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    Lifestyle for Moms

    Share with us some Pregnancy-care tips and Fashion suggestions!

    Lifestyle for Moms

    Share with us some Pregnancy-care tips and Fashion suggestions!

    Pregnancy deserves all our time, attention and care! Share with us some of the tips and fashion ideas that moms can try out during their pregnancy! ... more

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    • Sep 20 2019


    Rashmi Sep 29 2019

    Pregnancy is that phase where many bodily changes takes place. It is that sweet experience where a mother waits eagerly for the birth of her new born. But it is equally important for a mother to be to take care of herself, her beauty and her body during this period. One of the main things to do is to take care of stretch marks. It is difficult to avoid stretch marks on the stomach because of stretching of skin but can be reduced a lot with proper excercise and some cremes to apply will also help. Walking, some excercise s and yoga which can be learnt from google are very important to keep the body fit, healthy and in shape even during pregnancy

    Prabha Sep 24 2019

    Pregnancy is the best phase of 'a girl transforming into women' life. I would like to share my experience during pregnancy phase. The announcement of the good news punch and smiled our heart. First trimester started with extra care, love, support from family members, It felt like a cloud nine. Second trimester I gave direction to my thoughts and writing. Previously I was writing the routine schedule in my daily diary but from that trimester I started to write my feelings, emotions, good and bad thoughts. During third trimester, I learned cooking, was travelling in car by my own, organising the Day. Honestly speaking, at the back of my mind I was in tremendous fear that whatever I am doing is it on the track, am I making any mistakes and so on. This I felt it's quite normal worry that every pregnant lady goes through. I recommend to pregnant ladies to invest this time in building yourself, being kind, honest, happy, sharing and caring for others as after a baby it will help you in working speedily and happily. It's good to be fancy and wear trendy clothes but in limit. I believe that it's a materialistic way of living that will not help to build a child to grow with inner beautiful strengths.

    Kavita Sep 20 2019

    Everything i do, i try my best to do it to perfection. The moment i got news that i am pregnant, i began a new journey of trying my best to be a perfect mom to the unborn child.
    I took care of the following things and by gods grace i gave birth to a baby girl weighing 3.4 kgs. My gynaecologist asked me to guide her abt what all i ate and how did i take care of myself so well .....despite having a full time job and a pure vegetarian diet .
    My tips to pregnant moms....as per my own experience.
    1. Stop or avoid eating junk food as much as you can. Eat fruits, vegetable juices or anything healthy when u feel hungry.
    2. I had 3-4 bananas everyday. 2 in the morning and 2 in evening. Apart from this i had all kinds of seasonal fruits too
    3. I ate a lot of palak in various forms. Make sure that you cook palak after soaking and cleaning the leaves in salt and turmeric water or postassium permanganate crystals to kill germs and insects.
    4. Walk as much as you can and remain active.
    5. Avoid wearing footwear with heels. Flat footwear is safest at auch times.
    6. Drink coconut water regularly
    7. Keep a strong will power that you wont vomit. And you will see that it works. Drink few sips of glucose water or eat sugar candy whenever u feel nauseous.
    8. I had a pure vegetarian diet and still gave birth to a very healthy baby. So eat non veg if you like the taste, but dont force it down your throat just because doctor told you it is healthy.
    9. Keep eating something every 2 hours...few biscuits or some light snack etc. Avoid having very heavy meals.
    10. Wear light, comfortable, airy clothes
    11. Most importantly remain happy and cheerful all through the 9 months. Keep a positive attitude always. Listen to some spiritual music or read books on the subject.
    12. Try to remain stress free
    13. If you are a movie lover, then watch as many movies as you can. Once the baby is born...you wont have this luxury for atleast 2 -3 years.
    14. Sleep as much as you can before the baby is out ;-)

    Shannon Almeida Sep 20 2019

    1) Drink six - eight eight ounce glasses of water a day.
    2) Keep a food diary to ensure that you are keeping up with your daily requirements.
    3) Stretch before bed to help prevent leg cramps.
    4) Do pelvic tilts to help with late pregnancy back pain. It will help relieve your pain and even encourage the baby to assume a good birth position.
    5) Buy a comfortable maternity Dress which is designed to fit your frame but with extra room to accommodate a bump, meaning all you need to do is buy your normal size.
    6) Wear a supportive underwear and feel cosy and comfortable during this time.
    7) Similarly, if your bra still fits in the cups but your rib cage has expanded, a simple bra extender will save you having to splash out on more maternity underwear.
    8) A great oversized button-down dress will take you maternity miles. Looking nice is nice, but this time it is also about comfort and being easy on yourself.