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    3. Share your #GadgetFreeHour 60 Minute Experience in 60 Words!

    Gadget Free Hour

    Share your #GadgetFreeHour 60 Minute Experience in 60 Words!

    Gadget Free Hour

    Share your #GadgetFreeHour 60 Minute Experience in 60 Words!

    #GadgetFreeHour is a time to spend with your family without the distractions of Gadgets. Tell us how you spent it this Children's Day!

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    • Nov 14 2019


    Praveen Joseph Nov 26 2019

    An excellent Initiative to introduce to the kids the real world besides all the fake things that is being propagated in current generation which they call as TREND. Children will basically learn what is real life apart from all the artificial things wondering around them. Can still improve by making a day in each month to do the same so that this will really increase the Gadget free hours not only among kids but also among parents as well.

    Praveen Joseph Nov 27 2019

    @Praveen Joseph Thank you so much. You are bang on when you see it should be done more often. We too want it to become a family routine, because real connections are truly magical!

    Simi Ramesh Nov 21 2019

    It was a chosen decision to go gadget free and I hope to continue the same most of the days. We planned ahead and spend that time playing GK quiz and have a fun filled chat . Whole family had that quality time which we otherwise waste off. Couldn't believe how that one hour raced away. An excellent initiative by # Teamparentcircle!!

    PIRAI GANAPATHI Nov 20 2019

    #GadgetFreeHour is like giving the pratical exam with family, friends, relatives and other humans. According to my perspective, Gadget is an open book where we can collect and choose as many information as possible, whereas Gadgetfreehour is an examination from that open book by balancing Fun, Physical and Mental health in practice. Evaluation is based upon kindness, uplifting each other strength, learning and teaching abilities, spreading happiness so that others can trust humanity by considering us as the best role model.

    Suganya Nov 14 2019

    Yes, I enjoyed with my kid at the Jeeva Park and we really enjoyed it together with the family

    Sujatha Nov 14 2019