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    Gadget Free Hour

    Tips, Activities and Fun Things that you can do when you are #GadgetFree!

    Tips, Activities and Fun Things that you can do when you are #GadgetFree!

    Here some easy, enjoyable and fun stuff to do together when you are #GadgetFree. Try them out, we are sure you are going to have some great moments of connection! Share your ideas, we would love to hear from you!

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    • Tue, Nov 26, 2019, 03:39 PM


    Team 263 days ago

    In this tech-crazy world, we accept that our devices are ruining our happiness, yet we cant stop using them. Is there a way we can outsmart our smartphone? Tech consultant Dr. Tchiki Davis explains

    Team May 6 2020

    Do you worry about your child spending too much time with his gadgets and not engaging in outdoor activity? Dont fret. We give you interesting ideas to spend a day away from technology with kids

    Team May 6 2020

    You remain glued to the TV when your child is speaking to you, check messages at mealtimes, update social media during family outings chances are, you are a distracted parent.

    Team Apr 17 2020

    Is your family leading a life that is heads-down or heads-up? Did we get you thinking? Read on for inputs a hands-on expert dad in this exclusive conversation.

    Team Apr 17 2020

    Eight of the worlds leading experts and bestselling authors share a few easy tips, to help you disconnect from your phones and reconnect with your children, family and friends.

    Team Mar 18 2020

    Is your child unable to put down his gadget without fight, tears, or yelling? Learn from an award-winning global screen-time expert how you can handle this new menace. Its a ParentCircle Exclusive.

    Kanisha Feb 20 2020

    Kanisha Feb 26 2020

    @Kanisha This is so stress-busting, Kanisha. Just love the smiles on the faces of the children. Wishing them All the Best for their exams!

    Kanisha Feb 18 2020

    Kanisha Feb 13 2020

    Kanisha Feb 12 2020

    Team Feb 11 2020

    TRY OUT THIS SUPER FUN GADGET-FREE ACTIVITY WITH YOUR FAMILY:- Blow and toss: Blow up some balloons, toss em in the air, and dont let them touch the ground. Keep on tapping, tapping, tapping! Find out who can keep it floating in the air the longest! To make it more challenging, juggle more than one balloon, or have everyone tie one hand behind their backs. Share your experience with us!

    Team Feb 11 2020


    Team Feb 11 2020

    @Team Indeed its a super fun activity. I tried it with Bachaparty. Here, instead of balloon we used ball. It was fun in accepting challenge by not letting ball touch the ground. They kept on tapping, tapping, tapping. They learned to be focused. Overall, it was truely fun filled Activity.

    Kanisha Feb 9 2020

    Kanisha Feb 10 2020

    @Kanisha The smiles say it all, Kanisha. How innovative, entertaining and yet such a great learning experience. Cheers to your hard work :)

    Team Feb 7 2020

    Regulating your teens screen usage during exams can be an uphill task for you. Read on to find out how you can do this without fighting and arguing with your teen.

    Kanisha Jan 22 2020

    Kanisha Feb 4 2020

    @Kanisha We think, Team ParentCircle should visit you one day to have some fun, enjoy and learn. Such pure joy!!!!

    Team Feb 3 2020

    A FUN ACTIVITY TO DO WITH YOUR CHILD:- Get a cool family pin-up board or make one if you may. And during your family hour, you could spend some time together pinning up letters, inspiring quotes, things to do, your childs achievements and what not. Let your child creatively design the board, and you follow the lead.

    Kanisha Jan 21 2020

    Kanisha Jan 27 2020

    @Kanisha This is brilliant. Wow!!!!

    Kanisha Jan 26 2020

    Kanisha Jan 27 2020

    @Kanisha What a beautiful way to celebrate Republic Day. Kudos to you, Kanisha! Jai Hind!

    Team Jan 27 2020

    TRY THIS ACTIVITY ON ONE OF THE DAYS THIS WEEK AND SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH US:- Write a love note to slip into your childs lunch box. You will be surprised to see the happiness and pure joy on your childs face.

    Team Jan 9 2020

    WHY DONT YOU TRY THIS WITH YOUR FAMILY:- After Dinner time, all of you huddle under the blanket and play a quick game of Chinese Whispers before all of you hit the bed. Instead of spending time on your gadgets, replying to mails, messages and pings; have fun playing this game. It is indeed a wonderful way to end the day - laughing together:)

    Team Jan 3 2020

    Tired of the same old New Year resolutions? Heres a list of 20 fun things you can look forward to doing with your kids in 2020!

    Kanisha Dec 24 2019

    Kanisha Dec 26 2019

    @Kanisha This is called Uninhibited Happiness. Kanisha, we are sure with all your efforts children are enjoying it more being #GadgetFree

    Kanisha Dec 23 2019

    Kanisha Dec 24 2019

    @Kanisha Wow! This is lovely, Kanisha. We too shall join you for the party!!!! :)

    Kanisha Dec 24 2019

    @Kanisha Looks like an awesome party. The kids must have had a blast. You do have a way with kids .Keep encouraging and innovating

    Kanisha Dec 24 2019

    @Kanisha We will be blessed to have our team together with bachaparty!

    Kanisha Dec 24 2019

    @Kanisha Yeah Mam, kids enthusiasm is on cloud nine!

    Team Dec 24 2019

    Tired of watching your child whiling away hours on gadgets? We have a solution for that! Here are some traditional games that will not only engage your child, but also sharpen her observation skills.

    Team Dec 24 2019

    @Team So good to read about these enjoyable long forgotten games. I still believe that the new gen kids will also equally love these exciting games as much as we did in our younger days. Thanks for sharing those.

    Madhu Dec 8 2019

    Madhu Dec 12 2019

    @Madhu This is truly fantastic, Kanisha. You surely are a favourite with the little ones. Keep spreading the joy:)

    Madhu Dec 8 2019

    Madhu Dec 8 2019

    Team Dec 4 2019

    Team Nov 27 2019

    BEING GOOFY IS SO MUCH FUN! SO UNLEASH YOUR GOOFINESS BY TRYING THIS:- How about a contest? Who can make the goofiest facial expressions? Try to twist your faces as weirdly as you possibly can. This game is sure to leave both your child and you in splits. Enjoyyyyy!!!!

    Team Nov 30 2019


    Team Dec 4 2019

    @Team This is brilliant, Kanisha. So nice to see such happy and innocent faces :)

    Team Nov 29 2019

    Team Nov 28 2019

    IMAGINE MAKING A TUNNEL AT HOME AND CRAWLING INSIDE IT WITH YOUR TODDLER, IT WILL BE SUPER FUN. HERE IS HOW YOU CAN DO IT:- Line up few chairs. Drop a blanket over them. Ask your child to crawl through the tunnel made of blanket-covered chairs. And you can crawl right next to him on the outside. You could time it and make it a sport! Take caution with sharp edges or chair falling.

    Madhu Nov 26 2019

    Madhu Nov 27 2019

    @Madhu This made our Day, Kanisha. How lovely this is:)

    Team Nov 26 2019

    TRY OUT THE NEVER HAVE I EVER GAME, YOU ARE SURE TO HAVE SOME FUN. HERE IS HOW YOU PLAY IT:- Each family member gets a turn to complete the sentence Never have I ever.. For example, Never have I ever stolen something in my life and the ones who have done this must raise their hand. Interesting game indeed and an opportunity to talk about bullying or peer pressure.