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    Tap here to ask questions on difficulties that you maybe facing in your parenting journey!

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    N.Nandini 1 days ago


    Need to know reviews about Mount Litera Zee school in Chennai for 11th std.

    Also pls suggest few good cbse schools in Siruseri / OMR / Perumbakkam / Medavakkam.

    Thanks in advance

    Shreyashi Sep 7 2020

    hello my child is 3.6 years ...recently he picked up to say a bad word we r ignoring him and I m trying to confuse him with another word how do I stop him from saying this in future?

    Little Elly Preschool - Perambur Jun 16 2020

    Little Elly Preschool is recognised as a developmentally enriching learning space, making learning fun for your 2 to 5 year old.

    Team ParentCircle May 6 2020

    Some of the best memories of childhood involve playing with grandad. Not only does engaging in any activity strengthen the bond between the two but it promotes good health as well.

    Team ParentCircle May 6 2020

    Mental illness in children can manifest in the form of extreme mood swings, aloofness or feelings of sadness. Here is how you can identify the telltale signs.

    Team ParentCircle May 6 2020

    You remain glued to the TV when your child is speaking to you, check messages at mealtimes, update social media during family outings chances are, you are a distracted parent.

    Team ParentCircle Apr 20 2020

    Keeping small children out of troubles way can be challenging indoors. Here are some easy ways to keep your preschooler occupied, with little or no expenditure, while also having fun

    Team ParentCircle Apr 20 2020

    Your childs doodles are not just a waste of time. Read on to know the many benefits of doodling.

    Team ParentCircle Apr 20 2020

    Doing yoga has several health benefits. Learn about the importance and benefits of yoga asanas for children. Also see a list of easy-to-do yoga poses for kids that you and your child can do together.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 30 2020

    Worried about how to get your child to spend her leisure time in a fruitful manner? The answer lies in good old hobbies.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 11 2020

    Are you one of those parents who is worried about your childs unhealthy eating habits? Look no further. We have compiled a list of healthy foods that can be used as alternatives to junk foods.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 3 2020

    Persistent cough or rashes on the skin can be signs of airborne diseases like flu, measles or chickenpox. We explain the causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of five common airborne diseases.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 3 2020

    Fruits and vegetables are colourful gifts that nature offers as visual and tasty treats to children. This article aims to teach you some fun ways to make your child love fruits and vegetables.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 17 2020

    Playing video games and collecting stamps as hobbies for kids are passe. Instead of common hobbies, try unique ones such as plane spotting, candle making, comic book art and so much more. Explore!

    Team ParentCircle Feb 10 2020

    Regulating your teens screen usage during exams can be an uphill task for you. Read on to find out how you can do this without fighting and arguing with your teen.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 27 2020

    The new coronavirus (2019-nCov) outbreak in Wuhan, China has caused panic worldwide. Here is a complete set of FAQs on human coronavirus and prevention tips for Indian parents to keep the family safe.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 8 2020

    @Team ParentCircle A wonderful article and the timely tips and precautions will help everyone.Thank you so much

    Team ParentCircle Feb 7 2020

    Thinking of getting a pet for your child? Your child will benefit in many ways, but there can be drawbacks too. Here we list out some pros and cons to help you take the right decision.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 22 2020

    Having to leave your wailing little one with a caregiver is pure agony. But take heart...separation anxiety is normal and there are ways to ease the pain for both you and your child.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 22 2020

    Read about one of the worlds leading authority on parenting talk about connecting with children in this exclusive conversation.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 14 2020

    Spinach is a leafy green vegetable which has amazing health benefits. Read about the nutritional value of spinach, its role in fighting diseases, and ways to include it in your diet.

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    Patience is a difficult value to practice for adults, let alone children. Let's look at how we can inculcate this value in our children.

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    The best experts from around the world present simple and effective tips for healthy gadget use for families. Its a ParentCircle Exclusive.

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    Is there a right age for a man to become a father? Musings of an entrepreneur and a hands-on father...

