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    • Oct 26 2018


    Mathari Oct 29 2018

    How can I make my 16 year old follow a routine?

    Mathari Nov 20 2018

    @Mathari At 16 they already have imbibed many qualities and have a personality and mind of their own.. It becomes harder if they are reluctant to follow a routine that we have come up with. They might do it once or twice but then they might not take it seriously.
    I had a similar problem and I approached the tuition teacher for help, as tenth std. needs a lot of discipline. She actually sat down and helped the child make a time table for the month and it worked.
    It was a flexible time table but the child was involved also in charting out..
    Try and see what works. Sometimes their friends also help. If all of them sit and chart out a plan to study, follow a routine, and help each other, it will be a success to a large extent.
    Hope this helps:-)

    Rukmani Oct 30 2018

    My elder son is 2010 born... I haven't supported in his prev school... Now he is studying in 4th std in a good reputated school... But he is not able to read any words... He is not showing interest also... He is full hyper active... He plays, jumps... But when u call for studies, he becomes upset,sometimes starts crying also. Every school will pass the students till 8th.. But after that, what is the question which makes me worry.
    Please advice me...

    Rukmani Nov 5 2018

    @Rukmani Nothing to worry. Can tell if he finishes studying means we can play together. And find out in which sport he is showing more interest and you can support him. When he listens you make him understand if he study well you will take him through which he likes

    Rukmani Nov 16 2018

    @Rukmani Reading is very important. It introduces kids to a whole world of vocabulary and improves their language.
    Only when he is comfortable with reading, he will read and understand subjects like Social studies, science etc.,
    From my experience, it's better to start reading to them as early as possible and as they start phonics, make them read all kind of interesting reading materials (books,comics, etc.,) Never say let us study as this is making him upset. For instance, if your son is interested in cricket , get him books related to cricket or cricket stars..He will naturally pick those books. If he can't read the book yet, you read it to him. If he is interested in spider man, get him spider man books. The idea is to make him read as much as possible.
    Read anything and everything like billboards, advertisements, something on the streets or while travelling.
    Come up with creative ideas...Like tell him to make a grocery list as you are too busy and you need help. Let him write...Onions,coriander etc., and help him with the spelling.
    May be ask him to make a list of friends and classmates as you need the list for something important. While writing check the spelling..
    Just a few ideas for you to work with. Hope this helps.

    PC Admin Nov 1 2018

    My son keeps taking my daughter's dolls and playing with them instead of playing with his own toys? They end up fighting because of this also. What should I do?

    PC Admin Nov 5 2018

    @PC Admin Should advice your son to give his toys to sister and should tell your daughter to give her toys to his brother. Should advice that they should play with each other happily without fighting

    PC Admin Nov 16 2018

    @PC Admin How old are they? I have seen instances when the elder sister doesn't mind sharing with younger brother and vice versa. Sometimes it depends on age gap also and lot of other factors... But always remember it's a passing phase. Their behavior keeps changing and be very patient. Just keep emphasizing that sharing is very important.
    Try some simple ideas ..like ask the older one to feed the younger one and teach the younger one something and see what works..
    Younger kids always look upto the older ones and imitate them many times and also try to play their games. This can irritate the older ones sometimes:-) Handle them with patience.

    Arun Sharma Oct 26 2018

    Some children are slow in completing tasks like dressing up or completing home work, while some do things quickly. Is it okay to ask children who are slow to pick up pace?

    Arun Sharma Oct 29 2018

    @Arun Sharma I have a similar question. My child often finds it difficult or takes more to do daily activities like bathing, eating, dressing. But he is quick in activities he likes. I observed this only recently and wanted to know if this is ok.

    Arun Sharma Nov 1 2018

    @Arun Sharma takes more time*

    Arun Sharma Nov 3 2018

    @Arun Sharma It is always good to understand time management. The early the children are helped to manage time the better. This helps them in their lives. Very young children may take time to wear their own clothes or completing their work. There could be multiple reasons for that. They might not know the nuances of the task, might not be interested in the work. You ve got to observe and help accordingly.

    Monali Bordoloi Oct 29 2018

    How do I stop my daughter's obsession with all things Barbie? She plays with her Barbie dolls for hours together. Now, she has started speaking in a strange Barbie accent too. I feel it is a bad influence for her. What to do?

    PC Admin Oct 29 2018

    What do you do when your child clearly states that he doesn't want to share right now? Do you force him to share or talk about it at a later time?

    PC Admin Oct 29 2018

    @PC Admin Will not force him to share but will give some time and talk later. Will create a friendly relationship with my child and give him confidence or share some incidents/situations happened to us and how I got overcomed by sharing the truth so that child her/himself willing to share.