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    Why Making A Switch To Cloth Diapers Is A Smart Option

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    Which diapers are better for your baby — disposable nappies or cloth diapers? Read on to know why cloth diapers are better than disposable ones for your baby and reasons to choose SuperBottoms cloth diapers.

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    Why Making A Switch To Cloth Diapers Is A Smart Option

    When your baby arrives, your life revolves around feeding your baby, changing the diapers, and putting the little one to sleep. Of all these, the most overwhelming task is changing the diapers. It involves a big decision too – choosing between disposable diapers and cloth nappies. When it comes to most disposable diapers, first of all, they contain chemicals that can harm your baby’s sensitive skin. Secondly, they aren't biodegradable and can harm the environment. As far as cloth nappies are concerned, they can be really messy! So, what do you do?

    Well, this is where cloth diapers come in. Cloth diapering is a healthy option for your baby’s diapering needs and safe for the environment too. And, India’s No. 1 cloth diaper, SuperBottoms UNO, helps you make this healthy choice. Made by parents, with a lot of love, these cloth diapers will be ‘the solution’ for you.

    If you are not convinced, here are five reasons to choose SuperBottoms UNO:

    1. Super friendly on the skin: SuperBottoms UNO diapers are made of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified 100% organic cotton that has high absorbency, which helps keep your baby dry overnight. It is CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) tested and certified to be free of any harmful chemicals or plastic. It has a super dry feel layer made of microfleece so that your baby will not feel any wetness. And, it is so soft and gentle on your baby’s skin and aids better airflow that your little one will feel very comfy.

    2. Free of harmful chemicals: SuperBottoms UNO diapers do not contain any toxic chemicals like phthalates, tributyltin, toluene, lead, plastic, chlorine, or dyes. These chemicals strip away good bacteria from your baby’s skin and change the pH balance, which in turn could irritate the skin and cause problems such as rashes and dryness. So, with SuperBottoms UNO, you can be sure that your baby’s delicate skin will be protected.

    3. Economical: SuperBottoms UNO diapers save a significant amount of money as you will need only 16 of them for your baby’s diapering lifetime. Yes, the diaper growing with your baby is not a myth! The same cloth diaper can be worn from the time your baby is three months until he is three years old.

    Now, let us get to the math to see how you save money on this:
    In three years, your baby will need 16 UNO x Rs 800 = Rs 12,800

    When it comes to disposables, your baby will need 5 disposables per day for 900 days x Rs 10 = Rs 45,000. That’s 74% SAVINGS! The initial investment in SuperBottoms UNO might seem expensive but in the long run, you save a lot. One UNO can be washed and reused up to 300+ times. Being adjustable, washable, and reusable you can use them for your second or third baby as well. You don’t need to constantly keep buying disposables!

    4. Sustainable and eco-friendly: Did you know that disposables take more than 500 years to decompose? Startling, right? And, add to that the pollution they cause to the land and water while they are sitting in the landfill. You may think that when there are billions of people on the planet one person’s act cannot make such a big difference to the environment. But bear in mind that together we can make a difference. Switching to SuperBottoms UNO diapers that are reusable is one way to begin.

    5. Choice of adorable prints: The SuperBottoms UNO universe is vast when it comes to choosing prints. From pretty animal prints to hearts, florals, and other exciting shapes, a lot of fancy colors and prints are available at www.superbottoms.com to match your baby’s dresses and make the bum look super cute too!

    One step at a time, we can make a difference in the lives of our children and contribute to conserving the environment too. Every parent who takes that first step to make a difference will pave the way for more parents to do the same. SuperBottoms also has customized starter packs for new parents who are looking to start their cloth diapering journey. It has a dedicated Momsconnect team of all moms who are ever ready to give you a home or a video demo on how to start cloth diapering with UNO.

    And, remember, you can go for SuperBottoms UNO diapers as gifts for your friends and family who have just embarked on their parenting journey. Let them join the chain to make a difference!

    Disclaimer: The content for this sponsored post has been provided by SuperBottoms UNO.


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