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    Together at Home | COVID-19

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: April 2020 | Your Lockdown Experiences

    Together at Home | COVID-19

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY: April 2020 | Your Lockdown Experiences

    TOPIC: Share your COVID-19 lockdown experiences with us! Pen down your thoughts in 100 words and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers! SUBMIT ORIGINAL ENTRIES ONLY!!! Entries accepted until 30th April 2020. ... more


    Prabha Jun 28 2020

    I m a lucky mother of two daughters ( 4 and 6 years old ). This lockdown was an opportunity as well as challenge for me. Opportunity to be wd d kids 24*7 ( whch otherwise I miss as I m a business women ) . It was a challenge more bcz to engross kids full day in one or d other activity is tedious , mind boggling and a roller coaster ride.

    Inspite of dz i was excited for the forthcoming days.

    In first fews days.. we ate together, slept togethr, played a lot f games like passing pillow, musicial chairs, lemon n spoon, clapping of hands, frog race , hand eye coordination etc and did activities like cycling,earbug painting, potato painting, cutting pasting , card making etc..

    Then came the time whn demands came for the tongue cravings.. Yes u thought it right.. Food fever..

    Since it was complete lockdown, satisfaction of this need was impossible from outside. It was now the time of trial and testing .

    I never knew this part of me. Initially started with baking a choco lava cup ( went complete disaster ) for my darlings.

    But soon after trials , my hands got used to cookin stuff..

    And aftr that series of dishes came out : Starters: Golgappa , papri chat, corn cutlet, Noodles, tandori platter, cheese chilly, samosas, etc

    Main course: Naan Daal, Sambhar Dosa, Fried rice, Chola Bhatura etc

    Dessert : Variety of Cakes, Donuts, Jalebi, rasgullas, Rasmalai, Kaju Katli, Besan Ladoo, Dry Fruits healthy bites etc..

    Now all these stuff have become normal day to day rountine..

    Lately we have developed some new hobbies like Hoola Hoop, Piano , Doodling and Soft pastels coloring..

    Some friends inspired us to post the dancing videos on social media and we r glad that people r loving it.

    In short, for me , this lockdown is a blessing in disguise as me n my kids had spent ample time togther, explored a lot of new hobbies and discovered a new bond of friendship with one another.

    With Love
    Swati Goel

    Eklavya Kumar Apr 30 2020

    In the end of March 2020 we went to super market for purchasing some things -20 kg rice, 30 kg wheat flour, 10 kg potato, 5 kg onion, 5L cooking oil. This is March Fear of a longer curfew. Survival instinct is behind this so-called crime, 'hoarding'. But the moment we reached the billing counter... policemen appeared. After verbally abusing the staff, they demanded the customers to leave immediately. The shop was then closed in front of us. We left the place empty-handed but with a feeling of relief -Nasik police is trying hard to save us. Salute to all those people working tirelessly to keep citizens safe!

    Rashmi Apr 30 2020

    'LOCKDOWN' This had various impacts on people's lives. As my daughter is a student she just couldn't cope up for some days because her last board exam got postponed. While studying she really wished to have a long break for relaxation after her boards. But this was unexpected and undesired. My husband owns a business and due to this sudden crisis it has come to an halt and it affects the labourers who work under us. Probably every human is never content and never realises the value of something which we already have. We always complain of having a busy life , but now when we have extra time we can explore our hidden talents. We can sing , write , practice dance , paint,workout , play games with family and reconnect with people with whom we've lost touch. My daughter baked cakes and cookies , tried preparing variety of cuisines ,as a family we munched and watched a lot of movies. Even i"ve been trying to learn new things.
    My daughter says ,even when the entire nation is under lockdown, our mothers have been working 'full time' because the housemaids are also practicing self isolation and both my kids help me.
    It's unfortunate that our lives changed drastically and many of them even lost their lives. We can never express the immense gratitude in words towards all the doctors , police and health care workers. Corona virus is an inconspicuous enemy who has been destructing humankind. Probably it's also the nature's Rage towards manhood , we have knowingly and unknowingly exploited mother earth and polluted the environment, now we are behind the bars. The chirping of birds has resumed, pure air has flared, the nature has revived. I hope we win over the virus and start living in harmony with nature.

    Prabha Apr 30 2020

    ****************Twin Soul*************
    Yup, in this lockdown period, I got to meet my twin Soul. It all begin with a message, "kaisi h? (How are you)" ! Just before the lockdown, I came back to my home , as all the colleges were declared to be shut down and so was mine. Imagine a complete stranger taking utmost care of you, giving you instructions of remaining safe through the journey and behaving so frankly as if you know him for years. It felt special! Actually, he was going to guide me in the making of the upcoming design post , the task I took for our college fest, which was going to be displayed online. Due to these uninvited vacation, we all were quite happy in the beginning. But who knew, these all was going to extend for months.

    So, after a long train journey, I reached home. Took rest. And after a day or two, I started my work under his guidance. For nearly whole day, we worked, and finally at the end of the day, the post was ready after so many rejections and confusions. It was so comfortable working with him. I felt a great kind of attachment to him and so did he. Day by Day, we started knowing each other well and honestly, it felt so good to talk to him. What he thought, I wrote and what I thought, he wrote before I could write. (While chatting!) Our thinking frequency, our behaviour, matched amazingly. And now, we can't imagine our day getting over without chatting with eachother. Our relationship is also much complicated. It can't be given a particular tag, because it's the relation of soul. He is my dad, as he adopted me, though being just one year elder than me, he has also became my best friend, my twin brother and much more. And our relation is as pure as a pearl. He has shared almost his whole past life with me, and I felt as if I have actually lived it. Though we haven't met each other in person, though we haven't seen each other even a single time, I consider him to be my twin Soul as this relation will last forever. If I have to say about the one good thing which has happened to me in this quarantine, then it is this, "I got my twin Soul" , though there are many , but this one is the best!!

    After this lockdown gets over, we have planned so many things and I am damn eager to meet him. He once told me, what he missed the most was gazing at innumerable starts with someone who can understand him completely, and I want to do this with him. A calm night, a star gaze, and an adventurous journey. He has gone through so much in his life, but now I don't want him to suffer even a bit. He says, " I can see myself in you. And I won't let you live the life which I have suffered through. It seems like God has given me a chance to live the life I messed up in the form of your life, and I won't let it destroy or even let it harm a bit. I will take you to such a great heights which I would have never been able to reach alone." These words of him are now my inspiration and the cause to live my life daily to the fullest. After his arrival in my life, I have changed a lot. I am on my journey to be the best version of myself. And I will never let him down.

    Not only he, but this period of lockdown taught me to live life as if it was the last and first day of my life. I started getting to know myself better, day after day, and have started to enjoy in my own company. Philosophy of life has started filtering in my mind and soul and each day feels like a rebirth. Though the world is facing a lot, it has taught us many lessons which we could have never learnt if we hadn't face such kind of situation. I believe in, "This all shall pass" , but now am eagerly waiting for, "when???" !

    Shubhangee Priya Apr 30 2020

    "Little things matter": I found one little thing that can lead to the solution of most of the problems.

    This is the truth that crimes, bad effects in environment and many more wrong things we are facing today. We're continuously trying to solve these problems but can not find that much good result as we need. Morally, people have degraded that much as one can murder a person without no big reason, one can do acid attack on a girl's face for very small incident and one can harm a person as much as he can by using their intellectual education .

    Air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, looting of banks, looting of money through hackers, unemployment , global warming and even the *coronavirus* is one of them. The increasing of intellectual education is not the real fault. Our real fault is that we have not given our morals it's right place. The world has degraded morally so much. Moral education is the only thing that can overpower any big power and can balance everything. We're forgetting the value of plants, value of elders, value of humanity and value of many more. Because, we have forgotten to give moral education it's right place.
    Now is the high time that moral education should be given equal position as we give to science or maths or social science and not as the side subject just to pass the exam. Moral studies should be taught throughout the life a student studies. Students should be continuously taught great biographies like A.P.J Abdul kalam's wing of fire, Swami vivekanand and biographies of great personalities that can inspire students to become a good a person with intelligence. May be there's not possible to teach the whole biography but at least, students can be taught the parts of it that can help them to grow in a positive way in the society alongwith the desire to fulfill their dreams. "We should educate our children to make the world and not to break the world which is already broken." Decreasing graph of crimes, well-mannered society , decreasing of dehumanization, the respect for our environment, decreasing of pollution, respect for elders, less diseased people and many more positive things can be seen in the coming generation only by taking a little step towards education by giving continuous moral education to students.
    I am very thankful to have this platform where I could write my opinion.
    Hope, the team will think and proceed the idea after reading this opinion. Namaste

    Nidhi agrawal Apr 29 2020

    Family Systems is helping me the most to sustain this lockdown period. Im lucky enough to say that regardless of any struggles thrown in my direction, my family is my go-to and best support system. Spending my precious time with them is truly a gift. The courage and encouragement, compassion and patience, good humour makes me feel wanted and loved. This lockdown has made me realize that I should never ever take my loved ones for granted because I never know, when they will never be around.

    ANUSHKA SINGHAL Apr 29 2020


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    -Anushka Singhal

    Arathi Vishwanath Apr 28 2020

    I want to rename this lockdown as Time for My Family Reunion.
    For me this lockdown gave many happy moments and helped me teach the values in life to my kids.
    In social media I have seen many people writing that their kids are not able to spend their time at home, but I never felt it as my kids new session had already started, they were engaged in online classes for half a day.
    This lockdown was the time when they spent most of their time with me as compared to any other holidays when they used to spend most of the time with their friends. They learnt many house hold works while helping me, learnt easy cooking recipes, utilised time in their hobbies by attending many online drawing and writing competitions.
    The re-telecast of Ramayana and Mahabharata in DD made me remember my childhood days and I shared it with my kids.
    My husband used to be very busy from last few years and he wasnt getting sufficient time to spend with kids. This lockdown helped him spend time with family after many years by playing board games like Ludo and Carrom, hence gave an opportunity for all the members of house to sit and enjoy together.
    My younger daughter enjoyed many videos of Parent circle Summer camp and learnt a few of them too. She also started to work on her Summer Diary too. I want to say thanks to Parent circle for finding new ways to engage kids and keep them busy throughout the lockdown period.
    Even though my works at home increased due to holidays I am enjoying with kids by playing and taking different videos and online classes.

