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    When will I sleep again?

    I love my child. She is 2. And it has been 2 years since I've slept! It sounds funny but some days, it is tiring. As much as I try shutting off the lights at 9, telling her stories, play soothing music, she enjoys the rituals and then jumps up with all the energy once I'm done. Then my husband takes her down to my mother-in-law's because she cries her lungs out if he doesn't abide. she comes back and sleeps at 12 AM. When he isn't in town, she asks but I don't abide. She still sleeps late. She sometimes naps by 3 PM and wakes up at 6 PM or some days she doesn't nap at all. 'Making' her nap is not possible unless I nurse her. But I'm a working mom and my MIL takes care of her. How do I set the pattern right? ... more


    Navyz Nov 15 2017

    Hi, My answer would be 'Time will settle things'. Since each kid has a different sleep pattern,we as parents should try and set the pattern which suits us and them both.
    In your case,it looks like you have been trying your best, but it will happen very soon.
    Try not to make your kid sleep more during the day time.
    Observe what best suits your kid which makes her/him doze off happily,may be a warm bath, or a soothing massage..etc.
    Once the kids starts going to playschool , everything will settle.
    I know it is very tough but it will definitely work out one day! All the best