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    Joy of Celebration!

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: August 2019

    Joy of Celebration!

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: August 2019

    TOPIC: Share unforgettable stories of friendship and memories that you've had! Share with us your experiences in 100 words and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers! SUBMIT ORIGINAL ENTRIES ONLY!!!

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    Team ParentCircle Oct 8 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Many Many Congratulations to Winners.

    Jasmine Bose Aug 28 2019

    It was back in 1995. My best friend Nina and I joined a painting class. Though the fee was a bit high for her, she still joined me. For the first two months she paid her fees duly but two months afterwards she defaulted. One day, the teacher scolded her badly. That very evening she came to my house and left early. At night I found notes worth Rs 780 missing from my purse. Next day, I asked Nina about the money but she refused point-blank. Two days later she cleared her dues. I understood everything and our friendship soured forever.

    Jyotsna Pandey Aug 25 2019

    Dear swara

    Wish i had words, whenever i think to tell her, how she has been to me, and how is it to be having the bestest bestie like her, my vocabs shrink and no words even in oxford dictionary seems good enough to describe her even in fraction.

    She has been the bestest thing happened, her name is not important, so not naming her.

    She and I, we share absolutely no similarities, different cities, different up bringing, different thinking but a common chord, we both just love each others company. We both are bestest of friends and believe you me, half the world is jealous of us.

    I dont want to name its our chemistry, physics or biology or mathematics or accounts, its jus our friendship, that has made it so beautiful.

    She been there in my thick and thin.

    She's been there, every dusk and dawn, every thing in my life, i have shared with her.

    We make sure we meet and turn city upside down, twice a year, as we both have own families, life and we hail from different cities.

    I once told her, i couldnot believe how can a person on this earth be so selfless, so caring, so loving such a buddy, not judgemental, freebee, easy going , understanding, selfless but after another year i took back my words coz she was far beyond and better than what i thought she was and could have ever described.

    It has only grown stronger.

    Freedom, trust, respect, regards, life , death, what we share is far beyond any relationship.

    But after meeting her i realised, all best friends of life were never besties, coz i knew what bestie is only after meeting her.

    Life is so different just coz of a friend, how a mother gives a selfless love to her child, we share similar relation of care and trust, i m not drawing a comparison but yes, we are like that.

    Its amazing.

    Hope every one has a friend, who stands beside with his or her life, who support you, your most honest critic and your biggest fan, stands when no1 does, the shoulder of love and support, smiles with and cries before you, just a best amazing and wow bestie.

    Poonam Aug 25 2019

    "Language of friendship is not words but meaning" when one doesn't say anything but the other one understand it,knows you well.I am fortunate to say that I have someone who been a pillar of strength for me at the times of tides in the ocean. Motivator,supporter and critique too to manifest real me . Indispensable part of my life. It's been seven years we are celebrating our friendship and its flavors of an agreement and disagreement, gloominess and exuberance. But all in all love,care and dedication towards each other. I remember when i had to face hundreds of people in placement selection and I just lost all my confidence that how I"ll able to crack it. and he said" yaha tak ayi ho too aage bhi jaogi. You will do it". And suddenly all the blood pumped in veins again. Indeed to say, he is all in one basket. My boon companion, husband, shoulder to cry on. Above all my best friend ......

    Kavita Aug 23 2019

    We first met in office, when this beautiful lady walked in for an interview and within 10 mins of discussion i selected her.
    She joined office the very next day and here began our journey of friendship. We soon developed a close bond. Both of us had lot of similarities ....like, we both had intercaste marriages and our respective husbands were bengalis. .We also stayed in the same locality.

    We began eating together, going shopping together and walking back home together after work. Right from auto drivers to vegetable vendors in the vicinity, everybody knew us for our strong friendship.
    The best part came when we both conceived at almost the same time. People on the streets and our colleagues at work loved to see both of us rolling around our office with our baby bumps. Once or twice we even got stuck trying to cross paths in reverse directions. People would jokingly refer to us as bulldozers and move out when we were walking.