    Team ParentCircle Dec 26 2019

    The last solar eclipse of the year will be visible on 26 December. So, get ready to witness the marvellous celestial dance between the sun, moon and earth with the necessary precautions.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 23 2019

    Children may go into an inactive mode in the cool weather, so it is important for parents to keep them alert both physically and mentally, during the holidays. These activities will do the trick

    Team ParentCircle Dec 18 2019

    As todays children are tomorrows adults, teaching them to respect the opposite gender will lay the foundation for a better society.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 18 2019

    Emotional bullying is common among girls and today, starts at earlier age than before. How could you enable and empower your girl to face mean girl behaviour? Read on to find out.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 18 2019

    Frozen 2, the much-awaited sequel to Frozen has finally hit the screens. And, expectations are sky-high. Does Frozen 2 live up to all the hype? Read on and find out!

    Team ParentCircle Dec 18 2019

    This article helps you teach your children the importance of respecting the opposite gender, thereby making them gender sensitive.

    Team ParentCircle Oct 8 2019

    Mental illness in children can manifest in the form of extreme mood swings, aloofness or feelings of sadness. Here is how you can identify the telltale signs.

    Team ParentCircle Sep 26 2019

    Does your child favour store-bought, readymade food over what is traditional and homemade? Tell him stories about the Gods and their favourite foods to bring about a change in his preferences.

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    This summer put your hot stove to rest and make some delicious cooking without fire recipes. From salads to milkshakes to bruschettas, these recipes so easy to make that your child can chip in too!

    Team ParentCircle Sep 17 2019

    @Team ParentCircle This has always the best activity my kids have enjoyed. Both of them love to cook and the best way we challenge ourselves to do it is through fireless cooking. We make salads, shakes, chaat, sandwiches, fresh juices, puddings and much more!

    Team ParentCircle Sep 17 2019

    Dont entice your child with junk food or expensive gifts every time she displays good behaviour. Rewards should show your child that you really care. Here are some inexpensive reward ideas for you

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    If you think feasts are just a variety of dishes put together to suit your palate, you're mistaken. Read on to know the reason behind every ingredient used in Onam recipes and how to make them.

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    PV Sindhu serves yet another winning shot! The ace shuttler won the Badminton World Championship 2019 in a smashing finish. Here are 7 characteristics of Sindhu that you can instill in your child!

    Team ParentCircle Sep 9 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Definitely a lovely and enlightening article.who doesn't want successful kids and to know about it from none other than sindhu ...Loved reading it !

    Team ParentCircle Aug 27 2019

    Is stress giving you sleepless nights? Are you falling ill on a regular basis? It's never too late to take charge of your health. Know how by following health goals as discussed in this article.

    Team ParentCircle Sep 9 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Oh really ..The goals that we set for ourselves are sometimes too high but then time management and planning helps a great deal. Sometimes a write up and tips about it go a long way in helping us achieve that. Thank you

    Team ParentCircle Sep 5 2019

    Single parenting, whether by choice or circumstances, is no doubt stressful and challenging. Still, single moms and dads are quite capable of raising strong, mature, empathetic human beings.

    Team ParentCircle Sep 9 2019

    @Team ParentCircle It's a great feat to bring up a child all alone but find people do it far better than couples! , They are highs and lows but then it is about mindful parenting .A very nice write up!

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    This list carefully curates TV shows on Netflix that are not only entertaining but also have everyday parenting experiences and lessons to learn from. Draw inspiration from these TV series.

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    Are you planning to try Intermittent fasting as it does not restrict your calorie intake? But, is it effective for weight loss? Read on to know more about this natural way of eating and its benefits!

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    As a parent, do you struggle with questions on where to draw the line when it comes to setting boundaries for your child? Are you being too strict or too lenient? Find out how to maintain a balance.

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    Techie turned farmer Jai Ganesh talks about why he left his job in the US to take up farming in Vellore and why the kids of today need to know more about healthy food and what goes into growing them.

