drama, tears, depression, stress but later a huge relief. I am just keeping my fingers crossed this time but I believe strongly that ALL IS WELL THAT ENDS WELL.

    Deeksha Banerjee Dec 30 2019

    @Deeksha Banerjee I literally had tears in my eyes after reading your story, Deeksha. May you have a beautiful conjugal life and forget any animosity that you have felt for your spouse. Have a beautiful 2020 and many more years of joy!

    Deeksha Banerjee Feb 14 2020

    @Deeksha Banerjee Congratulations Deeksha Banerjee!

    Dyuthi Dec 31 2019

    Every year leaves behind certain memories and lessons that we carry for the rest of our life. 2019 was also one such year which taught me the value of life , family and to be thankful for everything that we have. I realized that we shouldn't crib and nag for small things while someone else might be wishing to have a life like ours. I still remember that I couldn't welcome 2k19 with a party because I had my preps coming up and I thought it would not be a great year because of this,but I was wrong i got distinction in my 1pu and my poetry got published in college magazine this was a great start. Then,I went on a college trip to kulu-manali ,Delhi,dharamshala , Chandigarh. This was an unique and crazy experience. My parents were a bit nervous since it was the first time that I was traveling so far without them. I had a real fun time with my friends and I learnt to adjust a lot from this excursion. I realized how much I was spoon-fed by my parents in every family trip and now I had to manage everything on my own. But the tour was exciting and we enjoyed in rohtang pass(snow point), shopping in Delhi ,we used to play games till midnight, we danced on our journey,clicked pictures,the view was breathtaking.I must say this trip has my heart. At the end of the year I started writing for an online poetry page where my poetry got featured in their weekly magazine and this makes me happy too. There's a lot more to goo! I thank 2019 for everything that it taught me by bidding it a farewell and I welcome 2020 hoping it brings more joy and success to everyone.

    Dyuthi Jan 2 2020

    @Dyuthi Wow! So it was a year of exploration and self-realization. Great going and a beautiful 2020 for you!

    Sanjana Dec 31 2019

    Beginning of 2019 left me zipped and until now I'm zipped. January itself was a disaster when I learnt that the pillar of my house[my mom] is caught by the monster of cancer. From then till now we are suffering ,we is only for my family . None of the acquaintances, colleagues,relatives or friends stood up with us & yeah thanks to supreme godhead who made us so stronger to just stood alone against all odds. I can't say 2019 had all odds for me coz it helped me analyse myself and test others. So yeah biggest lesson of 2019 when none is there your family still care.
    #unfiltered #uncensored#your100wordstory

    Sanjana Jan 2 2020

    @Sanjana Dear Sanjana, hope your mother gets better this year. With your family's collective prayers and mental strength, we are sure your mother will do well. Keep strong, dear.

    Gaurav Arora Dec 31 2019

    2019 ... it was very good. I learned and experienced many things. I realized the power of time! It may just reverse your direction, although you might be powerful! I made some bold decisions this year, which I never made in my entire life. I also realized the importance of money. And yes, eventually, I became a more responsible person. Just think, "Whatever happens is for good", and proceed with a smile

    Uday jadoun Dec 30 2019

    Well, this year as per I could say was the best year till now in my life. I was unknown to the world before this year but have achieved my biggest goals in it. I am a writer and published my first book when I was 14. I used to think about loses I had in a year like anyone would, and it came out that each of that year was a mess. At the beginning of this year, I came to know that it is up to you only whether to count loses or make every year supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    Anu Modi Dec 30 2019

    Year 2019 Was A Great Year For Me As It Gave Me So Many Great Memories With My FamilyI.t Taught Me Some Great Lessons Which Im Going To Shoulder Along My Life Campaign And I Am Really Proud Of Myself For How Much I've Grown Mentally And Emotionally In This Past Year.!!

    Himanshu Chourasia Dec 30 2019

    2019...It was pretty good. I learned and experienced many things.I realized the power of time! It can just reverse your direction, however powerful you maybe! I took some bold decisions this year on myself, which I never did in my entire life. also I realized the importance of money. And yeah, finally, I became more responsible person.
    Just thinking, Whatever happens, happens for good, and moving ahead with a smile.:)

    SNEHA SHARMA Dec 29 2019

    This year 2019 I got to learn many things . I got to know were I m in this competitive world.it also showed me the good face of the life do to the worst.This year I laughed a lot with my closest one's and also cried a lot because of my closest one's.And one of the best thing happened to me this year was that no one except mother and father is our well-wishers.you don't have to to trust everyone, they pretend to be very good In front of you and at your back like your wrost enemy.on the other hand this year makes me think that whether how bad situation is don't loose hope . everything is going to be fine . Lot of memories is joined in this year ,first steps to my dream and lot more .

    Sarita Dec 29 2019

    This year has a totally different experience for me.. till the end of this year, i have scars and stretchmark on my body. It was a routine day for me to go to doctor. Doctor told me to be admitted to hospital immediately. I rushed to sector 6 hospital. There a nurse gave me a form to fill. I did it. Nurse told me to lie on a bed and checked me. Then took me to operation theatre. Then put one injection then other..put a oxygen mask on my face. I couldnt see what was going on. Suddenly then i heard a baby cry nd thought..why hav this nurse has came into operation theatre with a baby. Nd then she came to me nd asked who is he or she? I said she. Nd she smiled and says its yours.. smile came to me... And saw the baby girl again and again.it was my c sec operation, which happened this year. This year bought me neither an angel or princess, this year bought me a another me and i love it

    Sarita Dec 29 2019

    This year was not like previous years..This year changed me alot...gave me scars...alot of scars physically and mentally.. whenver i think about the whole year i remember only two things..one about my best friend. She make me think that what should i do in a problem..this year gave a SCAR for whole life.she caught with Acid attach. Since now i have listened about this only in TV and newspapers. But it was a whole new for me.. this brought me anger and made me calm.
    It was a routine day she was coming back to home after office nd two persons on bike through a glass of acid on her face. She turned nd then again half glass of acid again threw on her. She cried nd ran through the street and went to near by house . There she found one tub of water, she put it on and threw on herself. Till then her clothes have been destroyed. She immediately called to her parents. People came and saw it..took her to near by hospital. Her 60-70% body has been burnt. Her vocal cord has been destroyed bcoz acid went in to her mouth..her eyes,nose, ear everything has been burnt..aftr 10 months i could talk to her .i was nervous how to talk to her. Bt she shocked me..she talk to me life everyday,just like nothing happened. I am happy about it.. i am happy about her courage that how she used water tlon herself nd tells people about her story .now that two persons have bee caught, this makes me believe on police also. It motivates me..this year is full of tears...full of courage....full of maturity...