    Shruti Jain Apr 28 2020

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    Prabha Apr 27 2020

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    Varsha Apr 27 2020

    Lockdown 2020 is the worst phase in our era where you have to stay at home with limited food. Its like you are in a Bigboss house and all the family members inside the house are aggressive and frustrated.!
    But there is one splendid benefit of this lockdown that you can spend time with your family which is very difficult in this running lives. I must say lockdown has its own merits and demerits.

    Tanmay Kansal Apr 27 2020

    Everything needs a reason; a reason to exist and a reason to perish, with perhaps the only exception being mankind. 'Fleabag' found hers in love and made the second season brilliant. Game of Thrones' lost it when all the actresses turned 18 and the last season went to shit. There is a reason to these vacations too, however ironically what we have lost is a sense of purpose.
    The Quarantine is then something of an obnoxious sequel. It commenced with beguiling grandeur and eventually turned into direful anxiety. Boredom reared apathy, which in turn transformed into monotony. Days culminated into a single singular Call for Help, or was it the Call of the Void?! I cant discern anymore.

    However, a kink in this chain of tedium brought about a change in my ripple effect. This ripple effect which is designated Reading was brought about into my lifestyle some years ago when I had naively discovered Books. This then was an ideal time to enhance and cherish this part of my life. Surprisingly, the contrary occurred. It was until one random moment in the space-time continuum that I remained oblivious to the change in my disposition. Was it Satan? Or was it the demise of Alaska finally having its repercussions?! I cant discern anymore.

    The bottom line is that I wasnt reading anymore, or as much as I ought to have anyway. The fault as I discovered upon introspection was universal in nature and much less special, in the same way that Leukaemia isnt. My personality is a botched up mess of gargantuan proportions, and college life highlighted it magnanimously, or at least in my mind, and a few others: a lot of them actually. Reading then was what kept me sane, or at least in my mind, and absolutely none others. Anyway, the point being that this leisure period let in the realization that reading had been an immaculate tool to fill up the void of loneliness. A void deep as poison and huge as air. Now exactly how much circumference of the ripple this change occupied is a mystery, but it was enough for it to be the centre of attraction. Not unlike that one minuscule spelling ambiguity in a mammoth of a flyer.

    The lifestyle feels better now without social interaction. Too good to be true. Or perhaps worse that I cant sit holed up in my room anymore now that I have family around me. Damn, it probably doesnt even matter because I dont as a whole. These days serves to resonate the lack of purpose of life, or perhaps there is a bigger purpose in the grand scheme of things. Just that I am not a part of it.
    Or maybe I am. I cant discern anymore.

    Prabha Apr 27 2020

    The most crucial thing this Pandemic has taught us is How unpredictable life is. How we cannot take this life for granted. It also makes us realise the importance of doing things we wish for, without waiting for another season, another reason, another liaison.
    All this struck me worst when my best friend was tested COVID Positive as she is a Nurse. Most of my life had revolved around her she being my best friend since school. A sudden feeling of Yes, my near and dear ones can as well be affected by this struck me then. Till then it was just something that would effect others and not me.
    Though she is stable now and doing good, it just made me realise how we should be happy for the things we have in life and if something is not keeping us happy, find the reason and take on the next step in the process rather than whining and not doing anything about it. Each of us have the right, ability and duty to keep ourselves happy. So always follow your heart and let time follow you rather than you waiting for the time.
    But use your brains rather than heart for now and
    #StayHome, #StaySafe #BeAlertNotAlarmed

    Kainaaz irani Apr 26 2020

    So 2016 saw a Crackdown on BlackMoney. 2020 sees a Lockdown on Movement. But no one's complaining of Being Ordered to stay home. No one feels freedom is compromised. No one feels we've become a dictator rule nation. Why? Because nothing, absolutely nothing is more important than Health. Health of oneself and loved ones. But we all had long forgotten that there's one more family which continues to exist amongst the worst circumstances, amongst the best times, amongst the most trying times...the family of Mother Earth. Her kids consisting of the kingdom of trees, animals and humanity weren't united anymore. As a mother she was distressed. She was on the brink of giving up. But as we sow we reap, a sudden wave of trauma was enough for all to press the pause button. Suddenly, all are at home, many lives are suddenly gone, many are isolated whilst living and in their last moments. We have fallen flat on our face. More hands are joining in prayer, more heads are looking upwards seeking help from the only One who's always considered as the last resort but should actually be our first resort. Mother nature is just like any mother. Loving and forgiving. She'll hold our hand and walk us through this and take us back to home. A home where we share our existence with every living being. This brings the Return to Innocence.
    With warm regards,
    Stay safe
    Kainaaz Irani

    Ranjani Gangadharan Apr 26 2020

    Lockdown has made man wonder
    For ages and eons
    He had pillaged and plundered
    The troves and treasures
    Mother Earth bestowed upon him
    For his greeds and needs
    Never respected her endowments
    Its payback time
    Lets lock ourselves
    Not only from outside world
    Lets lock our evil deeds
    Give time to heal and rejuvenate for the earth so frail
    Let mankind join hands together in distancing
    To make the world a better place
    For eras and years
    Let us teach our children
    To live and let live
    For a new beginning!

    Kavita Apr 26 2020


    The world is in a state of chaos. There is sad and gloomy news of lives being lost worldwide and a catastrophic number of humans struggling for survival ..either from the virus or from the hardships it has broght to one and all. Many are homelesa, jobless and trying to bravely face these adversities.
    The lockdown has brought the entire world to a standstill. ...with fears of a bleak and uncertain future.

    There is pain, gloom, despair and uncertianity everywhere. Yet, amidst all the negatives of the COVID -19 pandemic and the lockdown, we have several positives to ponder upon.
    We have now developed a new attitude of gratitude for every small and big thing of life. We salute our brave warriors ( the medical team, police personnel, cleaners, delivery boys) who are risking their lives to keep us alive.

    I am using this lockdown period by putting my culinary and creative skills to good use, re- connecting with family and friends, spending a good bonding time with family at home, gaining self dependence by doing household.chores in the absence of maids. However apart from these things, i am using the lockdown period to learn very valuable lessons the situation is trying to teach all of us. Each new lesson is an eye-opener that helps me review my perspective of LIFE and HAPPINESS

    Sharing here a few lessons that i learnt from this lockdown, which came in as a strict disciplinarian teacher to teach us valuable lessons of life :-

    1. Life indeed is very uncertain and fragile. We do not know.what the next moment has in store for us. All our planning for the future is worthless. Hence we need to learn to live each day as it comes and enjoy the precious moments of life. Tomorrow is not promised.

    2. We humans just need fulfillment of basic needs for survival. Food, clothing and shelter is all that is necessary for life. That's how we are learning to survive in the lockdown phase.

    3. All money and assets have no worth when it comes to saving lives in such a situation.

    4. The pandemic has brough the richest of rich and the poorest of poor at the same level. We all are sailing in the same boat now.
    With all the money in the world, we all are facing scarcity of commodities and learning to ration and minimise our needs. We are all experiencing SCARCITY even amidst Abundance.

    5 We learnt that office jobs can be done from home too

    6. Maids are not indispensable as we always thought them to be. Even if housework is tough for most of us, we are managing our homes good enough in the absence of maids.

    7. Children don't need to spend their lives juggling between school, tuitions and hobby classes. There is a world beyond all these things too.
    The pandemic and the lockdown is finally giving kids a breather. ..a space to live their childhood.

    8 .We have so much time now to connect with family members, relatives and long lost friends. The lockdown seems to have reduced physical distances and got the world closer.
    Families are spending time together after ages.

    9. The lockdown has taught us that malls, theatres, clubbing and eating out or vacationing in exotic locales are not necessary for happiness. It has taught ua new definitions of happiness within the confines of our homes too.
    Today many commodities and daily need essentials are scarce and unavailable in most shops . At such times, just being able to.source thr items of our daily needs is giving us happiness that no wealth in the world can match. The joy of being at home with kids, cooking good food for family, hearing the sound of birds and breathing fresh unpolluted air. We have never experienced such joy earlier.

    10. The lockdown is teaching us THE ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.
    These days i find myself.thanking god.for so many things. For a home, for food, for the fact that me and my near ones are breathing and alive, for good health of my family and friends.
    Gratitude for all those who are working day and night to keep us safe.

    11. The lockdown has helped us bring out our hidden talents. Singers, dancers, artists....we are seeing so much hidden talent all around us

    These are just few of the many lessons i am learning during this COVID 19 lockdown phase. Every cloud has a silver lining. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I have found my light , peace and happiness and i am enjoying learning new lessons everyday

    Aiswarya R Nair Apr 25 2020

    Today morning I got a call from a group of migrants who are staying at Adoor. They have been working in Kerala for the past 12 years. Now, they are stuck here. They dont have enough food or money to sustain. But in the 10minutes call, the only thing they talked about was unemployment. They were worried about their future. So is the case of many others.

    After this lockdown, many people have lost their jobs, some on the verge of losing it. The world is going to face yet another recession which might bring more financial havoc than the one in 2008. Lets see what turns out after the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Anubhav Mishra l Apr 25 2020

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    @?????_?????? ????

    Nastiya Apr 24 2020

    Quarantine Days
    I started to live with you once again
    I fell in love with you ,my old flame!
    Once we quarrelled over priorities...
    We had fights,we had insecurities!
    Children became our duties,
    Our parents our responsibilities.
    Now we all are quarantine !
    We all again together for unlimited time.
    We are afraid,we are worried
    But together we may succeed.
    Kids are so loving...
    Parents are blessings!
    You my old flame...
    Fell in love with you once again.

    The Content slave Apr 24 2020

    Things don't tend to hit us hard till they happen very close by or you get to experience first hand. When lock down was announced.. It made the situation more real for us. The flight and inter-City journeys were also prohibited. This hit me the hardest, obviously it is for the greater good but having loved ones out of the city or country makes you feel insecure. For you feel helpless, and with extent of uncertainty of the pandemic grown, we have no idea when we will be seeing them again. Thanks be to God, that we can still video chat. But the other day, on call, with my dad, he said that he wished that he could touch us. And we felt it. Things have a weird way of acting out, but I have faith we shall survive this, and when we shall, we would be stronger and wiser. - tcs

    Soniya Apr 24 2020

    Lockdown was announced and all my family members got tensed and restless except me..cause exam got postponed so I was fine with it. It's always said that we should see positive things in negative situations and when I thought for a while on this line,I realised that this lockdown brought my loved ones closer to me,it gave me an opportunity to explore myself ,I'm learning to appreciate small things,I started doing things that give me peace like watering plants,watching sunset on terrace,taking afternoon naps,watching my favourite movies, exercising,meditating..I know the whole world is facing this problem,but let's not get anxious..stay home and find your true self...spend this precious time with your loved ones and when all this will be over,you'll come out as a whole new version of yourself...

