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    3. Tips, Activities and Support to Keep Calm during Exams!

    Keep Calm Exam On

    Tips, Activities and Support to Keep Calm during Exams!

    Keep Calm Exam On

    Tips, Activities and Support to Keep Calm during Exams!

    This Exam Season, we are here to make you and your child feel less stressed and calmer! Feel free to share your suggestions and ideas too!
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    Long summer holidays are good opportunities to delve into new activities. For teens, this can be a good time to catch up on reading, especially as a way of exploration to mold their identities.

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    After the success of the previous two editions, hopes were high for the third Pariksha Pe Charcha with PM Modi. And, it did not disappoint. Heres a look at some key points.

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    With exams approaching, the pressure to perform creates stress for children. Parents being supportive but not controlling can help make things easier for their children.

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    Wondering what should be your right involvement in your child's exams? Well, simply answer these questions and find out if you are over-involved, under-involved or rightly-involved as a parent!

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    With exams around the corner, a little bit of planning and a few simple tricks is all you need to make exam preparation less stressful for your child. Find out how!