    Sonakshi shrivastava Dec 28 2019

    2019 started like a dream. It was a new start of everything. My relation was blooming on 1st Jan 2019 and I was lost in that dreamy land of puri orissa. Confused, excited and superbly nervous wondering on the roads of bhubaneswar. Sooner or later my dream got shattered and I faced the bitter reality. The reality of fakeness, the reality of that heart doesn't have feelings it just pumps blood, the reality that I am just a spare part in everyone's life around me. I have started complaining, gradually I have started the adjustment but In the mid of 2019 I realize that this is not what I want. I always want someone in my life who consider me as his priority, give his time, support me in every manner, I always dreamt of a fairytale love story where my man sing song for me, where he hold my hand, where he plant a kiss on my forehead but in reality my man don't have time for me, if he don't talk to me for a week then also it's fine for him. But I haven't stopped trying to save my relation. I joined his company, started working day and night, gave my best but things turned even more worse. Now he calls or message me only when he has some work related to his company. By the end of this year my dream will completely shattered. The day I have started everything with him want to end on the same day same time but this time all alone

    Mohan paliya Dec 25 2019

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    Mohan paliya Dec 26 2019

    @Mohan paliya Aapke pitaji ka saath humesha aapke saath rahega. Aap jeevan mein aage badhte rahein. Unki duaaein ha aapke saath :)

    Mohan paliya Dec 27 2019

    @Mohan paliya Thanks vicky ji for your valuable comment..
    And obviously my father is with me to teach me the right or wrong

    Alveera Hafeez Dec 26 2019

    The year begun with a sad note when I lost my only gem, but there were people who loved me and knew me better than myself. After a depressingly down start, I thought I could never restart my life back to normal, but to my surprise the gem I lost was always mine. It talked to me, gave me his reasons, apologised and life restart again. This depressing start taught me one thing life is never easy, it is always filled with number of twists and turns and that's what this year taught me. Losing and gaining is life. You have to lose something in order to gain, that's the nature and it works like that.

    "If you ain't losing than you ain't gaining!" This thought is rather right and a universal truth. Life is all about gaining and losing so don't be depressed. God might be planning something better for you!! Just believe him!!

    Alveera Hafeez

    Fraaz Khan Dec 26 2019

    For me it started with crying and craving for the people who were my precious gems.
    Well ,I am not a stoned heart person,I have a beautiful heart and I am proud of it.
    I forgive each and everyone who anyhow may have hurt me and I seek forgiveness from them , whom I have hurt in anyway.
    I know it's not possible to get things exactly they were, it's seems impractical , impossible but I won't agree with it
    I believe things can't be made as it was earlier but it can be made better than earlier.

    You guys may forget me but I can never ever forget you as whenever my I raise my hands to pray, you guys are always included in it.
    365 days with 36500 thought daily running through my mind giving false hope to myself and creating an imaginary world how I want to be my reality .
    Wondering over the wonderful memories ignoring the harsh reality living in fantasy .

    Fraaz Khan

    Richa Dec 25 2019

    Hey 2019?
    Thank you so much for making me this much strong as I have learnt a lot from all that happened to me this year.
    You were too adventurous.
    I won't regret for anything happened, instead I thank you for teaching me several things.
    You taught me that no one is permanent, everybody has to leave us when they want to live on their own degree.
    You taught me that a relationship is never a waste of time, perhaps it gives us lessons to live by.
    You taught me that self love is the best.
    You taught me to be independent.
    You taught me to be positive, whatever be the situation.
    You taught me that the people are not going to treat me the same as I did, coz not everyone has a heart like mine.
    You taught to help people in need. You taught me to spread love and happiness.
    You taught me to keep exploring myself as much as I can.
    You taught me to be a warrior and I keep fighting for myself.
    You were the year when I have grown a lot.
    Thank you for preparing me to handle the upcoming hurdles of my life.
    Thank you for all the surprises.
    Thank you for all the blessings.
    Thank you for each and every moment spent with you.
    Will be missing you.
    Love you a lot.

    Your love,

    Paakhee Sehgal Dec 23 2019

    "2019 -A Rollercoaster"
    My 19th birthday,25 January-surprises would be a short term, to explain what I got on that day! Days passed, my 2second semester of graduation was completed by April.. In summer vacations I decided to visit my old school.. Rewinding old memories, moving through the classrooms and playground... While the way back home, I decided to write a poem on "My School".. At night I wrote the poem and posted it on an online writing platform "Mirakee"... After few days, I got a comment on Mirakee, from the founder of writers villa publications, they would want to publish my poem in one of their upcoming anthology named "What if".. I was splendid with gratitude and happiness.. After few days I was added in the WhatsApp group.. and once I got into the project, I got many opportunities on various writing platforms..By September I was compiling an anthology myself..
    Got so many certificates, most admired writer, author of the week, first prize for weekly writing competition, 1st prize in Non-Stop writing challenge...By October... ,I got my first published anthology in hand...and daddy's words "I am proud of you " got me on cloud nine.. Festive season arrived, made so many memorable moments, friends and many more,disturbing sweets ,visiting relatives and munching on more...By now , I am a published writer,author.. The season of fall has brought so many opportunities, I have collected all through by now, writing an e-book of my poems collection...I just wish as 2019 have brought so many opportunities and challenges from which I have gained experiences and confidence..2020 to be more adventurous and fruitful...
    Paakhee Sehgal

    Sapna Dec 23 2019

    The first day of 2019 started with the blessings of dada dadi at old age home, which is enough to make amazing not just a year but whole life, but it doesn't means there were no difficulties, lost job, lost some important persons of my life, but those blessings gave enough power to fight with difficulties in hard time. And at the some new people came into my life, who made it better. This year was mysterious too, and gave me those friends, who changed my life completely. And at the end of 2019, everything is going amazing and so much excited to enter in 2020:)

    Tishya Singh Dec 18 2019

    2019 , not bad but also not good. i was so hopefull but then hopless. i was fail in one subject so i was not able to apply for masters. then my family also decided something about my marriage becaus of financial problem, i can't study. i was about to give up on everything but then thought let's give a one more chance if not study then something else but i will do something before giving up. and now end of 2019 i am still trying and i know i will. i reached here so i will reach to my goal too. hopefully

    Tishya Singh Dec 22 2019

    @Tishya Singh You seem to a confident woman .And surely you won't give up easily. Sometimes we need multiple trials before we succeed. Keep hope alive and be positive. Wishing you a successful year ahead

    Shweta Sharan Dec 18 2019

    Like a movie, in which villains aren't needed as I was taking the role effortlessly. A journey where I was forced to sit and watch every character unfold its true facet. Every tiniest corner of my heart were explored with numberless thoughts erupting inside. I welcomed it, served it as a guest and observed that state minutely. I found the root cause of my misery, that's Me. Now the capability I've found in Me through which I've survived isn't of a survivor but of a warrior that's Me.
    I'd gleefully thank 2019 as regardless of destination I'm loving the journey.

