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    Skinny 6 year old

    My daughter is 6 years old and she is quite skinny. Though she had started eating reasonably well recently, her frame looks small while she is around her peers. She also keeps asking us whether she looks lean. Her diet is pretty wholesome with lots of veggies and rice. To a larger extent, we avoid giving her junk food. Being skinny, is it a cause of concern. Any inputs on food items for making her look healthier?

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    • Thu, Jan 04, 2018, 06:47 PM


    Rashmi Jul 7 2019

    Children look cute when they are chubby in their toddler stage but as they grow up it is better to be fit, there is nothing to worry untill she is eating properly and is slim. The problem is when the child is not eating and is skinny. Give her nutritious food which gives her nourishment and required growth.

    Jaya Nov 13 2018

    My son is puny too. I would be grateful if someone can suggest some healthy after-school snacks. He is a pricky eater.

    Roopa Nov 13 2018

    Yes, feed her all nutrition possible and dont worry if shes active and healthy. I have heard a lot about Pediasure..it helps children to put on weight and improves overall health. Maybe you should try.

    Roopa Nov 13 2018

    @Roopa Oh really?? My childrens appetite reduced after having Pediasure.. So went back to milk, but a full cream one this time

    Roopa Nov 13 2018

    @Roopa Maybe it was too filling.. It happened with my daughter also. So I started giving her around evening time just to give gap between lunch and dinner. I gave her for few months only when she was around 4.

    Neha Jul 24 2018

    Its not a concern.. its good and normal. As long as shes eating good, is active and healthy you need not worry at all .. Dont stop giving junk completely, some if it is fine but yes map her growth and give healthy stuff.

    Priya Jan 5 2018

    Being skinny isnt a concern as along as she is active and healthy over all with good immunity. If you are not giving her already do include food items like milkshakes, dates, anjeer, other dry fruits, eggs, cottage cheese