    Then a daughter was born to me and she gave birth to a son. 3 years hence our kids secured admission in the same school. People in school began seeing us together on OPEN DAYS and SPORTS DAYS and every event in school. We became famous as a made for each other pair amongst teachers and parents. Whenever one of us was missing...the other was questioned about the MISSING SHADOW. We both went through ups and downs of our lives holding eaxh other's hands.. Our bond grew stronger as by now our husbands and kids too had joined our group.
    Then one day i got news that they are moving abroad for a job. There was despair and gloom. I felt like my world had crashed. However , life goes on and it did with us too. God decided to re unite us within few years of separation. Now she is back in town . With our teenager kids and busy schedules, we rarely find time to meet. However our friendship continues to remain as strong as ever. Its been close to 2 decades now that we have been friends and looking forward to remaining so forever.

    Sweety singh Aug 22 2019

    It's been 4 years we were friends that too friendship of 7years from school to college. When we enter in college from school we were only two and that's the main reason of our strong frindship in college we started spending a lot of time together he started taking care of every little thing of mine from college projects to health to food even everyone thought that we are couples and I don't no when he started felling the same he became possessive for me, started hating my spending time with other boys and one day he just kissed me and that day I lost my only friend. But even today when I feel bad I miss him.

    Prabha Aug 20 2019

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    Prabha Aug 20 2019

    @Prabha Bahut khoob likha ha aapne. Keep it up aur aise hi likhte rahiye!

    Prabha Aug 20 2019

    @Prabha Thanks

    Dyuthi Aug 20 2019

    Vinita Mathreja Aug 20 2019

    It's been two months to our friendship and we feel we know each other better than our old friends. We met online and started conversing about our life goals. He counselled me on my teething issues at workplace, my health and what not. He became my agony uncle, friend and philosopher. One day I told him I am attending an open mic cum flash fiction fiesta and I would be performing. He believed I would need some one to be cheering me at the event, So he asked me about the details of the event and booked a slot for himself too. He absolutely has no connect with literature but this was his way of supporting my passion.

    Vinita Mathreja Aug 20 2019

    @Vinita Mathreja So heartwarming a story, Vinita!

    Priyanka Chavan Aug 19 2019

    It's been 19 years to our friendship. We are completely different or say world apart. If I'm simple, introvert whereas she is naughty, extrovert. We have always been each others strength. Every secrets of hers are safe with me. And she is the shoulder where I lay my head and cry my heart out. She is not just my bestie she is my sister.

    Nishma Aug 17 2019

    We complement and complete each other! Cause when she was white, I became her black and we always made the best beautiful classic black and white art. But all the other friends we let in, was the only another grey shade, cause "we" are in a committed relationship.
    She became my pillow to cry on, through the mobile signals that carried her voice, when I spent all my sleepless nights in tears. Miles of distance didn't stop us from being there for each other.
    Watching "coffee with Karan" couldn't deviate my mind from all the fears and worries, but sharing "coffee with Ramya" could fix everything. There is nothing that one coffee couldn't fix, in between us. When neither chocolates nor ice creams could fix my mood, her phone call was my best therapy. But now every coffee of mine is incomplete without you. Every story of my life you listen to always craves for your presence in it.
    When she preferred burgers over pizzas...and I loved pizzas; When she loved pets and me, always being scared of them, we killed the cliche of besties...!
    When she is the best dancer and I struggled to dance, she always wrapped me in her arms like a warm blanket from my insecurities and inferiority.
    Tall and short...; dark and fair...; straight and curly...; even when we acted as the bad bitches against the bitch who tried to separate us, We made the best combo!

    "Every coffee of mine misses you till we meet! "


    Sidra rahmani Aug 17 2019

    I had my bestie in My school days... She was My everything... My life partner my love everything... In presence of her I have never needed anyone else than her.. We were perfect to each other... I always felt lucky that she is my friend... She used to take care of me like mom ,she always used to bring medicine and forced me to eat because I never liked medicine, at that time I always used to behave like a baby she like My mamma..... Given advice like my dad she used to care about my future given advice like a career counselor.. She was everything to me. .. And it was my world with me and her only... . She completed my world... Made my world beautiful.. Made me a mature Girl which I never was... She always handled me very well always understood me... Never judged me... Excused my all faults and tried her best to save our friendship by keeping ego a far away from our friendship... She was the best part of my life I can never forget that miss perfectionist ...she always healed the wound of my ego, anger and mistakes in the relationship of our beautiful friendship... She has given her best to our friendship... If this friendship is going on till now it's all due to my sweetheart.. My bestie..