    Shweta Sharan Dec 22 2019

    @Shweta Sharan Oh I loved reading your write up. Such a poetic style of writing and a way about words!! Keep writing and wishing a beautiful year ahead.

    Mohinee Kumari Dec 16 2019

    For everyone new year brings lots of happiness and joys,but for me it's a darkest year of my life ,,on the 1 Jan of 2019 my eyes were filled with tears, silently crying with pillows,my tears were falling continuously,, reason of crying is a boy ,, I loved him so much ,,it was One sided ,bt I never told about this,, actually I really don't want to say this to him,,but,he have doubt that I love him,,cause I used to show my love indirectly,,,but he told me on that day ,that I love your best friend,, plzz help me to make my friend with her,,I was very shokd nd broked inside, after all this I cried nd cried a lot,,but I love him so much ,so I helped him,,the twist was that my best friend was already committed ,,I told him this,,but he doesn't trusted on me,,,I told this thing to my best friend ,she agreed to talk to him,,I was really shokd coz she is already committed,,but still,she is agreed,,they started talking to each other on WhatsApp,,,,she started talking about him in front of me,,I really felt heartbroken at that tyme,then she daily used to do so, everyday ,,every hour she was hurting me ,she knew that I love him. ,she is intentionally started hurting me,,I cry everyday,,Everytime ,she hurt my soul,, after that I told all this thing to my crush, and also told him that I love you,,he started laughing on me, this,, broked me very badly,,,it's been a 1 month ,they broked me ,they were collabed and started hurting me,,I helped him in every,way nd he broked me

    Mohinee Kumari Dec 22 2019

    @Mohinee Kumari It is indeed sad to read about it. But just give life a chance and you will realise that better people will come into your life. Don't regret the past , be hopeful for the future. Wishing you a lovely , happy and positive year ahead.

    Anusha Bhatnagar Dec 14 2019

    Like a rollercoaster goes up and high and comes to low and again goes back, 2019 was no less than a treat . The year gave me immense exposure,challenges, opportunities and some remarkable benchmarks. 2019 has no been no less than a complete package year. For , when i look back , so much has changed in a year, and for good. A community of new people altogether, new life, new schedule passed intermediate and started college. Joining a course that Ive always wanted to study. Endless learning opportunities; a cosmopolitan platform paving way to meet new and diverse kinds of people. New independence, but more importantly, newer responsibilities as well. A bunch of crazy new people (whom we call friends) , have become no less than family. Some older friendships continuing into eternity and living the life King sized, like Ive always imagined. Learning from the best of the people, getting into newer phases of prosperity in life.A newer challenging life, running in the city with late metro rides. Getting to bed all tired and sleepy but relentless & determined. Its crazy how a year can change so much, that now when I look back, Ive met so many different people and learned through all the situations. 2019 has been a year of blessing, giving me all that Ive ever wanted . Hoping for an even better year ahead, living with lesser regrets and taking chances, believing in myself, having the best positive mindset possible and a new spiritual journey , refreshing from within and joyous on the outside, looking forward to the year 2020 with hopes in eyes.

    Anusha Bhatnagar Dec 22 2019

    @Anusha Bhatnagar Such great way to write about your year that went by .Hope you find abundant opportunity in the new year too.

    Roli Dec 15 2019

    Everyone says new year brings happiness nd new era for us bt all this is wrong all are only proverb just 2019 this was the worse year fr me forever because of tin this year I lost my mom nd my life full change kahte h kisi ek ke chale Jane se duniya nahi bdalti bt jab vo ek aap ke liye sabkuch ho any way I don't understand why I shareing this on it bt ....my mom always says that never stop ups and downs is the two wheecle of life I know she is always right bt practically this was impossible any way I don't want to write more I just share my feeling

    Roli Dec 22 2019

    @Roli Accept my condolences dear. It is indeed a great loss. But still life has to go on May the coming year give you lots of hope and positivity.

    Shruti Dec 15 2019

    2019 was for me a bag full of mixed emotions.It was like life was giving me a break in between those bad days by giving me good days between it. But still unbalance exists . Grading for good days was between low to moderate but grading for bad days was between moderate to high. I just wish God not to make my 2020 like 2019 ,if its mixed emotion year then i have no problem to it its fine for me but i just want that the grading of good days and bad days might not be same as that in 2019...

    Shruti Dec 22 2019

    @Shruti Have faith and all good things will land in your lap. Wishing you a best year ahead!

    Manoj Kumar Dec 15 2019

    2019 has been mixed up of a little bit good and much bad things but mostly it wasn't good for me. I was expecting like every year that it would be awesome and brings happiness, Luck, prosperity and all but what I got nothing but hard luck and a rejoicing moment for the couple of occasions. Though I got an unexpected victory in a contest but there were so many contests, competitions, tests, competitive exams where I couldn't make it. So now I have stopped expecting anything because I didn't get what I worked for. So the year of 2019 was not so good for me.

    Manoj Kumar Dec 22 2019

    @Manoj Kumar Every cloud has a silver lining....Sometimes life is hard but then there is always hope! Wish you a merry 2020

    Asha Thakkar Dec 22 2019

    2019 taught me many things. Such important things that I can't forget in my whole life. It taught me nothing can't be permanent in our life. It doesn't matter which type of person you are, people only see that thing which they want to see. They can't feel your emotions. Everything which is important to survive in this world, this year taught me. I can't say this year was good for me but I wanna say thanks to this year because now I think I am able to handle the people as they deserve. So I just wanna say this "it was good lesson" thank you so much 2019

    vanni vighmal Dec 22 2019

    Dear 2019
    Thank you for being humble and peaceful. You were great, gave new teachings despite of all sorrows and pains. We witnessed all ups and downs together,sometimes were drastic and sometimes exciting but every phase was beautiful. I found happiness within me, you made me realise that being alone is far better than being in a fake crowd. Some of the essential lessons were taught by you for lifetime. I have improved spiritually, physically and emotionally.
    Thank you for teary moments and refreshing my soul to conquer obstacles of life. Thank you for making me a warrior of tomorrow..

