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    3. What are your Fitness Goals for 2020?

    All about Nutrition!

    What are your Fitness Goals for 2020?

    All about Nutrition!

    What are your Fitness Goals for 2020?

    A healthy and fit body for a healthy 2020, isn't it something we all want? Share with us what your Fitness Goals for 2020 are! ... more

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    • Jan 22 2020


    Roopa M Feb 5 2020

    Roopa M Feb 14 2020

    @Roopa M Yes Roopa, with our sedentary lifestyles a little movement and a happy mind will definitely do us good. And most importantly it is extremely essential to reduce our stress and anxiety levels. Exercise definitely serves that purpose.

    Roopa M Feb 28 2020

    @Roopa M Bang on with it, my Dear. Every second of a workout counts. But, we must be at it!

    Leena Jumani Feb 4 2020

    I feel so inspired by all of you. Being a working mother, my fitness regime has definitely taken a backseat but seeing such little measures suggested by you I feel motivated. And yes, mental health of family and myself is at the top of my list too. Thank you so much Mommies!!

    Vicky Jan 29 2020

    My fitness goal for 2020 is that I want a healthy body for my family, friends and everyone out there. Also, it is important to be mentally fit. And the easiest way to ensure better mental health is communication. Two words of compassion and care can make a depressed and anxious person feel better.

    Vicky Jan 31 2020

    @Vicky So correct with Mental Health. We often ignore our mental health and the final outcomes of that are scarier. Thanks for putting it out there loud and clear. Great job!

    Jasmine Bose Jan 27 2020

    My fitness goal for 2020 is to remain busy so that I can stop myself from stuffing something or the other every now and than.

    Kanisha Jan 25 2020

    Year 2020 itself is defined as the year to play 20 physically 20mentally with all your heart and mind. The question arise how to play 20-20? According to my perspective, instead of following fixed mindset why not to try growth mindset in this new fresh year. I have analysed several understanding in achieving growth mindset for fit body for healthy 2020 which are as follows:
    1. Focus on the things which I can control like my thoughts, actions, feelings, emotions and let go of the things which are not under my control like others reaction, thoughts, etc.
    2. Forgive yourself and others often and forget the mistake/situation but remember the lesson learned from it.
    3. Life goes on with or without you, so better to go with the flow than to be stubborn and burden to others.
    4. Fitness doesn't comes easily. It's where words and actions goes hand in hand. It's about simplicity in Day to Day living by valuing human values rather than materialistic living.
    5. Those who are strong from within can survive to the fullest. Health is all about the effective performance given in the present day to fulfill the dreams by sacrificing and compromising their needs, wants and desires.

    Prabha Jan 24 2020