    PC Admin Aug 16 2019

    I remember in my school days, I had a friend with whom I had a fight and she wasnt talking to me and I was not getting how to make her up . She was not talking with me so I decided to write a letter to her and I wrote a letter in the form of song. Yes, I restructured Shahrukh's song as -
    Ek ladki thi deewani si na jaane kyun itna zagadti thi...jab bhi milti thi mujse bss yahi pucha karti thi yeh friendship kaise hoti h yaar...yeh friendship kaise hoti h...n mein bss yahi keh pati thi....Ankhien Khuli ho ya ho bandh deedar usi ka hota h...aur best friend ho toh har bar zagda bhi ussi se hota h...n she smiled n we patched up again....

    swapnaja deshmukh Aug 14 2019

    education is most important in human life this we all know about that
    i always know in indian education there is book education ,readiness is always tress on that ,i go to send my son to school and iam go in to my school days
    one woman take her boy to school and he dosnt want to go to school,but she is eager to go school about her child ,she went to the teachers and sit in the class and learn school subjects and study with other boys ,but boy had new tricks and he donot come school one day he caught by his mother ,next day in the morning she caught him come to school with him
    teacher of class of that boy enter to class ,andthat lady go after sometime ,she wait some time outof school
    when igo to school when june comes and school my first day of school
    full of boriness ,idont like school ifeel so sad lonely i never being in the class ialways wonder here and there by mind my son also feel that homsickness in school in class my mind always dont in new class ,books new notebooks, new teachers ialways see never ,surrondings are very tacky ,crowdy ialways thought why are they talking so much ? why they disturbed others ? why people noisy? i always want peace and quiteness so thats why i am friendly nature to all and i like all the time lonlyness.

    Roopa M Aug 14 2019

    During my college days, one summer vacation, I visited my aunts place. I played with her little daughter but also got bored sometimes. My aunts close friend, brought along her daughter Gayatri one day, who was of my age. She and I became instant friends. We spent a lot of time together. We played carom board, badminton, cards, went for walks, visited temples, shopped and cooked a bit. What I really liked about her was that she was very obedient, active, responsible, and caring towards all in her family and was an amazing cook. She made my vacation memorable.
    After the vacation, I met her couple of times and also attended her wedding. I always miss her.

    Anil jaswal Aug 14 2019

    Once I was in need of some documents from the university in which I was registered. And unfortunately I had no idea how to do it. I asked so many class mates but of no use. Ultimately I left for the place where my university was, tense and thinking hard that how to get this done. When you don't no anyone. The whole of the night I kept on thinking while traveling but mind gaveup. As nothing worked out. So in the morning I reached the city in which university was. And I had my breakfast that slowly and slowly started moving towards the campus. As I reached the gate of the campus I found a old acquaintance so I wished him. He responded as usual. And than that noble man asked me how you are here. I narrated my problem. He asked me for fee required to be paid to get the documents. I gave him the required amount and told me to meet him at the same spot tomorrow at this time. and than he left. I was little relaxed but apprehensive. Whole day I roamed here and there in the city. Next day I reached the same spot he asked for. I found exactly after 2-3 minutes he arrived and handed over me the envelope carrying those documents. I thanked him for solving my problem and also thanked God for sending this angel for the help of novice like me.

    Alveera Hafeez Aug 13 2019

    Life gifts us many people but not everyone who we meet cares for us. It was just 4 years 4 months and 13 days before when I met this wonderful guy. I never thought he would become so special to me. We don't share lots of pictures but we were there for each other always. Once I was deceived by one of my friends, I was bleeding inside, my soul was giving up, everything seemed to be falling down. I decided to end this mortal body! I decided to leave, so I wrote my last letter in which I mentioned this deceitful friend of mine. But when I was writing my best friend saw this, he said nothing. As soon as I finished, he snatched the letter. I requested him to give it back but he never returned it, he read it all. He slapped me then and said," How dare you do this! Are you mad?" " I can't continue, I am ruined!", I said. "Ohk! Then what about me?? Forget me! What about your parents, your sister?? How will they live?" "I don't know I just can't continue!" "We will sort out this shit man just don't lose your senses! I swear you! If you love me then promise me, you won't do this!" From that day till today I know I could never get a friend better than him because he gave me new reason to live! He gave me life!