    Kajal raj Dec 22 2019

    Time to break, fucking limitation and boundaries...fly high! and say yes to possibilities. And that ,a what a 2019 was like for me .Hey my people This is kajal raj.
    Proudly saying that i m the student of university of Delhi. 2019 have became a learner for me and taught me lot of about life and profession. This year i came and learn about writing skills and start writing good content on my blog and quotes and my biggest achievement that i become a rj which dreams for me yet it's on smaller platform but yes I have started at least .I get out with toxic people and get to know how to handle them smoothly .2019 has taught me your Life is in your hand as Do u want to be successful ?Do you want a good relationship ?Do u want a good looks ? And found the answer all in religious book i came to know spirituality is not just a religious book it's amaze science and then those political and governmental issues has blow my mind latest topic CAB i m not telling here i m against or in favour What win my heart is the unity as All religious is standing together and this togetherness and love make me fall in love again with humanity and the unity. At last i would like to end with a quote "where humanity wins plz puts down your gun.

    Sayoni Mondal Dec 22 2019

    As for many people new year brings new adventures....i was expecting the same for 2019 but little did i know that i was gonna exprience so much in just so little time....The year 2019 started on a good note but simultaneously i discovered that my body was going through alot of diseases all at the same time...i was admitted mre thn a few times,underwent surgery, medicenes became my bestfriend amd so on...I also had some emotional breakdowns not childish but some serious impressions on my life and which got me still for some time.But in all these, the one thing i realized was that i am more strong than i suppose to be..I am now at a position in which i can say that no matter how harsh life can be ....I am UNBREAKABLE ...
    As for the coming year i wish we all get to explore ourselves and break the limits of self restraints and set our souls free to infinte reaches!!....

    Ayush Singla Dec 22 2019

    2019 was like a dream year for me as I got selected in nit kurukshetra and the journey of new life has started from there.It was a year of joy,pleasure,excitement but there was a huge disappointment when India lost in semifinal.The college life can't be explained at all as the study pressure has been reduced to great extent and the coming of home after completion of 1st semester is a delightful experience.In this year only I has learned about using paytm,phone pe ,Google perc.I was recently awarded by coaching also,the experience which I can't explain at all.So a marvelous year is going to end

    Sayoni Mondal Dec 21 2019

    January 2019 , the year initiated with a couple of dreams to be achieved and why not after all it was beating down and watered for years. That is way Ielts was written in 2018, a list of universities along with fee structure was already shortlisted , sops and lors all set. Only the await was my bachelors degree to end in June19. Next me going for the task which was next to impossible because all I knew went to colleges for diploma but I was not a part of this crowd. Why not I worked for it since the very first year 15 and more National Certificates, 2 National Journals 1 international journal, difficult to count university level achievements, all flooded in my Resume.And finally the day came October 12, 2019 when I got offer from Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax for Masters of applied human nutrition . After next 15 days miraculously I was done with all the procedures with in a week only like - medical, fee submission, GIC submission, Registration and my case was filed on November 9. Now I was just a step away to get my visa , this all was so good like elephant has crossed and only the tail is left. All these elements were on peaks- shopping, excitement, plans , dreams, house searching apps, university reminders ,flight tickets booking(Dec,28 at 2:00 AM)following university page on Facebook,Instagram,YouTube watching how Diwali is celebrated in the campus and how would I. More than half of the December was already passed and I couldnt anymore wait for the response.
    An excellent Ielts band score, first division that to from a renouned university, I was up in all the grounds checking the updating mail infinite times a day to track my satus update . Finally the next day 17 December 10:45 pm the mails were 9 from 7 and I also on sky 9 . Informed councelor to check and tell me the next morning, although it was just a formality because the results we knew. My jawline was not getting relaxed and I was all set with my set of dreams to dreamland.
    Next morning the agent called and spoke Yout case has been refused, the reason they gave are completely vague because you are meeting all the requirements.
    Yes, the tail of elephant got injured due to which the elephant is now dead . It will never come back.
    Devastated me and my emotions that didnt even find a way to shape tears, to make myself calm I was repeating this line if life gives you lemon then make lemonade, if life gives you lemon then make lemonade .
    Till next 28 hours I tried all the silly stuff I could like questioning God, blaming the file organizers, checking the loopholes in my hardwork and plans but at the end getting no way to escape, no way to stabilize myself.

    But the a random thought enters my mind frame, that what happens in life is not in our hands but why we do next is completely in our hands so on this day December 19 a girl died and legend took birth who has much more bigger plans in life, than just I me and myself.
    Supported by a quote from Instagram:God is about to wow you.He is going above and beyond what you asked, the lord knows what you have prayed for . His answer is, I am doing more than that .......

    Poonam Dec 21 2019

    Happy adieu to 2019, start of new beginning, cherish old memories, another chance to change for good. Indeed, every past has lessons to be learned, memories attached may be good or bad.
    For me this year was mediocre with respect to events happened, it was mix of smile, cry, laugh but more imperative in terms of introspection regarding different facets of life like:
    Spread and wider your wings - certain situations forced me to ponder that dont get stuck, come out of shell break away whatever has been done till now. Encouraged me to become more aware of goals whether personal or professional.
    Inclination towards spirituality this year has gifted me deeper thoughts, beliefs and values, broader horizon of thoughts. Transformed me to become more grateful towards things, people around.
    Awareness towards health- I strongly believe in one of the renowned saying Health is Wealth.
    In nutshell, heartful thanks to 2019 enable me to be more thoughtful emotionally and morally. On the other eagerly waiting to welcome 2020 in hope that it will bring 360- degree panoramic view of possibilities, opportunities to grow holistically.

    Prakhar kaushal Dec 20 2019

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    By - Prakhar kaushal ??

    Meeta Chhabra Dec 19 2019

    The year 2019 was one of the best year till date. I enjoyed this year a lot with my family, friends, teachers and learnt a lot from them. This year I made my school and parents pround by taking participation in many art and english writing competitions and winning them. This was the best part of my life. This year I learned a lot from teachers and many more. I enjoyed this year with my new friends and many old friends with full of joy and excitement. 2019 was the year I also started awaring people about conservation of our planet. I hope 2020 will be of more fun and excitement I enjoyed this year and will learn a lot more in the coming year.

