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    3. #WorkFromHomeTales | When the 'two' meet each other at a 'social distance'!

    Together at Home | COVID-19

    #WorkFromHomeTales | When the 'two' meet each other at a 'social distance'!

    Together at Home | COVID-19

    #WorkFromHomeTales | When the 'two' meet each other at a 'social distance'!

    We're all at home, working or trying really hard to work from home with kids and everyone around! We all have our own stories to remember, lessons learnt, experiences to share, tips and hacks that you've eventually gotten to know and much more! Oh yes, this is a place to vent as well! Feel free :)

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    Team ParentCircle May 6 2020

    Working from home, while looking after the household can be challenging. How do you stay focussed on the work and not get distracted? Here are some excellent tips to make work-from-home productive

    Divya Mar 25 2020

    Because of the coronavirus situation, we have asked our daughter's nanny and our domestic help to stay home. My parents and parents-in-law are visiting only when absolutely essential (they live with our grandmothers, so we are being extra cautious). So, suddenly, all forms of help (both family and external) have been cut off. So, juggling work, managing our 20 month-old daughter and doing all the household chores has not been easy, to say the least! I realise it must also be tough on our daughter. On the one hand, she is not happy about remaining at home and not being able to see her grandparents often, but on the other, she is happy that amma and appa are home all day and hence wants us to spend time with her all the time! Yesterday, she wanted to play hide-and-seek, right when our daily meeting was about to start! :) But we are somehow managing. And I am sure we are not the only ones facing this challenge. Many parents out there must be going through similarchallenges, if not worse.

    So this is how we have been managing so far: My husband and I are trying our best to stay away from social media. Because that really sucks our time away. And I am involving my daughter in household chores. Yesterday, she helped me fold clothes, put away her toys and make chapathis, and I narrated stories to her while cutting vegetables. And it really helps to plan ahead. That way, we can take turns to finish our work, take care of our daughter and split house responsibilities. (Luckily with my husband, since he works with teams abroad, the bulk of his work starts after 4 p.m. So, that's a blessing now.) It's been manageable, but not easy. However, one big plus with this situation is the extra time I have with my daughter. It is fun, and I am going to miss that when things return to normal!

    Mathari Ramaswamy Mar 24 2020

    The last one week, my daughterand husband (he was in WFH, she was on holiday) woke up late, stayed talking till late night, watched movies, I also joined them in the evenings. They planned the movies they can watch at 7:00 pm everyday. Three days we watched and then boredom sets in. Slowly we find Netflix or Amazon are not going to help us, it is boring. We don't want to watch movie any more unless we have no choice. Today my daughter and husband work up early, they are back to routine.

    The first two days my husband brought some stuff for us from Nilgris in spite of the 'social distancing' warnings. With maids and cooks around, I thought we will have good, piping hot good food for lunch and evening will ask some hot vadas from cook. It was fine till yesterday, our welfare associationsaid there should be no maid, cook, paperwala to our apartment till March 31, and we can go only once in a week only to get the essentials. That's the saddest thing ever happened to my Work From Home. Much to our dismay, the chips, fruits and biscuits all lasted for a day only. How much ever we tried to stock. Now Pasu cannot go out too. Now every-one turns to me asking for some evening snacks, which I am strictly not for it! I am a mother who likes to dine and enjoy! I am not a mother who likes to cook and serve. Initially I thought the days will run fast. It is like a mountain in front of me without a maid and cook. One good thing, my daughter, husband and my inlaws all of them split our work equally and helping us each other. I am the one who always have to make tea, now husband, my daughter too does. I know they might have fed up with my tea :) With a teen daughter around, she gives us a spoon (One spoon) of Maggi when ever she makes one in the evening. Cleaning the kitchen takes 20 minutes, after she does a 2 minute maggi! New headache though!!! My husband never takes his laptop in when he comes from office, but now it extends till 11 pm. But his lunch time coincides with mine. ( Between 1pm and 1:30 pm)

    Some Good things too.. I am having a leisurely early mornings. Today happened to see a wood-pecker in the tree. Adyar has trees, and from the balconywhen I see the Wood pecker, it was a pleasant experience. I remember my chikmagalurtrip and how we were excited to see the woodpeckerafter 4 hours of travelling. When no one on streets birds are happy flying one to tree another. We enjoyed the Woodpecker pecking the coconut tree. That relaxed us a lot.

    I just have a small talk with my daughter and my husband. That is just one new thing that we can learn a day!They both agreed, if it is not going to take more than 2 minutes a day.My daughter cautioned me not to over do the Gyann!! So yesterday I happened to talk about what is Gig workers and Gig economy. I was finding it hard to explain in two minutes but I did. It was fun when I was trying to ask the question to Google assistant as What is Gig Economy'. It catches as economy as enemy!!! Then we just joking at how Gig economy will become an enemy I mean contagious during Coronotimes. Today it's her turn! I think I have to create new ideas to connect everyday.

    Shobha Mitra Mar 23 2020

    I am a homemaker and home has always been my workplace. But it is kind of different this time with everyone having their homes as their workplace. My mundane work has started to become more noise, chaotic, fun, messy and interesting. My 3 meals of cooking has now increased to 6 with all the kids around. Stress levels of my husband is quite evident now and taking afternoon chai breaks with him around has become my favourite. My inlaws are now less bored and have stopped complaining about being alone at home. They have the kids who are keeping them occupied. I cannot think of how life was before all of this, but certainly this is keeping me going everyday!