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    Preteens and Teens

    Worried About Your Teen's Struggle With Peer Pressure?

    Preteens and Teens

    Worried About Your Teen's Struggle With Peer Pressure?

    How often have you felt ignored by your teen? That his friends seem to have become more important than you? Well, theres scores of parents out there who feel the way you do. Whats worse is when your teens friends seem to distract him, lure him into thinking and behaving differently. On one hand, we know that friends play an important role in a teens social and emotional development. On the other, how do you ensure that your teen has the ability to resist negative peer pressure, and derive the benefits of positive peer influence? Theres a lot you can do to help your teen learn how to handle peer pressure skillfully.

    Do share with us your experiences and your journey in handling your teen's peer pressure. ... more

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    • Sep 24 2020


    Mansi Chaturvedi Sep 27 2020

    Friends have been always a very important aspect of each one of us. In our times you could say there was what you could call' my best friend' a person who would stand no matter what with you. But now I see that it's rare to find someone whom you could trust so much. Their loyalties keep changing. I have had an experience with my daughter and a phase came in her life where she was left suddenly alone by so called best friends since her childhood. I have this constant argument with her which I sometimes later feel must have hurt her somewhere. I see her being always true to her bonding with friends but somehow I see them not being so true to her. But teenagers today do not understand when we judge their friends or try to explain anything about them. We do it out of concern so that she doesn't go through it all but she stays committed to the present peers as well as even those who left her long back. It is surely a great difference of opinion. A lot goes in to make them feel confident bout their present and move on in life.

    Sayoni Mondal Sep 24 2020

    Peer pressure is not in our control. Its everywhere and everyone face it in their life. Its a confusing stage for the situations is like we have to go through what we think is the right way either to do it or not. In such compromising situation, its obvious we turn to trustworthy friends. Yet so many times friends become dangerous snakes as they dont like their friends progress and achievements. In handling teens peer pressure, parents play a major role. Its not a day process. From their early childhood, they have to train their child to control their own mind as outside factor is not in their control. All in all, parents have to be teens role model by patiently handling their pressure and advising to live in the moment by making peace with their past and not being anxious with their future.

    Sayoni Mondal Sep 25 2020

    @Sayoni Mondal We agree Kanisha, it's not a day's job! The bonding of a parent and child starts from early childhood and gets carried in their teen years. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint!