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    Tap here to ask questions on difficulties that you maybe facing in your parenting journey!

    Have questions in your parenting journey as a new or working mom? Feel free to post them here and you will receive answers from experts and other parents. You can also post anonymously. So, ask away! ... more

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    Team ParentCircle Aug 19 2020

    While you, as a parent, are striving to perfect your parenting skills, we bring to you some perfect moments that you may have experienced along the way.

    Team ParentCircle Aug 19 2020

    Are you striving to be a 'perfect' parent even during the lockdown? Dont be so hard on yourself. These stories from parents might just be the breath of fresh air you need.

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    You remain glued to the TV when your child is speaking to you, check messages at mealtimes, update social media during family outings chances are, you are a distracted parent.

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    Does your child fall sick too often? Is there a way to make her less vulnerable to illnesses? Thankfully yes! There are several ways to keep your child healthy and build her immunity. Read on.

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    The birth of a baby brings with it a roller coaster of mixed emotions ranging from joy to fear. But, one unexpected emotion could be depression. And, what's more, any new mother is susceptible to it!

    Team ParentCircle Apr 21 2020

    Doing yoga has several health benefits. Learn about the importance and benefits of yoga asanas for children. Also see a list of easy-to-do yoga poses for kids that you and your child can do together.

    Team ParentCircle Apr 20 2020

    Playing video games and collecting stamps as hobbies for kids are passe. Instead of common hobbies, try unique ones such as plane spotting, candle making, comic book art and so much more. Explore!

    Team ParentCircle Mar 16 2020

    The minute I held the baby in my arms, I knew she was my daughter. This adoptive mother takes us through the journey which connected her with her little girl.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 13 2020

    Worried about how to get your child to spend her leisure time in a fruitful manner? The answer lies in good old hobbies.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 5 2020

    FDs or mutual funds? Gold or real estate? ULIPs or a PPF account? Feeling lost with the plethora of investment products available? Our expert helps you find your way through the maze of options.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 3 2020

    The grandniece of legendary actor Dilip Kumar may be just a few films old but has the maturity and poise of a seasoned actress. Here, Sayyeshaa talks about the strong bond she shares with her mother.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 19 2020

    Do you forget to take care of yourself in your hurried life? Wondering what better you can do for your childs well-being? Hear what popular health expert Dr Ashwin Vijay has to say. Take heed!

    Team ParentCircle Feb 14 2020

    Fruits and vegetables are colourful gifts that nature offers as visual and tasty treats to children. This article aims to teach you some fun ways to make your child love fruits and vegetables.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 7 2020

    Do you wonder if you are teaching your child enough amidst the daily 'busyness' of life? Well, don't worry. Here's how you can incorporate 'teachable moments' in your everyday tasks and routine.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 7 2020

    @Team ParentCircle I loved reading this article. Thanks for sharing.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 12 2020

    @Team ParentCircle A very important point is been said in this write up and very true in today frenzied world. I hope everybody takes a cute from it and makes time for what is prioritised.Its worth a share@@

    Team ParentCircle Jan 30 2020

    Turning 25 usually opens the door to wrinkles, pigmentation, dark circles, acne and more. Dr Chytra Anand shares some secrets on how to send these uninvited guests away before they come to stay.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 12 2020

    @Team ParentCircle It was such a informative skin care article . Most of us ignore our skin care until it's too late. Thank you for sharing the tips and the methods to take care of our skin when aging.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 22 2020

    Do you think you are experiencing the signs of pregnancy? Wondering what you should and shouldnt do? An expert answers common questions associated with early pregnancy and its symptoms.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 22 2020

    Single parenting, whether by choice or circumstances, is no doubt stressful and challenging. Still, single moms and dads are quite capable of raising strong, mature, empathetic human beings.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 13 2020

    What do you do when your child feels anxious following a terrorist attack that happened halfway across the world? How do you respond to a teen distressed by violent crimes such as abuse or murder?

    Team ParentCircle Jan 9 2020

    Jokes and playfulness win the cooperation of children more easily than threats and demands.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 6 2020

    Read about one of the worlds leading authority on parenting talk about connecting with children in this exclusive conversation.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 1 2020

    All parents are concerned about their familys well-being. So, this wellness calendar for January will help your family stay fit and healthy. Lets begin the year on a note of vigour and vitality.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 26 2019

    Choosing between buying and adopting a pet can be tough. Heres a little help on how adopting a pet can help your family feel lots of love this season!

