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    Lifestyle for Moms

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: December 2020 | The Most Important Lesson YOU Learnt in 2020!

    Lifestyle for Moms

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: December 2020 | The Most Important Lesson YOU Learnt in 2020!

    The year 2020 taught us so many things - from growing independent to being satisfied with just the essentials, from spending more family time to adapting to the new work norms.
    Life surely seems to have taken a 180 degree turn when it comes to the new socializing and work norms.
    We are sure, each one of you might have learned and experienced something new this year.
    Do share with us that ONE thing or thought that moved you the most this year. ... more

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    • Dec 7 2020


    OAP • 360 days ago

    She hides her favourite piece of cake and I somehow find it out when she is asleep and eats up.But still she hides in the same place knowing i would eat up and starts crying and warning me.Her tears disappear automatically once I console her.My loving sister parnika.You all want to know my annoying monster .He is varish

    Jasmine Bose Dec 31 2020

    2020 taught me that life loves to trick us. It was one of the worst years of my life. I love my family and I cannot imagine my life without my children. Even a single cough inside my house put me on guard but then love taught me to let go. Masks and sanitizers are vital but in the end, you have to tell yourself that life goes on. Today my daughter had gone out alone to shop for New Year. Was she wearing her mask all the time? First time this year, I promised myself not to ask her.

    Vaishali Dubey Dec 31 2020

    From 2020,I have learnt not to worry about what tomorrow has in store for me,
    Nor to worry whether it will be spent in gloom or glee.

    From 2020 I have learnt to enjoy the day,come what may,
    To be thankful for the meals I enjoy and for having a shelter to stay.

    From 2020,I have learnt that life is transitory and brief,
    I should take pleasure in my stay here instead of spending it in grief.

    From 2020 I have learnt to walk with time,hand in hand,
    Living in the time which is unexpected and unplanned.

    Arathi Vishwanath Dec 31 2020

    Welcomed the year 2020 on Jan1st with lot of expectations which all went in vain.
    We had an abroad trip plan after my daughters 10th exams but the next day after her exams lockdown started. I was to cancel my visit to my parents too. But had enjoyed 15 days by seeing kids spending time with their father after a long time. I learnt that nothing is predictable in ones life. Fearing from Corona I didnt go out home lost my weight, now I learnt to receive everything cool in life not being more serious about anything.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 31 2020

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    A very Happy New Year 2021 to each one of you! :) :)

    Marlin Cherian Dec 30 2020

    2020... Unpredictable, unimaginable, unprecedented year but it was also a year full of family, love, care, bonding, empathy, better planning, learning and lessons for a lifetime.

    Well, unquestionably it was a challenging year with the pandemic with such a grave impact globally but each one of us knows that we have faced similar or maybe worser demons in our individual lives before.

    For me the most IMPORTANT LESSON learnt in 2020, was that I am much more skillful, strong and capable of doing many things which I may have never imagined or attempted before.

    I say so because of my 5 year old autistic son, who was taking therapies from professionals until 2020 February but with the pandemic all the institutions closed down and I was panicking and distressed that he will regress.

    But this year moulded me into someone who not only could take care of my son single handedly but also witnessed tremendous growth and development in my child much more that I could have ever imagined. The proof is that he got admitted to a main stream school and has wonderfully adapted to his online classes, which was unimaginable and impossible to think of until 2020.

    So to each and everyone, implore and explore every potential within you not only to curtail this pandemic but also to evolve yourself.

    Stay Safe and Good Wishes for 2021!

    Ishani Majmundar Dec 28 2020

    The year 2020 has been very challenging indeed which has taught many lessons. The most important lesson that I have learnt is to have healthy mind and be happy no matter what. We are the creator of our own happy world. Health should be the priority, both physical as well as mental health. A happy mind can lead to happy soul, which eventually makes us overall healthy. Ultimately, a happy and healthy mother can keep her family happy and healthy. A child needs to see his mother happy and healthy, above all, which is very important.

    Poonam Dec 27 2020

    Preeti Agrawal Dec 24 2020

    This year 2020 unfolded miraculously; the best time actually, with a tremendous opportunity to understand the real sense of "home sweet home". It offered abundance of growth. Being a mother of two wonderful children, I experienced the most playful and creative side within. I enhanced my writing skills and wrote many poems during the lockdown. One of my poetry won the competition in Notion press. A wow moment for me that truly moved me to the next step. This December, I published my first book... "2020 A Journey Within" available on Amazon and Notion press. I learnt, "Time is life".