    Amrita Mallik Apr 23 2020

    May be not as lockdown, isolation or quarrentine I have always been behind the closed doors. Pre or post marriage, except for the necessary luxuries like school or college and work, I have been limited to home.
    This time the only Diversion is my son and my husband staying 24*7. Frankly speaking, my 3-4 hours complete me time has vanished. Family time has increased and so has workload. Fun moments and tears wet pillows go hand in hand. As a result, I am going hysterical.
    I would really like to see dear coronas superfast happy ending. Spare me. Save me.

    Prabha Apr 23 2020


    For the first time in my 30 years of life i went through the terms such as LOCKDOWN and QUARANTINE. Over the years the world encountered many virus wars but not to this extent as COVID19. It turned to be a secret enemy which is killing mankind but itself is immune from all drugs.
    Looking at the Global pandemic scenario half of the world went to lockdown and so did INDIA. All of us are now locked at home with no outer contacts, so the first shot of depression arrived as to how the life will be as we are used to a fast forward life.
    But adaptations played its role,the hobbies which i ignored started reliving in me. Thanks to social media which acted as a motivation. I used to sing since childood so i got the idea of showcasing it. I prepared some music videos and posted in several social platforms which received accomplishments. It motivated me so much that i participated in few online competitions and now i am being called for studio audition after lockdown. Speaking on emotional aspect i am spending lots of time with my family and friends getting to create a stronger bond.
    And the best part is holistic benefits not only to nature but the animals too.The environment is correcting itself and teaching the humans to be empathetic. I am aware of the fact that mankind is in danger and i know we will win the war against the unseen enemy lately.
    But lockdown has changed my priorities in life and made me understand my strenghts.I don't know about the future but definately a big change is awaiting for humans and the Earth.

    Sushil Patil Apr 23 2020





    Puneetha Harish Apr 22 2020

    Hope everyone are safe there, you must be safe so the people around you will be safe. We are in lock down because for our lives and safety of our family members, the panadamic which turned out to be most dangerous in current that as taken away so many and people around them are suffering to keep atmost all the affected safe , salute to the people who are working towards our safety. My experience in this lock down is like almost a month and as a home maker I feel safety is most important as I have a baby boy 3 years old , and a senior citizen in family. The work load is same as before daily chores and cooking is same but trying to cook different and variety of dishes is making me to learn new . Also spending time with family , all together is good. Schools are closed so children never listen to parents that to toddlers the go crazy and makes us too. Looking after him is my biggest task in this period. Sorry for him he bears me many times . Also hobbies have more time to make use of it trying to learn many new things , singing , dancing are my favorite also making use of social media in learning and gaining more knowledge. Thanks to all who are in help of needy.
    Thanks to all who takes care of them to keep safe.
    Thanks to all who are working for Nation.
    Prayers are daily routine for world.
    Stay home stay safe.

    Prabha Apr 22 2020

    Hello everyone hope u all are safe and spending quality time with ur loved ones so...
    The lockdown period for me is nothing but a vry unique experience for rest of my life. As we r at home due to lockdown for our country I just felt proud about our social volunteers such as police, doctors, nieces, wordboys, all medical staff, and huge thanks to our farmer brothers and sisters to provide us healthy veggies and fruits.
    During this period I observed everything closly I mean activities of my children's, envolvment of my wife in home how she manages everything from morning to late night ... really all ladies are the Queen's of our home and these days I feel how my children's need my time my love...just amezed with this experience...my mom & dad needs my help most of the time but during the lockdown I realized my mistakes done before really this period is teaches me the what the real MAN is. It's not about gender but it's about responsibilities and the way u handle them with soul. On the other side I felt ashemed of the people's who not following any rules given by our government those rules are for our life dude plzz take it seriously. During the lockdown I feel importance of our nearby workers, shop owners, milk man, our farmers really hats off for them but under the title of globalisation we were chose wrong way with online purchase of goods, food, medicines and lot more. I will never ever forget this at all. The attitude of who cares is not work for every situation and regarding my country no excuse to anyone....but guys really we have to think over it ...online business sites really don't care of us at all...they just know how to cash out emotions and needs with various schema. I request everyone including me also plz from now give respect and importance to indians and support Indian economy also it's our responsibility . This period teach me to behave like man ( a live man ) and told me how important our family , friends, society, country is for me.
    Once again salute to our national heros of this lockdown
    Thank u for providing me this platform to share my real experience of lockdown.

    With regards
    Pawan Gadiya

    Rahul naidu Apr 21 2020

    Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. ?Anne Frank

    It is the weekend and usually I am hanging out with my friends. Sometimes we go to the park. Other times we go to the mall. We often hang out at each others homes; snacking; playing with make-up; and talking about school, boys, or anything else on our minds. But today, like yesterday and the day before and the day before that, I am sitting at home.

    Why? COVID-19. The biggest pandemic the world has seen. For the last few weeks, we have been quarantined, mostly stuck inside our homes. It has made me stressed and anxious. I am nervous about the diseasefor myself, my grandparents, and others. Thousands of people are dying every day. I am nervous about what this is doing to the world. Everything has changed. We cant do the things we used to do.

    I cant believe I am saying this, but I even miss my college and my teachers. And we have no idea when any of this will end. The uncertainty also is scary. My parents listen to the news, and I just want to shut it all out, wishing we could go back to the way things were.

    All of this reminds me of another dark time in historythe Holocaustand another 16-year-old girl, Anne Frank. Of course, I have so much more freedom than Anne did while she was in hiding. She had to be quiet during the day. And while I share my space with my family, she shared her little home behind the bookshelf with other people. She didnt have her own room or space to escape, all to protect her life and the lives of those around her. She had the radio to listen toonly sometimesand a small window to peer out into the world. But she was mostly cut off from the rest of the world.

    I am fortunate. When my younger sister gets on my nerves, I can escape to my room. When I am bored or nervous, I can FaceTime with one of my friends. Theres TV and movies and the internet to amuse me all hours of the day and night. We have lots of food, and we have feasted on homemade pizza and chocolate and ramen. My family and I even go on walks in the evening through the trails in my community.

    When I first learned of Anne Franks story and so many others like hers, I could barely imagine the fear, the loneliness, and the isolation. During these last few weeks, I realized there is so much I can learn from her. She was patient. Well, not always. I mean, she was a teen girl, after all! But she learned, for the most part, to cope with her extraordinary circumstances. She believed in the good in people, and she tried to focus on the positive possibilities.

    In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply cant build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery, and death, she wrote. I see the world gradually being turned into a wilderness, I hear the ever approaching thunder, which will destroy us too, I can feel the sufferings of millions and yet, if I look up into the heavens, I think that it will all come right, that this cruelty too will end, and that peace and tranquility will return again.

    We live in such uncertain times right now. Yet, we have so much more control over our fates than Anne did. We can stay home. Wash our hands. Cover our mouths and noses. These are little things, especially compared with what Anne and so many others like her lived through. I cant understand those who defy common sense and go hang out and who put others in danger for selfish quick joys.

    So, I will stay home and do those little things. And I will try to find the little positives every day, like spending more time with my family, staying up late, and sleeping in every day. Hopefully, this will be over soon.

    Neepa Doshi Apr 21 2020

    Quarantine Time .
    I found it a bit boring at the beginning because as we all have habit of working whole day. Since i m in teaching profession so work from home definately for us also but than to was finding it boring.
    But as a responsible citizen we all have to support country and people who all support us like Doctors, nurses, police etc and many more.
    So i started spreading a postive thought in our society and make some people understand the power of positivity & even cooking is my hobby but because of tight work schedule never created something new. So very happy to share tried many recipes and even innovate something new dish.
    And the most important part of my life is i love to write so started writing a book and now in search of help to publish a book. Book which describes how brave girl stand on her own and fight all tough situations which came in her life.
    So this is my daily routine which i do and enjoy life as it comes.
    As we all Have to bear and fight against corona so why not together help County and be a good responsible citizen.
    So we can fight it positively and whatever situation is going on we can we have to be at home so why not happily and do some productive.
    And yes lf course stay at home happily and be healthy even that is also something productive we are doing no need to do compulsorily. Just b at home stay safe.

    Minal Puri Apr 21 2020

    Quarantine days!
    Amid the pandemic, when the whole world is in chaos, all the countries working shoulder to shoulder to combat the virus, we had our special contribution to it. After the lockdown was announced, me and my parents, found this as a golden opportunity to reminisce about the past, though it created monotony but we are loving each part of it. The isolation revived the dead quality of writing within me and I've started writing all again. Spending the whole day in playing pubg and other games, we found a way to conquer the boredom. My father has to go for essential services which gives us scare attacks at times but we cope up with it, having a pet currently is a bliss, to cuddle and snuggle with it.
    Netflix and amazon prime were the
    prime sources. The only contribution we can make to the world is staying at home, if just staying at home can help combating a pandemic, then why not?
    For an extrovert like me, it is difficult to stay home but i found my tranquility here, this made me more closer to my family. Attachment grows when closer.
    As a teenager, my mind is flooded with different thoughts and I'm finding my answers and utilising the time.
    Optimum utilization is must.
    Hope the pandemic ends soon!

    Kanisha Apr 21 2020

    On March 26, 2020 Team ParentCircle started with wonderful challenge ideas on #My21DayLockdownActivity. I with my bachaparty team accomplish all the task with 100% effort and commitment. Let me take this opportunity to describe my 21 days experience in this contest.
    Our Week One started from 28/03/20 to 03/04/20. The shifting of role aids us to accept the responsibility in a creative way. One task a day encourages our curiosity to learn and act upon it with a competitive spirit. In this week, we learn to list down the grocery items, drawn on a graph chart and prepared a family tree, focus on any interesting topic from television task, importance of seed in relation to life lesson task, Gratitude Notes Task, Imagination and Planning task.
    On 04/04/20 and 05/04/20 was a GadgetFreeDay. This day was given to understand the importance of revision and assessing integrity on not using mobile for two days.
    Our Week Two started from 06/04/20 to 12/04/20. This week was challenging week. In this week, we learnt to understand each other emotions, taught one another to play instrument and sing along, prepared short film by recalling childhood memories, exchanged responsibilities, played at home Treasure Hunt, wrote Love Notes.
    On 13/04/20, a GadgetFreeDay not to use mobile for a day and to write and recall all the seven task done in a week.
    Our Week Three started from 14/04/20 to 19/04/20. In this week, we learn to feel the emotions, prepared puppet and had great conversation, prepared vegetable salad and known the difference between healthy and unhealthy food, gave nice hair massage with childhood memories, known the expenses that happens per month, argued and fight like a child for television remote.
    On 20/04/20, the last and final task was given to recall all 20 tasks. In this task, we learn to choose the favourite task per week. So, we selected three favourite task from total three weeks and enjoyed by sharing photos and experiences.
    In nutshell, three week challenge ideas gave an essential life lesson to be mentally and physically active, focus, accept responsibility, power of imagination, creativity, selecting the best out of many alternatives.

