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    Preschool and Primary

    #ShareWithUs | Do you bring up boys and girls differently?

    Preschool and Primary

    #ShareWithUs | Do you bring up boys and girls differently?

    How different is it to raise boys and girls? Or is there any difference at all? Every parent has their own way and reasoning behind raising their kids a certain way. Share your personal ways and experiences with us! We'd love our community to learn from each other! ... more

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    • Jan 24 2021


    Mansi Chaturvedi Feb 1 2021

    Its sad that we still have the basics incorrect for bringing up our kids, be it a daughter or son. Infact even if we try to bring in the change there are still so many who would point out or talk about it. The day we realise that we are to raise a human being , not a girl or a boy. The person whom you have got in this world first needs to be good person and he or she needs to be taught to respect each other. The day this is understood many problems will get solved.

    Mansi Chaturvedi Feb 2 2021

    @Mansi Chaturvedi I rightly agree with you Mansi.... I'll share a recent incident that happened with me. I was shopping for a girl's birthday party with my kids. She loves solving lego puzzles. While at the billing counter, the lady said, "Wow, the little boy will like this!" and instantly I corrected her saying it's for the little girl. I know she didn't mean it. But my kids were standing there, listening and absorbing the comment. If I hadn't corrected her, I would've been sending very confusing messages to them.

    Arundhati Swamy Feb 2 2021

    Way back when my children were very young we had taken them to a toy shop to let them choose their presents for Christmas. My son who roamed around the shop fascinated with all that he saw and finally settled for his favourite - a set of pull-back cars to add to his growing collection. I was overwhelmed with nostalgia when I spotted a lovely miniature iron, just like the one I had in my childhood. I had used it to iron all my doll's clothes. I showed it to my 3 year old daughter assuming that she would be intrigued by it. One glance at it and she was off to find something else for herself. A few seconds later she came to me with a toy rifle that stood taller than her and insisted this was going to be her present. Needless to say I was quite stunned for a few moments but let her have it anyway. In retrospect I am happy I let her choose a toy that she liked, notwithstanding that the rifle was a "typical boy's toy".