    Nidhi gehlot Dec 18 2019

    2019. Bahot kuch sikha hai maine 2019 m. Specially logo ko phchan na. But starting hi 2019 ki mere liye bahot gndi hui thi jab jis se maine love kia tha wo mere sath double date kar rha tha. But sab bolte h ki jo hota hai ache k liye hota hai or really aisa hi hua. Uske jane k baad se maine poetry likhna shuru kia jiski wjh se aaj mujhe events krne ko milte hai. Log khud bate hai poetry k liye. Ye year aisa tha jab logo ko dekh k unke irade mujhe samajh aane lge hai.. Or sbse important ye samajh aane lga ki kon apna hai or kon paraya.. Ha halaki maine is year se drink krna start kia. Qki depression m or koi rasta bhi to nhi mila.. But now sab kuch ab shi hua..

    Sayoni Mondal Dec 18 2019

    2019,This year make me more clear, clear about my goals,my life,my priorities. This year told me which people are really important for me. I became more specific about my vision towards the life,the way to live life. I learnt from the god's creation who are similar to us,but to live this life,they have to do limitless struggle each and every second. It is really not damn easy to stand in this world. What i am today,limitless effort and struggle of my parents gives me base and support. When i gave an unused woolen sweater to that 6 or 7 year old boy and the same for his sister,that smile shows me their life and struggle. I got a goal that day to do a little bit contribution to make their life happier. When I saw those 4 puppies involved in themselves and playing and really not giving attention to the rest of the world,I realised that happiness,the whole world can really not give to anyone. This year taught me to just be happy and satisfied, whatever be the situation and helps me to be away from that inferior feeling which make me feel that I am less competent than others.

    Aayushi Mutha Dec 18 2019

    The past should be left alone because it no longer exists. Yet, it is good that I still own my memories. Things I want to engrave, or the things I want to forget, will leave traces in my minds. Sometimes recollection is a joy. Memory is like putting together the puzzle pieces of previous experiences. I believe memory is the core of the soul like the bulb in the light, without it the light cannot shine.In dis year I saw my childhood life in my son's activity...Childhood is the most innocent phase of man's life. With the passage of time, it fades into adolescence and adulthood. Yet the sweet memories of childhood linger on. My childhood recollections are those of a sheltered and carefree life, nurtured with love and concern. As I was the first child in the family, everybody doted on me. My funny lisping, my innocent mischief and my inane talk-everything was a source of immense pleasure to them. There was never a word of reproach or censure against me
    I enjoyed dis year with to much of love, joy, sorrows, happiness, etc.. fr me dis year was very challenging n it was like a puzzle where I described in starting...
    I wann to thank parentcircle team for dis auspicious contest..
    Thxs a lot...

    The past should be left alone because it no longer exists. Yet, it is good that I still own my memories. Things I want to engrave, or the things I want to forget, will leave traces in my minds. Sometimes recollection is a joy. Memory is like putting together the puzzle pieces of previous experiences. I believe memory is the core of the soul like the bulb in the light, without it the light cannot shine.In dis year I saw my childhood life in my son's activity...Childhood is the most innocent phase of man's life. With the passage of time, it fades into adolescence and adulthood. Yet the sweet memories of childhood linger on. My childhood recollections are those of a sheltered and carefree life, nurtured with love and concern. As I was the first child in the family, everybody doted on me. My funny lisping, my innocent mischief and my inane talk-everything was a source of immense pleasure to them. There was never a word of reproach or censure against me
    I enjoyed dis year with to much of love, joy, sorrows, happiness, etc.. fr me dis year was very challenging n it was like a puzzle where I described in starting...
    I wann to thank parentcircle team for dis auspicious contest..
    Thxs a lot...

    Kruti Jain Dec 17 2019

    2019....a thunderstrom that came n went ..like it was supposed to ...it changed everything ,right from my vision to my life ...the starting was as always happy ....but this time I can't predict the ending because my perfect ending is yet to come .. I loved this year as some other year ..as always I prayed for a prosperous life ,a happy one ..which did happened in a way...I found many more deserving people in my life whom I can love ...n no matter what 2019 was....I m gonna still miss the past one year of my life .....this year was nothing like I made many resolutions at the beginning..neither did I expected much ...but I still waited for a year ..that would be life changing for me ...that would be my year ..only n only my year ......n with this,2019 has come to an end and with no past regrets ..let's cheer this ending ...Happy New Year.....

    Dipti Joshi Dec 13 2019

    Hope, pray and positivity, these are my mantras before entering into something new. Let me tell you that I never make resolutions when it comes to new year. I believe in letting in and letting go, whether it's people or situation. Best thing that I got in 2019 is "confidence" that will never leave my side. I travelled alone, I got admission in my favorite university, I migrated from plains to hills and that's my best achievement till now. I wrote lots of articles and poetries, I attended many poetry shows, I did everything that could make me proud of myself. I'm child of a single parent and I want to be like my mother, she is my inspiration and motivation. 2019 made me realize that my dreams will come true and I'm very very sure about it. The last thing I want to share with you all is that I also faced heartbreak and that really improved me, and it changed me for better. And I'm not gonna make new resolutions this year, cuz I know that mistakes are the part of our lives and the only thing that we could do about them is to accept them and improve our selves. You are beautiful and don't let people decide what's good for you, be your own master and healer. Happy new year 2020 in advance

    Aieshwarya Singh Dec 13 2019

    Everyone's life once comes to a phase whereafter everything changes . Time changes, situation changes, mindset changes, and life gets a new direction. The nineteenth year of twentieth century came with some life changing twists for a twenty one year old boy. My year started with myself repeating my first year of college, I failed. It went on with a dilemma of depression which made me to change my city but every city has something new in it and mine gifted me intoxication. I was so high and my life was that much down. I returned for my exams and never went back. Later that year I realized that what am I doing , but not myself. Yes I was caught by my family and was made to realize my mistake. Thereafter, the boy quit the mains, and added to his life a part time job not for the money but for the time. Being busy is the cure to my myths. Now I'm standing in the month of December passed, with a job, with a lot of savings and a book almost complete to publish. Shit happens as well as miracles. In my time they occured together..

    Shweta Kumari Dec 12 2019

    2019..how to start.. And how to end... Any guess..... So let start my journey report of 2019...so one day i was setting alone on my balcony and having cup of tea.. And thinking is it 2019really good for me... So.. One sided if i think about me.. So it is good but not enough because there are lots and lots of news coming on rape. ... Which make me to feel unhappy. Unsafe... Even in every moment every enjoyment there is a fear within me.. That is this time good for me to go out. And come late home.. At night.... Why. I should happy.. If there are lots of cases coming day by day.. It make me feel down... We girls need that right to go outside at night without any harm to us... We are also having equal right to make everything. So Stop doing such a shameful thing...
    2019 was really grateful for me. Because i had go through from lots of new experiences. I figured out interesting person. Who guided me alot.. I traveled lots.. But same time i was upset because of rape cases in india... I feeling unsafe... So lets give us chances fo fly
    Freely without any harm..