    Shreyashi Jun 30 2019

    Hi my son is 2.4 yrs... He is playful and active eats well mingles well with all... Only problem that we are facing is he is hitting only me and my husband if we say no... Infact he was accepting no he reduced in his action of hitting us but suddenly for the past one week his frequency has increased... We are very firm with our 'no' s we hit him back we speak to him when he is in good mood he listens understands but tries to divert where are we wrong is it because we started hitting him at a very small age of 14 months he doesn't hit others....

    Shreyashi Jul 2 2019

    @Shreyashi It is not advisable to raise your hands on children, especially at such a tender and impressionable age. When he hits back he is in a way trying to imitate you. He thinks hitting is a way of getting things done and is also an option went one's frustration and anger as he sees you doing that. Try telling him that hitting either by him or you is unacceptable and should be apologised for. Be gentle and I a m sure he will understand.

    Shreyashi Jul 2 2019

    @Shreyashi Thank you for your response I felt that hope still it's not too late to correct him...

    Shreyashi Jul 2 2019

    @Shreyashi So true. Not advisable to spank. Parents have a huge responsibility.. in Kannada theres a proverb that says home is your first school and mother is your first teacher. Pls do tell the child that hitting is wrong and you also be consistent in your behaviour and model the behaviour that you want him to imitate.
    Yes, its not late, in fact its never too late. Hes just 2.4, they say terrible twos are difficult to handle but be confident and patient. All the Best:)

    Shreyashi Jul 5 2019

    @Shreyashi Many toddlers develop the habit of hitting others. Most indulge in it when they are upset, but some do it even when they are happy. No matter what, parents should nip this habit in the bud.

    Shreyashi Jul 9 2019

    @Shreyashi Dear parent, you hit the nail on its head. Monkey do as monkey see...which means children learn by imitation. Since you started hitting your child from an early age, he has learnt that hitting is an acceptable way of getting what you want or of getting others to comply with your demands.
    The problem you mention is that he doesnt listen when you say no, but there are many other ways to say no to your young child, without resorting to hitting:
    1. First of all, stop hitting! When our children dont listen to us repeatedly, its quite frustrating and we feel that spanking them might be the only way. Spanking, no matter how hard or light, however, has been demonstrated to carry adverse negative consequences for the child.
    2. Give your child the vocabulary to indicate no for things he doesnt like. E.g., if he doesnt want to be hugged, instead of hitting, he can say no while moving his head from side to side. Demonstrate these actions to your child and most of all, do them yourself when you are angry yourself (instead of hitting). This training in emotion regulation can be done even for very young children and is a very important life skill.
    3. Help him express feelings. For example, if he is feeling angry if you refuse his request what are all the things he can do to express his feelings? Can he punch a pillow? Jump up and down? Tear old newspaper? Give your child the vocabulary to express himself, instead of resorting to hitting.
    4. Have firm rules in your family. Rules regarding behaviour should be laid down firmly, with the involvement of the child. Its important for the child to understand that these rules are non-negotiable and everybody in the family has to play by these rules.
    5. One way to get your child to cooperate is by offering choices. Would you like to hop or skip to the car? Would you like to wear your school shirt first or the socks? Would you like a banana for your snack or an apple? Giving choices helps the child feel in control. Make sure you are able to fulfill the choice your child makes.
    6. Be playful. When my 2.5 year old doesnt cooperate for brushing his teeth, instead of getting frustrated, I pretend that his toothbrush is an airplane and his mouth an airport. Now the airplane zooms around and says "I want to land...where is the runway?" He starts giggling and opens his mouth. I continue this pretend play until we're done with brushing his teeth.
    7. Read books to your child such as Hands are not for hitting, My big shouting day and others that help your child understand the importance of cooperative behaviour. But make sure you model cooperative behaviour yourself! All the best!