    Rashi Goel Aug 12 2019

    Around five years ago, it was ten in the night when I was heading fast to my hotel room after the evening shift in ICU. I saw my dear friend Anu standing with all her luggage in front of my room. She had come to shift into my room.
    I couldn't believe my eyes. "I just wanted to celebrate your midnight bash which was impossible else wise." I hugged Anu.
    She decorated our room in those two hours and celebrated my 25th Birthday with the most unforgettable present she gifted to me. it was she herself as my new roommate.

    Ekta Vaswani Aug 11 2019

    It was during on of my contest trips that I made my bestest friend for life. I was heading to mumbai for a contest I had one from Nivea with a co winner. We were poles apart in nature and it was my first air trip. She helped me sail through everything smoothly. We kept in touch even after coming back winning contests together,taking each other for trips to even sharing our lo times, supporting each other . today we stay in 2 different cites but the friendship is still alive :)

    Sayantani Ray Aug 11 2019

    Mr. J. Krishnamurti the famous philosophist said -" you must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it." That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing and dance and write poems and suffer and understand for all that in life.
    I have friends from school, college, office, from my apartment, from neibouring colonies but above all I love my books. They are my all time favorite friends. They don't want anything from me inspite they give me a lot of knowledge. Reading books passion of mine started when I saw my father buying books with all his savings, every week he used to order one book and pay for it when he he used to get it in hand with all his savings of that week. This inspired me a lot. In this era of smartphones this might look bit off dated but please read something when you get time, it will make you a better person. Thank you!

    Mousumi Biswas Aug 11 2019

    True Friends are essence of life . In today s materialistic age it's very difficult to find friends who are True and loyal . The real test of friendship is
    when you are passing through a lean phase .Fairweatherr friends vanish when you are passing through a lean phase . but real friends stick to you like glue never to part . They may not near you always but will always be with you in your time of need , even in the most unearthly hours . True Friends are happy in your happiness n sad in your hard n trying time . They will always give you a shoulder to lean on and she'd your tears . Loyal friends will always lend you a patient ear to listen to your problems and may even provide solutions for them . True Friends may not phone or meet you everyday , but they remain in each other's ?? hearts always .

    Honey Aug 10 2019

    Dosti duniya ka sab se pyaara aur anokha rishta, hasna rona Ek dusre ko bina Kuch kahe samajh jaana na apni kamiyo ka dare na hi ghabrana. The beautiful and unmemorable part of my life my friend Nimmi who was always there for me and it was a big surprise for me when I met her again after 25years and my God it was a moment like I stood still and we remembered our beautiful days which once again made us recognized life is beautiful

    Bhavya Aug 10 2019

    Bhoomika Aug 9 2019

    Friend is itself a huge world. In the world full of self oriented people there are organisms who care about us with expecting nothing.
    I had been struggling to get a good friend and the ones who I have got after these struggles are light to my life.
    Once when I was in 10 th we had a break given after the lunch and the next class was physics. We were in washroom and this was our place to hangout. We decided to slowly walk towards our class and waste the time. We dint do it always but at some occasions. We all went very slowly and when the class was nearing we decided to run( this was to show our teachers how desperate we were to listen the class)... but oops one of my friend just fell. It wasn't and normal fall she fell in front of the classroom and I had stomach ache laughing at her.... We still remember the laugh we had together.... truly best memories which I can't forget.

    Urvashi Mahato Aug 8 2019

    Friendship is a string made with love and respect for each other. I feel lucky to marry my childhood best friend.
    Once, when in school, I remember, it was rainy season and there was heavy rain. We decided to get wet in the rain while coming back from school and do some mischief. The drains on the roadside of our colony were overflowing,
    We kept our bags on the over flowing drain, sat on it and Since the water current was high, we floated all the way to our houses.
    What fun we used to have during those golden days!

    Shabnam Desai Aug 6 2019

    Not everyone around you can be your friend. When we were small all who we knew in our age group, in school would be our friends. When we grow up we have our choices. The one who is there by your side through thick and thin ultimately becomes your friend. When you need a shoulder to cry on. Share your happiness and your sorrows, it there for you just one call away is your friend. Sometimes It so happens even when we don't see them. Or talk to them for days or months but there is a bonding and you get a feeling that deep in your heart and mind that you are always thinking about them and they are thinking about us. Suddenly the phone rings and we are all delighted to get in touch. Only a true friend will guide you when you are wrong and support you for the good. It's true friendship that welcomes you with your flaws as well. It doesn't see caste, religion creed etc. A true friendship is being honest, gentle and kind with each other. We laugh and cry together, share secrets, speak without any inhibitions. It can be between anyone for example, mother and daughter, father and son, husband wife etc. That is what true friendship is, to respect one another feelings and act responsibly.