    Titil of 2019..give us chances to fly freely without any harm

    Sushant Bhatta Dec 11 2019

    I completed my Bachelor's in Business Administration and then I figure out I should be pursuing a different subject to achieve my dreams to influence people and help them. So now I will change my stream and will be pursuing counseling psychology. I now can call myself a blogger because, before 2019, I used to write whenever I was free or when something really impacted me. But now I write by making myself free, I write to learn and to make some positive impact on everyone's life I meet.
    2019 was like a normal year for me until and unless I figure out myself, started believing in what I am doing and then the year 2019 is not just a year for me but which made me realize the way of my life. There were lots of ups and downs, but the year 2019 taught me how I can deal with any uncertainty and how I can stay positive even in the most negative situation in life. I learnt life is full of offerings and surprises and how can we convert these offerings and surprise in our favor. Also, I learnt that the uncertainties in our lives are necessary for us to grow and to learn. And being ourselves, believing in things we are doing and never giving up is the key to success in life.

    Shweta Dec 10 2019

    2019 was a mirror for my soul.I became a warrior this year. I actually lost a person who motivated me ,who supported me every time & in just short span of time he conquered my heart. I met him just a day before his demise which was unplanned& so special.He was my alter ego ,my best friend on whom I relied blindly.This situation gave me a closure about selfish people.i know I lot is left unsaid but it's better .I worked on myself .Self healing was all needed from all the old commitments,friendships & belongings.2019 gave me wounds & healed me in a better way .I'm not struck anymore .Those suffocated days & foggy nights ended .I ended that dependency.l became a loner but a strong believer in myself .

    Sayoni Mondal Dec 9 2019

    Well to be honest it was a crap year. I broke up with my boyfriend. My friends stopped talking with me. And then my ex consoles me and I fall for it. It's humiliating to walk in the class and hear everyone snickering about something he said regarding me. And things went overboard when he abused me in front of everyone and made fun of me because I still loved him. I tried to kill myself.Then I realized there is so much for me to achieve. So I buckled up and built myself again from scratch.

    SIPANI Dec 9 2019

    Y2019, was a great year for me because it taught me lots of lessons for the following years.A new member is added in our family and we all excited with her. Y2019 also brought laurels for our family .

    Sweety singh Dec 9 2019

    Well 2019 this year brings alot of changes in me I will not say this is the worst one but obviously not the best one, yeah i sacrifice alot of things and the most important was a person who love me more than I love myself. why? Because of carrer and family obviously no one can love me more than my family but also i know i lost something I will never get back, don't know he will read this or not understand me or not but wanna tell you I really miss u and get Back to you ASAP just wait may this year was not for us.

    Vinita Dec 9 2019

    The closing month of 2019 has me realizing so many beautiful things about myself. I loved my man in languages I havent been familiar with. There are nights when I spin with the wind & feel the breeze ruffle my hair just like my thoughts while constructing a poem. There are mornings of rest. Serene & Peaceful & Self-aware. Mornings when I know who I am. When nothing in this world can hurt me. I realized I am unafraid, unshakable & unstoppable. Life is a smorgasbord of pain & joy, defeat & victory, illness & healing. I am going to experience every tiny moment of life.

    Kavita Dec 9 2019

    I love new beginnings, a new day, a brand new week or the 1st day of the year ! These.are always welcome and wonderful and hence the 1st of Jan 2019 was marvellous too.
    The last day of the year also is exciting always for most of us. For me, 31st of december has become extra special , as god gifted me with an angel daughter on this day.
    So 1st jan 2019 was wonderful and the next stellar day 31st dec is yet to come !
    Let me now talk about the remaining 363 days of 2019 .

    It was a nice year flavoured with different tastes.. Sometimes sweet and at times sour. There was bitterness too once in a while but i took it all with a pinch of salt.

    Started the year with the sweetness of til gul on sankaranti and will end it with birthday cake as a dessert. There was a colourful.holi where all small and big diifferences with family and friends were forgived and forgotten. I had a lovely and enjoyable summer vacation which was followed by a never ending monsoon of close to 6 months this time. Me and other mumbaikars lived a lot of anxious days during heavy rains and water logging, worrying and praying for safety of our near and dear ones.
    Bonded with my brothers on rakhi and drove away all darkness on diwali. I celebrated the victory of good over evil, with a grand durga puja celebration of 5 days.
    Attended a lot of pujas and celebrations to welcome bappa during ganesh chaturthi.
    There were moments of anxiety and grief and depression too when my mom had to undergo a small surgery and i could not be there due to heavy rains and floods.

    But the end result was good as operation went well and the doctor assured us there was no reason to worry about her illness any more.

    There were days of tremendous joy and a sense of achievement when i won vouchers from parentcircle team for sharing my thoughts and writing. I always felt exhuberant when i saw my name and photo published by your team.
    Redeeming the voucher and opening the courier parcel on arrival was an awesome experience.
    What more can budding writers ask for ? I not just got an audience to read my views but got rewarded for it too !
    All in all, 2019 was a wonderful year and the best is yet to come. Waiting for the arrival of the last day of 2019 as that day holds a lot of significance in my life.
    Last is the best.
    Thanks 2019 for being a blessed year. No doubt you gave some fear and bitterness once in a while, but your sweetness outshined all other flavours. Bye bye 2019 and thanks for all the love and happiness you blessed me with.

    Vinita Dec 9 2019

    A few things happened in 2019 that hurt me as being irrevocably in love with someone who knew my every smile & sigh. I was razed to the bone of my resilience by losses beyond control- trauma of my heart that felt unbearable, left me bereft of solid ground. After merciless betrayals & battling demons bigger than I could carry, Im faced with myself. Biggest lesson this year was to look for personal growth in solitude because friends come & go, and so does pain & glory. Life loves the liver of it so I am living to its fullest.

    Heera saini Dec 8 2019

    How 2019 for me?

