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    Share your favourite parenting moment of 2019!

    Lifestyle for Moms

    Share your favourite parenting moment of 2019!

    As parents, we experience so many unforgettable moments with our children! Share with us, your favourite parenting moment of 2019! ... more

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    • Dec 27 2019


    Shannon Almeida Feb 12 2020

    @Shannon Almeida A warm and cuddly photo and a heart warming write up as well@

    Kanisha Dec 27 2019

    Kanisha Feb 12 2020

    @Kanisha Wow...How lovely to see that moment forever etched in that photograph!! Hope the year turns out to be as memorable one for you.

    Arathi Vishwanath Dec 29 2019

    The year 2019 was a great year with almost all the happy moments. Basically we are from Karnataka and stayed at Haridwar from last 6 years and now came to Hyderabad. Staying away from our parents from long time now being a little near to them had a great opportunity this year to spend time with my parents as well as in laws at our house. They visited us and stayed for few days with us. So this year was a great year to spend my time with parents.
    Being a parent of two children I was able to manage taking care of academic needs as well as cocurricular activities of my children. It is really good to remember the days my kids participating in many more activities at the society during Ganeshotsav celebration. Also it was a happy year to get many more awards for both my kids in different activities. This year is again special to me as my younger daughter participated in Karate tournaments and won medals too.
    So this is really a very special year to me to show my responsibility as a parent and a daughter and daughter in law after a long time.

    Arathi Vishwanath Feb 12 2020

    @Arathi Vishwanath Such a happy article you wrote about your family and the great times you shared with them.

    Poonam Dec 30 2019

    "Stomachache my precious moment".

    Indeed parenting is an odyssey that is full of unforgettable memories attached and apparently truly quoted most joyful journey, but on the contrary difficult too in terms of inculcating true values such as emotional, spiritual and holistic upbringing of child. I believe the best way of parenting is to treat kids the way we want to be treated authentically and respectfully. while imparting this in kids we too come across with incredible experiences. One such experience I observed.
    A Few days back I suffered from unbearable stomach that its hard to manage household chores too. I took medicines and tried to sleep early. I was unaware that my daughter observed too. She came close to me, kissed my forehead my face and said maa aap thik ho jaogi, ignore krdo dard ko ignore karne se thik ho jaogi and then she was silent for a while. I thought she slept but again she kissed my cheeks and told me that I prayed to God that aap sab thik karte ho maa ke dard ko thik kardo. In the morning the very first thing she insured was my stomach.
    I was amazed by the way she behaved. Kids imbibe values we manifest them.

    Poonam Feb 12 2020

    @Poonam Quite a fact that you mentioned .It's not always a bed of roses but sometimes a rocky journey too.

    Shilpa Sharma Feb 12 2020

    @Shilpa Sharma Such a cute collage and a lovely written paragraph too. Enjoy your time with your daughter...Keep sharing and writing

    Nisha Dec 29 2019

    #Bestpic2019 with Family

    Nisha Dec 29 2019

    Deepti jaitly Dec 29 2019

    #parent love 2019

    Rajeev Singh Dec 27 2019

    Hi My small And big Parenting moment what i teach my 15 year old son is that Never ever Abuse any girl or ladies in ur life by ur any bad words or with any bad friends always respect ladies or girls wheather its ur own or others. I start teaching this by his early age so he can keep it in his mind everytime. Its small but a big parenting moment i teach my son I think. so.

    Rajeev Singh Dec 27 2019

    @Rajeev Singh Such a thoughtful post and a very important parenting advice to all parents.!

    Rajeev Singh Dec 28 2019

    @Rajeev Singh Thank u

    Aayushi Mutha Dec 27 2019

    My parenting moment with my son.. and dt was a proud moment fr me.
    .Be responsible for your own actions, first and always
    Instead of bothering with how the whole world may live in the right manner, we should think how we ourselves may do so. If one lives in the right manner, we shall feel that others may do the same, or we shall discover a way of persuading them to do so by example.
    Be the change you want to see in the world. We are wired to see what is wrong in others, and seldom look within to see what is wrong with ourselves. If you slow down and pay attention, you will see how the mind is full of judgment and how quickly we want others to be a certain way. This powerful orientation will rob you of any chance to live a truly fulfilling life. You must learn first to look within and find where the judgment you so quickly apply to others actually applies to you??sometimes more so. If you are truly responsible for yourself and change within yourself what you are so desperately trying to change in other people, others will be attracted to and compelled by you. You will never have to change anyone, and will cease to want to.
    Dont wait to be successful at some future point. Have a successful relationship with the present moment and be fully present in whatever you are doing. That is success.