    Shreyashi Jul 10 2019

    @Shreyashi Thank you for your response.... We have stopped hitting for the past one week he has reduced but not yet stopped.... Is it the right time to send him for play school?

    Shreyashi Jul 24 2019

    @Shreyashi Do not worry he will stop hitting completely, very soon. You must be patient and great job with your commitment. I would suggest that you wait till your child turn 3 before putting him in playschool.

    Suresh Menon Jul 19 2019

    Suresh Menon Jul 23 2019

    @Suresh Menon Nice Video. Liked how you explain the process. But don't you think it is also important to teach our children to appreciate what is Indian?
    Not everything western is great and Indian or oriental is unacceptable, isn't it?
    Also, meditation through Yoga is an age-old practice that originated from the subcontinent.

    Team ParentCircle Jul 12 2019

    Is your childs skin itchy and red at times? Does he suffer from rashes, patches or blisters? Well, it could be a case of skin allergy. Here is what you should know.

    Team ParentCircle Jul 3 2019

    If India were ever to select a national dish, it would be khichdi. The connect with this comfort food is so strong that we often forget that behind its humble taste lies huge health benefits.

    Simi Ramesh May 28 2019

    If you are a parent to a board exam writing student you may understand the anxiety of not only the child but the mom as well. How much ever we try to make a stressfree atmosphere at home , it just is never possible. With increasing pressure from school , friends, etc and then the tension of the vast future prospects leaves the whole household reeling in pressure. With too many options of study the child is confused as to what is best and as a parent we are equally confused. What is the approach to deal such situations and keep the child positive ??

    Simi Ramesh Jun 15 2019

    @Simi Ramesh So true... Choices are plenty compared to our times. Guidance is required with all the confusion. There are few organizations like Lodestar that have started counselling.

    When they are ready for college, what is noticed is that the ones who score high usually take science, though sometimes the child's interest and passion may lie elsewhere. Unless the child wants to pursue studying science further and wants a career in that field, there is no point forcing them. This can add unnecessary stress. If you love your job, you can spend a lifetime doing that happily. So it becomes important to choose what they are really interested in and good at.
    Our education system and society puts so much pressure on kids through their school life. It's a new world with so much help from technology but in a way, few things haven't changed.

    We can keep the kids positive by letting them know that we will always support them, and will remain a constant throughout this whole experience. Children should know that they will always have their parents to lean back on when they are unsure, or seem stressed:-)

    Simi Ramesh Jun 26 2019

    @Simi Ramesh I think bestowing our faith and confidence upon our children is the greatest assurance that we can give them. Also, as parents we should expose them to the multitude of choices and options that are available. In doing so we will not be imposing our preferences on them and they can make a free and fair decision.

    Team ParentCircle Jun 21 2019

    When children have low resistance levels, they tend to fall sick often. Here are a few yoga postures that can help build your childs immunity.

    Team ParentCircle Jun 19 2019

    They are not just nutritious for the whole family but eggs are a great option for a meal that is ready in a jiffy and can be had any time of day. Here are some super-easy recipes to try at home

    Team ParentCircle Jun 17 2019

    The readily available coconut is a fruit that provides extraordinary health benefits. Here's what consuming tender coconut water every day can do to your health.

    Team ParentCircle Jun 10 2019

    A 13-year-old child prodigy whose sublime talent is on display every time he plays the piano creating magic! Chennais very own Lydian Nadhaswaram's musical talent has made him the Worlds Best.

    Team ParentCircle Jun 9 2019

    Indian arts and crafts are a reflection of the country's rich culture and history. What better way to teach your kids about their roots, than by involving them in creating some art of their very own!

    Team ParentCircle May 27 2019

    They are reliable. They are fun. No wonder then that children look up to their fathers. We take a look at 10 convincing reasons that reinforce this statement

    Team ParentCircle May 20 2019

    Presenting your mother with a mobile phone on Mother's Day is a thoughtful way of expressing your love to her. Here are 8 latest phones under Rs 10000 to choose from.