    Team ParentCircle Dec 18 2019

    The best experts from around the world present simple and effective tips for healthy gadget use for families. Its a ParentCircle Exclusive.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 18 2019

    We need five positive interactions for each negative interaction to maintain a healthy, happy relationship. Here are 21 simple ideas you can use today to forge a closer bond with your little one.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 18 2019

    Are you in a constant tussle between screen-time and family-time? Want to strike that perfect balance and dont know how? Read on to find out how to prevent screen-time from ruling the roost.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 18 2019

    Is there a right age for a man to become a father? Musings of an entrepreneur and a hands-on father...

    Team ParentCircle Oct 8 2019

    If you are one of those parents, who is always strapped for time or finds it difficult to efficiently manage work and home, dont fret. Here are some valuable tips to get you sorted

    Team ParentCircle Oct 8 2019

    How could working mothers allocate money on various expenses, credit cards, benefits of a home loan, and more...

    Team ParentCircle Oct 8 2019

    Our favourite loot is back with a variety of offers for you and your family! Yes! The Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale is back with a bang! Here are some great catches from the sea of amazing deals!

    Team ParentCircle Jul 5 2019

    Have you always wanted to traverse the oceans, journey to distant lands, watch the Northern Lights? All you need do is take that first step, says this globe-trotting mom. Here is why she travels solo.

    Team ParentCircle Jul 8 2019

    @Team ParentCircle I too have been wanting to go for a solo travel sometime at the end of this year. Request all mommies to give some suggestions about places I can visit and how I should manage home ( I have 4 year-old and my husband)

    Team ParentCircle Jul 11 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Hi Vicky! If you have a very small child, then I would suggest that you go for a short trip, say a two day trip. Make sure that your child's caretaker is an acquainted with your child'd habits and routine. Inform every detail about your child'd feeding time, food habits, medicines, diaper change time (if applicable), etc. Let me know where you live, I can probably suggest a few small tourist attractions close to that!
    Enjoy yourself!

    Team ParentCircle Jul 15 2019

    @Team ParentCircle It's good thought to travel solo, but your mind would wander and won't be at peace when you live your kid and husband at home, I would suggest to enjoy trip with family by detaching yourself from them in your mind and enjoying the beautiful foreign destinations. You will be able to observe places optimistically with your family.

    Team ParentCircle Aug 5 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Hi Vicky, your wish sounds exciting. Make a list of all the places you would love to visit like historical places and monuments (like forts, palaces, govt buildings,) Spiritual /holy places/temples/ashrams, art galleries and museums, national parks/zoo, hills/mountains, beaches, theme parks, water falls, aquariums, places with fun activity (like go-carting, swimming, hiking, hang-gliding, hot air balloon, parachuting, gaming, and other activities that interest you,) shoppings malls and markets, gardens and parks,dams, vineyard tours, amusement and water parks, and other places depending on your hobbies and interests.
    Once you narrow down to the places that you would like to visit, decide how you want to travel.
    Then, you decide how long you can afford to stay away from home.

    Since your main concern is your family, make a list of all the things that your husband and child may need while you are away.
    As far as your child is concerned, before leaving home, youll have to plan and organise his schedule. Make sure he has all his necessities easily available with his caregiver like his favourite snacks, medicine box/first aid kit, phone numbers of the close people displayed on the fridge or in a diary, and all his clothes neatly organised. Let him also know about all the phone numbers and what he should do incase he needs something so that he can also manage himself to some extent even though he has other elders who would be watching him. Let him know that he can contact you anytime and you will talk to him. Prepare him beforehand. You can also tell him that you will bring him souvenirs, toys, pictures, treats, and his favourite things. Ask him to tell you what he would want for you to get for him.
    Once he is in safe company and you have made sure your familys food and other requirements are taken care of, plan your trip.

    Since you will travel alone, you have to take some precautions too. Keep your bag and other valuables safe all the time. Eat wisely, rest on time, have enough currency for the day, be in touch with family and send updates to them regularly.
    All the planning and preparation will help you to enjoy your trip to the fullest and have an amazing experience. All the best:)

    Team ParentCircle Sep 30 2019

    @Team ParentCircle

    Mira Kumar Sep 17 2019

    Hi. I am a parent of 2 babies, each being 2 years apart in age. I have 5 years of break in my career after the babies and this is more frequently bothering me. I have a masters degree with 3 years of experience prior to the break and these 5 years, I really don't know how they passed by. I feel sometimes very worthless and when I see all my batchmates and friends doing great in their career, I am very happy for them, but I feel bad about my own career. How can i cope with this?

