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    How to handle multiple people parenting my child?

    Team ParentCircle Answered by Team ParentCircle

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    I am guessing that you are in a joint family where many adults raise the children together. Or you could be in a blended family where single parents remarry and raise their children together.

    While living in a joint family has many benefits, there can be conflicts as well. Especially when you disagree with how some adults handle your child. For example, you may want to say No to your child for something, but others give in to your child. This is a tricky situation because you don’t want to disturb family relationships. One way to handle the situation is to first pick on the things that are very important for you and let go of the rest. This will reduce the number of times you get upset. You could also try explaining to the adults the reasons for disciplining your child and how the discipline will benefit your child’s growth and development. Understanding leads to more cooperation. You can also explain to your child that you are in charge when it comes to certain behaviors. The same approach could be used in blended families as well.

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