    Team ParentCircle Apr 22 2019

    While there is no perfect way to teach responsibility, you can use everyday situations to gradually mould your child into a responsible and accountable individual.

    Team ParentCircle May 20 2019

    @Team ParentCircle It's definitely need of the hour.wirh more and more kids going away from home for studies or tours , they need to be responsible and independent too. It is good if they are taught at home and will become an example to others.

    Team ParentCircle May 9 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Wow! Such a beautiful video.Being mother to a two-year-old, I am super motivated. Thanks for sharing!

    Team ParentCircle May 20 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Lots to learn from that supermom..Usually we neglect ourselves once being moms.this is a wonderful video.

    Team ParentCircle May 17 2019

    @Team ParentCircle I vouch for our weatherman Pradeep john. He is a down to earth casual person who has s near accurate prediction for weather especially chennai rains. A no nonsense person and because of whom we have switched over from IMD forecasts to his broadcasts?

    Team ParentCircle Apr 22 2019

    Do you forget to take care of yourself in your hurried life? Wondering what better you can do for your childs well-being? Hear what popular health expert Dr Ashwin Vijay has to say. Take heed!

    Team ParentCircle May 17 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Very well explained by Dr vijay.If a parent is unhappy the frustrations come out on children. Do as you wish your child to follow. We need happy and motivated children for future.

    Team ParentCircle May 15 2019

    Bored of travelling to the same old popular holiday destinations with your family? Perhaps, it is time to check out a few offbeat spots that can be just as exciting and refreshing.

    Team ParentCircle May 17 2019

    @Team ParentCircle It was an awesome description of places unheard of. A great list of places for visit with kids!

    Team ParentCircle May 15 2019

    Recently we have shifted from Mumbai to Chennai for a period of 2 years. My daughter is 14 and love to wear shorts, crop tops, etc. But, after shifting here I have asked her to be more conscious of her clothing choices as she is growing up and also because it is a new city for her. But she is adamant on wearing what she wore before. I am tired of scolding, explaining calmly and all ways possible. How can I make her understand this better!

    Team ParentCircle May 16 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Shopping with your teenager can be stressful. Or it can help you bond better. Here are some tips to keep in mind so you both a fun and memorable time.

    Team ParentCircle May 17 2019

    @Team ParentCircle I can understand your situation . Kids these days are unaware of some demons lurking in the dark.and refuse to take our advice on face value. You could try giving some examples(even self created stories) where girls got into trouble wearing such outfits and do remember to be casual in these talks as kids usually revolt if you try to preach them. Best wishes for your approach and hope you succeed to influence her!

    Team ParentCircle May 10 2019

    Gardening is a great way to bond and share life lessons with your child. Also, how better to help her appreciate vegetables and fruits, than have her grow them in your very own home garden!

    Team ParentCircle May 7 2019

    It is essential for children to be aware of maintaining an appropriate distance in different social situations. This is not only for reasons of etiquette but also for their own personal safety.

    Team ParentCircle Apr 26 2019

    Want to create a study space for your child that motivates him to learn and helps him perform better at school? Here are some ideas.

    Team ParentCircle Apr 12 2019

    Planning to cook something interesting for your kids? But also wish to lessen your time in the kitchen? Look no further! Check out these smart kitchen tools that can be easily bought on Amazon.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 29 2019

    Is your child often confined within the four walls of your home? Is he missing out on the beauty of the outdoors? Heres how you can re-establish the amazing bond between your child and nature.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 25 2019

    Grandparents can bridge the generational gap and be great companions for grandchildren. And also, give them valuable life lessons in the process. Here is why parents should encourage this bonding.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 21 2019

    Raise your child to be an active citizen by making him aware of his roles and duties towards his country. This article gives you tips on raising a proactive child.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 18 2019

    Jyothika is a superstar in South cinema but she is also a parent first and foremost. We know about her acting skills but what about her parenting skills...This article takes a look.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    How to deal with my kid when she cries and does not let me to go to work in the morning?