    Rupsa Das Apr 20 2020


    I could see my parents were visibly relaxed to have me around in the house, and not some hundred kilometers away in college. Amidst the grave situation that COVID-19 had placed us in, I couldnt help but enjoy the perks it had brought with it. I soon realized that old, discarded CDs could be made into beautiful wall-hangings with just a dash of acrylic. The bare white wall in my room wasnt bare anymore origami birds flew everywhere and the happy posters were up again. The dusty pans and utensils were back on the table with unpronounceable food dishes in them.

    However, the constant count of deaths and confirmed cases was the huge elephant in the room. The best we could do was to stay indoors, and obey the rules of social distancing. In the process, I rediscovered myself, while the world healed itself.


    Niharika Apr 20 2020


    Morning tutions, late classes, due homework dates, practical burden. okay so here i am, a STUDENT. right after my board exams modiji announced for a lockdown because of this (unfortunate) pandemic. at that very moment i was the happiest because i always wished for a life like that, doing nothing just laying down on my bed, eating and sleeping all day and out. Beside this i always wanted to be more close to my mama(mother). so here are we discussing on pandemic,my future, her future, families, food and what not.
    and all of a sudden i realised what is happening out there. it wasn't just a virus outbreak it was a pandemic goin' on out there. people were dyin' and cryin' out for help. my family decided to help them. we contributed food and everything possible. Beside panicking there was a lil good hope for our mother earth. we(family) have our dinners together now. we are cooperating in each other's work. making meals together. basically having fun. Not only this but also performed the tasks given my hon'ble prime minister.
    We're praying day and night that this virus get in a control. hoping for the best. may we prevail through covid-19.
    that's my #100wordsstory

    Mubeen Sardar Apr 20 2020

    Over all the world silence like my life....I'm mother of 7 months old daughter.....my journey of pregnancy 1st months to till nine months I spend on the bed...after God has given me gift as a daughter...when my baby started growing she was I'll for that reason I spend my 4 months in home oly...however she became good we both spending good tyme coronavirus start..however I'm spending good tym with my baby.....today we can understand how the society is important for leading life...how is nature important for us..we should respect each other..we should understand how the animals are have right to live in the world..from this covid 19 we should learn humanity is very important

    Namita Ambasht Apr 20 2020

    The eerie silence below ,
    With a tinge of uncertainty in the air ,
    That clearly says, if I step out, I may....
    Which otherwise is a bustling street,
    With vehicles honking , vendors shouting .
    People grumbling to cross the road.
    Today, I hear the train's whistle,
    The station being 5 km away.
    I hear the trees breathing peacefully,
    The birds chirping without fear.
    Even the stray dogs are quiet ,
    No one to tease them perhaps.
    Am I liking it ...?
    Am so used to the cacophony.
    But if I step out, I may...

    Namita Ambasht.
    Written on 22nd March,
    Janta Curfew Day.

    Femina Apr 19 2020


    With the things arising and continues reality taking turn in everyone's life. I start to wonder what if!!!, is it something abnormal or i am just overthinking the whole lot of things.

    Then, there came a moment where i need to realise that few minutes of lightening thought than grudging over past few years worth the end and don't follow someone's footpath than create your identity allowed me to crave for my first content making apart from, posting the some random pics.

    So what's yours!!!yeah I know this is anonymous but at the end its worth the end.

    Subhanil Chakraborty Apr 19 2020

    As a healthcare professional, I was kept on a 24 hours alert from March the tenth. As I was working on my lab late at night on 16 th March with Covid19 virus genome, I got a call at around 2.30 am from an unknown number asking for a help. The call was from a distressed husband who was looking for O -ve blood for his wife who is about to deliver a baby. He first took his wife to a rural hospital and then shifted her to a district hospital both of which denied admission due to unavailability of gyne surgeon and blood. He got my number from the hospital blood bank where volunteered some times ago. Now, he was again shifting his profusely bleeding wife to North Bengal Medical College that is 40 km away from his current location. I took a pledge to help him however NBMC was 8 km away from my lab also and I have got my bicycle only and it's lockdown full throttle. I called a person whom I know to have O - ve blood group at 2.45, insisted him to donate and started in my cycle for NBMC. While in my way I picked him up at the carrier of my cycle and rest 6 km cycling we both prayed for the lady and her unborn baby. They reached a couple of minutes earlier and the gynec was waiting for us. We got a donor and another unit from hospital blood bank and after nearly an hours ceasarian section, a beautiful baby girl was born at around 8.15. All I felt amidst lockdown, fear and everything if people do their duty, life will surely find a way. Thank you.

    Garima Singh Apr 18 2020

    Well this year came with something unpredictable , something we never thought of right. This created a big hue all around the world. People are dying all over the world coz of this corona epidemic . It is a very challenging situation for all the residents of this earth.But why not to take this in a positive manner. U believe it or not pollution factors decreased , fresh air , filling up of holes created in ozone layer. These quarantine days where families are together all day and night people understanding the value of their life , spending quality times with themselves and loved ones giving themselves a chance to relive this time . Here in India people contributing for the nation shows the harmony and feature of kindness towards our people . Not only within a nation but between different countries. Countries coming forward to help each other . It was said that 2020 may lead to WW3 but this virus is leading to harmony to see it in another way , maybe the "corona virus" is itself an antitode and we "humans" the virus. And to be honest it's working for the" future of the mankind"

    Ameeta Sharma Apr 18 2020

    #YOUR100WORDSTORY Friends this is an unprecedented experience for all Indians during this lockdown period due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost everyone is going through a rough phase and finding it challenging to deal with the abrupt change in lifestyle. Since the numbers of Corona patients are soaring up in India, nobody believes the government is going to lift off the lockdown any time soon.
    Lockdown does not mean you get frustrated in all aspects of life. The one important aspect to remember is that you are not the only one facing the problem. You are asked to stay at home for your own safety and that of the community. With my experience in the field of complex pandemic emergencies, I can state that staying at home is important to control the spread of the disease...
    Take care friends stay home stay safe

    Hrithika Halder Apr 17 2020

    Hello everyone!
    The present situation in which we are in demands us to stay at our home , yes , I am talking about the pandemic situation-Coronavirus-covid 19 . Thus to stay safe we have to bear with this lockdown period . I am from Kolkata , the capital of West Bengal, one of the busiest city is so quiet today. Some of most busiest spots seemed to be deserted today. Nobody ever thought something of this can happen ever. It's very boring to stay locked us at our home for so long as well as it's very difficult to continue with our so called"work from home".
    Despite this disadvantages, if we flip the card and realise our advantages then I guess this lockdown period won't be that boring. Different sectors of people will be benefited with different advantages.
    For example it gives us an opportunity to spend time with our family , our parents , grandparents. As a student I can say we have a golden opportunity to complete our unfinished assignments , we can enhance our skills , work on our backlogs , polish our hobbies, gaining of knowledge and many more...
    We have to stay strong and have to be patient and pray for those who are suffering.
    It's high time to show our unity and stand by the side of the needy then only we can fight against this virus.Many people lost their lives all over the world . I pray that they rest in peace.
    Thank you!

    Shruti Jain Apr 11 2020

    Well mera experience bahot he alag raha hai. Pahle jab pata chala ki aisi koi bimari spread hori hai to chinta to hui par yeh laga ki shayad bhilwara mei iska impact zyada nahi aayega kyoki bhilwara bahot bada shaher nahi hai. Par hua iska opposite. Mai sunke hairan rah gayi ki humare bhilwara mei 5300 log sankrimit paye gaye hai 21 ko positive nikal chuka hai. Aise halat mei humare yahan turant lockdown ghoshit kar diya gaya 22 ko ho gaya tha aur hume khabar nahi thi ki itni tezi se feil gaya hai. Ghar ka saman bhi lana tha kyoki itni jaldi sub band kar denge aisa anuman bhi nahi laga sakte the. Kyoki news mei aaya bhi nahi tha ki itni ghambir hai situation. Kher thode din bahot strictness rahi fir dheere dheere saman millna shuru hua. Bahar ki aisi situation dhekh ke mann to baitha he jara tha ki kya hoga aur ghuttan bhi mahsus hone lagi thi dheere dheere kyoki jahan dhekho vahan yehi news roz patients ki sankhya bhadti jari thi. Mann bahot ghabrata tha. Ki kaise control hogi kab khatam hoga sub theek ho ga ya nahi.. In chintao mei subse zyada kaam karti hai prayers. Becoz vo ek aisa source hai jis se aap apno ki aur baki subki help kar sakte hai... Kahte hai na DUAO MEI BAHOT ASAR HOTA HAI. Bus maine bhi vahi kiya chinta karne ki bajay maine prayer karna shuru kiya ki him sub jald he is situation se bahar aaye aur sub jald he control mei aajaye. Maine brahmakumaris ka online session bhi attend kiya bahot positivity milli. Us mei didi ne kaha tha ki aaj raat ko bhagwan ko ek chitti likh ke sona aur apni sari pareshaaniya unse kah dena... Maine vahi kiya. Maine Narayan ji ko sari pareshaani aur dar kah diye. Subah apne aap meri 3 baje aakh khuli. Mai nahi janti kyu khuli. Fir jab neend nahi aari thi to youtube chala ke dhekha ki 3 baje aankh khulne ka kya matlab hai. Meri pahle bhi kai baar aankh khul jati thi par itna gor nahi kiya. Aaj patani dhekh liya video. Unhone subah 3 to 5 ko brahm muhurat ka samy bataya. Yeh bahot shaktishali samy hai humare hindu dharm ke according. Agar is waqt meditation ki jaye to kahte hai bahot he positive rahta hai. Aadhyatmik bhasha mei bolu to is waqt sari nakaratmak shaktiyan sori hoti hai to hum bhagwan se bahot easily connect kar pate hai. Maine bhi uhe start kiya baith kar aankhe band ki aur bhagwan ka dhyan karne lagi. Maine koi technique nahi sikhi hai meditation ki bus uhe mann mei unka dhyan kiya unhe imagine kiya. Aur unse baat bhi ki. Aur YouTube se om narayana ka sound bhi chala liya. Jo ki kafi help kiya dhyan mei. Aisa karte kab half an hour nikla pata he nahi chala. Par jo shanti mujhe milli mai usse shabdo mei bayan nahi kar sakti pahli baar mujhe bhagwan ki energy feel hui jo mujhse connected hai. Mann ek dum shant ho gaya koi negative vichar nahi. Aisa laga manno sir pe kafi samy se koi bhojha tha jo kisi ne hata diya. Ek dum light feel hua vo experience itna accha tha ki mai uss zone se nikalna he nahi chahri thi. Mai issi mei rahna chahti thi. Uss experience ne mujhe itna prabhavit kiya ki mere jaise ladki jo raat ko 2 baje soti thi aur aaram se 8 baje uth ti thi. Vo time se sone lag agyi 3.20 pe uth ke mediation karne lag gayi. Positive videos dhekhna sunna accha lagne lag gaya. Ek ajjeb sa sukun millta gaya. Aaj mann baichain nahi rahta. Koi negative thoughts havi nahi hote. koi future ki tension nahi hoti. Kyoki ek confidence sa jaga hai ki bhagwan hai vo kabhi galat nahi hone denge. Aaj kal roz unse millti hun aur vo MUJHE MUJH SE MILLATE HAI. Ek nayi hope nayi iccha si jagi hai. Ki mujh mei bhi koi baat hai. Mai bhi kuch kar sakti hun. Agar mera janam hua hai to iske piche koi karan hai. Kya hai vo mai abhi nahi janti par jald he jaan jaungi. Mere Narayan hai mere sath vo mujhe guide karte hai. Mere andar ke blockages ko khol ke mujhe heal kar rahe hai. Ek samy tha jab mai sukun ke ley bahar jana pasand karti thi. Mujhe long drives bahot pasand hai mai uss mei sukun dhunda karti thi. Par aaj mujhe kahi Jane ki zarurat feel nahi hoti kyoki jo sukun mai bahar dhund rahi thi vo to mere andar hai. Mai samjh gayi hun ki hum humesha apni khushi bahar dhundte hai chahe vo kisi insan mei ya koi aur cheez mei. Par sub bekar hai. IS LOCKDOWN KI GHUTAN NE MUJHE MERI ANDAR KI GHUTTAN SE AZAD KAR DIYA...

