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    Together at Home | COVID-19

    WEBINAR | Riding through Uncertain Times: Fears & Hopes by Dr. Nithya Poornima

    WEBINAR | Riding through Uncertain Times: Fears & Hopes by Dr. Nithya Poornima

    How to reduce my stress and anxiety in these difficult times? How can my child build resilience in this situation? How to come out with a positive mindset in these uncertain times? If you have these questions in your mind, then we have something exactly for you! ParentCircle presents an exclusive Live Session with our expert Dr. Nithya Poornima. Register Now: https://bit.ly/3gIAXOv

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    • Fri, Jun 05, 2020, 11:36 AM


    Team 327 days ago

    Brintha 333 days ago

    Mam one doubt if I ask any questions it can be seen by someone or not please say for this then I will ask

    Brintha 327 days ago

    @Brintha Hi Ms. Brintha. You can choose to post the question as Anonymous if you dont want your name to be revealed. The question can be seen by the members of the community. I hope this helps. Thank you!

    Team 333 days ago

    Thank you to all those who attended our Webinar on June 6th. Thank you Dr. Nithya Poornima for the insightful and engaging session. We had a couple of unanswered questions from the session which are answered and posted below. Scroll down to take a look at them. If you have any further queries, feel free to post them here and well be glad to answer them!

    Team 333 days ago

    Online Classes are not as easy for children. They make the child Short-tempered and more on Gadgets, which is not good. Kindly suggest how we can change the Scenario by reaching to the Govt.

    Team 333 days ago

    @Team If youre struggling as a parent to explain the coronavirus pandemic to your child, youre not alone. Here are some tips for parents on how to discuss COVID-19 with kids and the precautions needed.

    Team 333 days ago

    What is your take on managing stress in students during this unprecedented time?

    Team 333 days ago

    @Team Dear Parent, stress is the most natural and normal response for adults and children during a pandemic and lockdown. To help students manage their stress, the foremost step that parents and teachers could take is to acknowledge their own stress and find ways to cope with it make self-care a priority. Make sure you get restful sleep, have regular balanced meals, spend time to exercise your body and calm your mind, talk to friends and loved ones, spend a few minutes of quiet time to feel centred and in control of yourself. These practices are proven to have a positive impact on a persons thoughts and behaviours. You would then display calm behaviour and respond more thoughtfully to students with understanding and support. Your positive disposition allows you to co-regulate your students stress you will have a calming effect on students, helping them feel less anxious or stressed. With both adults and students feeling more settled and in control of themselves, they can attend to their work more effectively.

    Team 337 days ago

    Team 338 days ago

    ABOUT OUR EXPERT: Dr. Nithya Poornima is a child and adolescent mental health expert. Currently working as Assistant Professor (Child and Adolescent Psychology) at the Department of Clinical Psychology, NIMHANS (Bengaluru), her areas of expertise include fostering emotional well-being and resilience, early childhood enrichment, play, and creative expressive methods of intervention, and mindfulness.