    Kavita Dec 23 2020

    The pandemic turned out to be the best teacher ever and taught all of us many important lessons of life.
    One thing i learnt the best is that it REDEFINED HAPPINESS. I relaized that true happiness lies in very small things which are most of the times very inexpensive or even cost free. Money, power, status etc are all nothing but a mirage. We keep chasing all these things our entire lives and yet we remain dissatisfied, craving for more. Our attachment with money increases and often leads to detachment from our loved ones. The pandemic made us realize that happiness is not in chasing or hoarding money, but in the bare minimum necessities for survival. We just need good health, clean and healthy home cooked food, a safe shelter, few clothes, fresh air and water, a little.money for survival and lots of warm and loving relationships. I enjoyed the happiness of remaining connected with dear ones and finding time to re-connect with the ones i had lost contact with. We discovered new hidden talents which we never had time to pursue all these years. Sharing and caring for fellow humans during the tough phase gave immense happiness. There were financial losses and we could still survive and that was happiness. The discomfort of breathing through masks made us realize the importance of fresh, clean air. The pandemic taught us that WEALTH may be important but nothing is as important as HEALTH. It taught us to live happily in the present moment. Eventhough last few months have been most difficult for many of us, we are still happy because we are ALIVE. This is what matters in the end. So beautifully covid 19 changed our perspective towards life and taught new meanings of HAPPINESS

    Prabha Dec 22 2020

    2020 , As the number seems fancy , like everyone i too have planned so many things. Co-incidentally i turned 30 this year. So my expectations were more. But life lead me in the other direction. While many were struggling and lost their jobs during the pandemic i resigned for my software job. While people are spending time with their familes i lost my dad , whom i love the most in my life. After all this i realised we never know what kind of challenges life throws , so live the moment to the fullest. I also learnt that how valuable people are, to share happiness or sadness. Particularly when we are in pain and struggling we need to shoulder to cry on.

    Rashmi Navada Dec 22 2020

    2020 has been a very humbling experience for all of us. It made me realize that no matter how technologically advanced we are, nature always has the upper hand. Treating nature with respect and keeping a check on our greediness is of at most importance. It taught me that quality time with the loved ones is what one needs to be mentally fit. Most importantly, it made me realize that our ancestors/elders in the guise of customs practiced clean and healthy lifestyle. Hitherto ridiculed, we had to revisit those practices to stay healthy and it is advisable to follow them post the pandemic as well.

    Smitha.R.P Dec 20 2020

    The year 2020 ..,.back to back same two digit. This year is full of new expected things ...Lockdown, social distancing , wearing mask and sanitizing , virtual learning etc. This year made me to be like expect nothing and appreciate everything . This year ...gave us more family time, we gave more importance to cleanliness and health . Being positive and gratitude attitude kept me strong in this pandemic year .I myself and my children participated in various online competetions and also won many prizes .I read many motivational books to keep engaged in positive way. I along with my children will sing devotional songs .This motivates us and show our gratitude to God to overcome all fears and give strength to our inner mind.

    Jyoti Gupta Dec 18 2020

    Year 2020 had been the year of Covid pandemic. We have seen a world wide lock down phase, which nobody could have imagined. As this year is coming to an end, it had taught us all the value of having and maintaining a good body immune system. We have learnt the importance of having a good nutritious, homemade food, doing indoor exercises like Yoga and pranayam and revived our age old practices of the use of herbs and ayurvedic medicines. During the lock down period, we learnt the importance of storing the edible items and using them efficiently in the times of food crisis.
    We learnt to live a life without having weekend outings and get togethers, enjoying food at restaurants. In short 2020 had been a year of enriching the human population with lifetime experiences of maintaining a simple healthy lifestyle

    Nidhi Bansal Dec 17 2020

    V.Poorna Kameswari Dec 14 2020

    The year 2020 began like any other year. But, very soon it turned awry. While it showed us the flip side of life, it also taught us how to value our lives. During the chaos, while many of us in a panic, it showed us the weight of humanity. As the saying goes, there is good in every evil, concern for each other was a tiny consolation in the most difficult and unexpected times. The year also taught me to take care and devote time to myself, as it is something so underestimated nowadays. The best life lessons are learnt during hard times, and only this time taught me to love, to listen, to care, to respect and to help.