    I think life is a never ending journey if you want to live then keep working hard.
    When years passes one by one you grow with time not only your age but your experiences also.
    This year I get a lot of experience from my surrounding and these experiences are the most important part of my life because they help me to grow and work hard on myself.
    This year I join college and now I'm a journalism student. First I thought that I should make new friends in college but this is not my thing I'm a introvert person and my professor always scold me and insist that I need to talk and make friends but the thing is
    "zindagi me kuch jakham Aise hote h jo Kabhi nahi bharte"
    He don't know that I have a bad experience in friendship this year I lost a lot of people and they are my loved ones my friends we are friends from last 15 years but time changes everything and everyone but I think it's good for me at least now I'm able to stand alone I'm Able to do things alone
    Or yr zindagi me aakele aaye ho aakele jana h bs zindagi jine ke liye kuch logo ke sahare ki zaroorat hoti h

    But ya there is one good thing happen this year and that is " every one shows there true color"

    Nagma Dec 7 2019

    2019 meri zindgi ka sabse khubsurat pal jab meri beti 25 march 2019 ko meri life me aayi.Mene meri zindgi me bahut kuch dekha hai kam par jati thi to bhi kayi rukawat aayi or aaj ek bacchi ki ma hu my 9 month old baby girl her name is aarah. She is my angel. Me usse bahut pyar krti hu lekin aaj k jamane she dar lagta hai mujhe meri beti ko is duniya me Jo sapne mene dekhe or Jis me pura nahi kar payi use meri beti pura karegi apna mukam bnaegi uske liye is duniya se bhi lad lungi I love u my baby meri aarah.

    Aastha banka Dec 6 2019

    '2019', was a big theme of trust, love, reality to me. How a person can have multiple faces and use the other one for their use accordingly. I would not have any grudges towards the year or any person. I will be regretting how I lost myself. I got a person who made me again n that's how I expanded myself n explored me. He made me realize that I have the talent to write.
    Living oneself is important rather than losing urself because of someone. the year is as always as good n bad n yet the theme remains the same.

    Shilpa agrawal Dec 6 2019

    "2019", as i recollect, it brings smile on my face. Happy to send my daughter to boarding, though i miss her a lot. Being in a joint family i started part time counselling in dmit and do little social service. It was one of my dream to be independent. I think every small step is a way to ladder of success. Able to spend quality time with my son husband and family. I came in close contact with my school friends and friends made after marriage. Its not that i didnt have bad days. I think Ups and down are two sides of coin. And i am really happy with 2019.

    Aprita patel Dec 6 2019

    "Every year bring a new lesson and every blank paper is there to create a new story..."
    2019 this year is not only good for me sometimes it make me feel low in my career ,as a designer I have to deal with every situation in college whether it is good or bad.Every day the blank page is filled with words. I learnt many thing in this year and I hope this learning will help in future to keep me up.Every moment is new for me that I create in this year.At last I like to say life is a process to grow time to time and I think every year will bring some more things to upgrade ourselves.
    Thank you

    ravjeet kaur Dec 6 2019

    In the year 2019 everything in life went smoothly except one thing. My jiju detected with cancer and took treatment for the same. Now, the treatment is almost completed and he is recovering nicely. I personally kept so many expectations with life but many things are not fulfilled as we wish. No, regrets! Overall I am happy as it is all well if the ends well.

    Aruna Patle Dec 6 2019

    this year was quite amazing and a bit poor for me.... my sister get married and jiju ji is so caring for my sister.... I met two people one of them became my best frnd and the other one my bf... we spent time... enjoyed.... but by passing of time i get to know him... I foud.... he doesn't deserve me.... we broke up... and I think.. m more happy now

    Ritika Kanodia Dec 5 2019

    We live in a time where every year we resoulte to make the current year better than the last. So beggening for a change I promise not to make a resolution for this year. I was ready to welcome 2019 with it's flaws it's surprises hopes that it would be better than the last. The first big thing this year was my results which were unsuccessful. But they were successful enough to make me realize that I wasn't meant to give up. They made me emotionally strong and capable of trying with better mindset . Better acknowledgement and better horizons crossed my pavement of ways of coping up with life.
    I got equipped with experience of handling situations that were beyond my beliefs. I accepted things that came naturally be it people their nature the fall down and appreciation of self esteems rose either because of circumstances or because of better mentors.
    Went through broken friendships met new people. For the first time though met real people more than in virtual world. I also realized how heartbreaks could actually feel like and how I have the capacity to overcome it. I may be head over heels for someone without making them or even anyone realize the emotional turbulence I am in.
    I realized how easily we can form opinions and how easily such transulent fictions can be shattered when you know the person .
    I learned self acceptance and acceptance of people and their habits. How easily situations and people intimidate you and sometimes how easily you influence and intimidate others without your own knowledge.
    I experienced what it feels like to come face to face with the happenings you had no plans for. How my father was bedstuck for months after his accident and how I suddenly grew up knowing exactly what and how to do anonymously. The inherited courage just came out and all went well.
    From how I earned through my first writeup to how I realized my potentials this year has been a roller coaster. A ride with high levels of adrenaline rush and aspirations I learned a lot more than I learned from books histories. Experience does count.. doesn't it?

    Ritika Kanodia Dec 5 2019

    @Ritika Kanodia Such a nice write up and some really honest feelings from you. You must have been a more mature person with your experiences now. Wishing a great 2020

    Ritika Kanodia Dec 5 2019

    @Ritika Kanodia Life truly teaches us a lot and it is so heartwarming to see you share your growth as an individual in 2019. May 2020 be a joyous year!

    Ritika Kanodia Dec 5 2019

    @Ritika Kanodia Very true. Such a sweet narration and outright bringing out. Echoed my frame of mind too. Very nice. Have a great 2020 ahead.

    V.Poorna Kameswari Dec 5 2019

    The year 2019, to begin with, was subdued with a sorrowful mood, as I lost my brother in a dreadful road accident in July,2018. Yet, as the Persian adage says, this day too shall pass, I was gradually getting better and the pain healed with each passing day. A boon bestowed and an Angel astoundingly entered my life. He silently observed my passion in writing, and as a friend, philosopher and guide showed me my hidden strengths and motivated me to lay the first step. Not only did he inspire me to pursue my zest on writing, but stood by my side while I laid each step, as a parent does to his toddler that just began to walk. Now a zealous writer I pen stories, poems, novels not only in my other tongue but in two other languages. With an insight on the topic Atrocities on Women, that could be the need of the hour, I shall take forward my journey into 2020. Thus, a year that started insipid would be ending with a new beginning, which probably would be a tribute to my departed brother.

    Sayoni Mondal Dec 5 2019

    I started my 2019 with so much enthusiasm, smiles, expectations and love. Although I was not able to end up with all my expectations still I don't have grudges from my destiny. 2019 might not be the perfect year but was good. I fell but then I stand. I stopped but then I got the power to start again. I lost the hopes but still believed the quote that everything would be fine. There were ups and downs and that's what is life. Sometimes full of smiles, hopes, grief, love, hate, anxiety, energy, happiness, depression, affection, emotions and all. But lastly, my passion to live and prove myself was incapable to vanish all my hopes and with those expectations only I am going to start my 2020. I'll dream again and I'll live again.