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Oh, it must be so difficult for you to leave your kid crying when you have to leave for work. You must be experiencing so many mixed emotions which can leave you feeling very drained and tired. While you may not have time in the morning, make time when you get back from work to chat with your daughter about it. After you have relaxed yourself, take her into your lap and ask her how she feels when you leave her every morning. Listen carefully to what she says and remember not to interrupt her. Give her a big warm hug to show that you empathize with her. Wait for a few moments while she takes some time to let your empathy make her feel better. Then you can chat with her about how you feel too. Tell her about your work and the people at your workplace (if possible, a visit someday will help her understand better.) Then you can gradually move on to chatting about how you can will help her deal with her big emotions every morning.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    My daughter is 4 years old and she wants to buy a toy every day. If I dont buy her one, she asks her dad or grandparents to buy and they buy her a toy every day, just because she cries if she doesnt get it. How do I stop this?? Because there are too many people involved here.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    @Team ParentCircle While it is so helpful to have grandparents around, it can also be a source of conflict, especially when it comes to disciplining your child. Buying your child a toy every day has tremendous negative impact on your childs social and emotional health. Choose to talk to the grandparents when all of you are in a calm and relaxed mood. Tell them that while you appreciate their love for your daughter, you are worried about them buying her a toy every day and how this practice will impact her for life. They are well-meaning but just not aware of the long-term effects of their over-indulgence. Explain to them the following: research shows that children who are over-indulged will most likely become self- centered and demanding, will have difficulty with people when they cant get what they want and thus become unpopular with peers, will not learn how to deal with disappointment and frustration. They become fearful and irresponsible adults. This information will help them re-think and realise why they should stop indulging in their grandchild. While they agree to stop buying her a toy every day, they can show their love by spending time with her - telling her stories, playing games, listening to her imaginative stories, teaching her simple skills, taking her for a walk etc. These activities create happy memories for your child. The memories become her comfort place in her mind. Most importantly, you will all see your child growing up to be responsible, caring and self-confident.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    What if, the parent may convince the child at the moment to listen but people around are trying to stop the child to listen to his / her parents.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    @Team ParentCircle This is indeed one of the most difficult things to deal with. Remember that you are the parent and it is in your capacity to correct and guide your child. It is very annoying when people around interfere with your parenting. However, if you continue to remain firm and consistent with your child, she will learn to respond positively. When you set clear rules and right expectations, it makes her feel safe and secure. She needs you to draw clear boundaries of behaviour for her even if she seems to enjoy the freedom others give her.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    Please share tips on how to handle child when I am upset.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Feeling upset is a form of anger, and it is quite normal to feel upset with people or things. You have already taken the first step in dealing with your emotion - to recognize and accept that you are upset. The next step is to take some time to calm yourself. People do different things to calm themselves. Find out what works for you. Here are a few ideas: Step out of the room, take deep breaths, pretend to blow bubbles, whistle a tune, drink a glass of water slowly, look at nature, take a short walk, do a few dance steps or a few stretches, punch a pillow. The relaxation will help to subside your emotion and you will be in a better frame of mind to handle your child.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    My kids are not going to sleep early, making excuse and sleeping very late and waking up late daily. How to handle his situation?

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Sleeping well is very important for children as it contributes to their physical and mental development. Help your child develop good sleeping habits to lead a healthy life.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    How to make kid get along with other kids?

