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    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: August 2019

    Lifestyle for Moms

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: August 2019

    TOPIC: Share your experience of joining work after having a baby! Share with us your experiences in 100 words and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers! SUBMIT ORIGINAL ENTRIES ONLY!!! Contest Closes on 30th August 2019. ... more


    Team ParentCircle Oct 8 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Many Many Congratulations to Winners

    Shreya Suraj Aug 29 2019

    We have all said MOM=WOW
    Yes that is true. Getting an opportunity and blessing to become a mom is the ultimate dream for most of the women. I got married in my first year of post graduation itself . I had an Gold medal in my graduation and was dreaming for a future as a teacher who would inspire and motivate the kids.
    Fate had better plans for me. I conceived in my first month itself and delivered my daughter Khushi within the first 9 months. I had a difficult pregnancy due to severe vomiting, difficult delivery but at the end of it, I had a daughter more precious than gold medal in my hand.
    I lost my chance to finish my post-graduation in the same year but I did not lose hope. I used to study whenever I got time. I knew my M.Sc Maths was important but I had a better degree called Mother of Sweet Child with me. The degree which would have finished 6 months later was finished after 2 years . A few years later I joined B.Ed and topped the university in that too. Today,we have shifted to Doha I am one among the top Maths tution teachers in Doha. Kids love my way of teaching and I have achieved my dream though to others it may seem that I lost a few years.
    I would love to add, yes a degree, a job, a career, money everything is important but a child is precious. Its not called taking a backseat or a break or a sacrifice when you give up things you love to take care of your child, it is called "investment" . A few years of care and nourishment will bring out a beautiful young soul who will be responsible enough to make this world a better place.
    So MOM=WOW always. Cheers to all mothers in this world. You all are great !!

    Shreya Suraj Sep 30 2019

    @Shreya Suraj Congratulations for winning the contest. You have written a beautiful.article. ...every mom can relate to it

    Jasmine Bose Aug 30 2019

    Before our marriage, my hubby had a small farm holding, where he along with two farmhands would toil through the day. After marriage, I also joined him. But just before my first due date, I stopped accompanying him. Afterwards, as I joined him, I found myself grappling with the daily chores to a great extent, but I had to. However, I made it a point to keep our daughter close to us. Occasionally, I used to lose my temper and slap the poor child whenever she would cry, but with time I calmed down a lot and acquitted myself quite creditably.

    Sugitha Aug 28 2019

    Without chance I took a break for 1 year and 10 month after delivery (I worked for a company there is no maternity leave option). During the break sometimes I felt lazy and think that can I restart my carrier like before deilvery?

    Felt good when I got a chance to restart my carrier. I am blessed that my society is helping me to stand again, my family is supporting to take care of my daughter, my husband is understanding and giving his best to co-operate me, my office is giving enough flexibility to do my best. My daughter knows that Amma is going to office and will come soon to be with her.

    Aishwarya Sandeep Aug 28 2019

    When my son was born I went into post partum depression. I had always loved my career and now I was in debt of guilt. I started writing to vent out my feelings because I felt nobody understood me. I was wrong millions could relate to my condition. That is when I pursued my hidden dream of becoming a writer and came back with a bang with blogging. After having taken the first big step, rest of the things fell in place.

    Urmila Aug 26 2019

    I have 1.8 year baby boy
    I am a lecturer in diploma engineering collage.i joined collage till last two month.
    My boy is leave with they dada and dadu.
    He is happy with them but he also want to mumma.all time asking a question mumma ?
    I fill so bad and always worried he eating well or not nothing to do which is not good for him and all thing which he do.
    I m thingking about him all time.