    Shruti Jain Apr 12 2020

    @Shruti Jain Ab 0 par bhi he bhilwara ,, it's role model now

    Shruti Jain Apr 17 2020

    @Shruti Jain Yes and I'm very happy... These days I have started sending my prayers of healing and protection for the world... It gives me a lot of satisfaction... Hoping everything will be fine soon...

    V.Poorna Kameswari Apr 16 2020

    A week prior to lock down, as a working woman who commute to office through crowded trains, I was very disturbed that in such clusters of public movement, in a populous nation like ours, without a lockdown our safety was at threat. An announcement of lock down excited me and the mind started planning to do so many things that were procrastinated for want of time. Though the household chores multiplied and occupied lots of time, plenty of time was still available to pursue my passion. Then started the real predicament, I was not able to pool-in my full spirits to pursue all that I sought, with so much of time at my disposal. The lockdown bestowed me time in abundance but not the resilience. Though not the scare of corona, I was constantly obsessed by eerie thoughts capable enough to bother. Though I still could succeed in physical works like making chips etc utilizing the summer sunshine, engaged in practicing yoga, I couldnt succeed in the intellects pursuing of my passion of writing. There is some void deep within that left me lonely amidst of family. It isnt excruciating yet an insipid feel, isnt scared but a dreary feel, hands were full with routines and works, yet its a mind-numbing moments of hours of days and weeks.
    A period that subtly taught me view lifes veracity, that strengthened valor in me to face the harsh reality, that envisioned me to look-forward for brighter days ahead.

    Arpita Singh Apr 15 2020

    Life in Quarantine

    Empty, anxious sleeps, I curl in my bed all night. At times, I roam around. The balcony, now has evolved into a prime luxury spot. Every piece of living, in the street lanes below, enacts a drama to me. And, in every bit of non-living, I discover an element of life.
    Contemplation. Used to be a divine pursuit for me, twenty one days ago. Now, the only resort I can afford to, admist chaos and ennui.
    The images flash in mind. The television is the only speaker in the house, these days. The thoughts run slower. I wander about the neglected journey of the poor workers, starving out of hunger; exposed to the invisible threat, looming in the air. Migration, their first burning instinct. Not a surprise. Because they are aware, their poverty sinks them down in the national pool of priorities. The rich, gifted the plane rides and attended to care and support. But the destitute, have only cheap options. And, they have million of miles, yet left to walk home. The scorching heat, the crowded highways: men and women with sweat beads, running along the shore of their bodies. Some carrying their children slinged in basket of shawls, across the shoulders, some stacking the briefcases on their heads. A few buses, square meals, platter of medicines and arranging temporary residences, would drain the national economy, exhaust the resources. I guess. Still, I doubt strongly.
    I break away into the blue skies. As the thoughts scare me to death. For I might have been one of them.
    For 24 revolutions of the minute-hand, I engage in peaceful sleep, binge-watch the exotic of dramas, eat food out of home-sickening boredom. It's a difficult time for me too. Or, should I say, the privileged brat is nagging because she is safe, well-protected. Has an iron guarantee, she will emerge alive out of the pandemic. Unlike the labourers here, or the ravaged people in war-torn countries or, the ones in worse-hit regions of the world.
    I realise, I should be thanking God.
    I face an abrupt lack of emotions. I cling onto the mobile screen, sitting on the parapet. A little later, I greet morning to the sun. Hear the birds chirp, with the bright rays breaking upon, all over. I take a sigh of security, admiring the bleak silence. When I could finally sense the miniscule of hopes in the environment around, brought by the heavenly morning; I head to sleep.

    Arpita Singh Apr 16 2020

    @Arpita Singh wonderful you wrote my feelings I don't have to work hard in typing you did it for me, lovely. Thank you

    Laila Zafar Apr 15 2020

    Life under Quarantine,
    As a Single Parent, I feel like I was prepared to self-isolate with my child, even before the lockdown was announced. This is not because I had some insider information about an impeding lockdown, but mostly because this is almost daily life for the two of us, and I say almost because the only thing missing from the daily routine is school and outdoors play.
    That gone, my son and I adjusted very quickly to just seeing each others faces, and we got comfortable with being each others punch bag too, because, no lies here, some days we do want to wring each others necks.
    So the lockdown has been pretty balanced for us, mostly because we are used to being each others support system, and thank god, for all the supermarkets and our favourite restaurants still open and delivering!
    I think personally this has been the ultimate test of my patience and parenting abilities. And not to forget the mental and physical burden of it all, but not one to shirk from more being served on my plate (food or otherwise, lol), I feel like I have expanded according to the demands on me, albeit despite the occasional breakdowns.
    Also, my son has affirmed what he already knew, that he can trust and lean on me during any crisis. Ah the never ending hugs, kisses and jokes are undeniably the best during this period!
    So for me, this has honestly been a complete win win situation, more work is being done, school work is also being taken care of, routines are being kept, and the collective sanity of my son and I has been secured nicely.
    We are coping and not breaking, and that is the prayer that I have to everyone that is under quarantine.
    To cope, to deal, to survive, even if you hate it, and you will persist.
    May we all prevail through COVID-19.

    Ayushi Yadav Apr 15 2020

    Hiii... Im Ayushi yadav theres nothing more to share with u all cause everyone said a lot regarding the current period of our nation.. But the thing that i must to be share is.... The time that we are having and spending right now is precious no wonder this is completely unbelievable that we really got such period of time to spend with alone to spend with self. To recognize our value to explore ourself because the time we are having is something we got miss somewhere in studies, duties, parties, in happiness of others ,in making comfortable to others ,boring jobs, college. A totally and completely walls of busy schedule that we are cover from. Now this is the correct time to live yourself.. To regain urself... To rejoice urself.. To fulfill urself.. To earn urself.. To demand the real urself... This is the time of building urself not in the world of virtual but in the world of reality. The more you consume urself the more you shine in the era of competition. This is the need of todays World to enjoy the selfless company of yours instead of getting famous in outside World its worthless..
    So enjoy ur quarantine days stay home stay stay.... Lots of love
    Ayushi yadav

    Asmita Chakraborty Apr 15 2020

    Hello! I am 13 year old student and I would like to share my experience of my days during this lockdown. Being a student I had one duty, wake up in the morning, go to school,come back and study. Ya this is how I kept myself busy of coarse but due to this pandemic, that one business I feel, I lost. That everyday noise of the vehicles is now no more that I can hear. Silent prevails! Everywhere. It's all like the punishment of the teacher when the class doesn't obey."Shh!" Says mother Earth,"not anymore, children, I have allowed you do everything, everything you want to do but you disappointed me! The Amazon forest fire, the Australian forest fire; I was burning along with my little children; they cried! But no one came...... You kept me burning and the little animals were burnt to death!..... All these years you have cut down their forests,their home,turned them homless, captured them, tortured them!...... Not anymore that I am I'm going to allow you all to turn those innocent creatures extinct! It shall now be Ur turn for the punishment!". Now those animals , we used to laugh at zoo, they are now coming to see us and laugh at us, for what we had done all these years. Now we are inside the cages of our four walls house and they are outside just like we used to do to them when we visited the zoo.... It's all about the punishment of these years ....
    Thank you
    Yours, lovingly

    Prabha Apr 15 2020

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    Bhavana Jain Apr 14 2020

    Firstly I thank you to all the healthcare workers,doctors,nurses,NGO & many other members of the community who take their life in risk & save our lives.
    Im a doctor as a dental surgeon & its my responsibility to ensure my safety of my patients.Its important for me to understand the diseases from different prospectives which teaches you a global health,infectious disease & disaster managnent.
    I understand it is difficult for all of you,but you are not only one facing the problem.you are said to stay at home for your own safety & specially for those who are working for us day & night.
    With my experience in the field of complex pandemic emergencies,I stated that staying at home is important to control the spread of disease.
    This lockdown has taught me so many new things in my life..I have learned so many cooking dishes & it make my day happy.Even i love to write so mostly i spend my time in writting poetry..
    From my views,lockdown is good
    It teaching you the value of family togetherness,spending time with family,playing those indoor games (which i like from my childhood days),a plate of pakoras with cup of tea & watching movies not only on weekend break.
    Lockdown is all about witnessig. Selfless love in world full of selfish love
    So enjoy ur quatraine days with happy faces..Stay safe stay home,stay healthy eat healthy..Be strong..