    Mira Kumar Sep 17 2019

    @Mira Kumar Hi, there are many moms in your situation for different reasons. They sometimes take a break due to moving their family to another place, babies, family emergency and other personal reasons. When you take a break, its natural to feel a little glum sometimes and think about what couldve been if your situation was different. Its normal to think and wonder how it would be if you had continued in your career.

    The good news is, in your situation, youve gained a lot in the form of two babies and plenty of parenting experience. Also, as you have been giving a lot of time and energy to your family and home, all your knowledge and education would be reflecting in your home and life in general, which is a huge contribution to your family. All the time you spent with the babies and all that youve been teaching them will benefit them not just now, but beyond their childhood. Also, there are women in this world who would do anything to have a baby and would love to be in your shoes. Like the proverb goes-Grass is greener on the other side, everybodys situation is unique and the ones who have seen a lot of success in career might have their own struggles though it may look like as though a working persons life is somewhat better or successful.

    As far as success in any career is concerned, whether it is monetary, satisfaction, or progress in the form of promotions and rising to higher positions in a company, you can still go ahead and achieve that once you are comfortable. Once children grow a little bigger or when you feel like you can manage to juggle home, family, and career, you still have that choice. Its never too late.

    If you dont have plans to start a full time job, since you have a masters degree and work experience, with all the knowledge youve gained, you could consider taking tuitions, working from home, working for ngos, doing voluntary work, joining clubs that do a lot of community service like rotary club and other organisations. There are lot of opportunities if you look around that could provide a lot of satisfaction and happiness. This will keep your mood up. Eat healthy, go for regular walks, meet up with your friends, focus on your hobbies, teach others, play some sports, and find something that will give you that sense of joy.
    With some planning and help from your family, Im sure youll find something that will give you that sense of achievement. You are already blessed and count your blessings, and venture into something that will keep you employed and also keep you happy. Hope this helps. All the Best !:)

    Mira Kumar Sep 18 2019

    @Mira Kumar Dear Parent, once we get past the initial thrills of parenthood, we often start to look around and compare ourselves with classmates and colleagues who have surged ahead with their careers. Their successes leave us feeling low and frustrated difficult feelings to cope with. Know that how you feel right now is absolutely normal. Once you acknowledge and accept your feelings, their intensity subsides, leaving you with a clearer mind to think things out more rationally. This will help you acknowledge and look upon yourself with awe at what you have achieved in starting a family. Think of all the management skills that you have acquired through being a stay-home parent making important decisions, crisis management, strategic planning, analysing situations and responding creatively, and many more skills. How you would love to put these skills to use in a career, right? For now, you can help yourself by evaluating and appreciating the successes you have achieved as a parent, because that is the role you have been focussing on in the recent years.
    If you need to remain a stay-home mom, you could consider options such as becoming a homepreneur or partnering with someone to start a new venture or join an existing one. You will have the flexibility of time and the ability to work from home.
    If you are looking to get back to work in a while, use the time available now to reskill, upskill and pursue a hobby. These activities will begin to restore your self-esteem. In your plans to return to work, make sure that you do it gradually if you do not have a strong support system at home. You could start out with a part time job until you and your family learn to adapt and stabilize through the changes the job will bring. Take up a full-time job when you are ready for it. You could also look for work places that offer work-from-home opportunities and flexi hours. You may want to consider changing track. Motherhood has subtle ways that help you discover new abilities and interests. Pay attention to these new discoveries about yourself. They could well translate into an interesting career change. Do remember to involve your spouse in the decisions it motivates him to support you in your career.
    Its important that you define what career success means for you and it will keep changing over time. There are clear dangers in following someone elses path of success you will lose track of who you are, of your vision and goals, and end up chasing a dream that is alien to you. Avoid reading posts on social media about peoples career successes. The posts can leave you feeling terrible about yourself and thats the last thing you need right now.