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    @Team ParentCircle While your kid will be excited to see other children, he is not yet ready to play along with them. He may prefer to sit alongside and play by himself. He may follow other kids around the place and watch what they are doing, imitate them. He enjoys individual play and will be ready to share his toys and things only from 3 years onwards. At 3 years his social skills begin to develop - he will be better able to separate from you; shows interest in playing with other children. He will begin to understand what belongs to him and to others, wait for his turn in a game and will show concern when he sees another child crying. In the meantime he is watching you and learning a lot about how to treat other children, from the way all family members treat each other. Therefore, make sure that you role-model the behaviours you want your child to pick up from you.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    My kid is 2.2years old crying a lot to go to play school. It's been a month, still he cries. Once he enters home he is doing fine.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    @Team ParentCircle At 2.2 years your sons safe place is his home. It is quite natural for him to feel unsure when he is placed in a new environment such as play school. Do talk to the adults in his playschool to know if he continues to cry there or if he settles down after a while. If he cries at school also, find out what his routine is like. Get as much feedback from his teachers and care-takers. Their observations of how your child is doing at different times and with different people will be valuable information to help you understand what may be troubling him. If he cries only while going to school, try giving him one of your belongings that he can hold on to at school. Avoid any threats such as, I will tell your teacher if you dont listen to me. Such comments will build a fear of the teachers. Instead of saying things like, You should not cry, let him cry while you hold him and comfort him. And do remember that some kids just take a little longer to settle down.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    How to handle an annoying kid and what he expects?
    How to handle a child saying "no" to everything. How to handle "crying" to get things done.
    My daughters 11 years old, she is very adamant and loud voice. How to console her?
    How to look into the potential of a stubborn child? What can they excel at? How can we guide them?

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Some children want to have everything their way. As a parent, do you know how to deal with a strong-willed child who isn't ready to listen to reason?

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    My child gets to bed early and also leaves bed late in the morning.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Sleeping well is very important for children as it contributes to their physical and mental development. Help your child develop good sleeping habits to lead a healthy life.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    How to overcome the childs fear?

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    @Team ParentCircle There is a thin line that separates rational, requisite fear from irrational, debilitating fear. Read on to know how to help your child overcome her fears in an effective manner.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    Can you tell me anger management tips?

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Using anger to discipline your misbehaving child can only complicate matters further. Read on to know how to control your temper when your child misbehaves.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    My daughter is not speaking to our friends or relatives or any strangers. She will not say any answer to their questions. Everyone will ask why she is not speaking to us. Me and my husband spoke about it many times many ways. How to deal with it?

    Team ParentCircle Mar 14 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Most shy children usually prefer to remain on the side-lines. Heres how you can help your child overcome his shyness and feel more confident.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 13 2019

    Sometimes my daughter does not leave the mobile phone even I insist her to give her choices. What should I do in that case?

    Team ParentCircle Mar 13 2019

    @Team ParentCircle It really is difficult to get a child to listen and cooperate, especially when it comes to the phone. If she refuses to respond to the choices you give her, perhaps its time to be very firm (not strict) and take it away from her. She will get very upset and probably throw tantrums, but its alright to let her know that she just cannot have her way every time. Reach out to her when the tantrum subsides and use the P.E.A.C.E. process to reconnect and problem-solve with her.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 13 2019

    As am a working mother, I will get my child to do homework around 8pm or so. He say he is tired, sleepy but can play, whenever I call for homework. Even if I convince him to do few days but still he is reluctant to do homework. How I can make doing homework a fun for him? How to make him like it?

    Team ParentCircle Mar 13 2019

    @Team ParentCircle This is a common challenge for many working mothers. Its tough coping with work as well as with taking care of your childs homework and other home chores. By the time you get your child to do his homework at 8 pm, he is probably tired, especially for homework, which requires a fresh and rested mind. Is it possible to have him complete at least part of his homework before you get home? What is most important is how you are re-connecting with your son every day when you get home. To build a strong parent-child relationship, spend some meaningful time with him, talk about your day, let him share about his day, relax and have conversations about his interests, school friends, activities etc. Avoid any talk about studies during this time. Your son will begin to enjoy spending time with you. Theres a good chance that he will be more cooperative with you and together you can work out things out.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 13 2019

    How to handle sibling rivalry? OR How do I manage two kids age 10 (girl), age 8 (boy) without common fights?

