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    writing intrest

    Hi my son s lkg now. He s not writing alphabets if i teach also. If i write n show then he s writing if pronounce e wont write i dont no wat to do to make him write by his own ... more


    Devi Sep 4 2018

    Dear parent,

    No need to worry, this is a common issue with toddlers. Please dont force, which will create a hatred towards writing. First step is to understand whether the child can understand phonetic sound and identify the letters. Please read to your child, there are many toddler books which is fun with pictures. Take him to public library or any library nearby, ask him to choose the books. The child should feel the responsibility of his choice, and thus he will create a liking towards reading. Reading and identifying the letters is the crucial step followed by writing.

    barghavi Aug 15 2018

    Hi, It's not easy for child to write, until he understands the meaning of words, it's better to have feal of the words, means what A stand for Apple, also try to focus more on verbal then written, as he started understanding the meaning he will start writing

    Team ParentCircle Aug 13 2018

    @Anonymous we would like to know if your child's school has started him on writing alphabets, and are the teachers expecting him to write? This will help us answer your question better.