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    3. #WorldMentalHealthDay - How can we take care of our mental well-being and that of our family's?


    #WorldMentalHealthDay - How can we take care of our mental well-being and that of our family's?


    #WorldMentalHealthDay - How can we take care of our mental well-being and that of our family's?

    On World Mental Health Day, share with us how we can take care of our mental well-being and that of our family's! ... more

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    • Oct 10 2019


    Team ParentCircle Oct 14 2019

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    barghavi Oct 10 2019

    Annually, World Mental Health Day is celebrated on 10th October. Theme of this year is "Working Together to Prevent Suicide". I truely agree with the evolutionary theory, "Survival of the Fittest". If one's physical health is good and mental health poor, then he/she may not perform effectively in one's life battle and vice versa. Mental health is equal to one's feeling, emotion, thought and action. It's not that easy to diagonize the symptoms. An Individual with strength can understand what's wrong with him/her. On Narrower Perspective, Parents are role model to their child. For parents well-being, it's good to seek advice from counsellor, take correct direction. Many times it may happen that parents over controlling, over protecting, egoist, selfish, jealous, rigid, negative behaviour directly or indirectly affect the growth of their child. A child grooming is well-done when parents have healthy sense of humour, are happy, self-aware, focused, consistent on their hard and smart work, discipline, patience, courageous, easily manage time and stress, learning from their mistakes, accepting their responsibilities, and faults, understanding each other well by proper communication, confident and courageous when change occurs. On broader perspective, Adulthood is the life examination where adults have to fight their pratical battles all alone. A child groomed in positive environment with healthy mindset balances work, stress and family effectively whereas unfortunate child failed in receiving love, care, respect from their parents suffers mental illness and carry forward to their next generation. It's tough to break that cycle but with healing, patience, understanding, focus, hope/faith, positive attitude grooms that adult future into something extraordinary. In Nutshell, Parents play a vital role in upbringing child. It's parents duty to take care of their child happiness and inner peace by being true self and understanding their child mentally. If they fail to do so, it's better to take step to seek guidance from counsellor.

    Nisha joshi Oct 10 2019

    Mental health is the biggest illness today and the most ignored one.
    To take care of our and our family's mental health , discussiand communication is the most important factor.
    We must talk , discuss and help each other to find a solution..be open and talk...we must not ignore it ..
    I personally keep in touch with my family and friends to check how are they..a small help can create big impacts.
    Staying positive clubbed with meditation and indulging ourselves in something what we love can create a better mental health..i wish everyone a good and healthy mental state..
    Guide everone around you with positivity

    Roopa M Oct 10 2019

    We must take care of our mental health as much as our physical health. Laughter is the best medicine. So include humour and fun activities into your life as much as possible.

    Here are few things that I have learnt from elders, and read over the years that definitely help:
    Spend a lot of time with children and people who are young at heart
    Be helpful to others as much as possible. It gives a lot of satisfaction and happiness
    Play sports and games
    Visit holy places and pray often
    Sleep early and wake up early
    Spend time alone also and meditate for few minutes every morning
    Walking, yoga, and simple exercises can keep you fit physically and mentally
    Do pranayama and practice to breathe slow and steady throughout the day
    Develop hobbies and try new things
    Give importance to cultural activities, music, arts, and dance. Such activities are not only entertaining but also have therapeutical value.
    Read a lot
    Stay away from negativity and negative people
    If you are not a people person, try having a pet
    Stay in touch with family members, friends, and people you are close to
    Have good role models and keep learning something from them everyday
    Spend time outdoors for few minutes everyday
    Volunteer at schools and different events
    Do community service when possible
    Help the needy when possible
    Do gardening
    Teach something to others
    Learn something new whenever you get a chance
    Spend time outdoors in the sun for few minutes everyday
    Take a break from hectic work and regular routine and travel when possible
    Be creative
    Try different cuisines
    Learn about different cultures
    Find ways to deal with problems that may crop up with patience. Panicking about different stuff will only make matters worse
    Reduce clutter
    Manage your time and energy in an efficient way
    Maintain a journal
    Write down /note down your expenses
    Organize your home, office table and vehicle in such a way that you become more and more efficient
    Take help from close people when sick
    Listen to your body, rest if necessary, and be kind to yourself and others
    Keep working at finding ways that help you be positive and happy

    Inspite of all the planning and knowledge, things might not go as planned sometimes. The best thing to do is to take things slow and easy. Be easy on yourself.

    To take care of the mental health of our family members, communication is key. We should pay attention to verbal and non verbal communication. Any behaviour changes or any energy differences can tell us a lot about what might be going on in others mind. This will help us to help each other and take care of the mental health of ourselves and our close ones.