    Dr.Bhavana Jain

    Prabha Apr 14 2020

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    Sonal Apr 14 2020

    Meri shadi Feb end me hi hui hai...love marriage...to mostly love marriages me caste alag to ho hi jati hai...mere saath bhi yahi hua...ab caste alag hoti hai to khaan paan rehna, sab kuch ek hadd tak alag ho hi jata hai...usme adjust krna tha muje...saath hi naye logo ke saath rehna tha...jab tak lockdown nahi tha tab tak sab apne apne kaam pe chale jate the...meri family me saas sasur ek nanad aur mere pati hai...me Ghar se kaam krti hu...to baki sab se itna interaction ho nahi pata tha...lockdown ke baad sabko Ghar pe rehna hi tha...to sab ke saath zyada baatein hone lagi...kuch na kuch naya khane bana bana kar mene sabko khilaya...sab saath me baith ke khana khaate...ek common topic tha sab ke pass baat krne ke liye (corona)...isse vo ek barrier tha vo toot gaya...kuch mahine me itna gehra rishta ho Gaya hai ki muje laga hi nahi ki me inse kabhi alag thi...me samajhti hu lockdown had some positive impact on my life...#staysafeeveryone

    Pragathi shetty Apr 14 2020

    Firstly I believe everyone are at home and I hope all are having safe time. Yes today I am writting my expirerence of 21 days now time is 12.16 AM which means yes we completed our 21 days..

    Evry obe are eger to PM speach at 10AM . Yess true I am excited also.. This 21 days which for me each and every day was surprising. I am software Profienist, when Corona sounded fist attack IT industry specially Bangalore 2,3 cases were resistered and we all Techpark decided to give work from home options. So before this my life was good more than good I had proper sheflue I leave in pg along with my friend come collegue. One fine day Modi ji announced about Sunday Quarantine, I was also did and thanked for all the warriors as soon as incident over people where normal. later on Tuesday it was on notice stric notice every one should undergo lockdown.
    So the journey began, people were panic I was one among them. Pg few girls vacated and most of people left to native. Myself my two of friends planned to stay together.
    2 days was exciting because it was bit reaxzing than normal working days. Yes we had work presure intrent isuue after noonsleep and so onon.
    But it was break from normal routine 3rd it began as one of friend she got afraid as our neiboursbwere into hospital facalty she was scared she insisted us to shift. But it was bad idea I didn't agree. And she was upset then finally maneged to go friend house. But my other friend who was staying with us planned to go her sister house. We don't stop, I also got call from realative place , to come to their house. I could not leave my friend balone I went to our friends house.
    She left her key with her friends house and we collected and maneged to leave there.
    As I said this journey is full of surpises.and my friend got a call from her native to come to native she somehow managed to go.
    So there left me alone. I had problem of staying alone. I could not go to my native, also realtive place . I was stuck. Somehow I maneged a day with my work. But night was a risk for me.
    As it was new place I could not get sleep I waited clock to turn 5AM to sleep.
    Between these 12 to 5Am I was reading book watching movie and started talking to myself, I was going crazy. I thought why can't I put my whole expirence in book so I started writting my craziness in paper. Which I wout be happy to share. So my day was taks night was double task. Somehow I ubderstod many things about me, I started exploring me. Also understood we should not give more priority to others than yourself.
    But what ever every situation teaches lot lessons yes true I have learnt to leave alone now, and I more brave with my activities.
    More than anything I am happy . I pray this lockdown ends soon and let's all meet up soon.
    Pray for best until then enjoy u r journey we all are in same Quarantine bus.
    Happy journey guyes.
    Pragathi shetty

    Fahad Shaikh Apr 8 2020

    @Fahad Shaikh Supercool read it was

    Fahad Shaikh Apr 13 2020

    @Fahad Shaikh Thanks, much appreciated! :)

    Manoj Gupta Apr 13 2020

    During Lockdown
    I am having time with my family members. I spent time with them and understand thoroughly their problems and try to sort out. I got knowledge how to run the family and adjust the life in simple living and high thinking. I learnt too many things during this lockdown. Actually, I was not able to be inside the house whole day. But , to save myself and the world it is only a solution to win this difficult time. I learnt indoor games and indoor hobbies. Indoor is also a learning spot. If anybody wishes he or she maintain the life living Inside the house. Nowadays, having so many gadgets anybody can make use of time and improve their and the world.
    Homemade is a beneficial art.
    1. Cooking
    2. Gardening
    3. Use of waste materials.

    PC Admin Apr 13 2020

    Hi myself diya mankad.I lived in Jodhpur (Rajasthan).Jodhpur has 50+ cases and Rajasthan has 750+.Its tremendous high fall of cases.I become more familiar to my family.now I am more closer to mother nature.I started cooking,painting and dancing.corona virus pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution,now a days I can feel more pure air .In my terrace ,I daily listen the voice of birds which is so rare to listen, due to noise pollution and etc.I read today on news paper that 'largest scale experience ever'shows what is possible as satellite images reveal marked fall in global nitrogen dioxide levels.And ozone layer is healing and redirecting wind flows around the globe.I donated few amount in pm cares fund.I become more patriotic ,and huge respect for doctors and policeman of india.this all situation make me more mature regarding life and experiences.this taught us all a lesson.

    Nikita Sharma Apr 13 2020

    When someone ask me tht share ur Covid-19 Lockdown experience then my answer is simply Dude...U hv the opportunity now to spend the valuable time with yourself, just do whatever you want to do . No more procasination. To be honest I am a engineering student so basically I got so much relief during this Lockdown from my study. Now I'm more active on all social media platform and just enjoying the time with my virtual friend and giving more time to my health. Seriously it just an amazing time tht I am spending with Myself. I know it's a tough time for the wotld but the only solution is to Stay home nd stay safe with your loved ones. Simple so that is how I'm spending my lockdown.

    bapinmandal Apr 12 2020

    Just awesome this is alone life focus creative new knowledge ..this is golden opportunity in my life . something new ..covid 19 thanks lot ...zindigi zobordost haa ise jobardosti torike se nehi zobordost tarike se jina chaiye..

    Asmawagh Apr 12 2020

    M mother of 2 daughters,this pandemic covid 19 is not dangerous aur to panic about its infectious and trnsfer easily thrw social distancing allthough ppl knw about this evn anxiety tension and negativity is aroound the aura.covid 19 is dark clourd dere wll be silver line soon stay home stay safe help the poor and needy feed animals stay positive maditate think dis lockdown is ur golden chance take it positvly stay with ur family hve quality time play with kids learn be creative nd skillfull cook dance sing njoy each sec.be precaiutious take good care of urslf ur family ,chitchat with ur ling distant ftnz ppl nd siblings video call hve fun,to all ladies out there hve memories with ur family have time to cook eat nd serve.mans hve blast hlpy ur lady play with ur kids stay strong stay postive bcause soon dis well end nd surely ull miss ur quarantine days.motivate urslf self heal,read boiks watch tv netflux religious series nd mch more do things u alwys wnted to do bt hd no time due to tight schedule.god is great healer if covid 19 is a disaster then god is d biggest healer pray to him think ur planet is recoveribg its healing its gttng bttr,human wll learn more earn more live more the only thing is stay strong nd positive.thnks

    Monika Mishra Apr 11 2020

    Corona this is something what people seemed it as horrible
    But only this make many people for alot things much capable.
    Due to this we need to follow the quarantine
    And this really make people's to come in line.
    After lockdown everyone was worried that so many need to be stay in home how,
    But now it's makes everyone realize that it's not so hard, it's something which is wow.
    Childrens are now only having healthy home meal, that's mean they can stay without having street food
    Parents are giving proper time to there child they also having alot of fun which is really good.
    Me myself i was able to again spend some time with my passion,
    Otherwise doing only duty gave me too much irritation.
    Obviously due to COVID-19 there is too much of tension
    Because for the whole world it's leading as destruction
    Lot of people are suffering from this which is painful,
    By hearing the news of killed person due to COVID-19 i feel too much merciful
    While staying in home and getting the updates of corona cases, make me realize that how lucky am i or how much blessed am i
    I really want everyone to be safe and to be safe need to stay at home

    Bharti Apr 11 2020

    Hi I am a mother of 2 kids and 1 month ago shifted in mumbai. Shift hote hi company ki side se hotel stay mila but 5 days ke bad jeb flat search krna start kiya to flats itne small the ki kids ko bilkul pasand nhi aye but Jldi Jldi mai due to corona flat lena pda. Lockdown hote hi aisa lga ki kyu aye mumbai ik to chota as flat and no balcony bhut ghutan si mehsus hone lgi. But fir socha ki agr mai complains krungi to beche tension mai a jaynge . Bus usi din se dil pkka kiya . Actually Jldi Jldi mai humara dish TV bhi nhi leg paya tha to pura lockdown Humne apne smart tv per net ke through time pass kiya. Maine apne bechpan ko dubara jiya but apne becho ke sath. Thanks to YouTube main unhe Ramayan dekhna lgaya . Vo sare serial jo mujhe bechpan mai bhut pasand the unhe dikhaye like vikram betal, stone boy, talespin , malgudi days n many more. Becho ko sab bda acha lga. Unke sath free time mai chidiya ud, khela , panja ladaya, or is time unke papa bhi vacation per unke sath the. Corona bhut bdi bimari hai but bhut kuch positive bhi to hua. Rivers clean ho gye pollution kem ho gya. Becho ko gher ka kam sikhaya like dish washing, chapati banana, mopping and they like it. Every night beche bhegvan ko yad krke sone lge kyunki mushkil time mai bhegvan hi help krte hai .Bus or kya chahiye . At last han mushkil hai gher mai band ho ker rhna but we can make it easier with some small n interesting acts. May be you like it. Thanks

    Prabha Apr 10 2020

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    Shannon Almeida Apr 10 2020

    This lockdown has made me realize that I should always be grounded and never ever take my loved ones for granted. I have spent some really amazing time with my family over a family meal, sharing our thoughts and feelings, running errands together, cleaning the home together with each one taking up one job to do. At the end of the day, we are satisfied that we have done something productive.
    A huge thank you to our doctors, nurses, medical staff, police, cleaning & maintenance workers, people providing essential services who work round the clock for us, risking their lives.