    Urmila Aug 26 2019


    Jyotsna Pandey Aug 25 2019

    Maa ..bnaana hmsb ke jivan ka sbse sukhad ehsaas hota hai...Lekin kbhi kbhi jimedarinya....Es ehsaas ko....Dabane lg jati hai..Kyonki ek..Maa hi h jo hr pl apne bacchon k bhavishy k baare m sochti rhti hai...Aur en sb chijon k liye paisa sbse bda mudda hai.. Maternity leave k bad jb maine apne teaching join ki to mujhe hr pal bacchon ki yaad statne lgi..Bachhe kaise honge...Kyonki main...3 bachho ki ma hu...1 twins 1 daughter... School m sbhi log mujhse khne lg gy...Aapne bacchon ko kaise chod diya...Kya aapko paise jyade pyaare h...Unlogon ki baate sun kr maine unse bs etna hi kha ki...Koi bhi maa apne bachon se alg nhi hona chahti vo 24 ghnte unk sath rhna chahti h...Mgr jimmedariyon k aage...Sbko jhukna pdta h...Ghr pR rhne wali maayen bhi 24hr ki job hi kr rhi hai...After baby sbse bda task yhi rha h..Ki bacchon ko..Shi poshan , gyaan ,samajh aur future diya jaay...Aur bhavanon ko control m rkha jaaye.?

    Vaishali Dubey Aug 23 2019

    After birth of my little one I was reluctant to join work. I was doubtful whether I will be able to do justice to all my responsibilities.

    I really thought of sacrificing my dreams,ambitions and career forever.At that time my grandmother just changed my perception towards motherhood.

    She said, 'Motherhood is a choice, it is not a sacrifice! Becoming a mother doesn't mean you love your life less. Motherhood means nurturing and loving your life with other life you got in this world'.

    Her words lifted the feeling of guilt I carried and I resumed duties at my job happily.

    Prabha Aug 22 2019

    I am a btech graduate, after being a mother I feel strongly that I am learning a lot of things than learned these many years from all the institutions, the difference is learning is not based on curriculum or written but are naturally from experiences, now only I realised what is life and its reality, I am really really enjoying my motherhood and experiencing the wonders in every minute steps and progression they are making.I see my face in my children's, and for them their world is me. I am trying to inbuild myself with goodness and reflect it as I feel myself as responsible citizen of a family.

    Sayantani Ray Aug 22 2019

    Mothers, always go through conflicting emotions. I think the most common one would be joining work after childbirth.
    Being double Masters degree holder I was not an exception to it. After leaving my full time R&D job, I took up some part time assignments and traveled, then I took up some online tutoring and adjunct faculty job. Now I have started home tuitions which has given me lot of flexibility with time. For me involment was the main focus with giving few hours of quality time to my child. Tuitions gives a good ambience at home and providing an excellent habit of studying on time to my little kiddo. Thats the satisfaction I have achieved, not much of commercial benefits. Thank you!

    Kavita Aug 21 2019

    The HR professional in me succeeded in pushing my NEW MOM role to the backseat.. So after my maternity leave i resumed my Mumbai job, leaving behind my tiny infant with my parents and in-laws in Pune.
    Every hectic week at work ended with a tiring weekend trip to Pune to be with my daughter.

    I did this for 3-4 months. My baby's smiles, her tender touch, her happiness in my arms and her gloom while leaving me, kept haunting me all week. My career and money didn't interest me anymore. Her absence created a vaccuum in my life. At last the mom within me won against the career woman in me. I quit my job to be a full time mom. Its been more than a decade in this role, where i did a lot of work from home jobs....but with all focus on bringing up my girl. Today my teenaged daughter excels in academics and extra curricular activities making me feel proud that i gave up my own career to build hers.

    Mousumi Biswas Aug 10 2019

    A baby's birth is the happiest moment for parents . Your whole schedule and priorities are now centered around the new born . Every day brings in new experiences n joy . But being a working woman has its own share of anxieties too . She has to plan ahead how she would manage after her maternity leave ends .
    I had a tough pregnancy followed by a c _sec delivery . I had to quit my school job in Lucknow . I came to Delhi for my treatment n delivery . In the meantime my husband also got transferred to Delhi .
    When my son was eleven months, I decided to join my new job . My parents
    and husband fully suppported my decision . My parents were a huge support system for me as I left my son in their care . My school is just 5 minutes walk from my place . Being in a school gave me ample time to spend with my baby . However he was practically raised by my late parents .
    My husband too supported me a lot . Right from nappy changing , bathing our baby , helping him in his school work , making tiffin , to attending PTMs he has done it all
    My son is now 27 years old n pursuing his PhD in journalism in USA . Even today I am grateful to them for imbibing in him such wonderful habits n values and making him what he is today
    My parents and husband made my working after my tough pregnancy a real cake walk .. I really thank God for giving me such a supportive family ??????????

