Infant and Newborn Care

    Good Morning Doctor, My question is about how the vaccine by name 'Pneumoccal Conjugate' which is given after consulting the parent. We were told that it is not mandatory but very helpful.
    We are not sure how important this vaccine is and if we skip using this,will my kid be missing something very useful? ... more


    DR Rajath Athreya Dec 9 2017

    Short answer: I would advice you to have it done. It provides protection against dangerous forms of lung and brain infections and nasty throat and ear infections too. It is being rolled out in a phased manner across the country in the Government's schedule as well. If still in doubt discuss your concerns again with your doctor.

    DR Rajath Athreya Dec 9 2017

    @DR Rajath Athreya Thank you for your valuable suggestions Doctor, your responses were very useful and we shall proceed accordingly.