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    5 Things to Keep In Mind When Buying Storybooks For Preschoolers

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    Getting the right storybooks for preschoolers is important to ensure they have a meaningful reading experience. Know how to choose the best.

    5 Things to Keep In Mind When Buying Storybooks For Preschoolers

    Storybooks form an important part of childhood. A good storybook read during childhood is remembered years later, even after the child has grown up. As your child enters the preschool stage, you will surely be on the lookout for storybooks to get her. Here are some factors to keep in mind while buying storybooks for your child:

    1. Understand your child's interests: Have you identified any particular theme or concept that he finds interesting? For instance, your child may be fascinated by space travel. Or, he could be specially interested in mythological characters. Getting books that revolve around what children like the most will make their reading experience more enjoyable.

    2. Consider the values to be introduced: How would you like your child's early education to be? Would you like to focus on starting with storybooks that are heavy on moral values? Or would you also want the books to have a lot of fun elements so that she develops a sense of humour? You can base your choice around such aspects.

    3. Look for great illustrations: Children are drawn towards visual cues. So, a good book for this age category should have attractive and well thought-out illustrations. It should contain more of visual elements than text. Children will understand and remember the stories better when they look at the illustrations. Illustrations stimulate the imagination and also help develop cognitive skills. The more creative the book, the better it is for the child. Books with pop-ups and stickers are a good option, too.

    4. Check for easy-to-read language: By this time, your child may have already learnt to read words and short sentences, but may not be able to process long ones. So, choose books that have appropriate sentence structures and vocabulary that will be easily understood by preschoolers. Rhyming texts are recommended for children as they are likely to grasp and remember the words better.

    5. Ensure content is age-appropriate: You need to make sure that the books are fit to be read by young children. Do not get books that subtly propagate unhealthy stereotypes or talk about adult issues. Also, screen out books that have aggressive and disturbing content.

    With these pointers in mind, visit bookstores and fairs where children's books are on display and do a recce. Online research will also give you an idea of the kind of books that are out there. Combine this knowledge with the factors mentioned, and you will be able to arrive at a well-considered decision about the books you should buy for your preschooler. So, go ahead and give your child a reading experience that she will cherish.

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