    Mousumi Biswas Aug 16 2019

    @Mousumi Biswas A supportive family is the backbone for any woman.you have been blessed with such@

    Mousumi Biswas Aug 21 2019

    @Mousumi Biswas Thank you . I am really indebted to them

    Anuj Rathour Aug 10 2019

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    Anuj Rathour Aug 10 2019

    @Anuj Rathour Good story

    All the best

    Anuj Rathour Aug 16 2019

    @Anuj Rathour Great to know from a father how he handled the birth of his child! Great Job, Anuj!

    Prabha Aug 10 2019

    Every Mother will agree that life changes drastically after having a baby. It's the toughest task to manage household chores, work and family. Mother who accept this challenge with kind-heartedness and are to be saluted with honour by our government. My passion is writing, reading, singing. I daily take out some time in the midst of busy schedule, and accomplish the task. This I consider as self-discipline. I de-clutter the work and manage time with enthusiasm. I am glad to work at home with baby, family, thoughts, intelligence and writing. Thank you to Team ParentCircle.

    Prabha Aug 16 2019

    @Prabha Such a great write up about you managing your time with family and also engaging yourself intelligently is really inspiring!

    Prabha Aug 16 2019

    @Prabha Thank you so much! Your patience in reading every write-ups is excellent. You give replies accurately. Keep it up. Thanks ParentCircle group for connecting with profound writers. Proud to be a part of this family.

    Prabha Aug 16 2019

    @Prabha We are extremely fortunate to have such amazing parents amongst us and readily supporting others in the wonderful journey called parenting!

    Umme Ammara Aug 16 2019

    Having resigned three months prior to my first delivery, I focussed on a healthy diet and pregnancy workout. When she was pulled out from my stomach, which left a permanent scar, not that I cared much about it; I wept tears of ecstasy (this happened for the next two deliveries as well and most probably happens with every new born mother). Ours was a nuclear family with my parents and inlaws staying in another city, implying I didn't have the luxury of joining my work back. In the beginning, it did not matter much; but as time flied, I began to grow restless despairing at my inability to do something productive. To satisfy such cravings, I began writing on some apps and got an overwhelming response from my readers. This prompted me to write a book on the subject I studied in my PG from National Institute of Technology, Warangal. Thus The Physics in our Daily Lives came into existence. This was my fourth child and was equally dear to me. It is now briskly selling on Amazon and I thank my child for it. But for her, I would have been another 9 to 6 employee juggling between home and office. Thanks to her, I now enjoy the status of an author as my book speaks for itself catering to the needs of school and college going children who would love to learn Physics the fun and easy way.

    Umme Ammara Aug 16 2019

    @Umme Ammara You are indeed lucky to have found a second innings through your writings. Keep continuing and be an inspiration to many

    Umme Ammara Aug 16 2019

    @Umme Ammara Thank you dear.

    Aishwarya Sezhian Aug 12 2019

    I resigned my job a month prior to my delivery. I knew I wanted to be with my child. But as she was growing, I knew I wanted to do more than housework and child rearing. I felt my brain was dead. I started reading and attempted writing, I was offered full time jobs but I knew I couldn't do it. So I started working on research papers. It was a subject I loved and I would collect data and read and write from home. It got me active and I felt like I was alive again. I had lost my confidence in working with people so I slowly approached schools to conduct workshops. I gained my confidence and then joined a preschool for half day as an educator. Whenevr I had to work, collect data or make presentations, my husband would change his schedule so that he would be with the child. I thank him for his constant support and my daughter for helping me achieve so much.

    Aishwarya Sezhian Aug 16 2019

    @Aishwarya Sezhian You are indeed a lucky woman and to manage a job and child is a great deed .

    Smitha.R.P Aug 13 2019

    Before the delivery of my first child worked as lecturer in a college. Then I quit my job to go to my native place in Mangalore.
    Enjoying my motherhood, I did not feel like joining job again. My parents were happy in their native place, so i did not force them to stay with us in Bangalore. Being mother is a full time job...only thing we are not paid for it...but the
    family love we get is unmeasurable. As a mother...if they financially sound , it is very important for the mother to spend more time with children. Double income and no time with family or kids is full of waste. If both parents working full time , then they don't have hold on their children. Because of this children engage more in screen time. Children are pampered more and any gifts are got without any achievement. Parents do not have more time to spend with their children so they feel giving luxury is love they are giving to their children.
    . I enjoy my time by writing for the magazine, participating the contest of crossword,cooking etc.I also help my children entering their contest and persuing their hobbies.
    Along with my children , I also conduct home tutions for other children .I conduct workshop on gardening like growing plants, drawing and crafts
    Thus I feel it is not the compulsion for the women to work outside .She can engage her time engaging with her family members and follow her hobby or passion which she loves.

