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    Share your Mompreneur Journey with us!

    Share your Mompreneur Journey with us!

    Are you a mompreneur (mom & entrepreneur)? Or are you looking to be one? Wed like to know more about the mompreneurs in our community! Share your journey with us! Wed love to support you!

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    • Wed, Aug 26, 2020, 06:50 PM


    Madhu 233 days ago

    The term Momspreneur itself suggest mom plus entrepreneur who prioritise and cares for her children more than herself plus an inspiring woman who successfully operates her own driven business with dedication, determination, patience, strong will power and vision. Moms got that whole purpose-driven and super mom things going on as a warrior princess. Everyday is a hustle. Do we Mothers get tired? Yes. Do we give up? No. Mothers dont fear death. Their greatest fear is leaving their children in this perilous world knowing no one is going to care, love and support like her. I am a mother of 2.5 year old toddler with my writing spirit has given me a better thinking capabilities and decision making. I could say that lockdown time has given a better upscale in penning down my thoughts, emotions and feelings. I could be source of inspiration to many as my talent shouldnt be imposed on me alone.

    Shabnam 241 days ago

    Shabnam 238 days ago

    @Shabnam Thanks for sharing your journey Shabnam :) Wish you all the very best in life as a mother, a professional and as an entrepreneur.

    Aishwarya 248 days ago

    Im a mommy to a four year old. I kept thinking I could get back into special education (my career) once my daughter would join school. But Covid made us stay home and I found myself launching homeschool programs for children with special needs online. Parents approached me and I always felt I couldnt balance time but now from home everything is so much easier. Im glad I am able to be there with my child and also help other parents and children at the same time. I guess being a mom helps us think out of the box and reach out to other parents in need too.

    Aishwarya 247 days ago

    @Aishwarya Thats such lovely work youre doing Aishwarya! Thank you for sharing your journey and work with us! Wishing you the best!