    Prabha Apr 9 2020

    It is indeed a hard time the world is going through.But all the hardships become easy if one takes it easy.I am frankly enjoying my period of lockdown and it has made me realize that how dependent we had been on our staff all these years for our daily chores.Whole family is doing their part,even the kids trying to help in their own way and thus becoming independent and disciplined.With no outsiders in the family each one is enjoying the time together and creating lifetime memories.Kids have now ample time with no more spending the day out in the school during this hot summer and the parents doing their every bit with keeping them busy with games and crafts and studies too.The kids have now even realized the importance of not wasting food, delicious meals are being cooked throughout the families but nothing is probably now going waste ,each family now getting to understand the difference between necessity and surplus.This time in real sense is a eye opener for the human race . Once again families enjoy this period of togetherness and be happy and safe.

    Somya Tiwari Apr 9 2020

    As you All know that there is a lockdown in view of the horriefic Threat Caused by the Corona Virus In the Whole Country ,So in this lockdown I have got a chance to complete my hobbies ,on working days I could not do anything but due to lockdown I am very fond of writing in now and write poems and participate in Online open mics and I am writing My Book Recently Trying to Complete it in this lockdown and I love making Handmade things so I made Scrapbook. please I request you all to Stay Home Stay Safe

    Khushi Apr 8 2020

    "Namaste myself khushi Revankar from belgavi" According to this current situation of lockdown due to covid-19, I feel this lockdown have benefited us a lot, people use to be busy all the time doing there work it might be any work like business, household, etc.childrens couldn't enjoy with there parents no rest at all only there was Sunday where they could hardly enjoy.but this lockdown made families to be together and spent some time not only this even our earth is getting benefits of this lockdown before, the situation of river Yamaha and Ganga was not less then a ravine but now the river water is clear,we could see high mountains clearly, no pollution and birds are getting liberty to fly before we use to wake up hearing vehicle horns but now we wake up hearing sweet sounds of birds, we also learnt how to adjust and save money this lockdown made us to realize soo many sought of things I think prime minister should conduct at least 3weeks lockdown every year so there will be balance in every thing

    Thank you!

    Bijay Behera Apr 4 2020

    COVID-19 lockdown:-
    Standing on the roof, i can see the sun set, i can see silent streets, closed shops. animals, nature everyone put their fingers on their mouth even the human being wearing masks and shut their mouths. a single leave is not moving on a tree because there is no happiness. we can say there are no winds in the atmosphere which makes us feel happy. I am feeling like a prisoner when i have nothing to do, no where to go. I am missing the busy streets where i can walk again and i am missing the noisy crowds where i can run again. I want to roam the city again like a free bird. Want to do a lot of things. till then i will stand in this cage, looking to the scenario and Waiting for the fine day with a beautiful weather when i will see the rainbow on the sky which makes our lives colorful again and gives Smile on our faces.

    Bijay Behera Apr 8 2020

    @Bijay Behera Hoping and waiting for happy days

    Shreyashi Apr 4 2020

    Handling the lockdown with a 3 year old kid and a husband who had to be home quarantined for a period of 28 days is not initially so easy to start with. But I am a person who plans and execute accordingly. Of course I also seek help of god everyday to handle everything that I need to. To add I don't know to ride 2- wheeler. It looks tough but I am happy that I am able to do everything for my husband and son. Be it getting the provisions, vegetables, meat and fish. Then as usual cooking and cleaning the house. Isn't it the daily life of a house wife? I am happy to do so , no regret and complaints. There is fear every moment cuz of this deadly virus.what I have realized is when we step into a new month we often plan what we should do for this month like investment. But this situation has made me to realise nothing is more important than the basic needs of life . Also to thank god for the provisions he gives us each day. All things work together for a good reason. As I have realized these 2 aspects of life I am sure many of us will have something to learn which God wants us to learn and he will put an end to this pandemic at His own time. Stay safe stay indoor and be thankful to God always!!!

    Shreyashi Apr 8 2020

    @Shreyashi True words. Be thankful for your blessings for this too shall pass

    Rajamani Revauthi Apr 8 2020

    @Rajamani Revauthi You have shared such a profound message. Loved reading every word.

    Reetika Kachchhwa Apr 4 2020

    My lockdown experience -
    Well, I am a student and before lockdown, I spent my time in college but now I got time to do the things I wanted to do. Now, I read more and also now I am able to focus on my skills. I got more time to think about my future and plan things accordingly and work on the things as well. For me, this lockdown is very productive. I read a quote, it said that if you are not coming out from a lockdown with a new skill, new side hustle and a new hobby then you don't lack time you lack motivation.

    Reetika Kachchhwa Apr 8 2020

    @Reetika Kachchhwa Your article is so motivating and nice too

    Priya Apr 4 2020

    My experience in lockdown like Thoda meetha Thoda namkin.First of all my husband is not with me,he is in Saudi Arabia for work.and i am in india with my 3 beautiful angel my daughters.my daughters so happy because they dont go in school and stay in home.i am a housewife and always i am put my family first so all day spending my time for cooking and do daily routine work.We are trying to settle in Canada since 2 years.Our dream was going to come true this year, but the Coronavirus destroyed all our expectations.I do not know how it will affect Canada immigration.I wish everything goes well and life back to track again.stay home stay safe.

    Priya Apr 8 2020

    @Priya Hoping for the best until then stay safe and positive

    Dr pooja kumari Apr 4 2020

    My quarentine days are about self recognition and self love. I m trying to figure out what is in me is excellent and different form other. 1st. Wakeup early 6am in the morning , then go for a walk at my terece, get some fresh air and walk round and round while listening my fav songs, after that take a shower and dressed up in my normals and wait for my brother to get freshen up then he and me together ate breakfast and start commenting at what ever topic we like , but currently our fav. Topic is covid 19 . Then I go to sleep for the endless hrs I want. My forgetten fantasies of so many sleepless nights at hostel on exam days . The coffee made by my bro and evening walk again with my songs and my thoughts of a better life after this covid 19 chapter ends . Always before sleeping at night pray for god - please take aways this corona with u and in place of this corona give is your karuna and your blessing of a better 2020 without this viruse.. thinking all thos is a nightmare , I will wake up in morning and all this go away

    Dr pooja kumari Apr 8 2020

    @Dr pooja kumari Hope we wake up one day to find that this nightmare has ended

    Prabha Apr 4 2020

    I think COVID 19 and quarantine has taught us a lot, for me it is all about using this time for fruitful purpose such as spending quality time with my family, helping in the household chores , playing with my son, reading books on various topics, trying and learning new language, exercise, meditation, watching TV for updates, other shows, movies, listening to the chirping of birds, staying at home, thanking to the various personnel working day and night to keep us safe and secure, praying to lord Almighty for the gift of life and all the blessings

    Prabha Apr 8 2020

    @Prabha Such a good use of lockdown time.

    Sumathi Anand Apr 4 2020

    In this lock down period, spending quality times with family is important, more over i must keep them healthy and fit, so i will prepare healthy dishes, together we all clean our rooms, play quiz, games, telling stories, playing Antakshari watching movies, watching the old photo albums and telling my kids the realtionship for them,
    My daughter 9yrs old i encourage her to help me in cooking, with her tiny hands she prepares, dosa, chappati, noodles, ect it makes me feel proud of her, we do yoga together, doing funny family tiktok videos, giving calls to all relatives and spend time with them. In oneway this lockdown has brought my family bonding more together, bcoz before we didn't have time to spend quality time with my hubby, he use to be alway busy with his office work, more tension never spends time with us, always showing angry face, now its totally opposite he works from home, he cares us, helps me in house works, plays with my kids. We are glad to see him in smiling face.

    Sumathi Anand Apr 8 2020

    @Sumathi Anand Good to hear about your life and the positivity around it

    Mamta Gupta Apr 8 2020

    @Mamta Gupta How heart touching your words are. Hope better days are coming.

    Prabha Apr 4 2020

    Omg i hope all are safe.Basically, I am a new mom now. So i have been lockdown for past two months.so i dont feel much difference. But on the whole lockdown is more painful than boredom as everyone experiences.I understand this quarantine is for goodness of our country,but im very much anxious because our groceries, our savings, baby food is getting reduced day by day. Couldnt go out for emergencies. .feeling very sad wen i find my busy gents lazily watching t.v..on the whole befor corona kills us slowly, mental depression and loneliness will destroy us fastly.we hav done lots of sins to our mother earth and in turn we are facing consequences. Lets pray for wellbeing of our people..hope whole world gets cleaned up soon .wish to have our normal life sooner

    Prabha Apr 8 2020

    @Prabha True words...wish the world cures faster and back to happy days

    Lachit Choudhury Apr 4 2020

    Now we are facing trouble by covid-19 the one viras who is dangerous for us stay home save life almost we are listening that Medical staffs are God for us we salute them hence it's learning that all the Indian come and join the lock down fighting campaign to protect us and give relax of medical staff always wash your hands with soap and jurm kill liquied and keep distance 3 feet in between us to save and long live don't panic or avoid Lock down till the govt.desition if we feel sick with coughing, headache, breathing problem and fever do not stay home go and check up and corentine himself in a safe place for protection of societies and family basically if we want to save ourself then pick up your immunity system as soon as possible to protect himself from covit -19. And now the whole world learn from India to give respect by namasker.

    Lachit Choudhury Apr 8 2020

    @Lachit Choudhury Rightly spoken facts in your article ...

    Bhargavi nadgir Apr 4 2020

    The country is in view of all lockdown...
    We still have people with their fat ego deep down..
    In this situation which should be an eyeopener
    We are still the same making memes and being mockers
    In the light of crises we have...
    We still dont want our night party to get detached..
    When it is the time to help others...
    We are celebrating our holidays meeting old friends who were together
    In such condition to be calm at home...
    We are roaming around... happy to see few ppl out of their dome..
    Its an alarming sitch to be safe and alive...
    Considering u as literate... hoping to be wise..!!!

    Its a situation i observed and faced and thus i have penned down it in a form of poetry...also it is only for awareness and not to disobey disregard or offend anyone..!!!

    Bhargavi nadgir

    Bhargavi nadgir Apr 8 2020

    @Bhargavi nadgir Really a true picture. If people could understand the seriousness of this situation ...all will be fine

    Kirthika Apr 5 2020

    Hai myself kirthika... In my lockdown days experience, I'm wokeup 10 clock my mother making coffee on kitchen and cooking breakfast after completing her cooking me and my mother and father eating breakfast later we are watching tv like serials, any comedy shows or hearing songs. Then afternoon ,we are playing cards later sleeping some hours..In evg again mom preparing coffee and cooking dinner again watching tv. In,my point of view this is one of the good time we spent our times in our family. Because, I'm working in one company I stayed hostel I missed my family a lot.. This time is very best time for me because I spent more time with my family

    Kirthika Apr 8 2020

    @Kirthika Family bonding is always the best thing to happen in our times of lockdown.