    Prabha Aug 5 2019

    Rhianna Fernandes Aug 4 2019

    Rickita has always accepted my goofy, intolerable, side effortlessly. She's stood by me and been my partner in crime through thick and thin. She's accompanied me across all my crazy endeavors. From having my back in every awkward situation to being my wing-woman and cleaning up the mess I left behind. I don't have words to explain what she means to me because without her, life would be blank and boring. She's been brutally honest with me about everything. Without her advice I'd probably be in some inescapable ditch.

    Against all odds, we found a friendship so great and strong.

    Kokila Ravichandiran Aug 4 2019

    Happy friendship day to all

    Prabha Aug 4 2019

    Happy Friendship Day everyone! There are infinite memories with friends but the unforgettable one's are saved permanently in our sub-conscious mind and heart. We consist of 7 friends in a group. Once few years ago, on Friendship Day itself it was raining heavily in the midst of it, we had a get together where we made an instant plan. I was giving several alternatives, my other friends were selecting from it. We without wasting time planned the one Day picnic. First we ride our two wheelers, that was long drive, we covered several destinations and finally had dinner and we departed in the evening. We enjoyed that day by singing, teasing, enjoying the views, observing optimistically. Overall, we had fun and enjoyed Friendship Day with lot of unforgettable memories.

    Prabha Aug 4 2019

    sumijalan Aug 3 2019

    Prajwal Aug 3 2019

    Friends are like the frosting to my favorite cake,
    I still remember once I was on field trip to a glass factory for case study, at the end we were all asked to gather around the bus for final head count, I stayed back to collect glass pieces to paint and the factory people thought everyone were out of the premises, so they let go of all the dogs. My best friend noticed I was still inside so she started to go back in but our teachers and the guards didn't let her in because of the dogs she fought and came in by saying "she's is scared of dogs so I am going in" and rushed inside even though she was little scared of the dogs too, she calmed me down and asked me not to panic and I crossed the patch looking at her car. My bestfriends are really a blessing to me

    Anil jaswal Aug 2 2019

    Once it was a last working day in school and we were given half-day because teachers had to attend to their official work. My school bus was to come at 4 pm. So we all friends decide to walk through to our homes. We all were walking and whoever's house falls in the way drops. At the end we two friends remain because of being neighbors. It was summers so quite hot in the afternoons. We were totally burnout and thirsty. I mean not in a mood to move further. But what to do. We had to reach the destination. So kept on moving obstinately. Suddenly a one bike came and stood by us. I think he understood our position and seeing in school uniform wanted to help us. But unfortunately their was a space for one person. We were two. So now it was to be toss between two of us. But my friend being more compassionate relented and told me you please go with this gentleman on a bike and I will walk through the rest of the distance. I became very selfish and quitely sat on the bike and reached home comfortably. On the other hand that poor fellow my friend walked whole of the stretch in scorching heat of summer. Better would have been I should have rejected that temptation and accompanied my friend.

    Prabha Aug 2 2019

    "Friendship" is very important in our life. It is a special bond that every friend need to prove it. It's a special type of relationship. Two friends understands each other ,Understand their feelings and understand everything about each other they know well their habits. They can understand all the things about them.
    They are with each other in every situation
    In time of Happiness and Sadness and all they are with each other to support each other. Me and my friend "Avdhesh Saxena" we are with each other from childhood from school time. We can understand each other, We help each other in every situation. In Happiness, in Sadness we help each other . He is my very good friend, he understands me very well, he helps me in all my work then in college we were with each other in playing , in studying we help each other. Friendship is a special bond only two best
    Friends can understand this. They understands the feeling of each other
    The main source of friendship is understand and help it's not a contract it's a relation related to heart.
    If a friends understand us and understand all the situation of his friend
    His problem and help him in every situation. That means a True friendship is there every best friend can prove his friendship but it's not mandatory Its prove by heart.
    Friendship is a special bond which depends on understanding ,love, and honesty. It's on transparency and love .