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    Why Some Parents feel PTA meetings emotionally draining?

    I went to my son's school for an open day. Saw some parents broke down in front of their kids and teachers saying that their kids unable score better. I am feeling heavy after seeing their kids. Parents need to be counselled? ... more


    Natasha saxena Nov 2 2017

    Last month happened to see a parent brokedown in place saying that her daughter finds hard to understand the subjects like commerce and another dad who might be the world's smartest developer it seems! He was telling that he was one of the talented developer in his childhood days but his son couldn't handle simple programs in his computer science subject. They all should understand it hurts the psych of the child., the poor teen gets embarrassed in front of others. It was a heartening moment when kids seeing their parents crying. The kids are helpless. They too have tears tolling down their cheeks. They put their face down when they walked out of their school gate. I am wondering the pressure both parents and kids are going through. I am thinking would I be like, when my daughter goes to higher classes, she is now 7 year old. Will the system change? Or the parents?

    Natasha saxena Nov 4 2017

    @Natasha saxena Fear of what society thinks. Most of our Parents were in Govt. jobs. They are pensioners. Our childhood days didn't even have a call phone. We lived a happy life without much of pressure, lived in a modest house with 5 or 6 living comfortably with all our expectations met. The cost of living was cheaper those days. Now the fear sets in, thinking of what will happen to their economic conditions when they attain 40 years. They want their kids to be settled before they lose their jobs. Job insecurity, EMI, exorbitant rent, ego, all comes to play in the PTA, if their kid is not scoring enough, they feel their dream of living a comfortable retired life get shattered. Their financial condition is under threat kind of. I can say many parents say' YES' if I do a survey. Young Parents have a very'matured' long and short term financial plans, sadly not in parenting. It is difficult to convince them that academic scores of the kids are not important, unless you find a solution/ alternative path to convince them about their future dreams. I don't want any advice here from anyone, but would love to hear your feedback / comments on why some parents give more important to academic scores. It is every Indian parent's problem.

    Natasha saxena Dec 20 2017

    @Natasha saxena The focus needs to shift from 'Resume Building' to 'Character Building'.

    Navyz Nov 2 2017

    Hi, Feel bad to hear about this. Firstly I feel it is not correct to break down in front of kids.It would create a wrong impression for them and they might feel extremely low and stressed seeing their parents cry.
    I feel it would be extremely important for parents to get counselled in such cases.

    Navyz Dec 20 2017

    @Navyz I have seen my parents cry in every single PT meeting. The teachers did their best to make that happen. But I was a bit too stubborn to let any of this affect me.

    I always knew I was intelligent. But education wasn't the domain where I could prove that. After having dropped out of college, I was a drummer for 8 professionals bands, worked at Walt Disney, trained over 7000 students in Life Skills, life coached a few top CEOs, became the first Indian civilian to have trained in Counter Terrorism Tactics in Israel and now creator of India's first Personal Security Education program and author of a book.

    One thing I'd love all parents to think about is... Do you want your Kids to grow up and get a Job or get Work? These are 2 completely different things. Anyone can get a job. But it takes great intellectual capabilities to generate work.

    I personally will build my kid/s to generate work. I have seen first hand that the education today is of no social good. Unless there is a guru who can induce large amounts of curiosity into kids and help them channel their energy to find answers, we will not see our kids be great individuals.

    Would love to have physical interaction if anyone is from Bangalore here. We could form a think tank on alternative education.

    Let me know if anyone is interested.

    Navyz Dec 20 2017

    @Navyz I am interested. Let me see how we can work on this. Would a skype helps till then?

    Navyz Dec 20 2017

    @Navyz Sure Natasha.
    You have my email. Ping me and we can schedule a video-conf at a convenient time.

    Chakradhari Dec 20 2017

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    I'm sure you've got the message

    Chakradhari Dec 20 2017

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    Devi Nov 8 2017

    Yes I agree, the education system need to change and the parents need to take the back seat. Its ok the grades in the 5th grade or 6th grade will not be remembered or useful in the future. The reaction of the parents affect the self-efficacy of the child which will affect the decision making skills in future. The scores are some tools designed to help the student to move forward, but in contrary the stress the grade system builds is affecting the psychological well- being of the child and the parent.

    Mohan Nov 2 2017

    The system is getting tougher on day to day basis. Few weeks back I and my wife were really shocked by looking at the standard of exercises given in a 1st grade cbse books. The teachers are forced to dump on the kids, the parents and kids have to take the pressure of meeting the standards. With many parents favoring cbse this is likely to remain. The awareness towards not pushing the kids should spread.