    Mira Kumar Sep 18 2019

    @Mira Kumar Hi. I have twins (they are 10 now). but i went through a similar phase post their birth. i thought i would get back to work 3 months after their birth but it took me 3 years to do so. i am Interior Designer, a free lance writer and a mental health facilitator. i have written a book on the journey of parenting, here is something from the book that might help.
    Getting Back to Work, Getting Your Time-Out and Time as a Couple
    As the kids started getting into some sort of a structured routine, my mind started getting restless. I missed work, missed going out for an impromptu coffee with a friend.There were days when I used to feel like a caged lioness, pacing up and down the house. One part of me felt super responsible towards the twins and did not have the confidence to leave them in the maids care for a few hours.
    And simultaneously the other part in me rebelled to break free. Mr K and I are complete night birds. We loved to going out post work, with friends, for movies. Suddenly, all of that had come to a complete standstill. Our conversations that used to be so interesting and stimulating, became
    completely kid-centric. Given his hectic work schedule, he craved his time out in the evenings. All he came home to however, was an irritated, cranky wife. I did not step out of the house, for forty days after I had delivered. No, not cause of the stipulated cultural norms, but because I lacked the confidence. I had no clue when I would break down. I was just so scared to be seen that way in public. Mr K on the other hand, had reached various levels of frustration and impatience, given he just didnt know how to deal with me, based on advice from many friends, he kept trying to push me to get out of
    the house and spend a little time away from the kids. He missed me as a partner and urged me to spend some time with him. But at that point I was just struggling to spend each day without getting bogged down or bursting into tears for hours. I wonder how my copious tears didnt
    solve Chennais nagging water problems! Ah! Salt water!
    They have enough of that already!! To me, his desire to get me back as his partner became added pressure. Instead of understanding that he was trying to balance out things
    for me, I kept thinking that he was expecting more out of me. It was by far the toughest phase of my life. The nine months of pregnancy seemed like a party in comparison.
    Even though I continued my freelance writing work, it wasnt enough stimuli for me. When I got pregnant, I had told myself that I would get back to work three months post the kids. It was a tough bullet to bite, the fact that I would have to give motherhood a little more time than I had initially realized was required. But I do have friends with single babies, who had organized good help, have had family members chip in and gone back to work in two months post delivery. If you have clarity of thought and
    logistics in place, the emotion is not overwhelming. There should not be guilt attached to it. A mother does not love her child any less if she wants/needs to get back to work or
    wants a few hours away with friends or shopping. Infact, it is rejuvenating and you come back happier and eager; having missed the child a little. Whether CC TV cameras at home give you peace of mind or calling every hour, work out a method that will assure you about your childs safety and well-being while youre away.
    My dad was down that month to see me. He picked up on my restlessness and made it mandatory for me to at least get out of the building once a day, to the nearby grocery shop, even if I didnt need anything. And it helped. Mr K sat me down and impressed upon me how much my time out and time with him was important. We started going out in the evenings without the kids. The conversations were stunted and I used to be constantly worried about the twins. But Mr K nudged me along. Even
    though my kids were not ready to walk yet, I had started taking my first baby step towards normalcy.

    Team ParentCircle Sep 3 2019

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    Team ParentCircle Aug 2 2019

    Whether kids of working mothers are better off than those of homemakers is a matter of much debate. But there are certain clear benefits of having a working mom. Read on to find out what they are.

    Team ParentCircle Jul 22 2019

    I am a 28 year old woman and am expecting my first child. My husband is a great man, but after reading things about how men change after the birth of a baby, I am feeling a little nervous. I have spoken to my husband about it and he has been very understanding of my concern. He says that I should have faith in him, and not be carried away by things I read. I too know in my heart of hearts that he will be the same man, but still I do feel a little insecure at times. What should I do to feel better. I will be delivering by the end of this month

    Team ParentCircle Jul 22 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Dear Parent, enjoy the phase of pregnancy. Trust the process, don't be anxious of future. Live in present, stop expecting. Motherhood phase teaches us lot Many things out of which mother has to prepare well in advance to be independent, strong, patient, let go so many things and move on with the life for bright future of child. As you sow, so as you reap. Child follow us, our thinking. Be the best example to raise Happy and confident child by being kind towards yourself and your family.

    Team ParentCircle Jul 23 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Dear Parent, you are so close to the delivery date. I can well imagine all the anticipation, the emotions and thoughts going through your mind. Given all the hormonal changes due to the pregnancy, you are bound to be emotionally more vulnerable during this time so this is not the best of times to read things that raise doubts and make you feel insecure. You would feel much better if you read stories that make you feel relaxed, cheerful and hopeful.

