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Cozy winter wear tips for babies to keep them snug and chic

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Are you worried about how to keep your baby warm this winter? Here’s how you can update your tiny tot’s wardrobe to keep her snug and cozy.

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Cozy winter wear tips for babies to keep them snug and chic

There is a popular saying that the number of layers a child wears when stepping out during winter shows how cold the child’s mom is feeling. Moms, we get you. It’s essential that young children are dressed appropriately to withstand the nip in the air as they enjoy the outdoors.

Winters can be fun, but it’s also important to keep children safe from the illnesses that arise due to the cold weather. What’s the best way to dress up your baby to keep her snug?

Check out these options which will keep your baby warm and also make her look like a fashion icon.

Add layers

When we say layer up, we mean thin layers which are comfortable for your baby. You can pick a onesie or a long-sleeved top as the first layer. Add a jacket or a sweater to this to keep your baby warm. If the jacket has a hood, pull it over your baby’s head, and use mittens to keep her hands warm. Choose comfortable socks and shoes which can keep the toes nice and toasty. Choosing to layer up gives you the advantage of adding or removing a layer according to your baby’s needs.

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Dress for the occasion

To make sure your child feels comfortable during winter, dress according to the place. If you’re spending time indoors, remove a few layers of clothing for the baby. If you’re taking your baby in the car, remember to remove any puffy coats, as they can make car seat straps loose, and throw a blanket on him instead. If you’re taking the baby on a walk, add a sweater or coat and replace shoes with waterproof boots. If your baby’s stroller has a built-in cover that also aids airflow, use that to cover the top when you go for a walk, or use a blanket to cover up your baby.

Layer down when indoors

If you have a thermostat, keep the temperature indoors as cool as your baby can handle during the day to prevent her skin from getting dry (indoor heating has lower humidity). Watch out for signs of overheating, like sweating or flushed cheeks, and adjust your baby’s clothing to help him cool down. Dress your baby in light, comfortable layers which don’t restrict movement. You can also hold up your baby close to you for warmth, but make sure his face is not pressing on your clothes.

How to know if your baby is feeling cold

  • The baby’s hands and feet will feel cold when you feel them with your hands
  • The baby’s chest, back, or belly feels cooler than normal body temperature
  • The baby seems cranky and cries without reason
  • Your baby has a runny nose
  • The baby’s skin seems paler than normal

Choose the right sleepwear

For a comfortable sleeping experience, dress your baby in a onesie or bodysuit which covers her hands and feet as well. Avoid loose bedding or blankets which might dislocate when your child tosses or turns in her sleep. Instead, use a sleeping bag or swaddle the baby to make her feel warm. You can cuddle your baby as she sleeps, to provide more warmth, but remember to lose a few layers of clothing for the baby first. Check out Miniklub’s trendy bedding and sleepwear for your baby. You can also place a hot water bag between the sheets to keep the bed warm and remove it before you put your baby to sleep.

Choose the right material

To avoid overheating, resulting in SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), choose the material carefully according to your baby’s needs. For mild winters use cotton sweaters and blankets for your little one. For severe winters, opt for woolen clothes and puffy jackets which can trap the heat to keep the baby warm.

Don’t forget to enjoy the winter season with these clothing options for your baby. Worry less and layer more!

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