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    Share your views on parents consuming alcohol occasionally in their child's presence.

    What are your views on parents or family members consuming alcohol in the presence of children? Do you think this affects their drinking decisions later in life? Feel free to share your views. ... more

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    • Dec 6 2018


    Rashmi Jul 3 2019

    Serving alcohol in parties is a common trend ,some of them even have mini bar's in their home but it is parents responsibility to see to it that this doesn't have a negative impact on a child's mind. The child should grow up knowing the limitations of consuming alcohol. Alcohol gives us pleasure and nothing else, the child should be told that few minutes of happiness may lead to a devastating life. So it is Better to avoid consumption of alcohol. Parents are a role model for their children hence they tend to learn what they see their parents doing. They follow their parents footsteps so it's their duty to lead their kids in a right path.

    Rashmi Jul 8 2019

    @Rashmi Exactly. Letting children know of their limitations and why these restrictions exist, is essential. Point well-made Rashmi!

    barghavi Jun 21 2019

    Parents due to high stress or work type environment consume drinking and smoking habits. A child grown up in that environment believes that world is like this kind. I believe that child with its proper education and awareness about focus on changing himself/herself can create a new world. Their future is designed on the changes he/she makes with strong mentality and self-care.

    barghavi Jun 24 2019

    @barghavi Sometimes parents may drink occasionally and it is fine even if the kid is there. The child will notice that his or her parents don't drink regularly and that it can be consumed at certain times.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 10 2018

    I agree to a lot of what you are saying, but don't you think it is important to tell children why alcohol should not be consumed? Also, if it is consumed occasionally by the parent even before the child, it is essential that the child be told about the pros and cons of drinking. This will ensure that the child does not try these things secretively.

    Team ParentCircle Dec 10 2018

    @Team ParentCircle Correct. Children should be educated about the harmful effects of alcohol and elders also should follow their own advice..like they say practice what you preach. True.

    MEENA Mishra Dec 7 2018

    Consumption of Alchohol is not good for health as well as reputation........it effects the childs psychology......
    Consumption of alcohol can be very harmful and your child can also hit effected by drinking so one should not drink alchohil

    Sunita Dec 7 2018

    I want to say that children must be look after in a right way .he or she should far away from this types of activities .if parents or only father used to drink or smoking habit so he must not use infront of their children it's a harmful effects on their mind so be aware of this activities because we r Indian not western cultural heritage mind be good and safe always

    Roopa M Dec 7 2018

    Children are constantly watching everything around and subconsciously and consciously learning a lot from their families and environment. I think drinking alcohol in the presence of children or bringing it home should definitely be avoided. It will impact their drinking decisions later. Parents want to keep children away from smoking, drinking, drugs, and other addictive substances, but if they are doing it themselves- especially in front of them- it sends a wrong signal that it's Ok to do it.

    What they learn in childhood stays with them forever most of the times. It won't be difficult for them to say No later when friends offer. For instance, there was a small child of about 6 yrs in a party and he was very particular about not eating garlic, onions, and meat (there are many who don't as we know). He affirmed that his family did not , and he would eat only what he is allowed to as per what they follow at home. Surely this will continue into his adulthood and he will later teach this to his children. So it's about much more than willpower. Just like this, if parents follow what they say and set clear examples, children will follow.

    On the other hand, a situation in which a child sees their parents drinking may be unavoidable. And it should also be noted that there is a major difference between excessive drinking/turning drinking into a habit, and drinking very small amounts at perhaps a social event or at parties, with long periods of time in-between. With parents who drink alcoholic drinks often, there should be an effort to avoid drinking at home, or displaying alcoholic drinks in places where the child may see. In addition, parents should try to keep any alcohol out of sight of the child, in a hard to reach cupboard or not as easily accessible storage space. In the case a child watches their parents drinking occasionally, as in the latter example, parents should definitely maintain a semblance of mature, responsible and calm communication about the dangers of alcohol, and logical and simple reasons why alcohol is something not to be taken lightly.

    Talking to your child about alcohol or other addictive substances should be done regardless of their exposure, since kids, in the process of growing up, tend to become very curious, and develop experimental tendencies, which can be handled with effective, rational communication.