    Because of the intense and natural bond between mother and baby, and the fact that mothers become extremely preoccupied with nursing and caring for the baby, husbands often feel left out and neglected. To stay connected with your husband and make him feel included, draw him into the caring for baby, connect with him in simple ways such as eye contact, smiles, a gentle touch. It could be a while before your hormonal balance and normal body processes are restored and you are ready to resume intimacy in your relationship. Have spontaneous conversations with him, share your feelings, even the difficult ones. Focus on every tiny joyful moment. A vast collection of these joyful moments become your inner strength that will help you cope with changes in routines and increased responsibilities.

    You may also experience low moods, which often happens after delivery. If some of your fears and doubts start to bother you, heres what you can do. Just watch them come and go, let them flow in and out, and do not dwell upon them. If you suppress them or try to stop them they will keep coming back to you.

    Expecting your first child is a huge life-changing event in your life. Entering into motherhood, becoming a parent, raising a child each of these will change you in many ways. Embrace the changes as they happen so that you evolve into the parent and person you are meant to be.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and we wish you a safe and a successful delivery. Take care.

    Team ParentCircle Jul 26 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Please do not worry, Dear. You are lucky to have got such an understanding husband. Moreover, the fact that you could discuss about your apprehensions with him frankly is a sign that you will not face much difficulty in your conjugal relationship. May you have a safe and comfortable delivery. Wishing you and your husband a joyous and fulfilling parenthood!

    Team ParentCircle Jul 25 2019

    Working mothers live with the constant guilt of not being available for their little ones and make every effort to balance work and home. Here are some real struggles faced by most moms who go to work

    Team ParentCircle Jul 19 2019

    Finding it hard to balance work and home? Do you feel that you never get enough quality time with your children? We give you some amazing tips to make the most of your together time

    Reshma Lal Jul 15 2019

    I am planning to resume work after an extended maternity leave of 2.5 years. I am feeling jittery, guilty and nervous. Though I will not be working full-time and my family is very supportive, I am not feeling too great, please guide me

    Reshma Lal Jul 15 2019

    @Reshma Lal Hi Reshma, this feeling is normal. You have made this decision obviously after giving it thought. Its natural to feel anxious but as you must know, sometimes youve to do the right thing and you surely have decided to resume work as thats the best thing for you as well as your family.

    Try to ponder in silence and write down all the thoughts and points that occur in your mind. Youll get an idea as to what is really bothering you... are you feeling anxious /nervous because?
    *you will miss your baby and she will miss you
    *you wonder how shell adjust without you. Will she eat and nap and all that she does normally as per schedule
    *will she be in safe hands and will her routine be disturbed
    *incase she gets little sick, is there somebody to watch her

    Apart from the baby, what other things are running in your mind..is that related to your job?
    *will you be able to catch up with all the work
    *time management
    *how will you handle your new job incase youve to take sudden leaves
    *commuting and distance to your workplace

    This way, you will come up with lot of points and youll be able to note down all that that really bothers you and the steps to take to deal with the new situation and your emotions.

    Itll take some time for the baby to get used to not having you around all the time.

    The first day of school, especially after summer brings a mixture of feelings and probably you feel something similar to it.

    Now a different and new chapter of your life begins..so take the next leap with faith and happiness.

    As far as guilt goes, youve enjoyed the infancy and gave as much time as possible to your child and now probably she is in play school or with family. Its a matter of time and your baby and you both will get used to the new routine. The way you feel proud of her as a mom, she will be proud of you and your work and achievements:) so, take care of yourself, rest well, and start your work with positive thoughts. All the Best for a bright future. Wish you a successful family life and a prosperous career.