    Prabha Apr 5 2020

    We all were comfortable within our own circle until the existence of COVID-19. LOCKDOWN is nothing but KARMA what we have receiving from nature. Just thinking, How worst we human being are. We have over utilised the natural resources including killing wild animals (pets too) to feed our belly. Now its the time for the nature to give back what we human have given to her. We should now just sit back, pray and feel regret about it. At least now we to think that HUMAN BEINGS ARE NOT SUPERIOR TO MOTHER EARTH. Todays situation has proved that Money and Status is of no use. We have to take out positive thoughts during this lockdown.Thank you. Stay safe.

    Prabha Apr 8 2020

    @Prabha How true your words are. Humans have been selfish and atleast now we realise our mistakes towards nature. Hope all ends well

    Puja Apr 5 2020

    Lagta hai kuchh khoya sa hai shayad .Zindgi sathh hai per Ehsaan khoya sa hai Shayad.Sab ek sath hain phir bhi mann udaas hai .Pankh khulenge udenge ek din parindon ko aasmaan ki talaash hai Shayad.khushi apno ke sathh ki hai per talash apni hi hai Shayad.Khoye se hamesha na the per Abhi Khud ko dhundhna hai e zindagi bas teri hi talaash hai Shayad.

    Puja Apr 8 2020

    @Puja Bahut khoob

    Pallavi Goel Apr 6 2020

    Most of you will comply with the fact that on account of busy schedule we are unable to give 100percent commitment to our family members. This the golden time to listen to them, understand them and share the bond of compassion with each other.God has given the opportunity to tighten up our bond . One cannot deny the fact that whatever happens is for the good of humanity. Mother nature is always kind to us and a new lesson of rejuvenation is taught to us by her. Yes, if we talk of problems there are many as human activity is restricted and at times we feel we are a puppet in the hands of destiny. Accept the situation, face it boldly after all sunset is followed by sunlight. If we are positive we can make the atmosphere around us worth living.

    Pallavi Goel Apr 8 2020

    @Pallavi Goel Positivity is the motto. I totally agree with you

    Shannon Almeida Apr 6 2020

    This Lockdown has made a tremendous change in my life. I realized that I have so much time to spend with my loved ones. So I sit down with my family, play board games with them, give them a listening ear and this has brightened up my mood. Since I work from home, we make it a point to have a meal together and share our thoughts and feelings. At the end of the day, we are satisfied to see that we did something productive which strengthened our bonds and brought us much closer. This lockdown has made me realize that I should never ever take my loved ones for granted. This lockdown has made my life stress-free and helped me stay grounded.

    Shannon Almeida Apr 8 2020

    @Shannon Almeida A heartwarming article where you could connect with family and form bonds .let it stay alive throughout

    Hina Gupta Apr 6 2020

    Rightly said, "Count ur blessings, not ur troubles. "
    "We live once, so live life to the fullest"
    These 2 quotes are perfectly applicable in this current era of epidemic whole world is fighting with! Its the time for self-exoloration, self-love & relationships who we often couldn't get time. I am completely enjoying me time. Dancing to my favourite tunes and singing my favourite songs, enjoying sun bath, chirping of birds, morning tea alongside my home garden with my family. Taking care of my parents, doing some yoga and breathing exercises, as i have understood well now, "pehla sukh nirogi kaya".
    In a nutshell, this lockdown has taught me, in this journey of life where we have become so materialistic, we work like machines for money, but nothing lasts forever except memories and i am building the same, reconnecting with old friends, reviving old relationships, removing clutters from heart and thanking God each morning, for giving me one more day to live.

    Hina Gupta Apr 8 2020

    @Hina Gupta Realised the importance of love and life on this lockdown . Really a good article.

    Swatz Apr 6 2020

    This lockdown instead of constantly saying *I'm bored* or *I'm tired* try saying I am home n safe. In this crisis, what you need to change is your perspective n things will then calm within you. Doing work from home, managing household work n also working with relationships with husband n mother in law..and dividing the work has become so imp...days have been more challenging now coz doing work frm home isn't easy...and also to the crisis that's going in the outside world..listening to some soothing music, meditating taking time out for yourself is utmost importance so that I dnt lose my patience n calm in managing all the tasks n workload...I have started to teach online for German language so that kids, adults or anyone who wants to learn during this lockdown can use their time..my idea came in..coz I believe one must keep learning from anything n anywhere u belong currently...n that's where i thought to start with this online sessions..i have students who keep me more busy apart frm my current schedule as well...but making their study materials and interacting with them..making them know even during this Quarantime you can meet people n still learn new things n enhance your skills..i decided to donate the money from this sessions to daily wages n have done my bit as well....talking to my friends n fmly n asking then if they are fine is again imp to me...be grateful to God alwys...its important that 1 must reflect within than in external world...Nature has alwys been beautiful, jst that what we humans did of not tking care earlier is so wrong n hope we all learn from this situation...last but not the least, I love this below quote:
    *You cant calm the storm...so stop trying, what you can do is calm yourself, the storm will pass...*

    Swatz Apr 8 2020

    @Swatz A very thoughtful article indeed.

    Stuti Jha Apr 7 2020

    Yes of course it is difficult because not we all are lockdown, because our country is lockdown it is period of time to show unity apart from doing work from home,think about our country first.Yes we are very lucky because we are writers we didn't go to office,our home is an office.so it's time to fight back for our country a war against coronavirus.And we diffenetly win.We didn't fight with each other fight against diseases.create awareness about it.thats it.

    Stuti Jha Apr 8 2020

    @Stuti Jha What a fighting spirit ! Great way to motivate us all.

    Vibha Joshi Apr 7 2020

    The lockdown was certainly one of the most tough times in all of our lives. But it did teach me how to surivive without street foods and be self reliant, in absence of maid. Me and my family could fortunately find some leisure time and some time for ourselves as well. This period also taught me the biggest lesson of humanity, that is, helping the needy, which yields immense happiness and pleasure. Let us hope that our good old days come back soon.
    Serve humanity; Stay home, stay safe

    Vibha Joshi Apr 8 2020

    @Vibha Joshi I too feel that it has brought the humane feelings back on track. A good takeaway from this lockdown

    Aswathy Apr 8 2020

    Myself a housewife..mother of two child...I completed degree and trying to continue my studies...drawing,dancing,etc are my hobbies...I love to doing all these things...I'm not wonder it is a lockdown period...because for us 365 day is a lockdown period...but in this period I really enjoyed because my family members especially my husband understood what my role in his life and recognized my abilities and capabilities....best achievement I received yet is one question from himself...that is are you a dancer..?you are dancing and drawing well......it' was my biggest lockdown appreciation......stay home and stay safe all...

    kamal varma Apr 8 2020

    @kamal varma A food for thought indeed ! It is utmost important to be future conscious. Thanks

    Patrick Rajput Apr 8 2020

    @Patrick Rajput This looks so inspiring !! I feel we all could learn afew good things from you. When people are fretting and lazing away their time you are a beacon of humankind..keep going!

    Prabha Apr 4 2020

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    Prabha Apr 4 2020

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    Connifer Fernandes Apr 4 2020

    LOCKDOWN -Being at home has gradually thought me :

    The Dicipline to follow in our day to day life, if violated it can put the whole country in trouble.

    The importance of food and not to waste any of it, if we do so someday will be hungry.

    The value of every family member, as the virus has killed so many familes all over the world.

    And most importantly it has taught me the value of life, if 'savdhani hati, durghatna ghati', you will no more be in this world.


    By:Connifer Fernandes

    Prabha Apr 3 2020

    Udhvita.G 's Mom Apr 3 2020

    COVID-19 a lockdown for HUMANS but not for those with FIVE SENSES....Yes,u read it right!!! Accidentally, woke up with lots of birds chirping in the morning make me to wonder-hey! Where were you all these days?!? Also could here from my friends in Mumbai that in the beaches few aquatic animals are having a nice time coming out...From the source, internet also saw deer, endangered animal were spotted on the road.. This clearly makes self realisation to humans that "EARTH IS NOT ONLY MEANT FOR HUMANS" but also for the five sense creatures... This really made me think that, how nice it would be if we have a law or rule that we should stay at home without coming out and share MOTHER NATURE to all these God gifted creatures who cant even say that -'we should also want to enjoy'..poor thing..Literally,feeling bad to be born as a human...

    Anubha Apr 3 2020

    Corona virus... something which has actually turned down the world at its knee
    I actually witnessed such a quantined time with calm shut and closed space around us..It has actually completely changed the course of life..the day which was used to begin with alarm for children to wake up and go to schools now is placed in corners with sanitzed loaded and shut the vehicles which were used to get started all the year has actually been stranded in the hot sun untouched..the people who used to walk freely with arms opened to greet each other with a cosy hug have actually covered with cloth of mask on face and gloves on hand .life has been all around in home with creating countless memories and having open the books of each other routine and getting each other known better. Eating together ,washing ,cleaning all the day have actually taken over the life..sitting with children at home and playing games just like like living our childhood have relived memories...well as said coun has two sides THIS LOCKDOWN has actually made us realize what is home and who are our family....

    Smitha.R.P Apr 3 2020

    Lockdown due covid-19 has made me cleanliness minister of my house .More importance is given to cleanliness. I will ask my children and husband clean their hands with sanitizer . Whenever I want to go to nearby shops I wear mask and maintain social distancing at this time. Covid-19 has inculcated patience in me . It is nice experience of waiting in queue wearing mask and maintaining social distancing in the shop. Thanks for the national Doordarshan channels for telecasting Ramayana and MahaBharatha. I will watch these mythological serials with my family and explain it to my daughters . These serials gives me goosebumps ..makes me go back to my childhood days. For some moment I will be in the different world of my childhood memories. Then suddenly when I come to present ...I will feel sad of the current situation because whole world is in fear of this corona virus. I will meditate and pray to God to show us the way . As we know that Only way is to Stay at Home. This crisis will effect economic slow down of our country. Thinking on positive side Earth is healing on itself with no air ,water or noise pollution .This situation has made wild animals , birds live in freely without any disturbance from human beings.This has taught us to live with co -existence with other creatures of the Earth. At this time boosting our immunity is very important .So I give more importance of cooking healthy foods ,either preparing fruit juice , eating dry fruits ,keeping hydrated etc. Moreover Yogasanas and meditating is very important keep us healthy and break the chain of this dangerous pandemic Virus.