    Team ParentCircle Mar 13 2019

    @Team ParentCircle The festival of Rakshabandhan reflects the warmth and love that are a part of sibling relationships. Read on for a few tips to encourage and help your children bond together.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 13 2019

    How to handle the negative emotions with child and sibling rivalry

    Team ParentCircle Mar 13 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Its quite natural for parents to feel upset when their child feels angry, sad or afraid. However, it is normal for all of us to experience both positive and negative emotions. Children can be taught how to manage their emotions from a very young age.

    Begin with these basic steps:
    - Teach your child to name emotions happy, sad, angry, afraid.
    - Children tend to act out their emotions when they dont know how to talk about them. Whenever your child behaves in unwanted ways, instead of correcting the behaviour, ask her to name the emotion she is feeling. Follow this up with a warm hug. It will make her feel that you understand what she is going through.
    - Help your child talk about what makes her feel that way. Listen to all that she shares with you, with an open mind. Avoid taking anything she says personally.
    - An open mind will help you stay calm and objective.
    - Gradually, she will be able to express what she is feeling. For example, she may say, I am feeling hungry, (or tired, or sleepy); I am angry with, I am feeling sad because; I am scared of.
    - You can then proceed to help her solve the situation.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 13 2019

    My younger one is 6 years old. Very particular in food, avoid taking vegetables and rice instead to dosa (in twice a day). I need good solution to avoid dosa.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 13 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Is your child fussy about the food he eats? Does he pick out the vegetables and push them aside? Worry not. This article will help you deal with your fussy eater

    Team ParentCircle Mar 13 2019

    All the contacts and information were for 2+years old kid. How to deal with kids less than 2 year (1 to 2 years) when they don't understand our words but do unwanted things repeatedly.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 13 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Parenting toddlers can be a very demanding experience because rapid changes take place as they grow. Their ability to move (walk and run) urges them to explore spaces and things. So, keeping the child safe becomes a priority. When you set limits to keep the child safe, he will resist and defy them. In some ways, he is trying to be independent but does not understand the meaning of risk. Therefore parents need to be very alert, physically remove them from unsafe places. Toddlers are only beginning to learn a language, hence cannot understand much of what a parent is trying to explain. They tend to do unwanted things repeatedly
    because it is their way of trying to figure out how each parent behaves in a situation. Do be consistent, gentle, yet firm so that your child begins to learn about what behaviours are appreciated. As toddlers are easily distracted, draw their attention to something else when you need to settle them down. As they have poor impulse control, parents are under pressure to watch over them all the time.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 13 2019

    What to do if a child doesn't cooperate and the more you ask her to do with the naughtier she gets?

    Team ParentCircle Mar 13 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Oh yes, kids just have a way of stepping up their naughtiness. Here are some ways you can get your child to cooperate. Let her know what behaviour you expect of her; draw the boundaries very clearly and stick to them, except occasionally, when its alright to be flexible. You could also give instruction or say something firmly, then move away to another space. It gives her the message that you trust her. Often, we stand over the child and expect her to jump up in obedience. This often becomes a power struggle situation between parent and child. We do hope that you were able to access the articles posted in My PEP Courses in the ParentCircle App.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 11 2019

    With all kinds of content being aired by the media, it becomes important for parents to keep a tab on what their child is watching.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 7 2019

    Meet Nihal Raj, popularly known as Little Chef Kicha. He has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen, so much so that he got the attention of Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey, for their talk shows!

    Team ParentCircle Mar 5 2019

    Healthy and tasty do not go together, they say. Especially when it comes to oatmeal! Well, these exciting oats recipes by Chef Vanshika Puri, are delicious, nutritious and easy to make for your kids!

    Team ParentCircle Feb 19 2019

    Parenting is no easy feat, but did you know that unconditional love towards your child can help your own spiritual growth? Interesting? Read on for more.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 11 2019

    Here are answers to a few questions you may have about shifting your child from one school board to another.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 10 2019

    Does your life constantly revolve around your children without any time for yourself? If yes, then it's time to pause and reflect.