    Reshma Lal Jul 16 2019

    @Reshma Lal Dear Parent, I can well understand how apprehensive all those thoughts and mixed emotions make you feel. For starters, just tell yourself that its absolutely okay for you to feel jittery, guilty and nervous. As you acknowledge and accept your feelings, watch the intensity shrink to more manageable levels.
    You will return to work a changed person a mother with additional responsibilities at home. With regard to your work schedule, different things suit different people. Starting off with a part-time is easier for some. It gives you the time and space to adjust to a new routine. Be kind to yourself as you make these adjustments it takes time for things to fall into place. Take each day as it comes and no two days will ever be the same.
    Define what success means to you. Its easy to be influenced and misled by the success of other working women. On the other hand, find friends, colleagues and mentors you can talk to. No matter how planned or well prepared you are there will be trying times. A shoulder to lean on or a good listener is all you need to help you through the difficult moments.
    Make sure you have a good support system at home. Its great that your family is supportive, so make concrete plans with them who will take on specific tasks to help you out on a regular basis.
    Your attitude will play an important part in the transition back to work guilt is the culprit here. While we can never be completely free of guilt, we can reduce it considerably by being clear and confident about our decisions. A little guilt does serve a purpose it helps us keep track of the home front and all its demands.
    Reskilling may be necessary if you are starting on a new career path. Develop a network of people who can support and guide you while you gradually establish yourself.
    Finally, think of all the new skills you have acquired from being a mother. Those are the new strengths you will take to your work. All the best!

    Reshma Lal Jul 18 2019

    @Reshma Lal Thank you so much for the suggestions. They really make me feel better and less nervous. I hope I can do a good job!

    Reshma Lal Jul 18 2019

    @Reshma Lal Dear Roopa,
    Thank you so much for such a lovely reply.I connected with every line you have written and I already feel less jittery. Honestly,I think I will miss my baby the most. Secondly, I fear that I my unintentionally neglect home. I do not want my career choice to affect my family in any way. Having said that, must admit that my husband, parents and parents-in-law have been my pillars of strength in this transition. So, I am hoping everything will be fine. Thank you again :)

    Team ParentCircle Jul 17 2019

    Do you feel guilty when you reach out for that packet of chips your colleague offers you to quell your mid afternoon hunger pangs? Then, these nutritious snack ideas are just for you...

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    Are you a working woman who feels overwhelmed taking care of children, home and work? These 10 self-care tips will help you focus on yourself better.

    Team ParentCircle Jun 25 2019

    @Team ParentCircle This is a great video. As far as I remember, Dr. Lakdawala was the doctor who was responsible for operating on and curing world's most obese woman. Cheers to the man!

    Pragatii Jalal Ruia Jun 18 2019

    My sister had a love marriage and her husband is a very caring man. She delivered a Baby Boy in January and is on maternity leave. Even though her husband helps her out in every way possible, in raising the baby, she feels there is a difference in the way the two behave with each other now. She complains that they do not do things as a couple any more and all discussions revolve around the baby. How can she work on this?

    Pragatii Jalal Ruia Jun 18 2019

    @Pragatii Jalal Ruia This is a very common sign in couples immediately after a baby is born. It is nothing abnormal. Ask her not to worry. I'm pretty sure her husband might also be thinking on the same lines. Just tell her to not overthink but to do the following:
    1. Communicate - talk to the partner more. Begin conversations that they used to have before the baby, interesting topics that each other enjoy speaking about, talk it out if you feel there is less time being spent together for themselves.

    2. Initiate - begin planning dinners together, movie times, shopping, cooking etc. More time together, more opportunities to build conversations.

    3. Love - Give it sometime. Both of them are anxious about this new phase and are figuring things out. It is okay for certain things to be indifferent and new. But give it some time and things will fall in place.

    Hope this helps.

    Pragatii Jalal Ruia Jun 19 2019

    @Pragatii Jalal Ruia Wow! Such a well-thought out and warm response. Pragati, do not worry. This happens to most new parents. I faced a similar thing after my first-born. But, gradually both of us realised how we should taking out time for a little dash of romance. My husband who is extremely caring and loving also understood that it was possible to cherish each other. With my second born, though I sometimes find it difficult to manage home and work, my husband is a huge pillar of strength.
    Give some time and talk to each other as much as possible!

    Pragatii Jalal Ruia Jun 23 2019

    @Pragatii Jalal Ruia Welcome to Parenthood Roller Coaster Ride! Here Parents has to give up their love, affection, attention, expectations onto their kids with self-care(ME Time). Here, Couples compromise, strength, understanding and bonding gives a rise to healthy environment. If not so, a child gets poorly affected. Mother sacrifices and let go tremendously to raise a healthy and strong child.

    Team ParentCircle Jun 21 2019

    Do you experience irregular periods? Do you suffer from cramps during menstruation? Try yoga during periods with these six yoga asanas, suggested by yoga guru Suneel Singh to tackle the problem.

    Team ParentCircle Jun 21 2019

    Yoga is wonderful tool that increases the bond between you and your child. It helps your family connect better, get healthy together and stay happy as a unit, mentally and physically.

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