    Karthick Chandraraja Dec 12 2020

    The Most Important Lesson we have learned in the year 2020 is,
    1. As a parents we felt, also as a teacher.
    2. My Kiddos are properly utilised technology.
    3. As a parents we have understood the teachers pressure to control the kiddos at school.
    4. Staying at home helped society and others safety to prevent from COVID-19.
    5. Due to using mask, we prevented many other diseases which comes in the summer, winter and monsoon period.
    6. We avoided grand celebrations and saved money and time, which will be good lesson to my kiddo in future to know about the important of savings.

    Prabha Dec 11 2020

    There are several lessons that I learnt this year. Yet The most important lesson I learnt in this year is gratefulness of being Alive. Coronavirus took many lives. In this fearful situation, being alive in itself is gratitude to the almighty. Our default mind sucks negative energy more than positive. So this period is quite challenging to be more positive. I started writing journals and writing poetry and prose in various challenging platforms. This re-wires my mind to focus on positive aspects of the things, people and situation. Moreover, gratitude attitude aids to attract positive vibes and energy in our surroundings. It helps in levelling my strength, courage and determination. However, sometimes the day begins with fresh energy yet in between anger, negativity, mood swings everything wins over being positive. In such cases, I start chanting prayers and mantras to re-direct my brain towards rebuilding my self and consciousness. In nutshell, Year 2020 taught me an important lesson on being alive in itself is one of the grateful attitude towards lord. An attitude of gratitude thus aids to attract more positivity in ones life.

    Mythily Ramanan Dec 10 2020

    The most important lessons or take aways in 2020
    1. Value relationships - whatever it might be (father/ mother vs daughter/ son, grandma vs grand daughter , friends etc) "Life is very short nanbaa"
    2. Make use of every second to spend time with your kid . They teach you a lot and I have especially learnt a lot from my toddler everyday and also watch how mature she grows.
    3. Never have expectations in life and life will throw back surprises beyond expectations
    4.Stay resilient and bounce back whatever hardship you face. I have learnt this in a hard way from my ( father's demise)
    5. Don't enforce yourself or others into anything and lose happiness but do what you love.
    6.Use the time to strengthen what you feel weak at.
    7. Love Nature coz it does good for us . We as humans destroy and so we get it back.
    8. Stay fit,stay healthy . Bring a fitness routine.

    These are the things which i treasure and have imbibed in me. And it will be still as a learning process

    priyavijayas Dec 8 2020

    Patience is the most important thing I learnt in this year because of my parenting journey. Starting from breastfeeding everywhere I faced struggled and learnt everything for my kid so far. But what I understood is we need to have lot of patience. Especially I need it more when my kidoo is introduced solid foods. Two to three hours of patience for each time feed some days. Even such food strikes happened while exclusive breastfeeding too and finally he accepts feed after 7-8 hrs. So what I needed is patience to see, accept and face it. At last by parenting I learn how to be patience which never happened before. Happy parenting journey.

    Vinopriya Dec 8 2020

    Iam a private school teacher. This year hurts a lot because of no money. We have four year kid. And due to covid19. Three months without a salary. We unable to get milk too my son. All the shops were closed. And after three month. Because of no salary. In my school they started online class. We are in rural area. That why we are suffered. Only half a pay they gave. So we suffered a lot . and then we thought we should save. In our school only five teachers they were started to work in online. This year we spent a lot of time with family too. Money is first. If we have money. No problem at all. And my friends also done a help they gave money and we given back to them past Month.without a salary lot of teachers they joined in super markets. They started to sell vegaetables too. How this year has changed. They were shy to see also. Because teachers done a degree. But this year made us to do all the work. Some of them teachers they were in interior village they went for agriculture work too. This year gave us without money. You won't live. So keep a money saving. Money is very important in part of our life. So save money. Without Money we unable to do anything. We kept our jewel too for our own purposes to get milk rice, everything and Also this year gave a lesson. Social distancing is very important and handwash before and after coming into the home and going out to the home.

    Mansi Chaturvedi Dec 7 2020

    The year 2020 has proven to be a chapter in my life which has made me aware of one thing and that is no matter what you have or you have saved or you desire, the only thing important is how well you deal with anything or situation that comes in your life. My mental balance , my mental wellbeing can only make me face the ups and downs in life in a very proper manner and even help me in helping others to cope up with theirs and making easier for each other.