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    What's happening to parenting.

    If another student murdered Pradyuman, we need as a society to urgently introspect on violent murderous teenagers...whats happening to parenting? ... more


    Devi Dec 19 2017

    Schooling and parenting should go hand in hand, especially for the teenagers they spend most of the time in school and with peers. Where is the room for quality time with parents? All stakeholders need to be on the same page to bring a health and safety of the young minds. For example, we need to include a health class for the teenagers in the curriculum, where psychologists and experts work with the tweens and teens to channalize the emotional, physical and mental energy. The teens are in the phase of identifying their own self and in the process they try to blend in with the peer group. There is little chance for them to listen to advice of the parents at that phase with prejudgments. The conception of education need to change for the betterment of the future generation. Open discussions need to be held in classroom about the substance abuse, puberty, healthy food habits and counter measures to handle the emotional stress. I have a teenager whose school implements this system, it is so effective. They are aware of the details such as mood-swings, physical changes and emotional turbulence. The society needs to give the teenagers the responsibility of themselves, by providing scientific knowledge, open discussions and sharing examples in a forum with respect and honor.

    Chakradhari Dec 18 2017

    Lately, I've been accused of beating my own drum but do I care !

    What the education system needs is 'Personal Security Education'. And NO, this has nothing to do with karate and judo. Violence is a physical outburst of emotions (sadness, depression, anger, disgust, joy). Such an outburst is a result of lack of emotional intelligence. Lack of education that explains what emotions really are and where they come from and how they change their form from one emotion to the other.

    If you have heard about the 'Blue Whale Challenge', then its the best example I could use. This game challenges the players through tasks that when accomplished gives them a dopamine rush. Most of these challenges require the players to hurt themselves and suffer the pain. This game is very similar to an army special forces training where you go through hell and then when you come out, you are victorious. However in this game it requires the player to end their life.

    I'm in the process of creating a game that will achieve exactly the same as the blue whale in essence but will have the kids take challenges that will build them into stronger individuals and leaders of the future. We are fortunate that this generations has aggression. It is our failure that we are unable to channelize it constructively.

    If there are any parents in here who would like to build an initiative offline, I'm available.

    Happy Parenting !

    Chakradhari Dec 19 2017

    @Chakradhari This sounds very interesting. One thing, I don't want my kid more time in gadgets. Why do we have to do through a tech game after all?

    Chakradhari Dec 19 2017

    @Chakradhari It would be great if you could provide more insights on maintaining emotional health of kids(as small as 6yrs).. Since I don't want my daughter to get too much into gaming, I would prefer some behaviour practices which could help her cope with disappointment, failure or loss of a close family member.

    Devi Nov 13 2017

    Its scary, yet shows the vulnerability of the teens. The case is still unsolved, too early to get into conclusions. A serious alert for the educational policy makers of the nation. Superficially the issue is the psychological problems of the children but beneath the shade the root problem is the grading and expectations of the stakeholders. Lack of the support system in counseling the students and parents. All the stakeholders equal contribution to issue. Social pressure on parents, peer pressure on children and adminstration pressure on the teachers, we need to give a serious thought about the support system in school and society.

    Navyz Nov 9 2017

    It is sad to hear such things happening,though we don't know if it is completely true...As parents it is very important for us to keep a watch on our kids,let it be toddlers or teenagers..In today's world teenager behaviour need to be carefully watched,let it be bad habits , emotional health, physiological health or anything extreme (victim of bluewhale games) and list goes on!

    Navyz Nov 9 2017

    @Navyz School authorities can suggest MHRD a monthly class on Anger management issues, anxiety for high school students.