    Smitha.R.P Aug 16 2019

    @Smitha.R.P It's a good thing that you have been open about being a stay at home mom. Its a Payless job but then you will be happy that you get to be paid in love n hugs

    Jyoti Gupta Aug 14 2019

    I was pursuing my PhD, when I was expecting our first baby. My whole pregnancy period was like a roller-coaster ride, attending the college, working on my experiments (as my subject was Zoology), hectic schedule, going for the regular pregnancy check ups. Thankfully I was at my mother's place so, she was taking care my diet and was pampering me with so many healthy pregnancy recipes.

    After my daughter was born, I availed the maternity leave of 3 months. Those three months passed away so quickly and soon I realised that I have to join the college again as was at the final stage of PhD thesis submission. The first few weeks of joining back the college after my maternity leave were very tough, I always remained occupied with the thoughts as what my baby must be doing at home, how my mother would be handling the baby all alone,if the maid help would be on time etc etc. Whenever i used to get any free time, I would call my mother to ask her about the baby and if the baby is troubling her much.
    My mother used to assure me that everything is fine and I must focus on my work. She would tease me by saying that she had raised three kids single handedly and I must not worry about the baby.

    In the college, I used to miss my child badly, I would often take out my phone to have a look at her photos. In the evenings, I used to wait for the time when the college will get over and I would be back to home to hold my baby in my hands.
    It was a tough phase, but with the blessings of God and the support of my mother and husband, it passed out.
    Now I realise that without the cooperation of the people of the institution, we work with and without the support of the family, working mothers cannot imagine to balance their family and professional lives.
    That tough time had surely brought out a better version of myself, of being a strong modern mother, who loves her child endlessly but who also wish to secure the child's future and can be an earning member of the family too.

    Rashi Goel Aug 12 2019

    I was always keen at pursuing my dream of writing but it got lost somewhere in my career, family, kid. One day after the daily mothering, my munchkin slept and I suddenly thought of writing for social media platforms. I searched more about blogging and found some useful information. I shared with my husband and he too supported my thought.
    I work from home now and soon plan to introduce play school for my two year old so that I can peacefully join my full day work back. Thanks to those amazing writing platforms to show me the right direction.

    Olivia Fernandes Aug 11 2019

    I Prepared myself and made arrangements and got self-motivated. I looked for childcare I could afford. I asked my husband to help manage and share responsibilities.
    I accepted that it is hard to focus with my little one being at a daycare

    Initially, I arranged for flexible hours of working until I was sure that my child had settled in properly. I enjoyed getting back to work but at the same time, I was not laid back.
    Time management was the key. I marked important days in the calendar.
    I ate well and kept hydrated when I was still feeding.

    Shabnam Desai Aug 10 2019

    Becoming a mother is one of God's greatest gift. I was so delighted . Every day I cherished and learned something new from my little one. Patience, and understand was the key to day to day routine. For almost 3 months all was very smooth. But work committed took a toll on me. I had to leave my little one a start work half day as I had to tutor my students for their international exams. Though it was just half day work. But my day would start at 530 in the morning. I wouldn't let anything come in between my baby's development. I would get up freshen up, express milk for him for the hours that I was not available. So he wouldn't miss my breastmilk as doctor had explained the importance of it. Would nurse him and then leave for work. It was difficult but I did not have a choice. Would come home around 4pm. First thing nurse him again and spend them spend time with baby. Then would start my cooking and cleaning in the evenings. I never had any regrets and enjoyed doing this. Even before I could go to sleep I would express milk for him. Nights were not easy, every 2 or 3 hrs he got up to drink. But I feel after we become mothers God gives us extra courage and strength to fight all the odds in our life. I was blessed with a good family so if need be they would always stand to help out. My mother to take care of my baby during the hours when I was not there. That was a big relief. Even after nine years all is smooth and fine in my family and my work. If we follow a schedule all works well.