Infant and Newborn Care

    Hi doctor. My little one is almost 10 months old. He still doesn't have a set sleep pattern. He doesn't sleep properly at night. What could be the reason? When will he have a proper sleep cycle? ... more


    DR Rajath Athreya Dec 9 2017

    Dear Aishwarya,
    Each baby is different. A few tips on sleep hygiene at this age:
    1 avoid day time naps
    2 avoid overstimulation in the later part of the evening - like too much play, screen time etc: Have a quiet hour prior to sleep time
    3 if he still waking up for feeds through the night stop offering feeds, just water if at all
    4 when he wakes up, stop engaging much with him, keep lights down

    May or may not work. But it will get better! Good luck.

    DR Rajath Athreya Dec 9 2017

    @DR Rajath Athreya Thank you doctor. I will try these tips