    Rajeev Singh Dec 5 2019

    Hi My 2019 started with some good news my Son is selected in U17 For national cricket camp While we r celebrating this good one we get bad new in mid of 2019 My cousine who is very close to me is expired in a road accident he is just 29 and had a 5 yr. old son. and again after few month My son ring finger fractured while playing his Interzine cricket match still he is under medical treatment. I had a very hard time going while lost my job 2 month back My wife helped me at that hard time. But we talk together We have to stand hard in every bad time we r running we did it and 2019 is nearly to gone Thats agood bad stories of mine in 2019 yr.

    Anil jaswal Dec 5 2019

    The year 2019 was a mixed bag for me. Some experiences were sour and some were sweet. First I will discuss the sweet, their was a marriage in the family, little toddler started going to preparatory school, in a family somebody got well placed. My brother got retired after putting distinguished services in one of the central organisations. And he shifted with his family to his own house. One of us in the family joined very prestigious university in the country. Now I would discuss sour part, I lost my dear aunt for heaven's. My another aunt is diagnosed with terrible disease and going through painful treatment.

    Anil jaswal Dec 5 2019

    @Anil jaswal I feel truly sorry and sad for you dear. My sympathies and prayers to you and your family. Sometimes life gives us a curveball but then don't worry life will give better moments too. Hang on dear .All will be well and hope 2020 will be better and peaceful for you.

    Anil jaswal Dec 5 2019

    @Anil jaswal We are sorry to hear of the demise in your family. We pray that your aunt gets well really soon. To all the joys, may you and your family continue to shine bright!

    Madhavi Dec 4 2019

    The year 2019 made me realise the potential of me. The problems, difficult situations.. not stopped me but gave me kick to get what I want. I wanna thank this year as It made me the BEST VERSION of myself. I started giving time to self talk, as you can miss any meeting but not cancel the meeting with yourself, as it gives a self fulfillment. I created miracles for me, my decisions, my opinions, my success nd failures.. everything made me learn new things, made me to become a better person than before, make me to work harder, get to achieve the success. Thanks 2019 for giving me the ideas, lessons, vision which I can apply in 2020 to make that even more wonderful than this time. Lots of love, no regret, and congratulations that we both grew to newer heights.

    Madhavi Dec 5 2019

    @Madhavi So heartening to read that you got to be the best version of yourself ! Hope the efforts you take next year too will be motivating and successful too.

    Madhavi Dec 5 2019

    @Madhavi Yes Madhavi, with your determination and optimism we are sure 2020 will be a great year.

    Vinu Priya Dec 4 2019

    2019 was very special year for me. As in January I got my PG Degree Certificate with Rank Holder Medal , then for few months I have thoroughly enjoyed very happily with my family and relatives. And in the middle of the year May 2nd I joined as a Documentation Specialist in an NGO and now completed 7 months of work. It's been really a wonderful year for me as I started my career successfully to achieve my goals in life. I hope that I will continue this successful run in the coming year and in near future also.

    Vinu Priya Dec 5 2019

    @Vinu Priya A great achievement indeed. Sometimes a great start leads to a rolling successful path. May you achieve more in 2020

    Vinu Priya Dec 5 2019

    @Vinu Priya Heartiest Congratulations and more happiness for the following year.

    MEENA Dec 4 2019

    This Year I Enjoyed Alot

    I. changed my life totally.. change my place, friends , position..

    This Year I. get my confidence back.. just becoz I was in joint family I was fully destroyed with internal family problem...
    But After Changing My Place I M FULL Satisfied. I tried job after 6 year and I got that.
    I Tried To Loose Weight And I M Succeed
    I Tried To Put My Efforts To My Child Activity And My Social Life

    And Also I Succeed

    I Think If We Can't Change our negative environment... change environment... very effective for happy and positive life.

    MEENA Dec 5 2019

    @MEENA Coming out of negativity and bringing in positive changes is something very few of us master . But reading your article it looks do encouraging and hope you continue the positive streak in 2020 as well. Best wishes.

    MEENA Dec 5 2019

    @MEENA Cheers to all your successes :)

    Sayoni Mondal Dec 4 2019

    What an adventurous and amazing year it was! I got to learn 12 lessons by unlocking 12 levels with numerous challenges, opportunities, problem solving techniques. Herewith I am unfolding my 12 levels:
    Level 1. Time Management: How one utilises 24 hours per day effectively matters more.
    Level 2. Stress Management: Once time is managed properly by understanding daily routine and responsibilities, one's stress become easy to handle.
    Level 3. De-clutter the work: It's easy to focus on one aspect but de-cluttering requires patience, clarity of mind and efforts.
    Level 4. Priority wise work: There are numerous work in a day but to prioritise take an effort to brainstorm our mind and organise in proper order.
    Level 5. Self-Discipline: Its easy to copy others but to discipline our human ethics and morals consumes more energy.
    Level 6. Happiness= Gratitude + Contentment: Its a normal process but once it has been practiced on daily basis miracles happens and our inner voice is directly connected to the universe.
    Level 7. Discovering the self: Every human on earth is send with the purpose. By connecting the dots and acting with creativity is the high version of the self.
    Level 8. Root of nature: The secret of nature is its roots and to be grounded. I learnt from my child extreme important lessons to be grounded and creative with our own uniqueness.
    Level 9. Life goes on with or without a person: I learnt universal laws that life moves on it's unnecessary to raise ego, selfish and jealous nature. Instead spread kindness, love and happiness.
    Level 10. Balance physical and mental fitness: I recall Darwin theory,"Survival of the fittest"that's essential at every stage of a person's life.
    Level 11. Stability in situations: I am learning this lesson to be stable, calm and peaceful in good, bad or worse situation.
    Level 12. Life is an examination: I have learned not to stop learning as question Paper are set individually on daily basis where invigilator 'God' assess on our good deeds.
    In short, my opening account will be closed shortly by unlocking 12 levels. This levels will be carried forward with new refreshing another levels.

    Sayoni Mondal Dec 5 2019

    @Sayoni Mondal What an innovative article from you! 12 points were really inspiring to read. May these multiply manifold and continue forward in 2020.

    Sayoni Mondal Dec 5 2019

    @Sayoni Mondal As always, you keep enlightening us with your creativity and inventiveness. What a great read! :)